Chapter 0717: Cryogenesis Mystique

Although the Dark North Emperor Beast had escaped, the area was still bone-bitingly cold. 

Wu Yu didn't have as much Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy as others. It was commendable that he could only rely solely on his Invincible Vajra Body to resist the cold. 

With his Eyes of Fire and Gold, it wasn't difficult to find Yin Ying even though the area was huge. 

The Dark North Emperor Beast was too aggressive. When Wu Yu found her here, it showed that she hadn't managed to escape. 

Her current condition was sufficient to prove that she had nothing to do with the appearance of the Dark North Emperor Beast. 

She had become a victim. 

When Wu Yu saw her, she was frozen in a block of black ice spanning over 10 zhang. The block of ice was in the shape of a sphere, had a smooth surface, and was entirely transparent. Therefore, he could see Yin Ying clearly at the very core. 

Her long hair was scattered, panic was evident on her expression, and she was about to flee. However, the Dark North Emperor Beast had kept her here by freezing her in the middle of the black ice ball. 

She didn't have the means to escape like Wu Yu. Even if she wanted to escape, it would’ve been difficult. 

"This is Cryogenesis!" When Wu Yu recalled the name of this Natural Mystique, his heart went cold. At the same time, he felt guilty and remorseful because she was hunting Alternate Creatures with him. However, he was unable to bring her away from the danger. 

Everything had happened in a flash. If he were a little slower, he would have been frozen by the Cryogenesis. 

The Cryogenesis mystique could freeze someone in the chilling ice for an exceptionally long time. When one was frozen, the body would be in stasis and would remain stationary. It was said that if one escaped the ice several decades later, they would still be alive. This was the origin of the name Cryogenesis. 

However, without being within the mystique, who would possibly know the pain and misery one had to endure? 

Moreover, the most troublesome thing was that the block of ice from Cryogenesis was actually very fragile. Once it sustained a certain level of damage, it would collapse. When it collapsed, the person in it would be shattered into pieces and die. 

This was how the Dark North Emperor Beast killed. It had probably escaped in a hurry and therefore didn't have the time to kill Yin Ying. 

For those that were frozen in Cryogenesis, there was only one way to survive. That would be to use fire with sufficient intensity to melt the chilling ice. 

Within the Jambu Realm, there weren't many flames that could possibly melt the Cryogenesis, the Natural Mystique of the Dark North Emperor Beast. At the very least, Wu Yu's World of the Golden Eye would probably not work. He also wouldn't dare to attempt to do so recklessly. 

After all, there were stark differences between the Dark North Emperor Beast and him. 

"All I can do is hope her family or You Xue has some means to save her." Wu Yu heaved a sigh. The sudden appearance of the Dark North Emperor Beast had exceeded his expectations completely. 

"Logically speaking, after I left Yuan Xunyu, no one should’ve been able to find me so easily. However, the Dark North Emperor Beast was clearly lured towards me! Who was that person?" Wu Yu recalled seeing the figure that vanished. 

Since arriving at the Dark North Capital, there were only a few people that he had offended. Therefore, the answer was clear. The problem was, he didn't have any evidence. 

When he thought of this, someone arrived. All of a sudden, a tall and bulky figure appeared beside the Cryogenesis ice. Wu Yu took a closer look and saw an emotionless middle-aged man with long hair. He had a beard and fathomless eyes. Instantly, Wu Yu could tell he had a very high cultivation level, and his aura was overpowering. It was especially so as he looked furious at this point. Therefore, the fear Wu Yu felt from him was no weaker than from the Dark North Emperor Beast previously! 

Wu Yu could tell that this person was clearly more domineering and pressurizing than any ordinary dark north general. As such, he might very well be a dark sea general in the Dao Querying Realm. 

"Xiao Ying...." From his eyes, one could see pity turning to gloom and eventually to ravaging anger. As a dark sea general, he obviously knew that this was the Cryogenesis of the Dark North Emperor Beast! 

"Dark North Emperor Beast!" His furious eyes looked into the depths. If it wasn't for the fact that Yin Ying was still here and the Cryogenesis ice was easy to shatter, he would have likely given chase to kill the Dark North Emperor Beast. 

After which, he saw Wu Yu. 

"Xiao Ying told me she found a companion that could help her accumulate merits rapidly and he's a living bait. You must be the one she spoke of!" He used another type of ice to freeze the Cryogenesis and added a few layers of spirit design to prevent the Cryogenesis from being destroyed. During this process, his eyes that were filled with endless rage were affixed onto Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu, feeling guilty, said, "It's yours truly. This incident... I'm really sorry for what has happened. When the Dark North Emperor Beast appeared, I could only flee on my own and couldn't take her along. Otherwise, my outcome would be equally dire. She was with me and yet I was unable to save her. I feel utter remorse...." 

The other party was still furious. He gritted his teeth and said, "You are the one brought back by Princess You Xue... The one named Wu Yu from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, right? In that case, tell me what exactly happened just now!" 

"You are?" Wu Yu had to find out his identity first before answering. 

"Her uncle, Yin Yang," answered the other party. It was not surprising that he would be so furious. It turned out that he was her uncle and the son of Minister Yin. As for his status, barring any exceptions, he should be a dark sea general of the Dark Sea Army. 

