Chapter 0726: Blood Weeping World Technique

The first paragraph read: "North South King's Furnace Technique. Created by the eighth generation ancestor, Mirage Tiger. A Heaven Earth Void technique. After cultivation, the power of refining the King's Furnace using light coming from the north-south direction will be extraordinary."

The second paragraph read: "Mirage Tiger Mu Sheng was once an elite elder of our Demon Dao Sect. He reached the sixth tier of the Dao Querying Realm. He died because of the second natural disaster. He was a noble character and volunteered to stay in the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques to guide the younger generation, and pass down the North South King's Furnace Technique."

The white tiger demon was called Mirage Tiger. The North South King's Furnace Technique in the scroll was a dao technique by him. Although the Mirage Tiger was dead, it remained here.

In other words, Wu Yu had to defeat the Mirage Tiger to get the North South King's Furnace Technique.

Moreover, maybe in the process of fighting, or after fighting, the Mirage Tiger would help him when he practiced the dao technique.

This dao technique was created by him. With his guidance, Wu Yu's cultivation speed would be faster.

At this time, Wu Yu finally understood what level of treasure the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques was! It could accommodate ancestors like the Mirage Tiger, and the North South King's Furnace Technique. If there were many like them, this Demon Hall of Dao Techniques would absolutely be a treasure!

Its value was obviously no less than that of the 10,000 Dragons Staff.

Wu Yu did not believe that there would only be one ancestor and one dao technique here.

The Mirage Tiger Mu Sheng was extremely powerful. At its peak, it was at the sixth tier of the Dao Querying Realm, which was close to being immortal.

Wu Yu did not know what strength the Mirage Tiger had after all these years.

Obviously, as a venue to be challenged, all the disciples of the Demon Dao Sect had to complete the challenge successfully before they could practice their dao techniques.

It should not be easy to complete the challenge. After all, they were facing the ancestors of the sect.

Wu Yu decided to go to other places first.

He left and went in another direction. As expected, he realized that the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques was very large. Every once in a while, he would come across a challenge platform.

On each challenge platform, there was a dao technique scroll and an ancestor demon.

There were many kinds of dao techniques and demons. They were all created by these demons themselves. Basically, there was a variety. They were complex and diverse. Although he did not know their power, he could probably guess from their names and descriptions that these dao techniques were not simple.

And those demon ancestors who could stay in the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques all had the power of the Dao Querying Realm.

At their peaks, they were all at the Dao Querying Realm.

Wu Yu walked for a long time and saw at least 300 kinds of dao techniques and 300 demons! Among them, the most powerful one was a demon called Nine-headed Qilin. This Nine-headed Qilin was not a usual Qilin immortal beast. At first sight, one would know that its bloodline was extremely high. The highest level it achieved was the 10th tier of the Dao Querying Realm. It was rumored that it had died at the last tier before gaining immortality, the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao.

Once you survived the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao, you would become an immortal and go to the sky palace.

The dao technique it left behind, the Reverse Life and Death Technique, was also the top dao technique, which went beyond the scope of Heaven Earth Void techniques, and could only be used by martial cultivators at the Dao Querying Realm.

However, after seeing the Nine-headed Qilin, Wu Yu knew that he was not its opponent at all, so it would not be easy to get the Reverse Life and Death Technique.

"There must be some restrictions for the disciples of the Demon Dao Sect to enter the Dao Arts Demon Hall. They may have to obtain some credit or reward before they can go in and choose one. But now the Demon Dao Sect is gone, and I can come in countless times. There are so many dao techniques, and as long as I can challenge successfully, they are all mine!"

He had seen hundreds of dao techniques after exploring the area.

At this point, he could not wait to complete his challenge.

For the first challenge, he should find a weaker one. Of course, the dao technique had to suit him.

After a walk, he made a decision.

At this moment, he appeared on a challenge platform. A grey monkey appeared too. The monkey was not big, only palm-sized. It had grey hair all over its body, but its face was blood red in colour, especially its eyes. They were blood red in color - no pupils, just red scleras.

Such a small monkey, but it was not simple at all.

The spirit design changed into words. It said, "Ji Yao, the Blood Weeping Monkey, was a 10th generation elder of our sect. He had a weird temperament, but he was friendly and had great battle achievements. He reached the second tier of the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. He sacrificed himself in a blaze of glory in a fight with martial cultivators.

"The Blood Weeping World Technique was created by the Blood Weeping Monkey. It uses the sharpest sounds to attack and tear apart the enemies' ears and Primordial Spirit. When this sound is released, even the heavens and earth will rend as their colors change. This is an otherworldly sound! The Blood Weeping World Technique is not perfect. While it's powerful, only those who possess the bloodline of the ape can learn it. This is a limitation that does not meet the Demon Dao Sect's goal of having a technique with no bloodline limitations."

While there was a limitation, Wu Yu was not limited by it.

