Chapter 0715: Dark North Emperor Beast

If Yin Ying had not explained, Wu Yu would not have noticed this. 

Due to him practicing the Invincible Vajra Body, he would cause the Alternate Creatures in the Alternate World to be restless! 

"The truth is, I've always liked to use a heat source to attract the Alternate Creatures. However, it is hard to get my hands on these special sources of heat, as they are hard to find and ordinary ones are disregarded completely by Alternate Creatures. Furthermore, once I have a good source, it is easy for things to get out of hand and attract really powerful Alternate Creatures. That would be fatal. Lastly, the Alternate Creatures aren't dumb. Once they notice it is a trap and there are too many experts around the heat source, they do not take the bait easily...... In a way, you don't look too strong. Therefore, you make the best bait. I hope you're not angry that I've put it this way." 

Yin Ying put on an innocent expression and stared at Wu Yu with her sorry and teary eyes. 

"I wouldn't be angry over this, but you should have told me something so crucial." The truth was that in the end, Wu Yu's pace of gaining merits had indeed accelerated significantly. For example, he should be able to obtain close to 150 merits. Other dark north soldiers would probably take a few years, or even a decade, to accumulate so many. 

"Rest assured, we will at most proceed to the Level 5 Zone. There aren't too many frightening Alternate Creatures within the first five zones," said Yin Ying. 

Wu Yu wasn't worried at all. This was because he had the Somersault Cloud. No matter how perilous his situation was, he was confident in leaving in the first instant. As for Yin Ying... if something unexpected really happened, she would be really unlucky. At this point, Wu Yu still couldn't bring her along while executing the second tier of the Somersault Cloud. 

Just as Yin Ying had said, when he entered the dark Level 5 Zone filled with violent storms, there were indeed lots of Alternate Creatures that were attracted over. On some occasions, several Alternate Creatures came at the same time. It was especially so when Wu Yu retrieved his Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff. 

The Alternate Creatures were born in this world. Unconsciously, Wu Yu felt that this was something that had a huge relationship with the dao of this world. 

While battling, Wu Yu would observe their attacking methods and their unique body structures with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. Plenty of Alternate Creatures were attracted to him. 

Wu Yu's kill rate was roughly over three times that of Yin Ying. Yin Ying was so exhilarated that she couldn't keep her mouth together. She said, "At this pace, I will gather enough merits before I attain the seventh tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. You are too amazing. Why don't...?" 

She was winking at Wu Yu, probably suggesting something? 

"I'm sorry. I'm not interested," answered Wu Yu in a hurry. 

Yin Ying tittered and said, "I'm just teasing you. Everyone knows who you are fond of. I still don't have the guts to compete with the Princess for you!" 

When both of them were together, both of them had something to gain. Without her, Wu Yu still wouldn't know that his movements were being tracked by those people. 

Deep into the Level 5 Zone, Alternate Creatures were approaching constantly. There were simply too many Spirits of the Universe. Those lightning serpents were born in Taigu Immortal Path, while these Alternate Creatures were born in the chilling spiritual qi storm. 

At this point, Wu Yu and Yin Ying were advancing through the storm while black sand was dancing in the air. An ordinary man would find it hard to even stand upright in this place. While she was here, Yin Ying had to expend energy just to maintain her stability. 


This was Wu Yu's greatest objective for this journey. He desired to enter the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm as soon as he could. 

However, sometimes, the more one desired, the further one would be from his objective. 

Since that was the case, he gave up on overthinking. Instead, he immersed himself fully in enjoying the battles with the Alternate Creatures. The more brutal and savage the Alternate Creatures were, the longer the battles would last. After experiencing a certain level of attacks from these Alternate Creatures, Wu Yu would attempt to search for something that belonged to him in this boundless great dao. 

"He's using this to understand his dao! That's pretty novel! However, the Alternate Creatures indeed encompass some doors to dao enlightenment. If he could understand more, he would definitely make improvements. His current cultivation level is still too low. It should still be easy for him to gain enlightenment and revelation." Yin Ying naturally could see his objective. 

Wu Yu's Invincible Vajra Body was like a lamp in darkness, drawing numerous moths towards himself. 


Level 7 Zone!

Amid the more deathly darkness, Duan Yi was in his purple rope and standing right there. 

"If I proceed further, it won't be safe even for me." 

He looked into the depths of the darkness. Where he stood, the storm felt like countless blades that roared and swooped past him. His entire vision of this world was almost completely covered  by the turbulent, black sand. 

The black sand combined with the chilling storm had almost become a deadly weapon. In fact, this sand could even penetrate ordinary dao treasures. 

Ordinary dark north soldiers wouldn't be able to reach this place - they would lose their lives before they encountered any Alternate Creatures. 

"This place will do. Wu Yu should be in the Level 5 Zone." 

For now, Wu Yu would be the only source of heat that the Sun's Incandescence could detect in the Alternate World. 

When he met Wu Yu before, the Sun's Incandescence was with him. Although it was in his Sumeru Pouch, the Sun's Incandescence was still restless. Therefore, Duan Yi was confident that he could find Wu Yu with the Sun's Incandescence. 

When he retrieved the Sun's Incandescence from his Sumeru Pouch, flames were raging on it. After a short moment of searching, all the golden flames were shifted in a certain direction. Clearly, that was where Wu Yu was. 

