Chapter 0711: Darkness Breaching Talisman

Off to the Alternate World!

This world was full of mystery. It was dark and desolate, and only the howling of the spiritual qi storms could be heard, charging past them like a beast, and sweeping the black sand into the skies.

It was said that most of the Alternate World was a barren desert, and a black one at that. All the sand here was black. And the edges of the grains were extremely sharp.

As the spiritual qi storms gusted around them, the black sand cut their faces. It was a powerful weapon.

Their first experience here had scared quite a few of the newcomers. If they did not have a leader, they would’ve probably been too scared to continue deeper.

Seeing this bunch of newbie recruits, Yuan Xunyu could not help but laugh, saying, "Chin up. Watch your surroundings. This is only the Level 1 Zone, what are you scared of?"

As a centurion, he had been to the Level 3, and even the Level 4 Zone. That was why leading the squad this time was nothing to him.

He proceeded at a great pace, and the squad followed closely behind, also watching alertly around them. But this place was too dark, so they could not see very far. They also had to guard against the black sand, because Alternate Creatures could be hiding amidst it.

Wu Yu immediately used his Eyes of Fire and Gold. Actually, he wished to leave them behind and proceed on his own. But on second thought, this violated military rules, which invited trouble. Besides, he was not too familiar with the Alternate World yet. Another thing was that coming to the Alternate World this time around had been Wu Yu's own idea, and the newcomers had only dared to come in because he was here. If anything happened to them because he had left, he would not be able to forgive himself.

Therefore, he decided to stay with the squad and see how things went first.

Very quickly, they were deep within the Alternate World. Looking back, the Alternate Dark North Capital was far away behind them. However, they could still see the fearsome spirit designs of the Alternate Dark North Capital. For the Alternate Creatures, that was probably a place to be wary of.

"Everyone, guard up! Today, we are on a real battlefield!" Yuan Xunyu frequently turned back to remind them.

Once Alternate Creatures appeared, it would be an execution. This was not a drill.

Actually, with Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold, he probably saw at least 10 times as much as Yuan Xunyu did. And nothing within the black sand escaped his eyes.

Time flowed by.

Although they had been heading outwards, they had not left the Level 1 Zone yet. They would require a long time to do so.

In this time, they had also met other squads a few times.

"Not even a single Alternate Creature?" Many people were starting to relax. They found that the Alternate World was not as scary as it was in the legends.

"No slacking now. The Alternate Creatures appear in the blink of an eye! These are Spirits of the Universe, and full of cunning. They might not even have a body, they might appear as very strange things."

Yuan Xunyu's warning was very sound.

As they continued to move into the storms of black sand, Wu Yu suddenly noticed a change in the sky.

Something was approaching!

In the blink of an eye!

As for what it was, Wu Yu did not know. In one moment, he saw a huge, black eagle, its coloring very similar to the darkness of the Alternate World. And it was difficult to spot within the tempest.

But in the next moment, the black eagle disappeared. All that came towards them was a black tornado that blew past their heads.

It had already disappeared!

"Be careful!" he warned them. It was the first time he had noticed an Alternate Creature, so naturally he would fight.

Before his warning, no one had noticed that an Alternate Creature was approaching, not even Yuan Xunyu.

The tornado blasted into their midst, a powerful attack that tore them apart!

Before they had time to react, they were sent flying, as though an explosion had occurred. They were thrown apart.

The Alternate Creature had already charged back into the sands before Wu Yu could stop it. It seemed to have disappeared, but Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold could see it rapidly burrowing within the black sand. It had locked on to a group of soldiers and was about to emerge.

Wu Yu appeared below them, standing where the black eagle would emerge. Without a word, he pulled out the 10,000 Dragons Staff and smashed down violently just as the Alternate Creature emerged.


In the same moment that the Alternate Creature morphed back to its true form and charged out, it collided with Wu Yu's powerful blow and was smashed to smithereens!

Accompanied by a miserable shriek!

However, Wu Yu knew that the Alternate Creature was not dead yet, simply broken. After being smashed, it quickly formed a whirlwind again. It was trying to escape after realizing how strong Wu Yu was!

