Chapter 0727: Thousand layers of Blood Weeping World

Under the burning of the World of the Golden Eye and the pursuit of Wu Yu's doppelgangers, the Blood Weeping Monkey was still choosing to use the Blood Weeping World Technique. It screamed to be crazily trying to defeat Wu Yu first.

Wu Yu finally understood. The ancestors here could only use one dao technique, and that dao technique was the one they guarded.

For instance, this Blood Weeping Monkey used only the Blood Weeping World Technique in battle.

Basically, this was giving the challenger a practical display of the dao technique that they wanted.

When learning a dao technique, if one had a first hand experience of the power of the dao technique, it would be a smoother learning experience when they started to learn it. Because he was attacked, he knew how scary this dao technique was.

For instance Wu Yu now knew the power when fighting it with the World of the Golden Eye.

This ear-piercing, soul-tearing feeling was indeed intolerable.

As for the power of this dao technique, it could be related to the ability of the Blood Weeping Monkey when it was alive. After all, the higher the level of the dao technique, the more difficult it was to learn.

Basically, Wu Yu would even find it difficult to challenge the weakest ancestor of this Demon Hall of Dao Techniques at the moment.

Wu Yu had the advantage in numbers right now, which gave him an edge. Their attacks prevented the Blood Weeping Monkey from fully concentrating on using the Blood Weeping World Technique and made it more difficult to withstand the burning of the World of the Golden Eye.

Even so, Wu Yu was under intolerable pain from the Blood Weeping World Technique and could barely hold on.

This tension broke after about 15 minutes of the pursue of Wu Yu’s doppelgangers. The Blood Weeping Monkey finally gave way and that Blood Weeping World Technique was prevented from use. In addition to the burning of the World of the Golden Eye, it practically burnt into coal. At least it looked like coal.

"Congratulations, challenge successful. You will receive the Blood Weeping World Technique." Wu Yu heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing this voice. At this moment, the other party’s Blood Weeping World Technique vanished, but for a long time, Wu Yu continued to experience the soul-piercing pain.

He recovered only after half a day.

This was a dao technique created about 200,000 years ago that had long been lost to time.

After retracting his World of the Golden Eye and doppelgangers, the challenge platform was quiet. All he could see was the Blood Weeping Monkey standing there. But at this moment, this little monkey looked much friendlier and was playing by itself. It occasionally looked at Wu Yu and made faces. It was quite interesting.

And the area in the middle of the challenge platform suddenly materialized into existence. The scroll with the dao technique recorded on it naturally floated up.

He could see blood red words on the scroll recording the Blood Weeping World Technique.

He quickly stepped forward and retrieved the scroll from the water.

"After learning it, place the scroll back," the voice of the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques reminded Wu Yu again.

This was the voice hidden in the spirit design.

Now he was holding the Blood Weeping World Technique. Since he had nothing else to attend to and he had just experienced the power of the Blood Weeping World Technique, he could not wait to learn this dao technique.

He thought that he could bring this Blood Weeping World Technique out and train in the Floating Dreams Pagoda because he was not sure if the speed of time here would be the same as in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, since he had entered from the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

After all, the Floating Dreams Pagoda had the advantage of time flowing at twice the speed.

But when he tried to exit, he realized that he was unable to leave.

In other words, the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques would not allow him to leave, or rather leave with the dao technique.

Perhaps he might be able to use the Somersault Cloud to jump right out.

But Ming Long said, "Based on the rules of this type of dao treasure, they usually will not allow you to bring the dao technique scroll out. Because these precious dao techniques are probably the only copies they have. So after a successful challenge, the previous Demon Dao Sect disciples trained here until they succeeded, then they returned the scrolls before leaving. Of course, you can leave in the middle, but you can't bring the dao technique scroll along. Besides, there is an advantage to training here. This is the best part of this dao treasure of the Demon Dao Sect."

"What is it?"

Ming Long pointed to the Blood Weeping Monkey and said, "He remains here obviously to guide you in learning this dao technique. While there is no verbal communication, I believe that with him around, you will learn more efficiently and effectively."

Ming Long’s words made sense.

Hence, he decided to stay here to study the Blood Weeping World Technique.

"Ji, ji!" When Wu Yu unrolled the one-zhang-long dao technique scroll, the Blood Weeping Monkey jumped onto the scroll, tilted its head, and looked at Wu Yu. It chatted continuously as it paced on the scroll.

Wu Yu started to study the mysteries within.

When he was studying, the Blood Weeping Monkey was always there. It would occasionally exhibit the Blood Weeping World Technique. Except these uses never caused any harm. Sometimes, he even used the spiritual art of this dao technique and demonstrated it to Wu Yu bit by bit.

After experiencing it first hand and then being tutored personally by the creator, based on Wu Yu’s understanding, he realized that learning it was easier than he had imagined.

The key was that while the Blood Weeping Monkey was an ancestor, it was really cute. Especially when it had a depressed expression that made it look like it was about to cry....

Ming Long wanted to play with it like a soft toy.

