Chapter 0707: Genius Gang of the Dark North Capital

At this time, Yuan Xunyu was keeling over with fear.

He was looking at Wu Yu with dismay and fear. Wu Yu had gone and done it now. He thought about it at length, and finally sought refuge in the mass of dark north soldiers.

Perhaps this way, this business would not implicate him.

He knew just how powerful the Master of Justice's family was, and what sort of power they held in the Dark North Capital. Gong Xingwei had said that the Dark North Capital was his territory, and there was a reason for that.

Everyone understood that logic.

Wu Yu had taught Gong Xingwei a lesson, spanking him until blood ran down his butt.

This was not the end. It was a beginning. Now that things had opened up in such a fashion, how Wu Yu would resolve this when the Master of Justice's people came would be the real highlight.

How would this unusual dark north soldier best the Master of Justice's men?

It would probably be an epic showdown when the Master of Justice's people came, given Wu Yu's temperament. Everyone backed off a considerable distance, unwilling to be close to Wu Yu. Even the dark north soldiers started to retreat as well. Finally, only the newcomers who had entered the Dark Sea Army with Wu Yu stood by his side.

At this time, Gong Xingwei did not dare so much as to fart. He couldn't anyway. After all, his ass was bleeding quite badly....

Wu Yu walked into the Boudoir of Rarities, which was a mess. The father and daughter hugged the little Spirit of the Universe, and had already gotten to their feet.

Actually, this beast did not have any abilities. It was simply cute, and close to their family. Gong Xingwei had only demanded the beast to cause trouble.

"Savior, you had best run away. Once the Master of Justice's men arrive, you will die, no matter how strong you are," the man said urgently, tears in his eyes.

"No hurry." Wu Yu looked at the girl, who was responding with an adoring and grateful look, matched by Cloudy's own. He recalled that Ming Long had given her cloud a similar name....

"Big Brother, thank you. My name is Niyang." The little girl had a fresh face and clear eyes, reminding Wu Yu of the first time that he had met Nangong Wei.

He wondered where she was now....

Wu Yu took out a few core-tail talismans, handing them over. "If he still comes to find trouble with you, let me know as soon as possible. I won't take much time to get here."

If he was at the Dark Sea Army, he would really take no time to get here with the Somersault Cloud. But if he was in the Alternate World, and Gong Xingwei came looking for trouble, he would have to find another way. After all, since Wu Yu had helped them, he could not very well leave them in an even more dangerous situation.

Wu Yu patted Cloudy, then he heard the wind picking up outside. It had to be the Master of Justice's people arriving. Niyang's father was beside himself with worry, urging Wu Yu to leave. Wu Yu acted as though he did not hear him. He unhurriedly walked outside the Boudoir of Rarities.

As expected, a few youths arrived on hand very quickly, a mix of guys and girls. They were clearly nobles, from their attire and their high quality dao treasures. Each guy and girl had an uncommon air about them. Although their quality and bloodline were not as good as Princess You Xue's, they were not far off. Besides, they had been cultivating for a longer time, perhaps 70 years. Which was why they were around the sixth or seventh tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

Amongst the younger generation, this bunch was already very strong. They were definitely geniuses.

However, only one youth was similar in quality and bearing to Gong Xingwei. This youth was currently inspecting Gong Xingwei's wounds as he wailed, "Third brother! That's the guy! He not only beat me, but he slighted our father! This person was unruly and beat me up thus! Even killing him will not be enough to appease my anger! Help me!"

This youth was far beyond Gong Xingwei in every aspect. After all, Gong Xingwei was only 20 plus years of age.

Perhaps because everyone in the Yan Huang Ancient Region had access to rich resources, they would only reach maturity at about 30 years or so. Actually, he was about the same age as Wu Yu.

There were many outstanding youths in the Dark North Kingdom, such as Duan Yi, Yin Xuan, as well as this bunch of people. They indeed had a bearing of competency, and Wu Yu guessed that they had come from different families and gathered here after hearing that Gong Xingwei had been beaten up and that his life was in danger.

"This humble creature is Gong Shenjun! Who are you, that you dare to lay such a wicked hand on my brother in the Dark North Capital?" The youth stood up, glaring at Wu Yu. He was a seventh tier Primordial Spirit cultivator, and could suppress Wu Yu to a certain extent. This was a strong opponent indeed, and he was considerably stronger than Yin Xuan.

However, Wu Yu was not the slightest bit afraid. He waved it off casually. "My name is not important. Just treat me as a dark north soldier. Your brother started trouble in a shop under the protection of the Dark Sea Army and caused damage. All present are witnesses. As a dark north soldier, I naturally bore the responsibility to chastise him for his unlawful behavior."

The youths beside him were all sizing him up right now.

"Third brother, don't waste your breath! Bring him back to our mansion! I want to slowly torture him!" Gong Xingwei sobbed.

