Chapter 0716: Life Threatening Danger

It had been several days since he started hunting with Yin Ying. 

Wu Yu made a rough estimate. Even though he was splitting the merits with Yin Ying, he had probably collected over 200 merits. 

For him to promote to a decarch, it would typically take 100 merits. As for centurion, it would be 1,000 merits. 

To promote to a chiliarch, one would have to possess a total of over 10,000 merits! 

Yin Ying currently had over 8,000 merits. However, this was accumulated with the passing of over a decade.

She was in ecstasy at the moment. With both bait and a destructive beast in the form of Wu Yu, she estimated that she would just need a month or two to reach her objective of 10,000 merits in total. 

This was at least 10 times more effective than before! 

Therefore, it was in her best interest to get into the good books of Wu Yu at all costs so that he would agree to remain in the Alternate World with her for a little longer. 

At this moment, Wu Yu had no intention to leave either. 

"If you would like to join me in the future, feel free to look for me any time. I believe you are aiming to collect enough merits to become a centurion right now. 800 more merits shouldn't take more than a few months. At that time, you can choose to serve under me. You will break the record of being the quickest to attain the rank of centurion in the Dark Sea Army! I'm so envious. Previously, I squandered a lot of time to become a centurion!" 

Yin Ying said coquettishly. 

With her around, this hunting trip was lively. 

After being together for some time, Wu Yu found her to be rather friendly. She was extremely bubbly, wasn't scheming, and basically didn't have any negative sides. She was also honest and brave. Compared to her twin brother, the differences were stark. 

Yin Xuan was short-tempered and full of himself. 

Therefore, when working with her, it was easy to fit in. When in battle, she would give her all and was not focused entirely on the gaining of merits. 

"If I can become a chiliarch, I'll at least be more well-regarded in the family. The elders in the family are all more fond of guys than girls. Luckily, my grandfather isn't like them. My brother, Yin Xuan, has enjoyed more than ample cultivation resources since young. Yet his cultivation level is roughly the same as mine." 

The truth was, she was competing with Yin Xuan. This was evident from her having the guts to join the Dark Sea Army to experience trials. At the same time, it demonstrated her determination, considering that she had to grow up in an environment where girls were not favored. 

Truth be told, after hunting with her for a period of time, Wu Yu felt that Yin Xuan might not be a match for her. 

After all, she was closer to the seventh tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm than him. Once she succeeded, she wouldn't be far from being a chiliarch. Becoming a chiliarch at this age would be unprecedented in her family. She might even become a dark sea general or dark sky general in the future. 

"Having been at the edge of the family for so many years, I'll finally have the chance to let others see me. I really have to thank you for that," said Yin Ying. 

"Let's continue working hard. One's hard work is the only thing that won't betray you." Wu Yu was telling her but was also reminding himself. 

"What is your objective of working hard? To be with Princess You Xue openly?" Yin Ying asked curiously. 

Wu Yu chuckled and said, "Don't speak blindly. We are just friends on really good terms. It has nothing to do with idle love." 

As for his objective of working hard, it was similar to what Yin Ying had said. However, the subject wasn't You Xue, but another person. She was someone that had left a heavy mark on Wu Yu's life. 

"What is it? Don't leave me hanging here! That's annoying!" 

"Becoming an immortal!" 

"Spare me the pleasantries. Do you think it's easy to become an immortal?" 

Wu Yu focused on searching for new Alternate Creatures. At this moment, he felt a threat. Unconsciously, he felt his heart wrench! 

In this aspect, he was clearly sharper than Yin Ying. 

The moment he noticed it, the initial storm and ravaging black sand around him seemed to have frozen instantly. It was the same as time stopping with all the black sand freezing into small particles of ice that were fixated within the air. 

Regardless of Wu Yu or Yin Ying, both were plummeted into freezing cold. Their bodies themselves were turning rigid from the frost, making it hard for them to move. The piercing cold reached the depths of their bones and could instantly knock someone out. 

"What is this?" The changes came out of nowhere, and Wu Yu was stunned at the moment. 

He looked into the depths with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. He saw a huge shadow raging towards him like a big patch of tumultuous clouds in the sky. 

When Wu Yu looked ahead, he vaguely saw a figure diving into the black sand. 

Perhaps if the figure had moved ahead a little, Wu Yu would have caught a clear glimpse of it. 

However, it was hard to tell for now. This was because he clearly felt the threat of death descending upon him. 

That huge, black cloud blocked out the sun. That was a Spirit of the Universe and an Alternate Creature! 

The crucial thing was that Wu Yu could sense that it was extremely restless and furious and had its attention locked upon him. 

It was as though his very appearance was unbearable and Wu Yu had enraged it by stepping on its tail. The killing intent it had for Wu Yu was unprecedentedly high. 

At this moment, there was no longer time to ponder why this Alternate Creature would appear here and why it would target him. The slightest delay would mean death for Wu Yu. 

The overwhelming black clouds jolted Wu Yu's memory of the introduction to Alternate Creatures. One of them was an Alternate Creature known as the Dark North Emperor Beast. Based on the description, this should be it. 

