Chapter 0729: 10th Tier

If Wu Yu had met this Shadow Swallower earlier, and even World of the Golden Eye could not defeat it, he would have a headache.

If he could not kill it, he might have to escape.

Wu Yu would receive at least 300 merits if he could kill a Shadow Swallower of this level alone. This was the difference between it and the Stygian River.

But now he had another idea.

If his mystiques were useless, then he could use the power of dao techniques.

At this moment, the Shadow Swallower swallowed much of the cold energy from the surroundings and its body expanded in size. While the move it had just used could easily kill Wu Yu immediately, it was now angered by Wu Yu's World of the Golden Eye, so it attacked with all its strength.

After inhaling to maximum capacity, its huge stomach seemed to even show signs of cracking. This black toad was almost as round as a ball before it stopped.

Hence, it was obvious that the burning heat Wu Yu brought to this Alternate World made things uncomfortable for the Alternate Creatures here. 

At this stage, if it exploded with full force, the power would be even stronger than before.

But at this moment, it did not know that 1,000 Wu Yus were hidden within the World of the Golden Eye.

"Blood Weeping World Technique!"

The blood weeping of the ape sounded even more chilling.

Wu Yu had a loud strong voice. but when he used the Blood Weeping World Technique, his voice was unbearably sharp. All his sounds were as sharp as blades!

The cry of blood weeping instantly formed a Blood Weeping World. This Blood Weeping World enveloped that huge Shadow Swallower as well.

But this was only the first tier. Following that was an increase of a thousand fold, 1,000 Blood Weeping World Techniques now combined together!

This was also Wu Yu's first time trying to attack his enemy! Since he was attacking, he would not show mercy. At this moment, everything that the Blood Weeping Monkey had taught him exploded!


Outside the World of the Golden Eye, a giant blood red sphere instantly swallowed both the World of the Golden Eye and Shadow Swallower!

The Blood Weeping World Technique used sound waves to directly form a bloody red ball. Even the Blood Weeping Monkey had not used it to this extent.


The ground trembled.

Wu Yu directed all of this penetrating sound into the Shadow Swallower.

It looked like all the blood color from the Blood Weeping World had rushed into the Shadow Swallower. At this moment, the Shadow Swallower suddenly stopped swallowing and exhaling. Its black skin turned into a bloody red color!


Wu Yu emerged from the World of the Golden Eye and his powerful 10,000 Dragons Staff became unbelievably huge. It landed on the head of the Shadow Swallower!

It was like a mountain crashing down.


The Shadow Swallower that was suffering Primordial Spirit dispersion from the attack of the Blood Weeping World Technique now suffered another heavy blow from Wu Yu. This was at the point where it had swallowed to maximum capacity and was about to explode. Wu Yu's blow directly smashed it into explosive bits.


The Shadow Swallower exploded into dust!

Thick cold energy concentrated before exploding. Even though the Shadow Swallower had been reduced to dust, the rush from the explosion impacted Wu Yu. Luckily, Wu Yu maintained the World of the Golden Eye and at the same time protected Princess You Xue within it. Hence, they were not pierced through by cold energy at the point of explosion.


Wu Yu had practically used all his moves, and that last move, the Violent Art, where his strength was the fiercest, directly caused the Shadow Swallower to explode. Of course, if not for the Blood Weeping World Technique disrupting its attack and causing a total Primordial Spirit dispersion and deafness, it would have been a highly risky physical fight.

It was still that sentence. If not for the Blood Weeping World Technique, Wu Yu was not sure if he would be a match for this Alternate Creature.

After defeating the Shadow Swallower, he would at least earn a lot of merits and would be near his goal of becoming a centurion! Of course, the battle here was too explosive. After gathering evidence of the battle, he quickly led Princess You Xue and steered his Somersault Cloud away from this place.

"Your various moves, including this cloud, are all too mysterious. Wu Yu...." Princess You Xue had witnessed something that cemented her convictions. She deeply understood that while Wu Yu might not be considered strong now, there would be no one that could stop him in the future. It was just that many had yet to realize his truly unfathomable potential.

Wu Yu smiled but did not explain. Actually, most of the moves he had were that of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, especially the Invincible Vajra Body and the four mystiques.

"No matter what, my goal is to catch up to you. I cannot let you leave me far behind. I'm going to attack as well when we meet the next Alternate Creature." Princess You Xue made up her mind.

"Great, then I'll watch your performance."

"I'll not be belittled by you, hmph." After they arrived here and spent time alone, You Xue's mood had improved a lot and sometimes she was cutely proud.

Wu Yu was prepared to earn 1,000 merits here before exiting.

Of course, he was also battling for his pursuit of dao.

The Shadow Swallower's dao, every Alternate Creature's dao would be presented in their battles.

The dao of heaven and earth hid within every living thing.

This was what Wu Yu endlessly pursued.

As time passed, he realized that based on his ability and his body's special characteristic, and the speed of gaining merits, reaching his goal would not be a problem. While it was difficult to meet another Shadow Swallower, Alternate Creatures that were like the Stygian River were plentiful.

