Chapter 0728: Shadow Swallower

A beam of light would often appear in the sky at the Dark North Kingdom, like a rainbow.

On this day, red light streaked through the skies in the north, bathing the entire the Dark North Capital in an eerie glow.

Wu Yu had stayed with Princess You Xue for a long time.

The Dark North Royal Palace was very quiet, and many of the royal family members were cultivating. Some were training outside.

Right now, Wu Yu had only been in a corner of the Dark North Royal Palace. There were still many enigmatic places that would be difficult for Princess You Xue to bring him to.

At the Dark North Royal Palace, not many people noticed them. But once they came out to the streets of the Dark North Capital, everyone was watching them. Especially Princess You Xue. Everywhere she went, looks were sure to follow.

"They're out."

"Wu Yu has truly been squirreled away tightly. In the month that he vanished, the others couldn't do anything to him."

"He's a bold one, to even dare to trick Yin Ding. If not for the fact that he agreed not to speak, Yin Ding would not have let him leave in the first place."

"Well played. First, he secured his exit, then he blew the whistle. Even Duan Yi could not do anything to him after he hunted him down."

"That's preposterous. He’s an outsider, yet he’s so familiar with the Princess. He's made the elites of the Dark North Capital look like fools, and they all got a sound scolding."

They looked over at Wu Yu, shaking their heads. They could not decide whether to admire him or hate him. After all, Wu Yu was but an outsider to them.

While they discussed his deeds, Wu Yu and the Princess made their way towards the Dark North Barracks. No one dared to bar their way, and they arrived in short order.

Princess You Xue had the personal object of Army General You Shang, so it was naturally not a problem to gain access.

The two had no intention of heading for the Burning Skies Barracks, but instead headed for the nearest barracks where there was an entrance to the Alternate Dark North Capital.

The two had disappeared for more than a month. The tides of trouble had largely blown over, but it was still a hot topic. When the two appeared, the news spread immediately. Many people crowded over, eyes wide, trying to see what manner of sage Wu Yu was.

"This Wu Yu actually dared to do such a thing. He's nothing but guts from head to toe."

"He must have eaten the heart of a bear and the liver of a leopard. That's why he would dare to offend all those powerful families. The Li Heavenly Province, the Master of Justice's house, the Yin Residence. And a few others were involved as well."

"They were just afraid that he wouldn't come out. Now that he is out, I reckon that those chastised aristocrats will definitely not be able to hold back."

"If it were me, I wouldn't resist either. The mighty Dark North Tribe - bullied by this outsider? Forget Duan Yi's demotion to centurion. Even without authority, his ability is still there. I hear that he's been in the Alternate World killing Alternate Creatures and accumulating merits at a shocking rate. In a few years, he'll probably become a dark north general again!"

Hearing this, Wu Yu could not resist a snort of laughter.

A centurion required 1,000 merits.

A chiliarch, 10,000.

Dark north generals had to have 100,000 merits.

He had immediately become a dark north general, which had saved him 100,000 merits. But now that he had been cut down to 1,000, accumulating 100,000 would not be easy. He might even take a decade to accomplish it. Wu Yu revealing the truth had at least diminished his previous progress by half.

This was a masterful stroke.

Of course, who had asked him to be so evil?

"As is said: you get what you deserve."

The two walked into a random barracks to much attention. They immediately headed for the entrance to the Alternate World. Because You Xue had You Shang's personal object, their journey was smooth, and the two entered the Alternate World.

Again back at the Alternate Dark North Capital, this place would not falter simply because of a major incident. Many dark north soldiers had come to kill Alternate Creatures, and they were everywhere.

Some had been in here for a few years. They would cultivate at the Alternate Dark North Capital and then head out anew.

"Royal Uncle has decreed that we can only stay within the Level 6 Zone at best, and go no further."

"No problem. My body can attract Alternate Creatures. Even at the Level 5 Zone, we will meet many strong Alternate Creatures," Wu Yu said.

"Yes, you're a delectable cake in here."

You Xue said to many more stares. They had been looked at like this since the beginning of the day, and were used to it.

Ignoring the whispers, the two moved quickly. They obtained their Darkness Breaching Talismans and entered the dusky, howling, savage world.

It was rumored that Duan Yi was here as well. After all, he was farming merits like mad.

A pity that Yin Ying had yet to come back to life.

Wu Yu and Princess You Xue did not stop - they headed deeper in.

After passing through a few zones, they met a few Alternate Creatures, stirred to a frenzy at the sight of Wu Yu. They were all slain in a flash.

The chances of a strong Alternate Creature appearing in the first few zones were not high.

