Chapter 0723: Waves in the Dark North

The crucial thing was that Duan Yi was dying from the chase, employing all sorts of techniques. While Wu Yu was lounging on the Somersault Cloud, leisurely as you please, laughing at Duan Yi all the while.

This contrast was too jarring. After all, Wu Yu was only at the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm.

"A mighty dark north general - is that the most speed you can muster? Seems a little lacking." Wu Yu zoomed here and there, but did not let Duan Yi catch up.

Duan Yi was already very fast for his cultivation realm, but compared to Wu Yu's Somersault Cloud, it was nothing.

Duan Yi had already been severely humiliated, but now he was being completely disgraced.

The numerous dark north soldiers present watched this scene unfold, mouths agape. They finally understood why Princess You Xue favored Wu Yu. This guy not only had balls of steel, but had skills to match.

His future was unlimited.

If such a person was willing to serve you, why would you not protect him?

Although Wu Yu was currently only a dark north soldier in title, he would not remain so in the future. It would be too naive to put Wu Yu down as a dark north soldier forever.

Duan Yi was making this mistake now. That was why he would chase Wu Yu in such a humiliating fashion!

He and Wu Yu had covertly clashed three times before. The first was Wu Yu's win in the escape of the Dark North Emperor Beast. The second time, Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold had seen him, throwing his plan completely into disarray. And this third time, he had made a mess of it, because he could not catch Wu Yu at all.

Of course, in a head-on fight, Wu Yu was far from this ninth tier Primordial Spirit cultivator.

But he had the speed.

Duan Yi not only could not catch him, but was being made a fool of by Wu Yu. His image as a calm and decisive person had been blown along with his top. And the other chiliarchs had given up completely.

Seeing the usually high-and-mighty Duan Yi thoroughly embarrassing himself, Wu Yu sighed. He did not know if this was enough to avenge Yin Ying.

"I do hope that the Yin Residence people can save her. Otherwise, I will have to return in the future, when I have the confidence, to bring her back to the living. But it would be best not to take too long, for her sake."

Looking again at Duan Yi, Wu Yu's smile faded. He said stoutly, "You have to admit your defeat this time. You can't do anything to me, so stop this struggle. You'll only hurt and embarrass yourself. I will continue to seek redress for this debt. And it is not so easy for you to kill me. Duan Yi, I did not die when I was at my weakest in the Taigu Immortal Path. Do you think that you can easily wipe me away here? Stop dreaming."

Duan Yi was an astute person, although his reason was being clouded by rage now.

"Wu Yu!"

Suddenly, there was a roar, and Wu Yu looked up to see that someone else had come. This person's arrival halted Duan Yi in his tracks. This person had come to help Duan Yi pull out of a situation from which he could not extract himself of.

This was Dark Sea General Yin Yang.

Yin Yang's reputation was stellar in the Dark Sea Army. Although he was not the commander of the Burning Skies Barracks, basically everyone here recognized him.

His arrival shocked all the dark north soldiers, who fell on their knees to pay respects.

"All hail, the Dark Sea General!"

Wu Yu and Duan Yi stopped as well.

"Go!" Yin Yang shouted at Duan Yi. He had seen Wu Yu play Duan Yi for a fool as well, and was in no mood to speak to Wu Yu.

"Wu Yu committed grave crimes. I hope the Dark Sea General exacts justice," Duan Yi said as he strove to keep his composure. When he backed off, he did not leave, showing just how unhappy he was.

In the sky, only Wu Yu and this dark sea general at the Dao Querying Realm remained.

Yin Yang had been civil to Wu Yu at first, but now there was anger in his eyes. Evidently, Wu Yu had not heeded his warning, and had done something unwanted.

"Wu Yu, give me one reason why I should not punish you. I already explained to you. And now that things have come to a head, you must know the consequences!"

Wu Yu still had quite a lot of respect for this person. He waved a hand. "If I had to give a reason, it would be that I feel that the culprit responsible for the threat to Yin Ying's life should be answered with a just penalty. But I saw that your elder brother has no intention of doing so. He wants to protect the reputation of his son and the Yin Residence more. Incompatible daos create enemies. If you do not seek justice for Yin Ying, I will."

He was not that close to Yin Ying. After all, they had just met. However, she was still a decent person, and worth getting to know.

Hearing this, Yin Yang brooded for a long while, but then said, "This is a matter of our Yin Residence, and not for an outsider like you to decide! Right now, your sense of injustice might have been absolved, but you have left the wreckage for us to clear! You are clearly forcing the Yin Residence and the other parties to sow discord! You have also offended everyone! Do you really think that Princess You Xue can save you from death? You must think that you are righteous, but you don't know that you are asking to die!"

"I can indeed save him from death." Yin Yang had just finished speaking, when a majestic woman floated down with the breeze. Princess You Xue.

