Chapter 0712: Stygian River

For Yuan Xunyu, bringing the squad in had not been his idea. Therefore, his goal was to minimize trouble.

As for Wu Yu, his goal was a challenge! The greater the challenge, the better. Although the Black Storm was fierce, it had been a piece of cake for him.

Anything that was worth a Darkness Breaching Talisman was probably an Alternate Creature with a little difficulty.

The differentiation in zones did not mean that the Level 1 and 2 Zones did not have strong Alternate Creatures, but rather that the strong Alternate Creatures usually lurked in the deeper zones, and chased the weaker ones here.

But this did not mean that the stronger ones could not come here.

In response to Yuan Xunyu's words, he responded firmly, "You all head that way. I've got this. I will come back for you. Don't worry, it will protect you."

Yuan Xunyu's input was not at all important to him.

As Wu Yu spoke, the Black Deity appeared by his side. This was a puppet capable of withstanding a sixth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator, and its presence rendered Yuan Xunyu and the others without an argument.

Yuan Xunyu himself was not weak either, a fifth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator.

The Black Deity burrowed into the sand, not allowing them to see it clearly. And Wu Yu disappeared in a flash as well.

Everyone looked at each other in alarm and then looked towards Yuan Xunyu, lost.

Yuan Xunyu gritted his teeth, saying, "Go! That way!"

He led Wu Yu towards the direction of the Darkness Breaching Talisman.

"I'll just go to the edge of the Level 1 Zone, but not go in. I'll wait there for him."

Without authorization, he would not dare to go to the Level 2 Zone. Otherwise, his lightest sentence would be a docking of merits.

They followed in the direction hesitantly. Wu Yu had already mounted his Somersault Cloud and was heading in the direction of the Darkness Breaching Talisman, streaking over at a speed only seen from Dao Querying cultivators.

Even Wu Yu himself was not used to such speed. It broke the laws of space. Too fast!

In just a few heartbeats, he had rushed out of the Level 1 Zone. There was a spirit design indicator marking the boundary. After passing the dull, red line, he entered the Level 2 Zone.

After passing through, Wu Yu did not slow down at all.

In a flash, he had reached the Darkness Breaching Talisman. It was still shining, and a Darkness Breaching Talisman would actually attract both help and more danger.

Of course, given the situation of the past dozen millennia, the Alternate Creatures could not arrive as quickly and in as many numbers as the dark north soldiers, so the Alternate Creatures had learned not to go near Darkness Breaching Talismans.

Wu Yu stowed the Somersault Cloud.

He already saw the two people fighting.

From the Dark Sea Army side, it looked like a woman. She was wearing a long skirt of powder pink, and floated and danced through the air. As she gestured, frosty energy was summoned. The unique thing was that the ice she summoned was a beautiful shade of pink. It was actually fairly strong, and the air filled with icicles under her control.

The Darkness Breaching Talisman had come from this location.

Wu Yu was delighted, not because this girl in pink was comely, but because she was a sixth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator! She was not old, and to have such power at a tender, young age spoke of high status.

And the fact that she needed to use a Darkness Breaching Talisman despite her capabilities meant that the opponent was strong indeed.

Wu Yu had not even identified her opponent yet.

When he used the Eyes of Fire and Gold, he saw it clearly.

"It's the Alternate Creature Stygian River! Such a rare Alternate Creature would appear here?"

According to the records, this was an Alternate Creature that might only appear in the the Level 4 or 5 Zones, and was most commonly seen in the Level 5 Zone.

Killing this Stygian River was worth more than 100 merits, more than 10 times that of the Black Storm! This showed how dangerous the Stygian River was to the Dark North Kingdom, and how strong it was.

The Stygian River, as its name implied, was a river!

Within the acheronian spiritual qi storm, he could vaguely make out a pitch-black stream that meandered through the sky. Its movement was unfixed. Its shape was unfixed. This was a horizontal river of water that could change shape at will. At this time, it changed into a swarthy giant that towered above the pink-clothed girl.

Her face was pale as she gasped for breath, her body bathed in cold sweat. On closer look, she looked very cute, her eyes huge and lustrous, and an irresistible shade of pink.

From her features, she did not look old, and even had some baby-ness left over. Her face was a little chubby, but the figure under the long skirt was ample. The body of a devil - thin of waist and thick of bottom. Long, full, and fair legs. Her child-like face aside, she was a world-class beauty.

Wu Yu could see that she had her own offensive skills, but this Stygian River seemed unkillable. She specialized in the icy and dark affinities for her dao techniques, mystiques, and dao treasures, and such attacks were of limited efficacy against the Stygian River, which had the same affinities.

