Chapter 0072: Ground Demon Transformation Art

"Senior Brother Jiang, she's almost at her limit."

Yuan Chen had already run out of patience since there had been no sign of Wu Yu.


Jiang Junlin cracked one eyelid open and looked over at Wu You lazily. "Nah. This woman is a fighter. She couldn't die if she wanted to."

"Are we just going to keep waiting? More than half of the five day time limit has passed. I think Wu Yu won't come."

Although Jiang Junlin was indifferent to the deaths of Hao Tian and the others, this was a painful thorn in Yuan Chen's side. Without plucking it out, he would continue to bear the pain.

"Unless Wu Yu is already nearby, and wants to use these five days to increase his ability a little?"

Jiang Junlin laughed. He found this ludicrous.

"If that's the case, then why not just kick Wu You down? If she hangs, Wu Yu will definitely appear," Yuan Chen said.

Jiang Junlin pursed his lips. "And if she dies immediately if we hang her?"

Yuan Chen was starting to panic. He saw that Jiang Junlin seemed to be rather concerned with Wu You, and he said, "Senior Brother Jiang, you couldn't be in love with this woman could you? I'll kill her, then!"


Jiang Junlin glared at him, and Yuan Chen retreated three frightened steps. He spat out each word clearly and seriously. "Yuan Chen. Don't try to second guess me. Whatever I wish to do does not need to be justified to the likes of you!"

"Yes...." Yuan Chen cowered, secretly regretful.

Actually, he also knew that Jiang Junlin could not possibly like Wu You. But his playful nature liked these sorts of games. Ever since they set the five day limit, everyone had been watching them.

"I want to see if she will die or endure for five days."

Jiang Junlin laughed. He was high above her, as though she was an ant that he had caught. She was already dead, and he would see how long she could hold out.

Princess Wu You's resilience had caught his attention. To him, this ant was an interesting one. Toying with her was entertaining.

"Come here. Back massage," Jiang Junlin ordered.


Yuan Chen hurried forward and began with practiced movements.

Just as Jiang Junlin had predicted, Wu Yu was currently in a corner of Capital Wu, closeted away and condensing his second spiritual source.

"The Great Way of Immortality Art, added to the Invincible Vajra Body. When they interact, it greatly speeds up the creation of my second spiritual source."

He had the Invincible Vajra Body as his foundation, the Great Way of Immortality Art as his immortality art, and the Lifegiving Fruit's root as his resource.

In just a matter of two days, he had somehow succeeded.

"What's strange about that? You should take a look at who these techniques originated from."

Ming Long had expected it.

This speed was completely within her expectations.

Presently, with the entire root and stem completely absorbed and transferred into the Heaven's Hall Meridian, which was further refined through the Great Way of Immortality Art, he had already built a complete spiritual source in which yin and yang coexisted in harmony.

With the two spiritual sources at the Chest Meridian and Heaven's Hall Meridian completed, there was spiritual power flow between them. They combined and supported each other, causing Wu Yu's spiritual power to become even more majestic. In terms of attributes, he had already surpassed the spiritual power of Hao Tian's Zhongyuan Dao Scripture.

Of course, more importantly, the speed of spiritual power regeneration and spiritual qi absorption from the surroundings were both uncommon, reaching unprecedented levels.

"Qi Condensation Realm second tier, complete."

He had finally done it. When he thought back, four days had already passed.

Luckily, he still had one day left.

He could not keep Wu You waiting much longer.

Looking over, she was in an extremely weak state. Making her wait so long was his failure as her younger brother.

Cultivating his Heaven's Hall Meridian was an extremely frightening process for Wu Yu, because he had to do it both quickly and well. Even with the roots of the Lifegiving Fruit combined with his arts, he had almost died.

The risk having paid off, Wu Yu was now prepared to attack.

"Going now?" Ming Long asked.


"Not going to add one more skill to your arsenal?"

Ming Long gave Wu Yu that sly look again.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, nothing. I'm just worried about you. I mean, if you were careless and didn't take care of your sister and she died... Say, would you regret that for life?"

Ming Long's big eyes blinked rapidly. One look and you knew what her game was.

However, she had indeed hit a nerve in Wu Yu's heart.

That's right. He was going in to this fight blind. And there was still Yuan Chen to deal with. It was too difficult to protect Wu You.

"You have something in mind?"

"There is indeed something in my mind. But this time I want three God's Way Pills."

Ming Long had finally shown her true colors.

Wu Yu felt like he was only digging his grave for the future here. Four God's Way Pills. Who knew what they were....

"No way. One at most." He could only bargain now.

"Forget it."

Ming Long's face soured, and she immediately vanished from Wu Yu's sight.

She had some powerful negotiation skills.

Wu Yu said, "Speak first. How can you help me?"

Ming Long did not reply.

Her temper was fickle. If you did not satisfy her needs, she would not compromise.

She seemed to have vanished and did not say a word. Wu Yu leapt to the roof and took a closer look. He knew that Jiang Junlin and Yuan Chen were not patient people. The five day limit that they had given Wu Yu was almost up.

"Stupid monkey, let me tell you truthfully. The thing which Granny will give you today is something you won't be able to exchange three God's Way Pills for. You had better take this opportunity," Ming Long said languidly.

"Then I'll have to trust you once more."

Wu Yu made up his mind. Because it concerned Wu You's life, he would pay a higher price. If he could tide over this storm, he would never make a deal with her again, to save himself in the future....