And the cultivation level of this Blood Weeping Monkey was indeed one of the weakest in the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques.

Hence, Wu Yu decided to challenge the Blood Weeping Monkey.

"The Demon Hall of Dao Techniques really solves this urgent problem of mine. But it's still up to me to grab this chance!"

Wu Yu did not relax at all in this battle. He wielded the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff and used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to shrink to the smallest size possible. He became as tiny as the Blood Weeping Monkey and used this trade off in size for high speed. Because he could tell that this Blood Weeping Monkey definitely had frightening speed.

Of course, he also underwent the Immortal Ape Transformation. After transforming, a golden little monkey faced that Blood Weeping Monkey. It seemed like one was righteous and the other evil. They looked similar in stature.

As soon as Wu Yu entered, the blood red eyes of the Blood Weeping Monkey were already locked onto him!

"That's amazing!"

Wu Yu realized that after entering the platform and truly facing this Blood Weeping Monkey, the other party might have been long dead and was now a corpse. It was being powered by the spirit designs and Demon Hall of Dao Techniques dao treasure. However, it was very similar to a live demon.

"Hiss, hiss." This Blood Weeping Monkey made a light sound. It was not hissing, but Wu Yu had a feeling that his ears were being pulled.

The Blood Weeping Monkey looked unfriendly and even exuded a sad feeling. He could see that it was about to cry.

And no surprise, in the next moment, the Blood Weeping Monkey opened its mouth slightly, lowered its eyes, and looked very sad. It started to whimper. This whimpering made one pity this little thing, but in the next moment, it turned terrifying.

"Wu, wu, wu...."

Its whimpers turned into angry crying and then furious shrieks! The Blood Weeping Monkey did not go near Wu Yu at all but hid far away and screamed crazily. Its screaming was the dao technique that Wu Yu wanted to learn today, the Blood Weeping World Technique!

The challenge platform changed into a space, just like Wu Yu's World of the Golden Eye. In this space, its cries and screams did not disappear, but reverberated constantly, and the Blood Weeping Monkey was constantly getting louder. This made the ear-piercing and Primordial Spirit-tearing sound get stronger and stronger!

The more time passed, the more terrible it got!

By this time, Wu Yu was already feeling an ear-tearing pain.

He had no Primordial Spirit, but the spirit was more vulnerable in the face of such a voice, so at the beginning, the Blood Weeping Monkey suppressed Wu Yu. He felt a terrible pain immediately and could only struggle!

"It's so scary!"

What's more, the sound did not disappear. It even reverberated in this space, condensed, and directly transformed into physical forms, like a kind of bloody silk thread. It floated in the space and rushed towards Wu Yu, piercing his body just like sharp, bloody needles!

It was hard to imagine that such an attack was not a mystique, but a dao technique.

Even with the power of the Blood Weeping  Monkey now, just the Blood Weeping World Technique could kill Wu Yu!

Wu Yu realized the horror of this ancestor.

And the more time passed, the scarier it became!

The only way to deal with this type of dao technique was to stop it quickly when it was used. Once it started, it would be really difficult to deal with. In the extreme pain, there would be no way to use other dao techniques and mystiques to resist.

And now they were in the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques within the Floating Dreams Pagoda. He could not bring in the Black and White Deities.

Fortunately, Wu Yu's physical body was very strong. He could hold on for a short period of time. With this short period of time, he reacted quickly. He could not use other mystiques, but Unshackled Doppelganger was very fast. When he was in pain, he plucked out his hairs and blew them. Suddenly, the space became crowded.

His doppelgangers were not affected by the sound, so they attacked directly!

There were not many people who could be unaffected by sound. The reason why the doppelgangers were not affected was because they were basically just hair.

Bang, bang, bang!

The numerous doppelgangers held onto their dao treasures and attacked the Blood Weeping Monkey while Wu Yu was restricted and tortured.

The other party probably did not expect Wu Yu to undergo such a magical change. For a while, it did not respond. It was beaten so fast that its Blood Weeping World Technique relaxed and its power was reduced.

The Blood Weeping Monkey soon found that Wu Yu's doppelgangers could only cause trouble to it and were not powerful enough to defeat it, so it quickly fled and continued to use the Blood Weeping World Technique.

However, Wu Yu now had the chance to breathe.

That was enough for him.

"World of the Golden Eye!"

Although there was no sun here, most of the power of the World of the Golden could also be used, especially in this enclosed challenge platform. His eyes flashed, and Wu Yu's World of the Golden Eye formed a huge fireball very quickly, engulfing the whole challenge platform directly. The whole space of the challenge platform was engulfed by Wu Yu, and the Blood Weeping Monkey, of course, was inside as well.

When it wanted to attack Wu Yu with the Blood Weeping World Technique, it was burned by Wu Yu's World of the Golden Eye.

Now it depended on whether the World of the Golden Eye was stronger than the Blood Weeping World Technique....

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