The closer it was to Wu Yu, the more intense the reaction of the Sun's Incandescence. 

"Now, I just have to look for a suitable assassin!" 

The Level 7 Zone was a rather dangerous zone. Typically, only dark north generals would be here. As for the Level 8 and 9 Zones, only dark sea generals and dark sky generals would enter it. One could say that the deepest zones were the real territories of these Alternate Creatures. 

He lifted the Sun's Incandescence and advanced deeper. Wu Yu's Invincible Vajra Body was an elite source of heat that even exceeded Duan Yi's expectation. He estimated that the Sun's Incandescence would still be able to detect Wu Yu's existence when he moved deeper to areas nearing the Level 8 Zone. 

The Sun's Incandescence in itself was an object that could cause the Alternate Creatures to grow restless. 

However, it wasn't easy for him to search for a killer that he would be satisfied with within the Level 7 Zone. This was because he was searching for one that even he could not deal with and could only run for his life from! 

He wasn't too satisfied with the first few Alternate Creatures he encountered and thus advanced deeper. A day later, when he held the Sun's Incandescence in his hand, he suddenly noticed that the ravaging, black sand beside him had frozen into ice. Everything that he could see and the whole storm had all gone into stasis. It was as though time had stopped at this moment. 

"What is this?" 

He was startled and looked in the direction of the Level 8 Zone. What he saw was that the world in that direction had been frozen. Chilling, black cold waves swept through the world and froze this huge area into a world of ice and snow! 

He looked into the depths and saw an exceptionally huge shadow. 

"That is... the Dark North Emperor Beast!" 

At this moment, he was conflicted. On the one hand, he was relieved to find the most appropriate killer. On the other hand, the Dark North Emperor Beast was a nightmare for the Dark Sea Army in the Alternate World. It was a frightening Spirit of the Universe that almost no dark north general could deal with alone. 

The Alternate Creatures he had met previously had not reached his requirements. They weren’t strong enough to guarantee that Wu Yu wouldn’t be able to escape. 

However, the Dark North Emperor Beast had exceeded his requirements slightly. He was clear that Wu Yu had basically no chance of escaping. However, he wasn't certain if he would be killed by the Dark North Emperor Beast before leading it to Wu Yu! 

One could say there were numerous tough and powerful Alternate Creatures in the Alternate World. However, the Dark North Emperor Beasts moved in the largest packs and were substantially greater than other Alternate Creatures in number. 

The Dark North Emperor Beast was born in the freezing cold and was a Spirit of the Universe that loved the cold and darkness. It rarely appeared around the Alternate Dark North Capital as it probably found the Alternate Dark North Capital to be too warm. 

In the books of the Dark Sea Army, the introduction of the Dark North Emperor Beast was, "Wherever it goes, even if it is a sea of scorching flames, everything freezes over in a mere instant. This beast is the epitome of chilling cold and possesses a savage and violent nature. It is the one of the overlords of the Alternate World!" 

Duan Yi knew that it had its eyes on him because of the Sun's Incandescence. 

Although he couldn't control the Dark North Emperor Beast and it was too destructive, he couldn't care much at this point. 

"Wu Yu, here's a huge gift for you! Catch it well!" Duan Yi muttered codly. 

The next instant, he turned around and flew in the direction indicated by the Sun's Incandescence with his greatest speed. 

Wu Yu was right ahead! 

At this moment, one could even hear the angry roar of the Dark North Emperor Beast. Perhaps that was because Duan Yi had not put the Sun's Incandescence away this whole time. 

The Dark North Emperor Beast might suspect that this was a trap. However, an Alternate Creature like this had its own sense of pride. At the very least, it could sense that a large area ahead of Duan Yi didn't have anyone that could help him. 

Although it was giving chase, this didn't mean that it wasn't vigilant. As long as the area was frozen by its freezing cold, it would know if an enemy was around. 

Over the years, it had gained a clear understanding of the small tricks employed by the Dark Sea Army. 

However, the situation today appeared to be a little different. 

Even though it was different, it hated the Sun's Incandescence. For it, this was something that shouldn't appear in this place. 

A grand pursuit ensued! 

Wherever the Dark North Emperor Beast passed, the storm would stop and freeze into a world of ice and snow. Everything would be in stasis and nothing would move. 

Even the black sand was turned into black ice crystals in the middle of the air. It was as though the entire space was glazed over with frost. 

Such a huge commotion might draw the attention of others. However, it would appear that there weren't many elite experts within the Alternate World during this period of time. 

If he was discovered, Duan Yi would definitely choose to give up. 

He expended all his strength and fled for his life. Soon after, he charged into the Level 6 Zone from the Level 7 Zone. 

"We are near! He's at the Level 5 Zone!" The more he advanced, the clearer the indication on the Sun's Incandescence was as raging flames flushed in that direction. 

The only thing he worried about was letting the Dark North Emperor Beast get too close to him and freezing his Sun's Incandescence. 

Nonetheless, Wu Yu should still be operating within the same area. Therefore, even if it was frozen, he just needed a direction to get a rough understanding of where Wu Yu was. Even if he couldn't find him, the Dark North Emperor Beast behind him should be able to! 

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