Chapter 0708: Covert Conversations

No matter how unhappy Gong Xingwei felt, he had no choice but to leave now.

He was still young, and his displeasure was clearly revealed on his face.

But Princess You Xue's status and words had truly put a scare in him.

A scare, and also humiliation.

The stiff expressions of his seniors also made him anxious. He had not expected this bunch of people to lose out within the Dark North Capital.

Firstly, the royal family would not come to stir trouble. And secondly, the royal family would not directly go up against them. Today was a first.

This was the first time they had been humbled. Gong Shenjun could not take it.

"Be careful. Given their character, they might not target the Boudoir of Rarities, but they might target you secretly," Princess You Xue said privately.

Wu Yu did not care. "No problem. I'm prepared," he said.

The two spoke with a sense of mutual respect. This was significant for the many people watching, including some much stronger than them, who were at the Dao Querying Realm.

"It seems like the relationship between Princess You Xue and Wu Yu is indeed special."

"Although this Wu Yu is not a member of the Dark North Tribe, he is stirring waves in the Dark North Capital. He is abusing the protection of Princess You Xue, which is why he is extremely bold!"

Yuan Xunyu had to suppress the huge pressure that he felt.

When Wu Yu had propositioned him, he imagined bringing Wu Yu out for patrol everyday, and bringing his justice everywhere he went. If that continued, Yuan Xunyu would be thoroughly done for. Perhaps this time around, the Master of Justice's family had not noticed him, but if this happened a few more times, his life would be in danger.

"Alright. I'll apply to the chiliarch when I get back. I guarantee that you can train in the Alternate World." Yuan Xunyu had seen that Wu Yu was willing to beat up even Gong Xingwei, and swore that he would not dare to cross Wu Yu again.

The other dark north soldiers were also happy to hear this. Firstly, compared to tedious patrolling, everyone wanted to go and kill things in the Alternate World. Secondly, with someone as strong as Wu Yu with them, their squad was definitely much stronger than that of other centurions.

The matter settled, Princess You Xue left, and everyone watched on.

Wu Yu came back to the Boudoir of Rarities. Niyang and her father were touched to the point of tears. Now that Princess You Xue had personally spoken, their safety was guaranteed, and they were naturally filled with undying thanks towards Wu Yu.

"I'll take my leave first." Wu Yu bid.

"Savior, come and see us often. If anything catches your eye, it's all free," the man said with deep emotion.

Wu Yu smiled and returned to the dark north soldiers. Now that patrol time was over, a new squad came out to relieve them.

Along the way, the dark north soldiers flocked to Wu Yu. They dearly wanted to know his secrets, such as how he had gotten so close to Princess You Xue.

Returning to the Blood Soul Barracks, Yuan Xunyu, under the pressure that Wu Yu had applied, went directly to find chiliarch Black Skeleton, while Wu Yu and the others returned to the Yuan Dark Squad first.

"I'll wait for your good news tomorrow."

Before they departed, Wu Yu took a parting shot that made Yuan Xunyu jump.

Actually, he knew that it would not be difficult to enter the Alternate World tomorrow.

Right now in Yuan Dark Squad, Wu Yu was only a dark north soldier, but he had already been spoken for by powerful friends. Not even decarchs or centurions could overrule his will now.


Deep in the night.

The starlight filtered through the stormy clouds above the Dark North Emperor Continent, barely lighting the scene.

Green, or perhaps blue, shadows flickered in the sky, occasionally filtering down onto the streets of the Dark North Capital.

The Dark Sea Army was similarly shrouded in darkness. At this time, the Dark Sea Army was very quiet. A majority of the dark north soldiers were using this time to cultivate.

The paunchy body of Yuan Xunyu was making its way over to Yuan Dark Squad.

"The chiliarch was much cleverer than I am. He immediately knew that the relationship between Wu Yu and Princess You Xue was something special. So he immediately consented when I said that this was Wu Yu's suggestion.

"That old fox. That's why he put Wu Yu with me. He knew about my temper, and that it would definitely come to a head against Wu Yu. Once conflict ensued, he could see what Wu Yu was made of!

"He made me take the risk! Luckily, I turned back from the cliff in the nick of time and caught on. Otherwise, if I really went up against him, I would probably be dead. If he dares to even treat Gong Xingwei that way, it will be no skin off his nose to kill me."

The more Yuan Xunyu thought about it, the angrier he got. He was not angry at Wu Yu, but at Black Skeleton. Evidently, from the way that today's incidents had panned out, Black Skeleton had had no intention of stopping Wu Yu. He had immediately given the release order.

With the release order, Yuan Xunyu could bring his squad into the Alternate World.

Yuan Xunyu was still rather strict about the Alternate World. Actually, he was not very keen on going in, because it was a fairly terrifying place.