"Princess," Yin Yang bit out.

Princess You Xue fixed him with a chilly look. "Yin Ying was my friend as well. I approve of his actions. If people dare to act murderously in the shadows, why can we not bring such actions to light? I, You Xue, hate such people. A man would dare to take responsibility for his actions. If there is to be a contest, make it an open and fair one. Why take such underhanded measures? Simply despicable."

She had not curbed her voice, so her words had reached many.

Duan Yi, below, naturally could hear this.

All the while, he had given Princess You Xue a good impression, and she had been very civil with him. But now, You Xue's attitude had completely reversed. Such sarcastic words were directed precisely at Duan Yi.

Duan Yi's dream was to take You Shang's place in the future.

That would mean becoming dao companions with the Princess - that had been his goal since young. At least amongst the suitors, his position was one of the best.

However, Princess You Xue's words now were basically a death sentence for Duan Yi's dreams. After all, the royal family would not assign You Xue a dao companion that she herself did not like.

Dao companionship required mutual feelings, or it would be completely useless.

Duan Yi's face fell, and he had been dealt a devastating emotional blow. To him, this was the most devastating blow today. Today, a man had become a demon.

Since he had dared to go after Wu Yu in such a black manner, then Wu Yu would take revenge in this way!

There was a collective gasp. Everyone understood that if this was a contest between Wu Yu and Duan Yi, it was a landslide defeat for Duan Yi right now.

"Princess, the truth is yet to be investigated. Don't speak without...." Yin Yang had not expected her to immediately cement the truth upon her arrival. He was dismayed. If You Xue said it, then he could no longer stop it.

But You Xue said, "Enough. I am not ignorant. The powers behind you did not want conflict - they wanted to resolve this privately and let the matter pass. I know that you do not value Yin Ying, but treat Yin Xuan as your treasure. But you will face your comeback for this eventually. The truth? What everyone knows right now is the truth. But if you want to cover it up and resolve it privately, so that you can all save your reputations, I do not care. Wu Yu, let's go. Return to the Dark North Royal Palace with me for a few days, until this tides over."

Her words were direct, and she immediately took Wu Yu with her, even clarifying that it was to avoid all the trouble. She was going to bring Wu Yu to the Dark North Royal Palace. Who would dare to go arrest him at the Dark North Royal Palace?

After she was done speaking, there was complete silence. Even Yin Yang was rooted to the spot. He realized that he had underestimated how much Princess You Xue cared for Wu Yu.

Duan Yi's face was like ashes. He had never suffered such a thorough failure in his life!

"Yes, Princess." Wu Yu looked at Duan Yi and gave him a smug smile. This petty gesture would incite him most. But at this time, Wu Yu was headed for the Dark North Royal Palace.

Duan Yi could not enter the Dark North Royal Palace.

With everyone watching, Wu Yu followed Princess You Xue with an impassive face.

"I'm sorry, but I had to do it." These were Wu Yu's final words to Yin Yang. Actually, he knew that Yin Yang did not hate him. If it had been Yin Ding, he would have attacked him directly.

They watched him leave.

Wu Yu had rinsed his hands of all this. Those that were in hot water now were Yin Ding, Yin Xuan, Duan Yi, Gong Shenjun....

A complete defeat!

Duan Yi hung his head, quickly leaving.

Yin Yang silently vanished from the skies as well.

The details of their conversation could not be suppressed, with so many spectators. It was a tide that could not be stopped.

News of this had traversed the Dark North Capital. As the tidal wave swept through the Dark North Capital, Wu Yu and Princess You Xue were in the harbor of the Dark North Royal Palace. Princess You Xue had assigned a spot for Wu Yu near her own sleeping chambers.

"Rest here for a month or two. No one can do anything to you in the Dark North Royal Palace. When you go out, they will probably have already settled things," You Xue said.

Wu Yu said, "There's no need for any harsh punishment anyway. At most a sealing, or a demotion. The real punishment has already been delivered today."

Princess You Xue stared at him. "You can be quite cute at times. Love and hate are so clearly distinguished with you. Any girl who can get you to stand up for her is quite lucky." She sighed.

Wu Yu gave a hoarse chuckle. "It's not for her sake only. I myself was almost killed as well. I had to give something back. Also, I feel like our relationship is a little strange. Sometimes, when I think of it, it leaves me uneasy. Perhaps all of this is fate. You have helped me greatly these days. I will remember all of it. One day, when I am no longer threatened by you, I will give you your freedom."

This was Wu Yu's vow.

Right now, he could not do it, because he could not release the Soul Manipulation Blood Design.

Princess You Xue smiled slightly. "No matter. It doesn't make a difference. After all, any man who controls me must be someone extraordinary. I will willingly do anything he bids me."

Wu Yu could feel it.

She might just like him.

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