Chapter 0721: Dark Sea Thoroughfare

Within the Dark North Merit Hall, there weren't any others who were here to record their merits at this moment. 

Therefore, when Wu Yu made the statement, he instantly drew the attention of many people. 

"What do you mean by that? Wasn't Yin Ying injured by the Dark North Emperor Beast that appeared in the Level 5 Zone out of the blue? I heard you got lucky and managed to escape in time to avoid the catastrophe." 

Wu Yu shook his head, forced a smile and said, "You're right. She was indeed injured by the Dark North Emperor Beast, which used a Natural Mystique known as Cryogenesis. However, do you guys know why the Dark North Emperor Beast appeared in the Level 5 Zone? I believe something like this hardly ever happens, right?" 

The crowd thought deeply about it, and it was indeed so. 

Moreover, Wu Yu was clearly trying to hint at something in his words. 

"So, what are you trying to say?" At this moment, a person from the Dark North Merit Hall walked out. It was a middle-aged martial cultivator wearing a solemn expression. He was tall and skinny like a bamboo stalk and his eyes were grim. He exuded a strong sense of authority. When those in the Dark North Merit Hall saw him, they immediately greeted, "Hall Master Gongyang." 

Wu Yu recalled that the Dark North Merit Hall had two to three hall masters who were in charge of all affairs in this place. Their strength was roughly equivalent to that of chiliarchs, and their standing would be roughly equivalent to a chiliarch’s in the Dark Sea Army. 

The one before him was Gongyang Fu, one of the hall masters of this place. 

Although he was the one in charge here, Wu Yu wasn't intimidated. He spoke openly, "I'll keep this short. Let me tell you guys the truth. Everyone knows that I'm on good terms with Princess You Xue. This has made several suitors of the Princess extremely nervous. The newly appointed dark north general of our Burning Skies Barracks is one of them. He truly hates me to the core. Together with Gong Shenjun, Yin Xuan, and others, they came up with a plan to get me killed in the Alternate World. Duan Yi entered the depths of the Alternate World personally to lure the Dark North Emperor Beast out, hoping to finish me off silently. However, he did not expect me to see him and even escape from the Dark North Emperor Beast. The only shame is that Yin Ying was implicated. The main reason why I'm telling you guys is because Yin Ying could no longer be here with us due to this incident. Couldn't these merits be accorded to me instead? Everyone should be able to see I have ample evidence." 

After Wu Yu mumbled for some time, everyone, including Gongyang Fu, looked at him blankly. Clearly, what Wu Yu had said had truly shocked them. 

"Wu Yu, this matter is grave. Don't recklessly utter nonsense!" Gongyang Fu chided angrily. 

Wu Yu tittered and said, "What nonsense are you spouting? Didn't you guys see Dark Sea General Yin Yang bringing Duan Yi, Yin Xuan, and Gong Shenjun to the Yin Residence a while back? They are probably holding an emergency judgment on them currently. I believe the lord of the Li Heavenly Province and the Master of Justice’s people are rushing to the Yin Residence to settle this huge matter at this very moment!" 

From Wu Yu's expressions and other signs, what he was saying didn't seem to be lies. 

"Did you really see Duan Yi luring the Dark North Emperor Beast over?" asked Gongyang Fu. 

Wu Yu answered, "Definitely! Absolutely! His motives are too obvious and he severely underestimated me. Forget it. All I wanted to know is if I could still collect my merits with Yin Ying in such a situation. I remember the rules, but Yin Ying's circumstances are exceptional. As long as I have ample evidence, she shouldn't need to be present.”

He threw this huge bomb to the crowd but pretended to be nonchalant about it. Now he shifted the focus back to his merits. 

Considering the standing and status of these people, they naturally noticed that this incident would implicate several large forces. 

"Get him his merits!" Gongyang Fu instructed. 

The one before Wu Yu started tallying immediately. 

Gongyang Fu looked at Wu Yu and said, "I'm giving you a final reminder. Such statements can't be spoken recklessly!" 

Wu Yu answered, "I tell only the truth, considering the gravity of this situation. I probably have a better understanding than you in this matter. I have just come from the Yin Residence. Perhaps news of this incident will spread like the plague throughout the entire Dark North Capital in a while. The granddaughter of Minister Yin was sealed in the Cryogenesis. I believe those in the Yin Residence wouldn't just let this pass. However, they are probably conflicted as Yin Xuan played a part in this as well. Yin Xuan is truly ruthless. He knew Yin Ying was with me and yet he didn't stop Duan Yi. Instead, he chose to negotiate with others. A person like him is truly emotionless and devoid of morals!" 

At this moment, his merits were tallied. A total of 231. This was added to his current and total merits. The Dark North Merit Hall had also added the merits to Yin Ying. The only shame was that Yin Ying wouldn't have a chance to use these merits now.


This was also the reason why Wu Yu had chosen this place to spit the truth. Regardless, he had to get something back for her. Even if it was just ruining Duan Yi's reputation, he would have vented her frustration. 

"I'm leaving!" Wu Yu didn't remain behind for long but chose to leave directly. He knew that with the crowd having doubts about the incident, they would definitely spread what they heard whilst they attempted to corroborate what they heard with others. Moreover, this incident was related to the newly appointed dark north general of the Burning Skies Barracks, so others would definitely pay attention to it. 

When Duan Yi got out of the Yin Residence, he would likely find half the Dark North Capital gossiping about him. 