"If our ancestors had not fashioned those spirit designs when they created the Alternate the Dark North Capital, and the Alternate Creatures had entered the Dark North Capital and attacked outwards from within, then the Dark North Capital would be in great chaos indeed.

"The ancestors were truly wise. They not only created the defense of the Alternate the Dark North Capital, they also had the Dark Sea Army guard it and train, killing two birds with one stone.”

Just as he was thinking thus, a harsh voice sounded from behind him. "Halt."

Yuan Xunyu jumped with fright. Anyone who could get this close to him without him noticing had to be someone much stronger than he was. He whirled in panic and looked closely, then he gulped down the scream bubbling in his throat. 

Before him were quite a few figures. They were all young men and women of extraordinary comport. The men were imposing and the women were elegant. They were all young geniuses who were well-advanced in the dao.

The one who had commanded him was Gong Shenjun.

The same bunch of people from earlier in the day.

"Don't say a thing," Gong Shenjun said, pinning him with a cold glare.

"This humble creature has met your eminences...." Yuan Xunyu stammered in fright.

"Cut the crap. I'll ask you: are you on Wu Yu's side or ours?" Gong Shenjun snapped impatiently.

Yuan Xunyu hurriedly said, "Wu Yu is not of our tribe. Naturally, I am on your side. If there is anything you need to know, I will not hesitate to answer."

He did not dare to blatantly offend Wu Yu, but he was naturally happy to share whatever information this group wished to know.

"Good. Let me ask you. What is Wu Yu planning next? Daily patrols?" Gong Shenjun asked.

Hearing this, Yuan Xunyu immediately knew that they were plotting their revenge on Wu Yu. He hurriedly answered, "You've come to the right person. Actually, Wu Yu wants to go to the Alternate World. That is why he caused trouble today, to force me to take him to the Alternate World. I have just obtained the chiliarch's permission, and plan to bring the squad into the Alternate World tomorrow."

Gong Shenjun and the others looked around at each other, and one woman said, "Alternate World? That's perfect. We have people in the Alternate World as well. Outside of the Alternate the Dark North Capital, no one can save him if an accident happens."

Gong Shenjun nodded. To Yuan Xunyu, he said, "Your information is useful. There is another use for you. After we finish him, we will reward you accordingly. If we find that you have been deceitful, your life will immediately be forfeit. Understood?"

Yuan Xunyu hurriedly nodded, saying, "This humble creature understands!" He was not afraid. After all, he too was resentful towards Wu Yu. Secretly helping them was no big deal.

And there might even be a reward.

"This is the tracking talisman of the Master of Justice family. Attach it to yourself and our people will be able to find you at any time. Finding you means we will know Wu Yu's position, correct? In the Alternate World, dark north soldiers cannot act independently of their centurion."

"Exactly so!" Yuan Xunyu received the tracking talisman and immediately attached it to his person without putting it into his Sumeru Pouch. This way, they could be found much more easily.

"Take a few core-tail talismans. If we need you for anything, we will inform you. Act accordingly as the opportunity presents itself. Understood?" Gong Shenjun glared at him.

"Understood. A thousand times understood. This humble creature dislikes Wu Yu as well." Yuan Xunyu hurried to assure them.

"Very good. We are all on the same side, and I will get straight to it. Success means a big reward. If you are not only useless, but even bungle our plans, you know the consequences all too well. One final crucial point. This cannot be leaked. Got it?" After all, Gong Shenjun was more mature and stricter than his little brother. It was all too easy for him to intimidate Yuan Xunyu.

"Got it!" Yuan Xunyu nodded and bowed again.


Granted permission, Yuan Xunyu left this dark place, leaving the group standing in the shadows.

Gong Shenjun gazed out towards the Yuan Dark Squad. "A Yan Huang tribesman, and not even a proper one. But he is protected by Princess You Xue, and dares to wreak havoc in our territory. I have never seen the like before in all my years." He laughed derisively. "If we don't teach him a serious lesson this time, I will renounce the name of Gong."

"Why stop at discipline? He beat up your adorable brother so badly, and shamed him and made him a laughing stock. We have to at least kill him." Another girl snickered.

Another guy spoke up. "In truth, Wu Yu is full of secrets. Just his physical refining alone is very valuable. Besides that, his advanced dao treasure is also a great fortune. If not for Princess You Xue protecting him, his corpse would already have been torn apart. He has not only crossed us, but also intends to go to the Alternate World. It's a chance for us to finish him off."

"That's right. Although we cannot reveal his advanced dao treasure for a while after we obtain it, simply selling it will yield a sizable fortune. I'm very curious as to what else he has. This time, we've hit the jackpot."

They all chuckled to themselves.

Gong Shenjun said, "Enough, my old friends. Tonight, we made our decision, and tomorrow, we are sped along our way. In truth, that we can do the deed in the Alternate World is all thanks to him."

They vanished.

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