That was why this cute little beauty was helpless before the Stygian River's harassment. Her attacks were not landing well, and they were completely suppressed. Whereas the Stygian River's threatening attacks seemed to be toying with her.

At this moment, the Stygian River suddenly exploded, changing into a torrential rain that showered over the area, then it suddenly shrank into a huge ball of water. It encapsulated the pink-clad girl. Although the sphere of water did not freeze, it was charged with fearsome frost energy, which began to consume the girl within!

The Stygian River was about to get serious!

If this continued, the youthful beauty might even die.

"What are you looking at? Save me." She had noticed Wu Yu, and appealed to him to rescue her. But her posture was slumped in despair. After all, Wu Yu did not look like a capable knight in shining armor, no matter how you looked at him.

Actually, Wu Yu was long ready. The Stygian River was worth over 100 merits. Instant decarch rank - how could he pass it up?

His eyes blazed, and a powerfully scorching aura blasted forth in this frigid environment. A huge sun rose, bathing the entire place. The Stygian River was swallowed up by Wu Yu!

There was always a larger predator in this world.

A mystique like the World of the Golden Eye was scarily effective against a Spirit of the Universe like the Stygian River. And the Stygian River had been completely encapsulated by it!

While it was shrouding the pink-clothed girl, it was itself being shrouded by the sun!

The Stygian River let loose with ear-piercing shrieks. It twisted and struggled, letting go of the pink-clothed girl, and turned into a black shard of ice that attempted to charge through the World of the Golden Eye!


The black icicle pierced through the sea of fire!

Wu Yu was not at all worried that it would solidify. Within the World of the Golden Eye, it was not in its element. When it tried to break free as an icicle, Wu Yu appeared before it and unleashed a powerful swing of the 10,000 Dragons Staff. His prodigious strength shattered the icicle!

Smashed into bits!

The shards of ice rapidly melted under the heat from the World of the Golden Eye, and one could hear each piece of ice screaming!

They tried to reform, but Wu Yu would obviously give no such chance. The World of the Golden Eye intensified its heat, rapidly evaporating all the ice until it was completely gone.

Plus, this was in the Alternate World. If it had been under the real sun outside, it would have been a third more powerful.

The Stygian River had been completely suppressed by Wu Yu.

In this skirmish, it had been burnt dry by Wu Yu, and not even a corpse was left.

How was he going to claim merits without a corpse?

Simple. The Dark Sea Army had a small immortal treasure called the Memory Apparatus. When operated, this apparatus could automatically create spirit designs that would capture images. When re-activated, these images would be replayed. This was proof.

Wu Yu had already activated the memory apparatus before he killed it. It had been given on the first day when they had become dark north soldiers. Only three had been given - one was supposed to buy more after they were used up. However, such small immortal treasures were cheap.


The World of the Golden Eye mystique, combined with the strike from the 10,000 Dragons Staff, had completely sundered the Stygian River accosting this pink-clothed girl. She was now within the World of the Golden Eye. Although Wu Yu had not hurt her, such a scorching temperature was beyond her limit to withstand. Therefore, Wu Yu removed the World of the Golden Eye. Their surroundings, previously lit by the World of the Golden Eye, were instantly plunged back into darkness.

The pink-clad girl stared blankly at Wu Yu and then giggled, saying, "Wu Yu, I almost froze to death and then you used such a scorching hot mystique. Don't you know how unbearable it is to be trapped between ice and fire?"

She had almost been frozen to death, and now had been warmed so much that her face was flushed. Just like her cute and youthful look, her voice was also very sweet, and quite mesmerizing....

"You know me?" This was their first time meeting, and Wu Yu did not know her.

She gave a pretty smile and said, "Who doesn't know of the great and mighty Wu Yu, the personal companion of Princess You Xue? I heard that for you, Princess You Xue even reprimanded Gong Shenjun and his gang. Who would have thought I would meet you here today, and as my savior no less."

"Who are you?" Seeing that she seemed to bear him no ill-will, and that he had saved her life, he was amiable to making a new friend.

"I am called... Yin Ying. I do have some affinity with you."

Wu Yu was curious and smiled. "How can we possibly be destined?"

She answered with a smile of her own, tinged with some shame. "That is, a few days back, the Yin Xuan you defeated at the Immortal City of Northern Frost? He's my twin brother."

Now that she mentioned it, Wu Yu understood why she looked familiar. She indeed resembled Yin Xuan.

But he had beaten up her brother. Why did she seem not at all hostile? And even rather friendly?

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