Chapter 0725: Demon Hall of Dao Techniques

Ming Long was a hero in her generation. She knew much more than Wu Yu.

Also, she had trained for a few hundred years by the time she hit her peak.

Now she was an ancient relic.

"What did you remember?" Wu Yu was very curious about this.

Ming Long was very agitated. She stuttered for a long time before she said, "Demon Dao Sect does not refer to the strength of the sect, but to the uniqueness of this sect. It did not belong to my generation. It is something that existed a few hundred thousand years before my generation. Do you know what is so special about it?"

"Are you joking, how would I know?" Wu Yu said. 

Every time they met such a situation, Ming Long would feel a deep sense of satisfaction. She smiled proudly and said, "Its first unique characteristic is that it was a sect built by a demon. Everyone knows that demons are more reliant on the Natural Mystiques of their inherited bloodline. The power of a Natural Mystique can be much stronger than a martial cultivator’s Great Dao Mystique. The Great Dao Mystiques of martial cultivators actually originated from the demons.

"The Great Dao Mystique of martial cultivators are not that weak either. Of course, demons can also study the dao techniques of martial cultivators. Those who are talented and have great understanding can even create their own. And these dao techniques are no weaker than those of martial cultivators. In my generation, there was a sect built by a demon. Most of the sect members were demons without strong Natural Mystiques. They gathered to study dao techniques and made great achievements. They created many unique demon dao techniques that were powerful. Even though they were a group of demons, their talent in dao techniques was comparable to that of top martial cultivators. Also, because of their status, the dao techniques that they created were quite different from those of martial cultivators."

This was new.

Could it be that the sect that closely resembled the Shushan Immortal Sect and was covered in thunderstorms was called the Demon Dao Sect? 

Ming Long continued, "The second unique characteristic is simple. The reason why it could be passed down was because the Demon Dao Sect was booming. It gathered many sea region demons as well. They amassed a power equivalent to the Dark North Kingdom in the Yan Huang Ancient Region. However, one day, at the peak of its power, everything in the Demon Dao Sect, regardless of building, people, sect, or treasures, disappeared without a trace overnight. It was as though they never existed. Stories of this Demon Dao Sect were then passed down...."

That was weird.

How could a sect, everyone and everything inside the sect, disappear overnight?

It would be too weird if the whole Dark North Capital suddenly disappeared. 

Of course, Wu Yu guessed that this rumor was true. It should have disappeared overnight.

If not, he would not have encountered it in the Taigu Immortal Path.

"Could it be that the entire Demon Dao Sect was transferred to the Taigu Immortal Path overnight?" Wu Yu asked with surprise.

"That is my guess. After all, the Taigu Immortal Path is mysterious. But I cannot imagine the reason why this happened. There are too many secrets in this world."

"Since the whole sect was transferred, what about the people? I don't think they appeared in the Taigu Immortal Path!" Wu Yu remembered that the sect at the mountain of lightning was fully furnished. It was like the people had suddenly disappeared.

If these people had been taken Taigu Immortal Path as well, then that sect would not have been how Wu Yu found it.

It was probable that the sect had arrived at the Taigu Immortal Path but their people were somewhere else. If that were the case, where would they be?

This was a past of over 200,000 years ago. Wu Yu would not know.

But it was useless to know now. This was a mystery. As time passed, people had long forgotten about it. Even if he knew the truth now, it would be useless.

But he was just curious about what happened that caused an entire sect to suddenly disappear.

Wu Yu looked down at the plaque. If this plaque was alive, it should be a type of dao treasure. Perhaps it was an advanced dao treasure.

"What is its purpose?" Wu Yu asked. 

Ming Long said, "If I'm not wrong, this should be a special dao treasure. This is different from average dao treasures. These types of dao treasures have special properties. They are not made for battles, defense, or imprisonment. Actually, some Sumeru Pouches are made at different dao treasure levels and can be considered special dao treasures. It is just that not many people talk about special dao treasures now. Special dao treasures are ranked as well. The one in your hands might be ranked highly. As for its true purpose…."

Wu Yu had just heard this voice. 

He asked Wu Yu if he was going to challenge the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques.

Then was the name of this plaque the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques? 

Besides, he had automatically assumed Wu Yu was a Demon Dao Sect disciple.

Ming Long slapped her forehead and said, "Yes, a special dao treasure does not need to form a blood bond to be mastered. The maker can set restrictions to select users. However, this thing is not meant to be controlled or used in battle. Instead, it serves as a venue with trials within. It is, in some, sense similar to the Floating Dreams Pagoda, though the Floating Dreams Pagoda has more complex uses."

