Chapter 0710: The Storms of the Alternate World

Wu Yu had made up his mind to go to the Alternate World because he wanted to actively seek his dao.

On the one hand, he could hole up and study refining immortal medicines and hone his knowledge in spirit designs. Others before him had felt their dao through this method, and it was also a way to increase one's cultivation level. This method required a long time.

The other option was to experience wondrous transformations during the flow of battle. To gain inspiration, and evolve through the levels through one's changing attitude. To surge upwards in terms of dao.

He always believed that neither of these two methods could be neglected.

Before, on the Taigu Immortal Path, he had spent a good few years grinding out the secrets of dao transformation.

And now it was time to seek battle.

The dark north soldiers at the Burning Skies Arena had already dispersed, and a portion of them were returning to the Alternate World.

Yuan Xunyu led his troop to the Burning Skies Barracks, in front of a palace called the Alternate World Gate. They lined up here. 

Yuan Xunyu said that they had to let the dark north soldiers that had come out for the commissioning go in first, before they could enter.

Wu Yu was thinking about Duan Yi along the way.

"Since Gong Shenjun was there, it shows that he is connected with Duan Yi. Since Gong Shenjun came off worse last time, he must be investigating where I am. It's all too easy to find out that I'm at the Burning Skies Barracks.

"Although You Xue warned him before... This bunch probably won't give up on revenge so easily. After all, they aren't used to coming off worse. Therefore, they must have enlisted Duan Yi's help after learning that he has been appointed as the dark north general here. A good result.

"But I am about to head into the Alternate World, and if I don't do anything wrong, Duan Yi cannot do anything to me openly either."

That was why he was not very worried. He did not want to offend this bunch either. After all, the ultimate goal had been to scare Yuan Xunyu into bringing him into the Alternate World. As for Gong Shenjun, Wu Yu had enough cards to play, so he was not too bothered about offending him.

"If they ask around, they might be able to quickly learn that I've entered the Alternate World. The Alternate World is a sinister place. They can attack me from the shadows, so I should be careful there."

He was mentally prepared.

He even felt paranoid occasionally, as though there were invisible eyes watching him.

He felt that it was possible. After all, it was his instinct.

Before long, it was the Yuan Dark Squad's turn, and Yuan Xunyu led his troop to the Alternate World Gate.

There were a few dozen people monitoring the Alternate World Gate. These people belonged to the Dark Sea Army but were not dark north soldiers, centurions, or chiliarchs. They were especially trained and assigned this job, and were outside of the rank structure.


This was a pitch-black and empty palace. In the depths of the palace, where no light shone, Wu Yu saw a circular tunnel of roughly one zhang in diameter. There was a film over the entrance, and one could see a different world behind it. Another palace - and one could even vaguely hear the sounds on the other side.

"This is the barrier that separates the Dark North Capital from the Alternate World?"

The Alternate World and the Dark North Capital should have been separated by a thick and truly impermeable barrier, but this thing before him was extremely thin, as though one could simply pass through directly.

Just as they were gazing curiously in front, Yuan Xunyu passed chiliarch Black Skeleton's personal item to the guards, and they were very readily permitted to pass.

The guards were slightly suspicious of their squad. However, Black Skeleton's recommendation was clearly written on the personal object, and so they could not be bothered to press.

The guard lowered his head and asked, "Yuan Xunyu, you have someone in your squad called Wu Yu? You're going in together?" 

"Of course. What's wrong?"

"I heard the other day that there was an incident at the Dark North Capital.... No matter. Carry on." The person cut himself off, perhaps after seeing Wu Yu.

Yuan Xunyu led his group through the layer of film. It was as though they had gone underwater. The film rippled, and did not bar his access. Yuan Xunyu had entered the Alternate World.

Following which, each decarch led their own section in, and Wu Yu was at the back. As he stood before the film, he was pretty curious. He first passed his hand through, and found that it was indeed like water.

However, the opposite side was not water, but another water surface.

Wu Yu followed through and found himself standing in another palace. It was built basically the same as the previous palace, but he could clearly sense that he was in a different space, much like the Taigu Immortal Path.

"This is the Alternate Dark North Capital. Move along!" There were still people entering from behind, and Yuan Xunyu led his troops out of the palace. Once outside, they looked upwards to realize that this place was indeed different from the Dark North Capital!

Firstly, this was the Alternate Dark North Capital, and there were fewer buildings compared to the Dark North Capital. Everywhere they looked was black soil, studded with black grit. It had a very heavy feeling.

