Chapter 0706: Master of Justice

The commotion was rather huge, and the Dark North Capital was rarely this roused. There was a huge skirmish going on within the shop, and one could see that it had been trashed on the inside. Clearly, hands had been thrown.

This shop's name was Boudoir of Rarities, and it sold some marvels, immortal essences, precious treasures, dao treasures, and the like. The word “rare” was king here, and all of the items were clearly labeled with their prices.

Wu Yu and the others had actually passed this shop before in the day, which was why he had an impression of it. He remembered that a small girl with pigtails had been sitting inside, minding the shop. Normally, there were not many customers, and she was rather free as well, studying out of a book on spirit designs.

Anyone who could open a shop in the Dark North Capital clearly had some status, which was why the people in the Boudoir of Rarities were important people as well. Although their identity was not known, they dared to start trouble here, and some serious trouble at that. The sound of crying could be heard, and Wu Yu guessed that it belonged to the little girl.

"Who is causing trouble!?" Yuan Xunyu bellowed. The 20 or so onlookers opened a path immediately when they saw 100 dark sea soldiers rushing over.

Wu Yu followed them as well. After they passed through the surrounding people, they saw a bunch of people in the Boudoir of Rarities. Five of them were clad in black, in the attire of bodyguards or thugs. They glowered malevolently, and their strength was apparent. They looked like people of a high cultivation level.

The five of them were being led by a youth in blue, who was portly and not very old. He was probably only a fifth or sixth tier Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, but he was very aggressive. He was brandishing and posturing. He took out a long whip and slashed it everywhere, sending the treasures in the shop smashing and crashing everywhere. Many of the immortal essences were destroyed, and they were rare immortal essences at that.

"Listen up. When you give that thing to me, I will stop. Otherwise, I will see your Boudoir of Rarities closed, and you father and daughter kicked out of the Dark North Capital!"

This youth was young, but very fond of his power. He was haughty and had a threatening tone that saw much use. Clearly, this was not his first time doing this.

Before him was a father and daughter pair. The father was a man in his prime, and probably a fourth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator. He was about the same as a centurion, and was not in any way inferior to the bodyguards behind the youth. But at this time, he could only get down on his knees, his face pale as he pleaded, "Young Master, it is not that we are unwilling to sell it, but Cloudy is not for sale. This creature was raised by my daughter since young, and they have a deep friendship. Although it is a beast, it is like family to us...."

He was extremely troubled.

Behind him was his daughter, the little girl that Wu Yu had noticed previously. She was hiding in a corner, crying and shaking. She was holding a snow-white beast in her arms that looked like a puppy. It was also trembling in fear, looking in the direction of the youth.

This little beast was actually a Spirit of the Universe. It could change into a puppy or a cloud. It was an amusing little thing. Spirits of the Universe roamed the world and came in all forms.

The unreasonable youth had taken an eye to the Spirit of the Universe called Cloudy, and he wanted to take it away. He had not expected the family of the Boudoir of Rarities to protest it.

At this time, Yuan Xunyu and the youth spotted each other. Without the slightest change of expression, he bawled, "Small fry from the Dark Sea Army, piss off. Don't make my mood worse than it is."

Yuan Xunyu hurriedly halted and looked around him. He nodded and said, "Of course. Enjoy yourself."

Seeing his cowardly manner, clearly they had met with some brat belonging to a power within the Dark North Capital. The little girl from the Boudoir of Rarities had hoped that her savior had arrived, but now she lapsed back into despair.

"If you take Cloudy away, I'll kill myself! If there's a death in the Dark North Capital, you'll be implicated!" The little girl gritted her teeth.

The youth sneered, "Dumb wretch. What does your suicide have to do with me?"

At this time, Yuan Xunyu was leading the squad away. A few of the newcomers in the Dark Sea Army did not get it. They hesitated and then Liu Qing, standing beside Wu Yu, could not resist asking, "Why are we not stopping them?"

Yuan Xunyu could not wait to get them away.

Wu Yu saw that his chance had come.

There was much unfairness in this world. Those that could not be helped, so be it. But those that occurred right before his eyes, and that he could change, he would not stand idly by.

Besides, this could also help him further all sorts of goals.

Therefore, at this juncture, just as the Dark Sea Army was about to leave, Wu Yu suddenly stepped forth. He headed towards the group at the Boudoir of Rarities.

"Wu Yu, what are you doing!?" Yuan Xunyu was scared out of his skin. He hurried up, his expression panicked.

Wu Yu had drawn the attention of everyone, and he pointed at the Boudoir of Rarities. "Isn't the purpose of patrolling precisely to stop disorderly conduct within the Dark North Capital? To stop the strong from bullying the weak, and causing chaos? Right now, we have all seen that this person has broken the rules of the Dark North Capital. He is smashing up a shop of the Dark North Capital. We, as the Dark Sea Army, have taken the merits and cultivation resources of the Dark Sea Army. Therefore, we should work on behalf of the Dark North Capital and serve it well."