A land of trials.

Wu Yu somewhat understood.

"Perhaps this dao treasure is equivalent to a place of trials. Disciples in the sect can challenge this Demon Hall of Dao Techniques and receive rewards...."

"That should be the case, probably."

"So, won't I find out if I try the challenge?"

"Isn't that obvious?"

Wu Yu knew what to do when the conversation reached this point.

"I want to take the challenge," he replied to the words of the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques.

As soon as he finished speaking, the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques plaque broke free of Wu Yu’s hands and stood straight up on the ground. Of which, the two characters indicating “Dao” turned from horizontal to vertical and the two characters indicating “Great Nature” changed to “Demon Hall.” 

Following this change, the four words were enveloped by white light and this plaque standing on the ground became a shiny little door.

This door, of course, led him to the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques.

Wu Yu was excited. He stood up and entered this white, glowing, shiny little door without hesitation.

After he entered, the little door dimmed and turned back into the plaque that it was previously. Then it fell onto the Floating Dreams Pagoda's ground with a crash.

The inside of the plaque was like the Floating Dreams Pagoda. There was a space. This space was formed by various spirit designs.

It was as though Wu Yu was in another world.

This world was white and covered with clouds. Even his Eyes of Fire and Gold could not see far.

He could hear the muffled sounds of various beasts, or maybe demons.

They were growling, barking, and crouched low in hidden areas. The sounds rose and fell and there was occasionally a loud, angry howl.

This was the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques.

"Choose the ancestor that you want to challenge and the dao technique that you want to learn and practice!"

After entering, the voice of the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques echoed in Wu Yu’s ears again. 


With this question, Wu Yu walked forward in the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques.

He pushed apart the clouds.

Soon, Wu Yu saw a platform appear within the clouds. This platform was practically a copy of the Immortals’ Viewing Platform. It was a circle and crystal-like. He could see a half sphere transparent cover over it. It was like the one on the Immortals’ Viewing Platform too. It looked like a place where one could only enter and not exit.

The clouds were separated from this mysterious floating platform.

Wu Yu had sharp eyes and very quickly observed that there was a transparent piece in the middle of that white jade platform. That transparent piece was like ice embedded into the platform, and he could see vaguely that within this ice, there was a scroll!

This scroll looked like the one he had seen at the mountain of lightning.

"That dao technique scroll should be the reward for the challenge."

Wu Yu was troubled by dao techniques at the Dark Sea Thoroughfare. He did not expect this plaque that he had unconsciously taken long ago to solve his problem at this moment.

The problem was: where was his challenge opponent?

Wu Yu approached the platform but did not rush in, because he guessed that there might be a number of similar platforms that he could challenge within these clouds.

When he appeared above that platform, the platform suddenly changed. Many spirit designs appeared from the platform. Those spirit designs operated around one main one, and many of them contained ancient symbols.

In the middle position, waves like water emerged, and at this moment, a beast walked out. Looking carefully, it was a three-zhang-long, pure white, fierce tiger - even its eyes were white. This fierce tiger had sword-like teeth. Its pure white eyes stared at Wu Yu coldly ever since its appearance.

"What is that?" Wu Yu could feel the demonic strength from the other party. It seemed to have a Primordial Spirit but was not a real demon! It was, on the other hand, similar to a puppet or mechanism.

But puppets and mechanisms were made from precious treasures.

Yet this white tiger seemed to be made of flesh and blood. It was just that its Primordial Spirit was incomplete and it was not a real demon.

"This should also be an ancient spirit design method. It uses the dead's body and its remaining Primordial Spirit. Spirit designs are etched directly on the corpse. It's a little like a corpse puppet. But this requires the dead's permission. Usually, they make this decision because they want to continue to contribute to their sects after death. Even though they have died, they are willing to use this method to instruct their juniors. Such methods have been long lost." Ming Long was surprised.

Hence, this white tiger demon was the ancestor. 

While the ancestor had died, he had left behind his body and spirit remnants using such a method. He had become part of the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques to teach his juniors. 

In the martial cultivation world, this was a great spirit and was worthy of respect.

This was in principle very different from the making of corpse puppets.

Corpse puppets sullied the dead.

After that white tiger demon appeared, the spirit designs on the white jade platform changed and two paragraphs of words appeared.

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