It was about the same size as the Dark North Capital.

In the sky, countless powerful spirit designs sparkled. The major elements of wind, fire, water, and earth were all swirling above, decorating the sky beautifully.

These spirit designs were all activated, which was why a strong, deadly aura could be felt. One could occasionally see some things outside trying to break their way in, although they were instantly killed off by the outermost spirit designs. They were far from being able to threaten the Alternate Dark North Capital's safety.

There were hundreds of layers of spirit designs. They had been built up over many years by the seniors of the Dark North Kingdom. They continued to supplement the spirit designs, creating the most terrifying fortress in the world.

All Wu Yu could currently see was but a portion of the spirit designs. And if there actually was trouble, more than 80% of the spirit designs had yet to be activated. The Alternate Dark North Capital was definitely safe.

Wu Yu had read all of this in the information booklets of the Dark Sea Army.

He was the same as the other newcomers, staring enthralled at this godly work. The Heaven and Earth Spirit Design here were roughly the same as that of Dark North Capital. The spirit design at Dark North Capital was used to fend off external enemies, while the one here was to defend against the Alternate Creatures of the Alternate World.

"Wait here first. I will go and get some Darkness Breaching Talismans." Yuan Xunyu left them behind, heading towards a crimson palace in the middle of the Alternate Dark North Capital.

Wu Yu recalled that this Darkness Breaching Talisman was an SOS signal in the Alternate World. When activated, it would release an intense, red light that traveled extremely far. Nearby Dark Sea Army soldiers would see it and come to one's aid.

There was a rule in the Dark Sea Army that as long as it did not affect one's own safety, one was obliged to go to the rescue upon seeing a Darkness Breaching Talisman. After all, once out of the Alternate Dark North Capital, they were essentially on the frontlines.

A real battlefield.

The environment in the Alternate Dark North Capital was harsh. There was no sun in the sky - a dusky gloom without direct light. The key was that spiritual qi storms blew, and they were destructive types. There were also other unknown dangers, which was why they had to keep the very special Darkness Breaching Talismans, so that those nearby would be informed.

Even within the Alternate Dark North Capital, separated by many spirit designs, they could still vaguely make out the sounds of the howling storms outside.

After a while, Yuan Xunyu returned. He looked at Wu Yu. Normally, they would seek out other squads here and invite them to move together. But with Wu Yu here, he said, "Since we are here, let's not waste time. We'll go immediately. Because there are too many newcomers in our squad this time, we have been restricted to movement in the Level 1 Zone. However, strong Alternate Creatures have appeared in the Level 1 Zone recently, so everyone should keep their guard up.”

The Level 1 Zone was the zone closest to the Alternate Dark North Capital.

The further one was from the Alternate Dark North Capital, the higher the level of the zone. It was said that the highest level was the Level 9 Zone. Of course, no one knew how big the Level 9 Zone was.

Because everything outside of the Level 8 Zone was basically classified as Level 9.

The Level 9 Zone was a place of absolute chaos. The environment was so harsh that not even Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators were said to be able to survive. It was completely pitch black and remote, and it was called the edge of the world. A place of nothingness, where no one wandered.

In the Level 1 Zone, it would be difficult to meet Alternate Creatures.

After all, there were tens of thousands of soldiers serving outside the Alternate Dark North Capital. Everyone wanted merits, and fought aggressively for Alternate Creatures. It was difficult for any to survive.

In all these years, the Alternate Creatures that still survived were very clever and adept at hiding.

Yuan Xunyu led his squad out. The newcomers were bursting with anticipation and fired up.

In order to leave the Alternate Dark North Capital, one had to go through many dao portals, and pass many tests. Here, Wu Yu saw many truly strong experts controlling the spirit designs. They were all stony-faced and did not speak. The tension grew as they passed them.

They passed at least 30 doors before they finally left the Alternate Dark North Capital. The closer they were to the outside, the more they could hear the howl of the wind. Before them was silent darkness, such that one could not even see one's outstretched hand. If not for the Eyes of Fire and Gold, Wu Yu would have been visually impaired as well.

But it was not prudent to create light outside, or they might attract strong Alternate Creatures in great numbers. Once they were identified as a weak squad, they might not be able to withstand the barrage of attacks.

The Alternate Creatures here were fairly savage.

Hu, hu, hu....

From outside, the storms of spiritual qi continued to howl. Although they had donned the Dark Sea Battle Armor, they still felt the sting. And this was where the wind was weakest.

The Alternate World was truly a strange place. It almost felt like the Taigu Immortal Path again!

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