"It's really shameless, it's older than me and dares stay here to act adorable!" Ming Long said with envy.

"Aren't you the same? How old are you already? Yet you still dress like a little lass." Wu Yu laughed.

This angered Ming Long and she scolded him. "Aiya, this damned grandson. Without me, who knows what sort of vile end would you have landed in? Do you know what this is? How dare you tease me. Do you believe that when your granny, me, becomes super strong in the future, I will cut off your head to use it as my potty?"

"No, I don't believe you."

"Damn, your wings have grown. Wait till I beat the crap out of you."


Time passed.

After Wu Yu finally took a break and exited, he calculated the time spent within and was surprised to find that if he activated the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, then the time inside Demon Hall of Dao Techniques would also flow twice as fast as outside.

In other words, the time in the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques was swallowed by the Floating Dreams Pagoda and naturally followed the time rules of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. The Demon Hall of Dao Techniques was also controlled by the Floating Dreams Pagoda. 

Obviously, the Floating Dreams Pagoda's level was higher. 

This was the best case scenario. Wu Yu remained in the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques and concentrated on studying the Blood Weeping World Technique.

The Demon Hall of Dao Techniques was practically a heaven for training dao techniques. After all, Wu Yu would learn from the creators of these dao techniques.

No one would be more familiar with the dao techniques than their creators.

Perhaps at the age of the Demon Dao Sect, the Blood Weeping Monkey had taught many juniors how to use the Blood Weeping World Technique.

Hence, whenever Wu Yu had questions, it seemed to know exactly which parts were the tough parts. Even though they did not communicate verbally, the Blood Weeping Monkey would demonstrate personally.

This was simply the most direct form of teaching.

He did not need to use much of his brain. Any part he did not understand would be explained almost immediately.

"That's awesome!"

Wu Yu only needed to try repeatedly and figure out which parts he did not know. If a mistake was made he tried to use the technique, the Blood Weeping Monkey could spot it with one look.

Training dao techniques was copying the dao of predecessors. It was different from dao training. Dao training required the individual to gain understanding and ponder their own path. But dao technique training only required the individual to follow the thoughts of his predecessor and walk through it to master the basic dao.

Hence, when it came to training dao techniques, it was most effective with a tutor.

As for expanding on the basis behind said technique, that was something he could only do after mastering the dao technique. If he could not even master the dao technique, there was no need to even think of improving it.

Wu Yu took two months.

This was only one month in the outside world.

Within this period of time, Wu Yu had carved the Blood Weeping World Technique into his heart.

After using it on this challenge platform a few times, not only could he use it, but all his doppelgangers could also use this dao technique.

When 1,000 doppelgangers used the Blood Weeping World Technique, they formed 1,000 Blood Weeping Worlds, and in addition to Wu Yu’s Blood Weeping World, there was a layered effect.

This layering effect was not just merely additive.

Instead, it formed a terrifying power.

This was also the reason Wu Yu had decided to learn the Blood Weeping World Technique.

Now that he had mastered it, he was more confident in his attacks.

In the future, he would challenge an ancestor for the other dao techniques when he had the time.

The dao techniques in this Demon Hall of Dao Techniques were all cream of the crop dao techniques. With access to the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques, Wu Yu was completely disinterested in the dao techniques of the Dark North Kingdom.

After he became familiar with the technique, he left the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques.

In the Dark North Royal Palace, Princess You Xue was nearby. Wu Yu had not seen her for some time. At this moment, when he saw her, she had also improved a lot, especially in cultivation level.

"Was your training fruitful?" You Xue asked. 

"Not bad. Have there been any updates from the outside? How is Yin Ying?"

You Xue said, "I heard that even though they have looked for many people from the Yan Huang Tribe, the situation has not been settled yet and she is still in Cryogenesis. If there are no other solutions, perhaps Minister Yin will return to find another way. As for Duan Yi, he was stripped of his position as dark north general and was demoted to centurion. He needs to gain his merits all over again. Gong Shenjun and the others were all punished. Yin Xuan is locked up in isolation for a year and should not be able to come out early. Also, the seniors of the participants have all been to the Yin Residence to apologise."

Such punishment was the best they could have.

The Yin Residence could not take the lives of Duan Yi and the others. After all, Yin Ying was not a key person of the Yin Residence.

If it were Yin Xuan, then the problem would’ve been bigger. Even though Duan Yi and the others were mainly targeting Wu Yu and she was considered collateral damage, this was also because of them looking down on Yin Ying.

"Are you going out?" You Xue asked.

Wu Yu nodded and said, "Of course, I still want to go to the Alternate World for an adventure. Soon, I'm going to break through to a new cultivation level."

You Xue nodded and said, "I've asked Royal Uncle and he has given permission for me to bring you into the Alternate World. Of course, the Alternate Creatures that I slay cannot count as your merits."

"Really?" Wu Yu was still thinking about ways to enter the Alternate World by himself. In the end, You Xue helped him a lot.

"Since that's the case, let's not wait and leave now."

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