The fuse had been lit. Only the explosion remained. During this period, all he needed was to wait. 

"Now that I have gotten over 200 merits, I should check out what resources I can obtain with them." 

The first place he would visit was the Dark Sea Thoroughfare. 

The Dark Sea Thoroughfare was actually a location within the Burning Skies Barracks. There were numerous dao techniques in that place. With sufficient merits, one could trade for anything. 

As the name would suggest, the Dark Sea Thoroughfare was a dim and long path. 

On the two sides of the path, there were large numbers of dao techniques. The deeper one could advance, the stronger the dao technique. 

An excellent quality normal dao mystique wouldn't be any inferior to a Great Dao Mystique. 

Currently, Wu Yu had four major mystiques to protect himself. He had an advanced dao treasure as well. The only thing he was lacking was an offensive dao technique. 

There were various dao techniques, and in battle, one could release various progressive effects. 

When used in conjunction with mystiques, Wu Yu's battle prowess and destructive force would be greatly enhanced. It had been a long time since he had learned new dao techniques. Those dao techniques from the past could no longer satisfy his requirements to defeat the level of opponents he was facing. 

Therefore, with over 200 merits on him, he went straight to the Dark Sea Thoroughfare from the Dark North Merit Hall. 

There was something unique about the Dark Sea Thoroughfare as well. A spirit design known as Dark North Pressurizing Realm was laid over the entire path. 

When walking on the Dark Sea Thoroughfare, the deeper one advanced, the greater the pressure one would feel. This was a force that pushed outwards. 

To get a powerful dao technique, one not only had to have sufficient merits. At the same time, one needed to have the strength to resist the spirit design. Spirit power or physical strength were both capable of breaking the pressure. When advancing further, most people would rely on spiritual power. As for Wu Yu, he naturally had to rely on both his spiritual power and physical strength. 

This setting was great. After all, it would be a waste if one didn't reach the cultivation level requirement but still obtained an extremely powerful dao technique.

In other words, entering the Dark Sea Thoroughfare itself was also a challenge. 

Right ahead of him were the main doors to the Dark Sea Thoroughfare. It was a black cave abode, and it was pitch-black inside. It was still hard for him to see anything clearly despite having the Eyes of Fire and Gold. Nonetheless, he could see book shelves placed on both sides, and there were large numbers of dao technique scrolls on the book shelves. 

Those dao technique scrolls nearing the main doors could be traded for roughly 10 merits. 

In this region, Wu Yu could see several Dark North soldiers searching for dao techniques a few hundred zhang ahead. 

Everyone was searching seriously and didn't disturb the rest. 

Typically speaking, the dao technique scrolls nearing the entrance were the most plentiful. 

Those that were in the Dark Sea Thoroughfare had probably been inside for several days. They likely wouldn't know what had happened outside. 

Wu Yu, wearing his Dark Sea Battle Armor, lowered his helmet while entering the Dark Sea Thoroughfare. There weren't many that had noticed him as he advanced deeper without stopping. 

The moment he entered, he instantly felt the pressure collapse unto him. 

This was a force pushing from the inside towards the outside. Similar to moving upstream on a boat, if one relaxed fully, he would be sent flying back. 

He passed person after person and at this point, as it was still easy. Because of how easy it seemed to be for him, he attracted the attention of several dark north soldiers. Naturally, they had only noticed Wu Yu when he passed them. 

No one could recognize him just from looking at his back view. 

Wu Yu took a momentary stop and glanced at the dao technique scrolls around him. The dao technique scrolls in this region would roughly set him back over 20 merits. This was actually incredible. In the vicinity, some decarchs were around, indicating that these would be greatly effective for those at the third and fourth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. 

Obviously, this was his target. 

He continued moving further in. Initially, he had relied on his physical strength alone to fix himself to the ground. 

"99% of these dao technique scrolls are indeed not suitable for me. Instead, they are better for the Dark North Tribe people, who largely possess an affinity to icy and cold techniques!" The deeper Wu Yu went, the clearer this became to him. 

“If Princess You Xue wasn't the princess of the Dark North Kingdom, but some place like the Yan Huang Ancient Country, that would have been perfect." 

If that were the case, it would’ve been a lot easier for him to search for dao techniques. 

Wu Yu advanced further and started seeing centurions around him. These centurions couldn't recognize Wu Yu. However, there weren't many of them, and they were mainly focused on choosing their dao technique. 

At this spot, the pressure was stifling. On top of using his physical strength to resist, Wu Yu had to release Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy to anchor himself to the ground. After which, he could finally start looking at the dao technique scrolls around him. 

These dao technique scrolls would basically cost more than 100 merits. With his merits, he could at most get two. 

However, what he was frustrated about was that a lack of merits wasn’t the issue. Instead, there was a lack of dao techniques that were suitable for him to pick up. He had searched the vicinity. The dao techniques that were suitable for him were roughly 3%. Out of 1,000 scrolls, only 30 were suitable. 

The issue was that Wu Yu wasn't very satisfied with these 30 scrolls - they weren't what he wanted. 

His physical strength could still support him in his quest to delve deeper. However, he wouldn't have sufficient merits. After making a final push ahead, he still didn't find one that he thought would be suitable for him to pick up. 

This was frustrating. 

He wasn't willing to practice other dao techniques. 

As such, he could only leave. 

Estimating how long it had been, Wu Yu believed the incident with Duan Yi had definitely spread. 

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