Only then did Ming Long consent to appear before him, but this time she was all smiles. Her eyes were crinkled like crescent moons, and she chirped, "Looks like you know what you're doing. Today, Granny is going to impart an awesome dao technique to you, an almighty move that only the gods themselves can use. This is the most mystical skill of the Great Sage, and even I only comprehended a few amongst it. Back then, I only used a few of the moves, and already could eliminate all the righteous martial cultivators. I made all of them into fried dough twists. Delicious!"

She had not given the previous art such an enthusiastic review.

Wu Yu was anticipating its power.

"This spiritual art is considered a dao technique, but I feel like it's already an immortal's technique. Its full name is the 72 Transformations, and is also known as Ground Demon Transformation Art!"

"72 Transformations?"

"That's right. This immortality art is 72 different kinds of destructive moves, it's yin-yang proficient, void-piercing, and the variations are infinite, made up of all kinds of marvellous secrets. It's an ultimate immortality art that even the gods themselves want. It's 10 times more valuable than the Invincible Vajra Body and the Great Way of Immortality Art. However, it's also 10 times more profound. At my peak, I only knew a few of the moves, but their efficacy surpassed all the other immortality arts that I knew. They were the strongest dao techniques that I had!"

Ming Long must have been on the cusp of becoming immortal at her peak. And for her to only know a few moves at that level meant that she had not been able to grasp more than 60 of them. This immortality art was really something different.

He looked again at Wu You on the castle. He shook his head. "This level of dao technique should be beyond me. I have just condensed my qi."

Ming Long gave a mysterious smile. "Relax. Since I suggested it, obviously I have a way for you to use it. Truthfully, this 72 Transformations is not something that our mortal bodies can withstand. But the Great Sage left this legacy behind. He would at least initiate us in, wouldn't he? That's why while we are grinding, from the moment we discover the Qi Condensation Realm, we can learn one of the transformations at each major level, under the guidance of the Great Sage."

"Which means that I can learn one move at the Qi Condensation Realm, and another after I reach the Jindan Dao Realm?" Wu Yu caught on.

But how would the Great Sage direct him?

"Kid, the three God's Way Pills won't be spent in vain. Back then, someone wanted to trade 10,000 God's Way Pills for one move. I refused!" Ming Long put her hands on her hips and gave Wu Yu a vulnerable look.

"I'll take it."

Wu Yu calculated that if he could complete this immortality art, it would definitely become an ultimate set of moves. It would be a real lifesaver.

And even if he could only learn one move at the Qi Condensation Realm, it was still valuable.

"This means that the Great Sage must be a real immortal! The immortality art that an immortal left behind must be a sacred art. The Great Sage must have gone through great pains in order to make us strong. He actually directed us to learn this transformation art."

Wu Yu thought to himself, moved.

He had originally thought that the Ruyi Jingu Bang was simply an unremarkable inheritance. He had not considered that the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, was actually a real immortal!

"In this world, this must be a top-class legacy! Even Master has underestimated this boon!" Thinking thus, he could not help but get worked up.

It seemed like his future path was unlimited. Adding to that, he had this Ming Long to watch over him.

"That... Almighty Dainty Beauty, the Great Sage is a real immortal? An immortal in sky palace, right?" Wu Yu asked cautiously.

"Does that go without saying?"

Ming Long rolled her eyes. If Wu Yu was not a naive frog in the well, he would not be asking such questions.

"I actually inherited the legacy of an immortal from the sky palace!"

This was enormously good news.

"Don't celebrate too early. You're so weak. If you get slaughtered, then it's all for naught. That's why I'm about to impart this transformation art to you. So you have another way to protect your life," Ming Long grumbled.

The way she said it, it seemed like Wu Yu need not pay the price of three God's Way Pills.

"Alright. I'll select one out of the few transformations that I know. I'll choose one that suits your current need to protect your life."


Wu Yu was already bursting with anticipation.

"This is the first of the 72 Transformations. It's a fixed transformation. It's called: Fixed Body Art."

"Fixed Body Art?"

From the name, perhaps it could fix someone in place, so they could not move.

"That's right. Fixed Body Art."

Speaking about this Fixed Body Art, Ming Long began to praise it eloquently. "This Fixed Body Art is really awesome. Although it's a real drain on your spiritual power, think about it. You're in a contest of spiritual power, and both of you are evenly matched. You suddenly use the Fixed Body Art to petrify your opponent, and they can't move an inch. Haven't you secured a sitting duck? To think that back then in the day, I was surrounded by more than 10 experts. I petrified two and immediately reduced them to ash!"

"They really won't be able to move?"

To Wu Yu, this seemed unbelievable. How could there be such a dao technique in this world?

"Of course! But that's me. Not you. For you to cultivate to my level will take a lot of time. Even with the Great Sage's support, you will see modest results at best. Modest mastery, against an opponent with inferior spiritual power, will lock them in place for a couple of hours or more. Against an opponent with evenly matched spiritual power, you can hold them for three breaths of time. Against those who better you by one level, you can hold them for one breath of time. Two levels, and you can hold them for but an instant. And against those who are three levels your better, you can only hold in your fart."

Although Ming Long said this easily enough, Wu Yu was already stunned. This 72 Transformations's first fixed transformation - Fixed Body Art - was already incredibly good!

For example, if he was fighting Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian, who was a level higher than Wu Yu, Wu Yu could hold him for one breath worth of time. That was enough to kill him a few times over.

"Also, the Fixed Body Art drains spiritual power tremendously. To be able to use it once or twice in a day is already considered quite good."


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