This was the magical thing about the Spirits of the Universe. Sometimes, they were not dead even when they were smashed to bits.

To kill Spirits of the Universe, physical attacks were sometimes ineffective.

Under normal circumstances, Wu Yu would definitely chase it. After all, it was a walking bag of merits.

Wu Yu looked at the data on the Alternate Creatures. This eagle was known as a Black Storm. Killing a Black Storm alone would award one more than 10 merits, which was equivalent to a year's patrol in the Dark North Capital.

However, the others were still here. If  Wu Yu chased, then he would be hard pressed to find his way back here, given the speed of the Black Storm.

Wu Yu naturally had his own cunning tricks. Since this place was dark, he summoned the Black Deity from his Floating Dreams Pagoda and let it hunt in the black sand.

"Escaped?" Yuan Xunyu caught up with him, his face a little flustered. "A Black Storm actually appeared in the Level 1 Zone! What luck!"

Looking back, a few people had been injured. It was their first time encountering an Alternate Creature for many, and they were still reeling. Some had even lost the courage to go on.

"Don't worry, everyone. Such Alternate Creatures are rare in the Level 1 Zone. Basically everything else is weaker than that, and won't be able to match that terrifying speed either."

Yuan Xunyu's words calmed them down a little. Besides, Wu Yu's powerful strike just now had bolstered their confidence greatly.

"When we get back, I'll have you all train the battle formation. When we move in the battle formation, it will be more coordinated, and we won't have a situation where we're tripping over each other."

As Yuan Xunyu said this, he noticed that Wu Yu was still looking in the direction of the Black Storm.

Suddenly, a black figure appeared before Wu Yu and placed something in his hand before vanishing rapidly. Before Yuan Xunyu had time to register, Wu Yu had already turned around, raising up something in his hand with a smile. "This Black Storm was my kill. The merits should be mine alone, right?"

There were many ways of calculating merits in the Dark Sea Army. For an individual kill, the merits would all belong to oneself. If there was a group kill, or a squad kill, there were other ways to calculate it. The higher the number of participants, the more ways it was divided. And leaders, such as Yuan Xunyu, would gain a larger portion of it.

What Wu Yu was currently holding was the corpse of a Spirit of the Universe, a rough, black stone that was actually the Spirit of the Universe's body. It could change its appearance so much because this was its true form.

"Yes, yes, it's yours," Yuan Xunyu hurriedly said.

He could only concede that Wu Yu's ability was truly astonishing, and that he had many secrets about him.

"If I'm not wrong, that was a puppet! A puppet that can kill a Black Storm alone. How terrifying!"

Everyone was looking at Wu Yu enviously.

"Let's continue."

With Wu Yu guarding them, they were able to relax more.

Within the Alternate World, there were quite a few Alternate Creatures in the Level 1 Zone. In the next few days, they met a few.

However, these Alternate Creatures were relatively weak, and Wu Yu did not notice them much, or participate. Yuan Xunyu led the squad to kill them, and had also included Wu Yu amongst them, so he had gained some merits.

The method of calculation for merits was very complicated, and Wu Yu had not read it in detail.

Normally, Wu Yu's solo kill of the Black Storm would be worth 10 merits.

If the entire Yuan Dark Squad had killed it together, everyone might gain one merit, while the centurion would gain two or three. It was not a fair split.

Besides, the centurion's account would be taken into account, including the performance and role of each participant.

Wu Yu discovered that the Alternate Creatures truly came in all forms, which was an eye-opener. They were different from the Green Glows in the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence and the Fire Source Crystal Beasts on the Taigu Immortal Path.

On the whole, these Spirits of the Universe could be classified as the dark type, which was why they all appeared savage and would kill dark north soldiers on sight.

Perhaps the countless years of enmity had been thoroughly inducted into their bloodline.

Continue on!

They continued to roam around the Level 1 Zone. On the third day, while Wu Yu was searching, he suddenly saw a beam of red light in the distance.

"A Darkness Breaching Talisman?"

Yuan Xunyu looked up and spotted it too. He frowned. "That's in the Level 2 Zone. Not our problem!"

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