"Cut the nonsense. Let's take him back. We're only disgracing your family further if this drags on," a girl who had a cold beauty to her stated mildly as she looked at Wu Yu.

Gong Shenjun said, "I know who you are. Wu Yu, whom Princess You Xue brought back, right? You entered the Taigu Immortal Path, and are also the guy from the Demon Sealing Continent. It's said that you came to the Dark North Capital recently, and I can see that you're a bold one indeed. But now that you've crossed our family, not even the Princess can save you."

Seeing this bunch of people, everyone was starting to worry for Wu Yu, especially the father and daughter from the Boudoir of Rarities.

Wu Yu had defeated Yin Xuan before. He was one of this clique, although he had yet to return.

"Good chance to take revenge for Yin Xuan." A youth sniggered.

"Watch me, everyone. I will take this Wu Yu down." Gong Shenjun did not care about the rules of the Dark Sea Army. To them, these were all useless rules.

Even if he could not take Wu Yu down in a flash, Wu Yu would be hard pressed to escape when his friends also joined the fight. After all, he had offended one of the most elite groups of people.

However, just as Gong Shenjun was about to strike, a female voice rang out.

"Who said I can't protect him?"

All eyes landed on the woman who was descending from above to arrive by Wu Yu's side. She bloomed like a lotus flower, and her glamor compelled attention from everyone. It was none other than Princess You Xue.

"Hail the Princess!" Princess You Xue's appearance met with a flurry of action, and everyone hurried to kneel.

The one who was most taken aback was Yuan Xunyu. He was even a little tremulous. He had previously assumed that the relationship between Wu Yu and Princess You Xue was superficial - she had simply recommended him into the Dark Sea Army. Who had thought that she would personally come at this time? This showed that their relationship ran a lot deeper than he expected.

Only now did Yuan Xunyu recall that Princess You Xue had personally gone to the Immortal City of Northern Frost to fetch Wu Yu.

Gong Shenjun had only made those bold statements because he had assumed that Princess You Xue would not show. Now that she was standing beside Wu Yu, he had to eat his words.

In truth, Princess You Xue often met with them, and they had interacted before. Naturally, they assumed that they were on better terms with the Princess compared to this outsider. But now they saw that this was clearly not the case. Princess You Xue was completely on Wu Yu's side.

"Gong Shenjun, you're a bold one. Is no nonsense beyond your reason? The Dark North Kingdom is not the empire of your Gong family," You Xue said, fixing him with an icy stare.

Gong Shenjun was a little hesitant, and he hurriedly pacified her. "Princess, please do not be angry. I was simply venting on behalf of my brother. I spoke in haste. I hope the Princess does not hold it against me."

At this time, the others were feeling dispirited as well. They could not understand why Princess You Xue would be on Wu Yu's side. The girl who had spoken before hastily explained, "Princess, this person humiliated Gong Xingwei, and beat him up badly on top of that. Gong Xingwei has done nothing to him. On what basis was he abused? I know that he has the Princess' favor, which is why he dares to act so boldly. But if this continues, I fear...."

You Xue did not call them out, but simply dismissed her with a wave of her hand. "Enough. I know the whole story. Gong Xingwei was being unruly in the Dark North Capital. Not the first time this has happened. Wu Yu has just become a dark north soldier, and he did not know about your statuses. He simply went to stop whoever was committing infractions. As for the emotional card you tried to pull, it was Gong Xingwei who abused his family's power to do such shameful things that hurt the family's reputation. Bring him back and punish him severely."

Princess You Xue's words completely pulled the rug out from under them. She had the high ground in both logic and status, and it seemed impossible that they were going to be able to punish Wu Yu today. If they had a logical reason, perhaps their argument would not have been knocked over so readily.

Of course, logic aside, the fact was that Princess You Xue was protecting Wu Yu. If she did not, then they could have done with him as they would, even if Wu Yu had a thousand valid reasons. This was something that Gong Shenjun was very clear on.

This was not their first time pulling such antics. Although they felt stung and angry at this point, they had no choice but to back down. They picked Gong Xingwei up and said to the Princess, "Since that's the case, I'll be heading back first. I will discipline my disobedient brother well when we return."

As he said this, he shot a glare at Wu Yu. Wu Yu knew that he was not happy about it, but Wu Yu did not really care. In the Dark North Capital, who could surpass the eminence of Princess You Xue?

"Gong Xingwei, remember this well. If this the Boudoir of Rarities faces any more trouble, it will be on your head."

Wu Yu had You Xue say this.

After all, Gong Xingwei could come back for revenge at any time after they left. And these words from Princess You Xue herself meant that Gong Xingwei could not cause anymore trouble. In fact, he might even have to dispatch people to protect the place, because the Princess' eye was on him.

Wu Yu had also tasted the advantages that the Princess' elite status brought.

He spotted Yuan Xunyu and whispered in his ear, "If you don't bring me to the Alternate World, then such matters might happen every day. After all, I'm a hothead. What do you think?"

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