"It's said that when traveling with you, the number of Alternate Creatures increases manifold. Doesn't that just make you human bait?" Princess You Xue and Wu Yu had gotten closer over a long time, and now she was pretty relaxed. Occasionally, she would look over at him sideways, and her eyes would be filled with warmth.

"Indeed. Haha."

The two headed deeper in, then Wu Yu used the Somersault Cloud to traverse this frigid and harsh terrain. Finally, they reached the  Level 6 Zone, one zone deeper than Wu Yu had come the previous time.

In this place, the storm was awesome. The black sand howled like a huge beast, and the freezing cold chilled them thoroughly to the bone. This was a destroyed world.

Standing here, they would have to battle these severe conditions constantly, even when there were no Alternate Creatures.

When they arrived, Princess You Xue asked, "When do you think we'll meet Alternate Creatures that will force you to use your full strength?"

She had just spoken when huge volumes of black sand billowed in the black desert before them. It caused the desert to churn like a sea, and a savage and sinister aura approached them.

"Now, I think." Wu Yu had seen quite a few Alternate Creatures before, and had a sense of how strong they were. For example, the one before him right now was much stronger than the Stygian River.

"Very strong?" Princess You Xue was very curious. She had come here to try training and to get a breakthrough in her cultivation level.

"This thing is second only to the Dark North Emperor Beast," Wu Yu said seriously.

"Then you fight it head-on. I'll sneak attack." You Xue laughed. Her long hair billowed in the wind, highlighting her exceptional beauty.

"Mm." Wu Yu did not waste words. His advanced dao treasure was in his hand, and he used the Immortal Ape Transformation. He became a golden ape with golden hair, his physique bulking out as his eyes turned red and his canines grew. A fierce beast.

"Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth." And then he used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to grow his body further, until he was a giant compared to Princess You Xue, who now only reached his calf.

"Weng!" Probably taken aback by the burning fire of Wu Yu's eyes, the Alternate Creature gave a huge roar and then surged upwards from the black sand.

On closer look, it was a gigantic and grotesque black toad, its body covered with warts. Green light shone from its eyes as its mouth opened wide. It looked like it could swallow the entire world.

This toad was extremely aggressive. It sprung around on its four legs, croaking with enormous power that shook the earth.

"Shadow Swallower." Wu Yu's eyes narrowed as he identified it.

This Shadow Swallower was a Spirit of the Universe born in the cold gloom. It was a little similar to the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. However, the difference was that the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord could swallow anything to make himself stronger, while this Shadow Swallower could only swallow coldness and use it as an attack. It was the exact opposite of Wu Yu's Sun Vessel Mystique.

But even so, the Shadow Swallower was a scary one, especially when it was this huge.

Even for the same Alternate Creature, they had different strengths. There were big and small Shadow Swallowers. Small ones were only the size of a palm, while this one was the maximum size.

The Shadow Swallower had locked on to Wu Yu and Princess You Xue. With a bellow, it opened its huge mouth wide, like a black hole. The cold, the wind, and the darkness of the environment were all sucked in, and the Shadow Swallower's stomach continued to expand. Even its cheeks swelled like two buns. After this, their environment did not seem so cold anymore.

"Be careful!" Princess You Xue cried out in alarm.

The Shadow Swallower moved swiftly. This gulp had expanded its body tenfold. With a tremendous belch, all of the frost and wind was expelled from its body, channeled with deadly power.


The black stream that was spat out was almost like the Dark North Emperor Beast itself. It even had fatal icy power embroiled within it.

"World of the Golden Eye!" Wu Yu had experienced how terrifying this was, but he was not paralyzed with fear this time. From his eyes, suns shone, a brilliantly hot world expanding out to protect him and You Xue.

Golden flames burned majestically!

With the World of the Golden Eye around Wu Yu, it formed a scorching fireball that resisted the icy power of the Shadow Swallower!

This battle of fire and ice resulted in sharp hissing sounds. This time, Wu Yu had met an evenly matched opponent. He had wanted to use World of the Golden Eye to completely encapsulate his opponent and its attack, but that was too difficult.

The Shadow Swallower was enraged by the fireball, and again swelled its belly for a second hurl! This was the Alternate World, and naturally it had the advantage. If they were outside under strong sun, Wu Yu had no need to fear it.

At this time, Wu Yu again sent forth World of the Golden Eye!

He was not going to fight this head on, but seek a different way.

"Unshackled Doppelganger!"

Within the World of the Golden Eye, 1000 clones appeared beside Wu Yu, and descended on the Shadow Swallower's head.

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