Chapter 0073: Fixed Body Art

No food or water, and left out in the mercy of the elements for four days. Not many people could endure this.

If not for the fact that Wu Yu had regularly used immortal essences and martial arts to help Wu You nurture her body, she would have died without question.

Luckily, the weather had been good these past few days.

But on closer look, one could still see that Wu You's color was not good. Her mouth and lips were parched, and she was on the verge of collapse.

But even so, she had not pleaded for mercy, and was instead celebrating to herself. Because Wu Yu had done as she hoped. He had not appeared to give up his life.

"There's not even half a day left. How can I learn this Fixed Body Art?"

The fire in Wu Yu's heart flared. He was already at his limit, keeping his head down until today.

If it was not for the fact that he wished to see Wu You live more than anything, then his nature would probably not have allowed him to lurk until this moment.

But Ming Long was taking it easy. She said leisurely, "Relax. Follow the incantation that I will say. The Great Sage will naturally appear to guide your foundational arts. If you want to use the basics, a single breath's time will do. If you want modest success, then you'll need regular years of toil."

"The time of a single breath?"

Wu Yu was a little doubtful. Such a godlike fixed transformation, Fixed Body Art - learnt in an instant?

"If you're not his heir, then forget an instant. You won't be able to learn it even in a million years." Ming Long rolled her eyes. She seemed to have read his mind.

"Follow what I say."


Wu Yu took a last look at Wu You. He prayed silently that she could hold out for a while more.

"Concentrate your qi and mentality. The revolution of the sun and moon. Topple the wellspring. Turn your gaze within. The dragon prowls and the tiger leaps. Replenish your marrow with the collected essence. Return to the roots. Complete skies and endless grounds. Focus and release your mind...."

There were a few hundred words in this incantation. Wu Yu followed Ming Long through each and every word.

Subconsciously, he had closed his eyes. He initially did not find that strange. As time passed, and they were about a hundred words in, each word he spoke electrified him, giving him a sense of enlightenment. Somehow he felt like he had taken leave of one world and arrived at another!


Suddenly, a world full of golden flames appeared before his eyes!

Hundreds of shining characters floated within the flames. They were exactly the words that Ming Long was about to get him to recite.

Bang, bang, bang!

The characters moved and actually made a low rumbling sound. In short order, they had assembled in a humanoid shape in front of Wu Yu.

As it grew clearer, he could see that it was not a golden human figure, but the Unparalleled Monkey King that had appeared during Visualizing the Inner Ape! That armor, those battle boots, the feather at the crown, and the blood red cape. He was majestic and awe-inspiring, truly without equal!

"By my power, stop!"

The Unparalleled Monkey King put his palm before his mouth and gave a light blow. Instantly, the golden flames grew until they were too many to count, then went completely still, as though they had formed a picture.

This was the Fixed Body Art!

Wu Yu was still reeling and had not recovered. The awesome golden monkey came before Wu Yu and extended a hand slightly. It felt like a golden symbol had been pressed into Wu Yu's brow, and then it disappeared.

But Wu Yu understood that something had entered his body.

"That must be the seed of the Fixed Body Art."

With this seed, he could continue to develop the Fixed Body Art in the future.


Suddenly, the Unparalleled Monkey King and his golden flames disappeared like smoke.

All that stood before his eyes was Capital Wu.

But the mind-blowing scene he had just witnessed would live on in his memory forever.

"This Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. I wonder which immortal path he took to become so awesome."

But such questions could be asked of Ming Long after he had rescued Wu You.

There were so many more questions that Wu Yu had.

"It's done. Turn your mind inwards, and see if you can reach for the Fixed Body Art. Of course, don't expect it to be extremely effective. You're still completely inept at this. A mere initiate," Ming Long said.

Wu Yu naturally understood. Whether it was the Invincible Vajra Body, the Great Way of Immortality Art, or this Fixed Body Art, he was only a novice.

He was mentally prepared.

It had not even been an hour till the point where he had opened his eyes.

"Jiang Junlin, Yuan Chen!"

The time had finally come. At this moment, no matter what Ming Long said, Wu Yu would have ignored it. He grabbed the Demon Subduing Staff and advanced in the direction of the castle!

All he could see was Wu You, and Wu You alone.

In truth, many citizens had been lingering nearby during these five days, watching Wu You with pity. Some martial artists had even gone to demand reason, but had been destroyed by Jiang Junlin. And now thousands were thronging about and watching.

"The time has come. Prince Yu is not coming."

"Don't talk rubbish! Prince Yu is not that kind of man!"

As Wu Yu passed, he was privy to all these sentiments.


In an instant, Wu Yu had landed on the open space outside the capital walls. His feet shook the ground upon his landing. Instantly, the silent and dead Capital Wu was roused back to life.

Even Ming Long was silent now.

"It's Prince Yu!"

"Prince Yu has indeed arrived!"

