Chapter 0730: Toying Around

Wu Yu was on his way to the Dark Immortal Medicine Hall. 

In the Dark Immortal Medicine Hall, one could trade for numerous types of immortal medicines as rewards for gaining merits. 

Among which, the most plentiful was naturally the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pill. It could enhance one's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, as well as nourish and strengthen one's Primordial Spirit! 

With the merits he possessed, Wu Yu could trade for Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. He could also use them as capital to be promoted to a centurion. 

"To be promoted to centurion, I have to head to the only Dark Sky Hall in the entire Dark North Barracks. At that place, they will assess my merits and strength. As long as I possess both, I'll be able to be promoted to centurion. This will be announced to the barracks and subsequently to the world." 

Once he became a centurion, it would be a lot easier to enter the Alternate World. He wouldn't have to rely on You Xue's uncle's help. 

Therefore, Wu Yu had decided to trade for some Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pill first. Following which, he would equip all his doppelgangers with dao treasures before heading to the Dark Sky Hall to accept the challenge to be promoted to a centurion. 

First, he went to the Dark Immortal Medicine Hall and exchanged close to 1,500 merits for Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills to feed his doppelgangers. 

After which, he went to the Dark Treasure Hall and spent all his remaining merits to equip his doppelgangers with dao treasures. 

"I still have some time to learn a new dao technique. If I do that, my doppelgangers will be even stronger. The Unshackled Doppelganger is a rather frightening mystique. I have to make the best use of it." 

Carrying his Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills and dao treasures, Wu Yu thought about it. The Dark Sky Hall was still a long distance away. Therefore, he decided to strengthen his doppelgangers to their limits first. At that time, he would also be a little stronger. 

Although this was just an assessment to be a centurion, he wasn't part of the Dark North Tribe after all. He had to be cautious of people making things difficult for him. Therefore, going in his peak condition would ensure he wouldn't be caught by surprise. 

After trading for a number of treasures with his merits, he returned to his accomodation within the Yuan Dark Squad. 

To his surprise, someone blocked him while he was on the way back. 

He was rushing when he felt waves of malicious intent sweeping towards him. He lifted his head and saw that the one at the front of the pack was wearing an armor that showed that he was a centurion. However, he looked exceptionally stunning and powerful, and an ordinary centurion couldn't possibly be a match for him. 

That was Duan Yi. 

Other than Duan Yi, Gong Shenjun and a few of their friends were present as well. The young geniuses of Dark North Capital that had been reprimanded and punished due to the previous incident had all gathered together to block Wu Yu. 

Obviously, Yin Xuan was the exception. Yin Xuan was isolated and likely wouldn't be able to escape from his predicament for quite a while. 

They had probably heard that Wu Yu had appeared in this place. 

Other than them, there were several other dark north soldiers around. They had noticed that a good show was about to begin and therefore found a good location, hid in a corner, and waited in anticipation while peeking from afar. Moreover, a number of them even released core-tail talismans to inform their friends that something huge was clearly about to begin here. 

"Duan Yi and the rest have indeed found it hard to just let things slide." More and more people were whispering. 

Wu Yu had not expected them to openly block him off. 

He was fearless and walked straight ahead, locking eyes with them. At the very least, he wasn't any inferior to the group in terms of momentum. 

Duan Yi was a ninth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator and possessed ludicrous strength. Suppressing Wu Yu wouldn't be a problem, and this was probably what he was thinking of. However, reality had shown that up to this moment, he had always been overwhelmed by Wu Yu. What he cared for the most was now discarded. 

This was still the outcome after his father had gone ahead to apologize personally. Otherwise, he would likely have been expelled from the Dark North Capital and he could’ve discarded all hopes of developing his future within the Dark Sea Army. 

Both parties encountered each other in an alley that wasn't broad. The distance between them was closing quickly, and no one had the intention to move away. 

When he saw Wu Yu, Duan Yi couldn't contain the killing intent in his heart. At this point, he barely got it under control. His gaze was cold as he stared at Wu Yu. He stopped Wu Yu and said, "Coward, you are finally willing to come out after hiding for so long?" 

Wu Yu scoffed and said, "I wasn't really willing. After all, I had a beautiful girl beside me through day and night. Something this magical can only be what many others would dream of." 

Duan Yi realized that Wu Yu hadn't taken offense to his insults. 

"Great! There's plenty of time ahead. You can wait and see," Duan Yi replied. Wu Yu had no idea what his objectives were for coming here and picking a fight. The truth was, even if he had struck directly and targeted Wu Yu, no one other than You Xue would say anything. After all, Wu Yu had no authority or backing. 

Wu Yu tittered and said, "Who's going to wait with you and see? Centurion!" The final word would definitely trigger a sharp pain in Duan Yi's heart. Wu Yu could even see his expression twitch a little. 

He could still endure, and his eyes were as chilling as before. He asked, "I'm asking you today if you are willing to have an open fight with me to resolve the conflict and feud between us. Do you have the guts? Or are you saying you are a coward that needs a girl's protection?" 

He was thinking of spiking Wu Yu to start a fight with him instead of running and hopping around once the battle started. 

The only shame was that Wu Yu wouldn't fall for such a trick. He chuckled and said, "What about the girl? The Princess is willing to protect me and I'm willing to be protected by her. Did I get in your way? Who isn't aware that you, Duan Yi, have exceptional talent and are almost peerless in the entire Dark North Kingdom? I'd be a fool to fight with you directly. Boring~" 

Although Duan Yi was suppressing his emotions, it was clear that both parties were highly confrontational. The fire between them had burned to the limits and would erupt at any moment. 

