Chapter 0724: Demon Dao Sect

To martial cultivators, finding a dao companion was rare.

At first, he thought it was Nangong Wei, but he missed it. They had no fate.

Now he had other ideas.

The so-called dao companionship was to accompany each other for a lifetime.

As for You Xue, she was not the one Wu Yu longed for. You Xue herself knew this clearly.

A martial cultivator would not need a dao companion. He could still continue to pursue dao and even reach the sky palace alone.

Dao companionship was not particularly important, so Princess You Xue thought that it would also be very good if she only pursued dao in her life. She did not want to marry the guy that the royal family arranged.

Of course, because of the Soul Manipulation Blood Design, Wu Yu knew everything she thought very well.

But even if so, she was very calm. She was not afraid that Wu Yu knew what she thought.

Compared to the past, she had changed so much. She did not even think that the Soul Manipulation Blood Design was a bad thing for her. At least during this period, her state of mind had been developing rapidly and she was substantially gaining enlightenment in her dao.

"I can feel vaguely that I will be able to reach the seventh tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm soon. It's at least a few years faster than I expected. In the Yan Huang Ancient Region, for the time being, no one of the same age as me should have such achievements," she said calmly.

"Congratulations, you deserve it." Wu Yu smiled.

He realized that for martial cultivators, sometimes "suffering" was not a bad thing. It might become the motivation to rise again in adverse circumstances.

Right now, it was chaotic outside the Dark North Royal Palace, but it was very peaceful here, and Wu Yu was also happy.

He began to think about what he should do next in the place that You Xue had arranged for him to stay in.

"When Yin Ying had the accident, she had more than 700 total merits and was a centurion, so she could enter the Alternate World alone. Now I can only go in with Yuan Xunyu.

"However, after the Dark North Emperor Beast incident, Yuan Xunyu will not dare to take me with him.

"Then I can only find others, but who would bring me in with them?"

He felt that the road to the Alternate World was temporarily blocked.

In that case, while avoiding the chaos outside, he could only focus on cultivation temporarily.

In fact, before that trip to the Alternate World, he had made some gains. Spirits of the Universe were actually born from the dao. The storm in the Alternate World was also a kind of dao. This was what Wu Yu wanted to pursue and understand.

Wu Yu's realm of dao was gradually increasing, and he continued to study spirit designs occasionally to add on to it. In fact, he had made a lot of progress since he came out of the Taigu Immortal Path.

"In the fight for the Immortal Dao, the means to attack includes mystiques, dao techniques, dao treasures, and talismans. Among them, mystiques and dao techniques need training. At present, my four mystiques are almost at their limits, and I lack dao techniques now. Therefore, there is a lack of variety in my ways to break through the enemy's moves. Once they have studied my moves thoroughly, I will be in danger."

Because of this, he had gone to seek dao techniques.

In addition, all of his doppelgangers could use dao techniques. At present, the doppelgangers had little effect. They had to have the support of top-level dao techniques.

Now he had 1,000 doppelgangers. When he reached the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, maybe there would be 10,000 doppelgangers. Their crazy attacks would be like bombs.

How spectacular would that scene be.

No one would be able to find Wu Yu's real body among the 10,000 doppelgangers.

"It's a pity that there is no dao technique suitable for me in the Dark Sea Thoroughfare." Wu Yu felt that in the area of dao techniques, he was in a bottleneck.

He entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda and placed it on the ground.

There was twice as much time in there. He stayed there, and with that time, he continued his dao enlightenment.

He would definitely run into trouble if he went out now. Because of Princess You Xue, the different powers were not able to hurt Wu Yu. They could only solve the problem by themselves.

Wu Yu couldn’t be bothered with these things. He was immersed in his own world of martial cultivation. After the fight, he settled down and his realm of dao steadily increased.

Occasionally, Wu Yu would open up his Sumeru Pouch. He still had some things that he had gotten from the Little Duke, the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern, and Prince Feng. He had thrown away most of the things. What he had taken would not reveal his actions. He wanted to see if he could find one or two dao techniques.

Of course, he also did not forget about the strange rebirth of Prince Le. He asked Princess You Xue to inquire about this news. It was rumored that after Prince Le came out, he was very law-abiding and made rapid progress in strength. You Xue was far behind him. When she had talked about being the fastest to reach this level among those at the same age, she had probably forgotten about Prince Le.

Prince Le was now far away from Wu Yu, so he felt safe.

If they were near each other, Wu Yu really would not know how to face this person who should have died.

"This is...." Just as he was thinking about Prince Le, he found something among the things that the geniuses on the Immortals’ Viewing Platform left behind.

It was a plaque with the four strong and powerful words “Grand Essence of Dao” carved on it in gold.

Wu Yu did not remember how the plaque had come about at first.