Wu Yu answered, "Yin Ying told me that my body is useful for attracting Alternate Creatures. Therefore, we have been working together to hunt Alternate Creatures over the last few days. However, to our surprise, the Dark North Emperor Beast appeared. We have never thought that a Dark North Emperor Beast would be in this place. Therefore, when it appeared, its attention was clearly fixated upon me. I could only choose to run away. Perhaps this had something to do with my body. My initial thought was that as long as I got away, she would be fine as well. I did not expect to see her in this state when I returned...." 

In fact, the greatest surprise was that his Somersault Cloud was simply too fast. The Dark North Emperor Beast had lost track of him in an instant and couldn't give chase. As a result, it could only vent its frustration on her. However, this couldn't be entirely Wu Yu's fault.... 

"You got away and she couldn't? You are that fast? Running at the first sign of danger, are you still a man?" Upon hearing Wu Yu, Yin Yang chided angrily and his voice reverberated through Wu Yu's ears. 

Wu Yu really had no answer to his questioning. Looking at the frozen Yin Ying and recalling her setting the goal of becoming a chiliarch so she wouldn't be at the edge of her family.... Wu Yu couldn't help but feel guilty. 

"I'm sorry." Wu Yu lowered his head. 

However, he soon recalled the circumstances and said, "There's something I have to tell you. When I saw the Dark North Emperor Beast, I saw a figure vanishing before it. I suspect someone had lured the Dark North Emperor Beast over to target me. Unfortunately, Yin Ying was implicated. If you are pursuing responsibilities, the one who lured the Dark North Emperor Beast over would be the real culprit!" 

"What did you say?" Yin Yang had completed his protection of Yin Ying at this point. When he heard Wu Yu, his eyes widened and he blurted, "Wu Yu, you better not speak recklessly!" 

Wu Yu answered decisively, "I definitely wouldn't slander. In fact, I'm 100% certain. However, this person must have left the Alternate World by now." 

Yin Yang said, "You have a lot to do with Xiao Ying encountering this mishap. You won't be able to shake off all the responsibility! Now, the most important thing is to save her. I'm bringing her back to the Yin Residence. You shall follow me back." 

To the residence of Minister Yin? 

Wu Yu had nothing to fear. Moreover, he indeed had to bear some responsibility for this incident. If there were many others where Minister Yin was, he could also investigate who had devised the entire plot. 

For now, the hunting definitely had to stop. 

Seeing that Wu Yu didn't respond, Yin Yang thought he wouldn't dare to go. Therefore, he shouted loudly, "Follow me!" 

"Go ahead, I'll follow," answered Wu Yu calmly. 

At this point, Yin Yang protected the Cryogenesis with his spiritual power before heading back to the Alternate Dark North Capital. He probably wanted to test Wu Yu's speed and assessed if he could escape individually. Therefore, he accelerated. 

Wu Yu followed him on his Somersault Cloud. 

"This mystique is really intriguing!" Yin Yang thought to himself. In that case, he accelerated further as he charged towards the Alternate Dark North Capital like an arrow leaving a bow. He was incredibly fast, so much so that an ordinary dark north general might not even be capable of keeping up. Yet, to his astonishment, Wu Yu followed closely behind. 

Seeing this, he no longer doubted what Wu Yu had claimed previously. He indeed had the speed. Nonetheless, speed was just one aspect. It was indeed still difficult to bring Yin Ying along at the most crucial moment. 

In the blink of an eye, they arrived at the Alternate Dark North Capital. As the Dark North Emperor Beast had just appeared, a large number of people had gathered in the Alternate Dark North Capital. Many people were puzzled when they saw the dark sea general, Yin Yang, bringing back a huge stone. After all, with Yin Yang applying numerous layers of protection, they couldn't see Yin Ying in it. 

However, the chilling aura from the stone was extremely apparent! 

When they entered the Alternate Dark North Capital, a large number of dark north soldiers were staring at Yin Yang. 

Several dark sea generals were stationed in this place, and all of them stepped forward to ask, "What is that, Yin Yang?" As for others, they weren't qualified to step forward to ask questions. 

Wu Yu was searching for that figure among the crowd. However, that person had most likely escaped as Wu Yu didn't see him along the way. 

"My niece, Yin Ying, was hit by the Cryogenesis of the Dark North Emperor Beast. I have to bring her back to the Yin Residence as soon as possible and see if my brother has any means to help!" 

"Xiao Ying! How did this...." When the crowd heard, they were frustrated and anxious. 

"...This isn't easy to deal with. Be careful and don't let it be damaged." 

"I heard only the Yan Huang Tribe is capable of thawing the ice. Our Dark North Kingdom might not have anyone who is capable of doing so. Xiao Ying is really pitiful to experience this catastrophe. I remember that she was aiming to make the final push for chiliarch...." 

"Everyone, I'm on a tight schedule today and have to bid farewell first." Yin Yang couldn't wait any longer. He took a few steps forward but turned around immediately to say, "The incident today is a little strange. I suspect someone might have lured the Dark North Emperor Beast on purpose. Do me favor and preserve all records of entry and exit to the Alternate World today, lest letting anyone erase his records of entry and exit. Move it further back by a month and preserve all the records." 

They were all dark sea generals. For them, this wouldn't be a huge issue. 

After which, Wu Yu left with Yin Yang. Wu Yu was easily recognizable in the crowd. When the crowd saw him leaving with Yin Yang, they were curious as well. 

"Why is he following? Could it be... That this incident has something to do with him?" 

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