He slaughtered a path across the Alternate World with You Xue.

Most Alternate Creatures had no intelligence. Wu Yu felt that sometimes, self-consciousness made the difference. Some Spirits of the Universe were very strong but were just primal creatures. That would be a big restriction as even the most ordinary human possessed some degree of smarts.

There was no day or night in the Alternate World.

Wu Yu could not bother with keeping track of time. He focused on hunting and understanding his dao. It was the same for You Xue.

While he did not keep track, he was sure that his merits had long passed 1,000. He had at least 2,000 merits.

Princess You Xue's improvements and focus on dao influenced Wu Yu. Both of them were focused on this aspect. Sometimes, when they exchanged a look and a thought, Wu Yu's understanding of dao would increase. 

Because he controlled the Soul Manipulation Blood Design, Wu Yu knew what she was thinking every time, and during this period of time, her thoughts were very pure and only contained dao. Wu Yu looked at her dao as an observer. However, at such close distance and with such transparent access to her dao, especially when her cultivation level being much higher than his own, these contributed to a unique situation. 

Wu Yu actually improved by leaps and bounds as he followed her advancement and understanding of dao.

While their daos were different, the feeling of dao enlightenment was similar. The Great Dao was deep and mysterious. Wu Yu was chasing a dao that could break through stagnant situations, and Princess You Xue's thoughts gave Wu Yu a certain method.

One day, You Xue said that she wanted to exit. She had reached the time to break through to the seventh tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. Wu Yu realized that he could also return to break through to the 10th tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea.

If he was successful, he would just have to gather and form his Primordial Spirit and reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. He could even possess the body of Heaven Devouring Evil Lord!

The two of them left the Alternate World. They calculated the time and realized that only two months had passed.

This time, Wu Yu did not go to the Dark North Royal Palace. The previous drama had passed and he was not afraid of Duan Yi and the others. He need not hide.

Hence, You Xue returned to the Dark North Royal Palace, while Wu Yu went back to his living quarters at the Burning Skies Barracks. This time, he was going to break through to a new tier and hence returned quietly. No one noticed him.

Returning to his living quarters, he placed the Floating Dreams Pagoda at an obscure corner and entered it.

He had some Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills left in his Sumeru Pouch, but they were limited in number. Now that he had reached the tier, he only needed to refine.

"10th tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm!"

After secluding himself, Wu Yu started to refine his Violet Kingdom. 

After 10 days, he used up all the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. But this time, his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea was done!

The 10th tier!

His Violet Kingdom was done, so now he only had to wait to form his Primordial Spirit.

Now his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea had indeed turned into an endless sea. The Great Way of Immortality Art forged by his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy had turned into a sea, and they roiled within his Violet Kingdom.

Wu Yu had always been falling behind in terms of spiritual power. This was because he had cultivated for a short time. Now that he was at the 10th tier, and was going to break into the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was just sufficiently boosted.

But he was troubled over one thing.

"Raising the tiers of my doppelgangers requires a large amount of Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. Now that I've used up all of them, I can only use merits to trade for more Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills."

After returning, he was in a hurry to rise to the 10th tier and had not used up his merits. 

This time, with the personal object of the Army General, and all the evidence of slaying the Alternate Creatures, Wu Yu could easily redeem his merits. When he appeared at the Burning Skies Barracks, he drew much attention.

"When did he return...."

"Didn't he go to the Alternate World with Princess You Xue?"

"I guess he just came back!"

Because of the fight between him and Duan Yi, all the soldiers in the Burning Skies Barracks dared not speak to Wu Yu. Because of Wu Yu, the Burning Skies Barracks was once again lacking a dark north general and was stuck in an awkward position.

Duan Yi had said to give him one year to return to this position. Now Duan Yi was a centurion under one of the chiliarchs.

"Wu Yu...." On the way to the Dark North Merit Hall, someone called out to him. When he turned back, it was Liu Qing, who had entered the Dark Sea Army with him.

"What's the matter?"

Liu Qing was a little shy and said, "No, nothing much, I just want to say hi, and be careful." After saying this, he left hurriedly.

But it was not long before he turned back and whispered in Wu Yu's ear,: "I heard that the Dark North General was looking for you in the Alternate World, and he was fuming when he could not find you."

Wu Yu laughed and said, "Thanks, I'll keep a lookout."

Duan Yi was obviously still furious. But if he was going to attack again, he would probably attack discreetly.

Wu Yu had been at the Alternate World with Princess You Xue for so long, he was probably even more anxious. He was getting further from his Army General dream.

Dark North Merit Hall.

"A total of 2,700 merits! Centurion! It is enough! A few more rounds and you can even become a chiliarch... as long as you have the ability!" Gongyang Fu looked at Wu Yu in shock.

"2,700 is enough to buy a large amount of Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills." He could finally raise his doppelgangers' tier.

Gongyang Fu watched Wu Yu leave and was lost in his thoughts for a long time....

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