Suddenly, Capital Wu was alive again. After the news spread, many citizens surged forth. At present, the ones they loved and respected most was the sister and brother. In their hearts, they naturally hoped that they could overcome this obstacle!

"Wu Yu!" 

With the cacophony of voices, Wu You, Jiang Junlin, and the rest were naturally made aware of Wu Yu's arrival. In truth, to t martial cultivators, five days' time was but a blink of an eye. Wu Yu's arrival was not unexpected.

"You've finally come. I think this wench is almost dead."

Jiang Junlin lightly descended from the city walls, about a thousand feet away from Wu Yu.

Yuan Chen remained on the castle wall, looking down with a cold anger. His parents and brother had all died by Wu Yu's hands just a few days ago.

"Senior Brother Jiang. Scalp him and hang him here." Yuan Chen looked at Wu Yu, and could not repress the anger burning in his heart. He could not be as relaxed as Jiang Junlin. After all, they were his blood relations.

Suddenly, Wu You managed to open her eyes a slit. When she saw Wu Yu, she managed a bitter laugh. Actually, she already knew that Wu Yu's nature would not allow him to cower. His late arrival must also have its reasons.

"Sister." Wu Yu met her gaze.

Besides the boundless anger towards Jiang Junlin, his heart held space to ache for her.

Before, he had not wanted to anger Jiang Junlin. But seeing the pitiful state that Wu You was in, he could not bear it. She was Wu Yu's only kin, the sister who had accompanied him throughout his childhood.

"Yu, go quickly...." Wu You's voice was hoarse and thin.

But saying such things at this time was wasted effort.

Wu You was very clear of the difference in status between Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian and Jiang Junlin. Perhaps no one cared if Hao Tian died, but Jiang Junlin was a completely different matter.


Wu Yu's Demon Subduing Staff slammed on the ground, and the limestone floor under him cracked! 


Jiang Junlin laughed lightly, locking his gaze on Wu Yu. He was advancing on Wu Yu. After all, he was already at the fourth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, and on the verge of reaching the fifth. With four spiritual sources, he sent an oppressive fear towards Wu Yu as he advanced!

In terms of spiritual power, his opponent was indeed overwhelming. He was at least twice as powerful as Wu Yu.


When he arrived, the ground began to crack despite him not making a single move.

His fox coat flared out in the wind, only emphasizing his majesty and awesomeness.

Instantly, the crowd fell silent.

There was nothing to be said. Attack!

Wu Yu shot forward like an arrow upon landing, charging towards Jiang Junlin. The figures, one white and one gold, sped towards each other. They were about to clash!

A rousing scene.

At this moment, on the other side....

"Wu Yu is here. Which means you are useless!"

Just as Wu Yu and Jiang Junlin were about to clash, Yuan Chen had landed beside Wu You on the wall. He took a good look at the battlefield and then pulled out his immortal treasure long spear and started picking at the roots that bound Wu You!

When the roots snapped, Wu You would definitely be hung to death in front of Wu Yu, just like Yuan Xi and Yuan Hao!

Wu Yu was constantly on the watch. Naturally, he saw what was happening!

In truth, he had anticipated that Yuan Chen might choose such a course of action. After all, the only reason for Wu You's life was to bait Wu Yu.

However, Jiang Junlin was reaching him now, and he was already blocking Wu Yu's path!

If Wu Yu wanted to save Princess Wu You, he had to first cross the wall that was Jiang Junlin.

However, given Jiang Junlin's capability, how could Wu Yu succeed?

This was a checkmate. Even the children of Capital Wu could see. This time around, their beloved Princess Wu You would die!

Their eyes were red with emotion.

This kind-hearted princess had helped too many of them.

Carefree Palace had also adopted many orphans.


There were still many martial way practitioners of the second and third tier who had lingered on in the area for Wu You's sake. They were all volunteers who would dedicate their strength to Wu You!

In these few days, they had not left. A few among their number had already died.

At this time, they could not care about anything else. They charged up. No matter what, they were not Yuan Chen's match!

Time to give all he had!

Jiang Junlin loomed large before Wu Yu, blocking him. His eyes were wide open. His gaze flicked over. Yuan Chen had already cut a majority of the roots. The helpless Wu You was starting to sway.

"What are you staring at? You opponent is I, Jiang Junlin."

Jiang Junlin gave an evil cackle. He stretched out his arms to block Wu Yu's view.

This was just as they were about to clash!

In that instant, the symbol on Wu Yu's brow glowed.

He thought of the time in the inferno. That Unparalleled Monkey King's actions and manner, as well as the other details.

The Fixed Body Art's genius was hovering just at the edge of his comprehension. He seemed to understand, yet not understand.

Wu Yu's extreme emotions of anxiety seemed to react with this intense stimulation and pressure, creating a benevolent transformation.

"By my power, stop!"

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