The Dark North Emperor Beast would typically move in the Level 8 Zone or the Level 9 Zone. Based on records, the Dark North Emperor Beast was the ultimate frost elemental Spirit of the Universe. It was born in the coldest storms and had frightening battle prowess. It was said that only Dao Querying Three Disasters cultivators could possibly defeat the Dark North Emperor Beast. 

In other words, only the dark sea generals stood a chance. Dark north generals would have to flee for their lives if they encountered a Dark North Emperor Beast. Let alone Wu Yu and Yin Ying, who weren't even at the level of chiliarchs. 

The Dark North Emperor Beast had proven its destructive force through the extreme chill it wrought. 

However, an Alternate Creature like this almost never appeared in the Level 5 Zone. Why would it appear here? 

Perhaps this had something to do with the black figure that had vanished previously. 

However, Wu Yu had no time to think deeply about the question. He knew how terrifying the attacks from the Dark North Emperor Beast would be on him. In fact, he even suspected the reason why the Dark North Emperor Beast was so restless and had targeted him was because of the heat from his Invincible Vajra Body. He was its only target and therefore it was highly possible that it was him who had attracted its attention. 

Recalling the Natural Mystiques of the Dark North Emperor Beast, they would all kill him if he was hit. 

At the thought of this, Wu Yu's quickest and most direct reaction was to flee! 

This was a pool of merits he had no chance of digesting. 

At this moment, the Dark North Emperor Beast had already closed the distance. Although the other party was massive, it moved with uncanny swiftness. 

The moment it locked on to Wu Yu, a huge opening developed in the black clouds. A black stream of raging water erupted like a deluge from a collapsing dam. At that instant, a charging torrent poured down from the sky. 

That wasn't any ordinary deluge, but its Natural Mystique! Wu Yu couldn't recall the name of it at the moment. 


He had not expected to encounter such extreme circumstances in the Alternate World. 

At this moment, he would likely not make it if he escaped on his Somersault Cloud with Yin Ying. Once the Dark North Emperor Beast got closer, he would clearly be in more danger. 

Therefore, he could only choose the second tier of the Somersault Cloud, which would fuse with him. 

This would unfortunately leave Yin Ying behind. However, Wu Yu had no other solution. First, his relationship with Yin Ying wasn't deep. Wu Yu couldn't possibly give up his life for her. Next, Wu Yu even suspected that the incident had something to do with her. Other than her, who else would know that he was here? 

Third, the Dark North Emperor Beast's target was only him. As long as he fled and led the Dark North Emperor Beast away, perhaps this would give her the opportunity to get to safety. 

Time was too short and there were too many uncertainties. He couldn't think slowly. Therefore, as the black deluge poured down, he used his Somersault Cloud mystique instantly. The Somersault Cloud fused with his body. When he flipped backwards, he smashed into a different world instantly. 

Wu Yu instantly experienced moving through space. 

He did a backflip. Sometimes, even he could predict his method of escaping. When he completed his flip, he appeared in another area. Judging from the extent of the storm, this should be the Level 3 Zone. 

He had not expected a single flip to move him to this place. The Somersault Cloud was indeed incredible. Despite encountering the Dark North Emperor Beast, Wu Yu was able to escape unharmed. 

At this place, the Dark North Emperor Beast had probably lost awareness of where he was. Nonetheless, this place was calm, and he felt like the Dark North Emperor Beast couldn't possibly catch up to him. Even if it did give chase, it would just take another somersault to escape. 

However, having escaped to this place, Wu Yu started worrying for Yin Ying. 

"No, she isn't that type of person. She probably doesn’t have anything to do with this incident. Perhaps she was implicated because she was with me." 

At the thought of this, Wu Yu rode his Somersault Cloud and dashed towards where he was previously. He couldn't jump back to the same location. First, he couldn't control the location where he would move to - perhaps he might end up deeper in the Alternate World. Second, he might return to the same spot and be killed by the Dark North Emperor Beast. 

Even so, the Somersault Cloud was extremely quick. It didn't take long for Wu Yu to return. He noticed that the Dark North Emperor Beast had caused a huge commotion after arriving. Lots of places were wrecked and a warning sound was released from the direction of the Alternate Dark North Capital. The alarm was extremely sharp. Typically, whenever a sound like this was released, it would signal all personnel that were chiliarchs and below to return to the Alternate Dark North Capital immediately. 

Nearing the Level 5 Zone, Wu Yu could see several Darkness Breaching Talismans. These people had probably seen the Dark North Emperor Beast and released the talismans immediately. 

The world ahead was no longer frozen. Perhaps the Dark North Emperor Beast couldn't find him, was stunned by the commotion, and had returned to the deeper zones of the Alternate World. Therefore, when Wu Yu returned to where he was initially, he didn't see the Dark North Emperor Beast. 

This region was still a world of ice and snow! Black ice blocks could be seen everywhere. The only difference was that the black sand that was frozen in the air was now collapsing to the ground. 

Soon after, Wu Yu could hear the reminders from the Alternate Dark North Capital. Perhaps the various spirit designs had amplified the announcement.  "Alert! Dark North Emperor Beast spotted in the Level 5 Zone! It has moved deeper into the Alternate World. Please do not panic. Evacuate to the Alternate Dark North Capital immediately." 

He was looking for Yin Ying and felt a bad premonition. 

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