"I'm just giving you an open opportunity. Since you aren't willing to take it, you won't have an easy time from here onwards unless you are willing to hide in the Dark North Royal Palace forever. I was careless the previous time and you got me there. Moving forward, let's wait and see. Let me give you a reminder. You are in the Dark North Kingdom and everyone is on my side," Duan Yi said solemnly. 

"Other than Princess You Xue." Wu Yu chuckled. 

"Don't think that I'm such a fool. I won't fall for it. I haven't seen you around over the last few days. Now that I have, I'm just telling you openly. If you aren't willing to face me directly, I can't do anything." Duan Yi shrugged his shoulders. 

They were truly surprised. What did this outsider have that allowed him to be so arrogant in the Dark North Kingdom?

The only one who was protecting him was You Xue. In other words, if they killed Wu Yu, even if it was in the open, the one they would offend would only be You Xue. Others wouldn't really care. 

As for the group, they had strong roots entrenched amongst the Dark North Capital. Every single one of them was a proud genius. Over the years, they had never been humiliated by an outsider. 

The previous incident was an accident. Yin Ying's accidental injury was the only reason why they had gotten the shorter end of the stick. Otherwise, no one would possibly reprimand and punish them, and they wouldn't suffer such grievances. 

Meeting Wu Yu once again, others wouldn't be able to hold back, let alone Duan Yi. 

Therefore, when Duan Yi completed his words, Gong Shenjun and friends, who were standing at the side, raged instantly. He suddenly rushed past Duan Yi and struck towards Wu Yu.


"Screw you! This is our Dark North Capital!" Gong Shenjun growled angrily as he threw a punch. With him taking the lead, several other people around him made a move as well. The group of sixth and seventh tier Primordial Spirit youths struck at the same time. All of a sudden, overwhelming attacks poured down on Wu Yu! 

Even though they had been punished previously, they dared to do this openly this time. This was because even if they killed Wu Yu on the spot, no one would possibly punish them. After all, Wu Yu wasn't Yin Ying. 

Since they had been utterly embarrassed the previous time, they wouldn't care this time. 

As long as Wu Yu was dead, who would still see them as failures? 

Wu Yu had long envisioned that this group of haughty youths wouldn't be able to take the provocations. Once Gong Shenjun made a move, he summoned the Somersault Cloud. Leaning into it, he broke away from the attack range in a single movement. 

Wu Yu suddenly appeared above their heads and laughed heartily. "What are you guys doing with those embarrassingly slow movements? This won't do! You guys can't even put a scratch on me. Haha."  

Gong Shenjun and the rest were struck with intense rage, but they couldn't even touch Wu Yu. This was embarrassing as there were numerous people watching them. 

They were everywhere. 

When the crowd saw what happened, they almost laughed out loud. They found Wu Yu to be too hilarious. These overbearing disciples with noble backgrounds had expressions that were even more stinky than poo! 

"This Wu Yu is shockingly daring!" 

"The key is that he's pretty capable himself!" 

"Having angered them to this extent, if Wu Yu doesn't die, it will be a true miracle in our Dark North Kingdom!" 

"Yeah! Truth be told, his means and guts are truly shocking. However, he's an outsider after all. Even with Princess You Xue’s protection, it would still be easy for Duan Yi and the rest to kill him in the dark." 

"However, they are unlikely able to do anything to Wu Yu today. Therefore, we have a good show coming up." 

Just as the crowd was discussing, other than Duan Yi, who knew Wu Yu had shocking speed, the rest had charged ahead like a swarm of bees. A total of six people attempted to surround Wu Yu. 

They separated themselves in six directions. 


With Gong Shenjun taking the lead, the group attacked together. The various dao techniques and mystiques were an eye-opener for the crowd!

However, Wu Yu looked relaxed and casual. All he did was sit on the Somersault Cloud while moving through the earth and sky. He broke the siege in an instant and left Gong Shenjun and the rest in the dust. 

The longer they couldn't keep up, the more embarrassing it was for them. 

The key was that Wu Yu had no intention of stopping. 

"What? Your attacks are so weak, it's as though you haven't eaten anything. In that case, I'll wait for you guys. Rest assured. I'll just stay right here and won't wander off. When you guys have sufficiently nourished yourselves, you can continue chasing me.

"Why are you guys so slow? Are you exhausted from doing too many indescribable things at night?


In the sky, Wu Yu rode the Somersault Cloud whilst laughing all the way. Right behind him, Gong Shenjun and the rest were solemn and shivering from their fury. Yet they simply couldn't catch Wu Yu. 

They just couldn't touch him. Even though it was hilarious, they could only choose to stop now. Otherwise, they would constantly be toyed with. In that scenario, they wouldn't just be embarrassing themselves, they would also be embarrassing the families behind them. 

In this pursuit, numerous dark north soldiers witnessed how Gong Shenjun and the rest were humiliated. They couldn't help but laugh. The truth was, they didn't hate outsiders like Wu Yu. On the contrary, the majority of the people found him to be interesting. 

He had done too many things that most people wouldn't dare to do. 

Nonetheless, they still didn't think highly of Wu Yu. After all, these people couldn't be offended. It was especially so considering that Wu Yu wasn't from the Dark North Capital. 

Despite feeling that he was interesting, they would also sigh. Just how much longer would Wu Yu live for? 

At this point, they stopped and so did Wu Yu. He kept his smile, looked at Gong Shenjun, and suddenly said, "Forget it. I'll give you a chance and fight with you individually until the victor can be determined. Otherwise, you won't let this slide, right? Gong Shenjun!" 

Gong Shenjun almost couldn't believe what he was hearing. 

Wu Yu had just challenged him.

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