Later, he finally remembered. When he managed to get past the Immortals’ Viewing Platform, he could not get those dao technique scrolls from the first mountain. At the last moment, he conveniently picked up the plaque that was hanging on the gate of that mountain.

"At that time, if only I had cultivated the Somersault Cloud! I might have been able to obtain those dao technique scrolls! I don't know what sect left those scrolls behind. There were so many that there must have been at least one suitable for me! Perhaps even the strongest dao technique known to cultivators might be there! Such a pity!"

Wu Yu was very depressed when he thought of the dao technique scrolls on the bookshelves. He always felt like he had almost gotten them. In the Floating Dreams Pagoda, he put the plaque of Grand Essence of Dao on his legs and got lost in his thoughts of those dao techniques.

"Grand Essence of Dao."

When he looked at the four words carefully, they struck his ears like the roar of thunder. All of a sudden, there was a roar in his heart.

"Dao is the nature of heaven and earth. Heaven, earth, and man are all in dao.

“Heaven and earth have their own laws - that is the Grand Essence of Dao."

It was just a plaque. How could it have such spiritual meaning just because of four words?

Now as Wu Yu touched the plaque that he had almost forgotten about, the more doubtful he became and the more he could feel a powerful force coming from it as if it was a giant beast waking up in his arms.

Weng, weng!

Unconsciously, this plaque from the Taigu Immortal Path became hot.

Each stroke of the four big characters of "Grand Essence of Dao" on the plaque in Wu Yu's hands seemed to be changing. Within each stroke, there was a beast's face, body, and so on. Finally, it seemed as though the four big characters were actually made up of dozens of beasts.

At this moment, a dragon soared and a tiger roared; birds were singing and horses were neighing. All kinds of beasts were making sounds. It was crowded and noisy inside the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Wu Yu never thought that a plaque that he had casually obtained on the mountain of lightning could be that extraordinary!

This plaque was hidden very deeply. If Wu Yu had not been searching for other things, he would not have chanced upon it. Also, as his focus was currently on dao enlightenment, he accidentally got shocked by the four characters "Grand Essence of Dao." Otherwise, he would not have noticed how special this plaque was.

He remembered that at that time, all the palaces were in good condition, and only this plaque was stuck to the ground, crooked....

Wu Yu thought back to when he was on that mountain. He could only see that there were many dao technique scrolls, but he could not have any of them at all. So he conveniently took the plaque. It was just on the spur of the moment, thinking that he could not leave empty-handed....

Now, he was most curious about what exactly this thing in his hands was, all the beasts seething at the same time?

Ming Long loved to join in the fun. At this point in time, of course, she ran out loudly. She also did not expect such a development. She opened her eyes wide and said, "When did you bring this thing back? Where did it come from?

“The Taigu Immortal Path?"

Wu Yu told her about the place.

"I remember! It may be a treasure. I remember that the mountain was full of dao technique scrolls, but it was sealed up by spirit designs and then it collapsed. All the dao techniques went missing.... It was like a sect there. I think you can treat this plaque like a dao treasure, or even an advanced dao treasure, to see if there will be any changes."

So the way to deal with it was by blood bonding.

Wu Yu thought of the same thing. He closed his eyes, calmed his mind, and started spirit congealing. In fact, he could vaguely feel that it could be a deeply hidden dao treasure. In general, there might be a very deeply hidden spirit design on it, so it could not be detected at all. One needed to have doubts before discovering it.

He blood bonded with it and wanted to rush into the world of the plaque. He already had treasures like the 10,000 Dragons Staff and the Floating Dreams Pagoda. If this was really a good dao treasure, it should not be difficult to control!

Just after he finished using the method of blood bond, a voice came from inside of the plaque, sounding in Wu Yu's mind. It was an old voice, very solemn. He asked, "Demon Dao Sect disciple, do you want to challenge the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques?"

Wu Yu did not dare to say yes. The voice was too strange and mysterious. If he encountered this kind of unclear situation, he should ask Ming Long first.

"Demon Dao Sect disciple, Demon Hall of Dao Techniques?"

Ming Long tilted her head. Maybe these words sounded familiar to her. She asked Wu Yu not to agree first. She thought hard and murmured, "That's strange. Why do I feel like I've heard this name before? Demon Dao Sect?"

"Have you heard of it? This may be the sect in the Taigu Immortal Path. How could you have heard of it?" Wu Yu was also puzzled.

Ming Long paced up and down in front of him and frowned. She said, "Something's wrong. I really remember hearing about it. This thing is a dao treasure, but not a simple one. I remember that only the very ancient sects had this kind of dao treasure. This kind of dao treasure seems to have been lost for a long time!"

At this point, she suddenly jumped up and said, "I finally remember!"


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