Chapter 0719: Court Proceedings

Those people Wu Yu mentioned were all famous young martial cultivators in the Dark North Kingdom, and they were the future of the Dark North Kingdom.

But he dared to mention these people. Naturally, this made the Yin family quiet down.

Yin Ding's eyes were stern, and he said, "Wu Yu, you can eat anything, but you can't speak without thinking. If you have no evidence, you will be framing others. Do you understand?"

Before Wu Yu could reply, an old man said, "I saw Xuan Er enter the barracks near the Dark North Barracks some time ago. I asked him why he was headed there. He merely mentioned he was going to congratulate Duan Yi in becoming a dark north general...."

He was also an elder of Yin Ding, so when he spoke, he did not have any scruples. He simply said what he had seen.

Wu Yu said with a smile, "So it seems like the people who planned for this not only include Gong Shenjun and Duan Yi, but Yin Xuan may also be among them? They all have reasons to kill me, don't they? Especially Duan Yi and Yin Xuan. As for what reason, you don't need me to say it."

In such an environment, everyone in front of him was very strong with scary cultivation levels. Wu Yu was like a rabbit who had entered a place filled with tigers. However, he could still speak so calmly, which really surprised the Yin family.

"Nonsense!" Just after saying that, Yin Ding yelled as it might be related to his baby son. His voice roared in Wu Yu's ears till he felt like fainting, but Wu Yu resisted.

His eyes were serious, and he said, "Nonsense? I dare not. Not to mention I'm uninterested in framing others. I had been hunting with Yin Ying. Now her life is in danger. I just want to stand up for her. You don't need to scold me at all. As a father, shouldn't you find Duan Yi, Yin Xuan, and Gong Shenjun now and question them one by one to find out who the real murderer is?"

He obviously felt that Yin Xuan and Duan Yi had different statuses in Yin Ding's heart. Just now, when Wu Yu mentioned Yin Xuan, Yin Ding was obviously angry.

At this time, Yin Yang stood up and said, "Wait a moment, everyone. I'll go to the Dark Sea Army and bring those people here."

He was a dark sea general of the Dark Sea Army. It would be easy for him to bring Duan Yi over. It would probably not be a problem to bring the others either.

Yin Yang disappeared very quickly from here. Most of the people who had stayed behind were staring at Wu Yu. They were curious. How dare this boy argue with Yin Ding here.

He was the future commander of the Stygian Nightmare Army.

Since Wu Yu had come here, of course, he could not leave empty handed. Since these people wanted to hurt him, he had to teach them a lesson.

Although Yin Ding was the organizer, he still had to persuade the public, so at this time he had no choice. As Yin Ying's father, he did not even look at the Cryogenesis. No wonder Yin Ying was so desperate to get recognition.

The more he acted thus, the more reluctant Wu Yu was to give up.

Yin Yang was very fast. Not long after, everyone saw him coming over with a group of young people. It was almost by force. There were three people in total: Gong Shenjun, Yin Xuan, and Duan Yi.

The three of them were about to leave the Burning Skies Barracks when they met Yin Yang, who was heading there. Yin Yang did not say much. He brought them here directly and threw them on the ground.

Duan Yi, Yin Xuan, and Gong Shenjun must have figured out what had happened when they saw the situation.

Moreover, when they arrived, what depressed them most was not Yin Ding, but Wu Yu. This was especially so for Duan Yi. When he saw Wu Yu, his eyes narrowed. One could imagine the shock in his heart.

He was very confident. He had hidden himself very quickly, but he did not know that Wu Yu had the Eyes of Fire and Gold. Even though he had only seen a shadow, he could still guess that someone was targeting him.

"Dad, I just heard about Sister...." Yin Xuan said quickly.

"Shut up." Yin Ding looked at him coldly, then looked at Wu Yu again and said, "Everyone has arrived, can you present your evidence now?"

Wu Yu thought for a moment.

"These three, one is his own son, one is the son of the provincial lord of the Li Heavenly Province, and one is the Master of Justice's son. All of them are his good friends' children. Since he does not value Yin Ying, even if he were to find out that these three people accidentally killed her, he would probably just punish them internally. He would not want the news to spread; otherwise, he would definitely be laughed at and be called biased. This would also make him fall out with the other two families!"

This thought flashed across his mind.

But this thought made him understand why Yin Ding's expression looked bad from the beginning. It was not because of his daughter's accident, but because of the perpetrator.

If it was just him and Wu Yu here, Yin Ding would not let him have the chance to talk, but Yin Yang and some elders from the Yin family were here. Also, his father still loved Yin Ying, so he could not stop things from happening.

So he was betting that Wu Yu had no evidence at all.

At this moment, Wu Yu and the other three were standing at opposite sides, staring at each other. Among them, Duan Yi was the scariest, a ninth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator and Wu Yu's boss.

But here, there was no status.