No one had expected someone to step out like that. Even the youth had desisted for the moment, staring at Wu Yu with mouth agape.

Yuan Xunyu was prickling with fear right now. "Are you insane? That's Gong Xingwei, the youngest son of the Master of Justice! The Master of Justice is in charge of the entire Dark North Kingdom's punishments and jails. People call him the Dark North King of Hell! A being of absolute power! He's far beyond the dark sky generals of the Dark Sea Army!"

So this was an epic figure close to the Dark Sea Army General. No wonder Yuan Xunyu had been scared out of his wits.

He wanted to scare Wu Yu into backing down in the face of such eminence. After all, he assumed that Wu Yu simply did not recognize that person.

He had not expected that after he had finished his warning, Wu Yu would simply laugh and summon his advanced dao treasure with a swoosh! The Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff!

He hefted the 10,000 Dragons Staff and strode into the Boudoir of Rarities. With a righteous tone, he said, "All shops of the Dark North Capital are under protection. The Dark Sea Army must maintain the order in shops. Anyone who destroys property can be punished. Those who resist may be killed."

This speech rang loud and clear, and scared the youth backwards a step. The father and daughter of the shop had not expected such a person to appear.

"Kill that donkey!" The youth retreated in fear. He had been thoroughly humiliated by that ass. It was the first time for him.

Under his command, the five bodyguards behind him leapt into action.

Both sides began fighting.

They thought that Wu Yu would be thrashed, but the exact opposite happened. Wu Yu was the king of close combat, and five consecutive strikes saw five slumped bodies on the ground, their heads split as they foamed at the mouth like semi-conscious invalids.

A dark north soldier could do that?

Everyone knew that dark north soldiers were basically all first tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators, or perhaps second tier....

As for Gong Xingwei's bodyguards, they were basically at a decarch's or centurion's level.

And yet this battle was violent, direct, explosive, and clean. They watched as the bodyguards dropped like flies, and Wu Yu stood there casually. Everyone's eyes widened as they looked at Wu Yu.

"You know who I am, and yet you dare to act as rowdily as you have done! A crime deserving of death! No matter who you are, this is my territory, and you have caused me offense! I, Gong Xingwei, will consign you to eternal damnation! You're doomed! From today onwards, I'll make you regret every single day since you were born!"

Although the youth was pale, his expression was ugly to behold indeed.

"Oh? I'll be waiting then." Wu Yu stretched out one hand and plucked the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea youth up. The youth was finally scared now.

"You're asking to die! Let go of me this instant! Or I will sentence you to a slow death! I will imprison your soul and feed it to the parasites!"

Threats were threats, but against Wu Yu's look, akin to the burning sun, he was peeing his pants in fear. This kid often bulldozed his way through with his status, but he actually had a weak character that was not very brave.

After you stripped him of his status, he was basically trash.

"Wu Yu, do you have a death wish?" Yuan Xunyu was on the verge of tears. He thought that bringing Wu Yu on patrol would make things safer. Who knew that such a thing would happen!

He could not stop Wu Yu. At this time, Wu Yu threw Gong Xingwei to the ground, face down. His opponent huffed. Before he had time to react, Wu Yu's 10,000 Dragons Staff came swishing down, giving him a good spanking on the ass.

Pa, pa, pa!

At this time, Gong Xingwei's face was ashen, and he howled. Wu Yu was smiling as he delivered clean stroke after clean stroke onto his butt cheeks. This was like a dream.

"Amazing!" Liu Qing had become Wu Yu's fan, and he was clenching his fists, his eyes shining as he drank in the scene. The rest were of the same sentiment. After all, who didn't want to spank the rump of this high and mighty prince?

"Ahhh!" Gong Xingwei continued to bawl. At first, his face was spiteful, but then he had the spite all scared out of him by Wu Yu, and now he was on the verge of kneeling and begging for mercy.

"Let me ask you. Will you still cause trouble in the Dark North Capital?" Wu Yu asked mildly.

"I won't! I won't!" Gong Xingwei hurriedly answered, wiping the snot and tears away from his face.

"And seek revenge on me?"

"I won't! I won't! Spare me!" Gong Xingwei blabbered.

The father and daughter had seen all of this clearly. Especially the little girl. And Cloudy, in her arms, had its beady, black eyes opened wide as well, taking in all of it.

Wu Yu tossed Gong Xingwei and his cronies out of the Boudoir of Rarities, saying, "Use a core-tail talisman and get your family to pick you up."

Even without Wu Yu saying this, Gong Xingwei had already long sent a core-tail talisman asking for help. And not just one - he had sent many out. Hearing the news that Gong Xingwei was being beaten up, many spectators crowded over, and there were now more than 100 people watching.

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