He took a look at Duan Yi's silhouette and said, "Duan Yi, you thought you were hiding very fast when the Dark North Emperor Beast appeared, but I saw you clearly. Maybe you underestimated my eyes?"

When he spoke, his eyes were as hot as fire, burning like the sun, which intimidated the other party to a certain extent.

Duan Yi's eyes changed!

Wu Yu was able to escape from death for the first time, which was beyond his expectations. He also claimed to have seen him. This news impacted him even more.

However, he was calm. He knew that this was just Wu Yu's words and that there was no evidence, so he reacted quickly and said angrily, "Firstly, you are a dark north soldier from my Burning Skies Barracks. When you meet your dark north general, you should kneel and salute, let alone call my name directly! Secondly, who gave you the courage to frame me? Do you mean to say that I lured the Dark North Emperor Beast? Who are you for me to use such methods to deal with you? Ridiculous!"

Indeed, he wanted to suppress Wu Yu through his status.

However, Wu Yu still smiled. He would never admit defeat in this way, for Yin Ying's sake.

He said with a smile, "I didn't say that someone lured the Dark North Emperor Beast, just that you appeared near the Dark North Emperor Beast. If you are so nervous, you must have done something, right? As for the motive, it was just that I am too close to Princess You Xue. Is there any other reason?"

Duan Yi seemed to be at a disadvantage in this debate.

However, he did not lose his composure. He said, "If there is no evidence, don't talk nonsense.

 What's more, even though you are close to Princess You Xue, you are just a foreigner. The Dark North Kingdom is not your home. Do I need to pay attention to a nobody like you?"

It was easy to say, but he must have inquired about Wu Yu and knew that he was difficult to deal with.

Wu Yu waved and said, "This is easy. The Dark Sea General checked the recent records of those who entered and left the Alternate World. I heard that today you were meeting Yin Xuan and Gong Shenjun for alcohol tasting and dao preaching in the Dark Sea Encampment. Many people saw you. They held a reception for you. During that period of time, you were definitely at the Burning Skies Barracks, right? If you were in the Alternate World, wouldn't that seem strange?"

Duan Yi did not expect Wu Yu to see him at all. In fact, he did not know that Wu Yu had only seen a silhouette, and this was because of his Eyes of Fire and Gold.

That was right. He had not noticed that in the chaotic situation that time. After all, it was also his first time entering the Alternate World. Moreover, Yin Yang had not allowed him to destroy the records of the people entering and had grabbed them directly.

Speaking of this, Duan Yi's expression changed, and Yin Yang noticed it. He said, "Don't worry, I asked the other dark sea generals to keep the entry and exit records. If you didn't enter the Alternate World, you have nothing to do with this incident. I'm going to ask them if they have any records of you entering."

As he said this, he started to use a core-tail talisman.

This time, it was obvious that Yin Xuan and Gong Shenjun were becoming nervous.

Duan Yi gritted his teeth and said hurriedly, "Uncle Yin, there's no need for that. I've been to the Alternate World. As soon as I joined the Dark Sea Army, I was yearning for the Alternate World. It's normal for me to go to the Alternate World before the alcohol tasting and dao preaching. After all, everyone who joins the Dark Sea Army will want to visit the Alternate World, right? Yin Xuan and Gong Shenjun can testify."

He was quick to respond and explain. At this moment, both Yin Xuan and Gong Shenjun could testify for Duan Yi.

"Dad, Wu Yu was with Yin Ying at that time, but he ran away alone, causing my sister to be hurt by the Dark North Emperor Beast. He must be worried that you will punish him, so he framed Duan Yi and us!" Yin Xuan said hurriedly.

Up to now, Wu Yu was still smiling. He was more relaxed at this point. He said with a smile, "I spent several days in the Level 5 zone. I just came out with a dark sea general a few days ago. How could I have guessed that you, Duan Yi, have been to the Alternate World? And how could I still be so confident in framing you if I was unsure? In fact, the truth is obvious. I don't know if you want me to show more evidence?"

In fact, by this time, as long as you were not stupid, one would probably have guessed that Duan Yi was involved, and he might have discussed it with the whole group.

Wu Yu looked at Yin Yang's face and knew that he also knew the truth.

After all, although Duan Yi had been quick-witted just now, how could he cheat the sly old foxes with such a lie?

They had basically confirmed the truth. Wu Yu was right. They also know that they had done it.

Yin Ding was very furious now. Wu Yu saw that his expression was very bad as he looked at Yin Xuan. In any case, Yin Xuan would be beaten up violently. After all, he had almost killed his own sister, which could not be tolerated in any family.

"If there's evidence, you can take it out. If there's no evidence, it's your responsibility. You have to pay for harming my sister!" Yin Xuan scolded angrily.

Wu Yu was not in a hurry. Everyone was looking at them, and he was looking at Duan Yi. At first, he did not speak, until Duan Yi turned his head away.

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