Chapter 0705: Patrolling the Dark North Capital

The three days passed quickly.

Wu Yu understood the rules, missions, arrangements, regulations, and other details of the Dark Sea Army after this amount of time.

Basically what he wanted to know, he already knew.

For example, what were the conditions to enter the Alternate World?

First of all, a centurion had to be leading the team, then dark north soldiers could enter. Dark north soldiers and decarchs were not qualified to enter the Alternate World alone.

Secondly, the chiliarch had to give his permission. If the chiliarch did not give his permission, the centurion was not allowed to enter.

This would be a problem for Wu Yu. After all, if he wanted to enter, everyone else would have to follow him and Yuan Xunyu would have to lead the way.

They would have to move as a team.

He understood that centurion troops like theirs with many new additions would basically start with patrolling missions in the Dark North Capital, or standing guard at the city gate and city walls.

Usually, they would just be walking around. There was not much to do unless someone created trouble in the Dark North Capital.

Such boring patrol was meaningless to Wu Yu. After he found out about the Alternate World, he was only interested in entering it.

But whether or not he could enter the Alternate World directly depended on whether Yuan Xunyu and Black Skeleton cooperated.

"I have to quickly become a centurion, or a chiliarch. If not, even my entrance to the Alternate World will be restricted."

Three days later, the hundreds of dark north soldiers under Yuan Xunyu gathered in the parade square in the morning. Today, they had to recite the army rules.

Actually, this was very important to any soldier who had just joined the army. It was very important that everyone knew the rules and punishments clearly.

Wu Yu, wearing the Dark Sea Battle Armor, stood in the crowd. His head was lowered, but because of his aura, Yuan Xunyu could still identify him with one look. After a few days, he was probably not as scared as he was originally. At this moment, he was calm and very serious. He started to check every dark north soldier's recitation. If they were not smooth or made a mistake, he would use his dao treasure, a leather whip, to whip the soldier as punishment.

But such soldiers were few. Most of them were serious and easily committed these complex army rules to memory.

When it was Wu Yu's turn, Yuan Xunyu dared not speak. Wu Yu, on the other hand, did not want to have special treatment. He recited the rules clearly. Yuan Xunyu was originally nervous and worried that Wu Yu would not give him the respect. Now he felt assured.

After this ended, Yuan Xunyu said, "Half of our Yuan Dark Squad is now filled with new recruits. There have been no wars for the Dark Sea Army recently, hence our Yuan Dark Squad will receive and accept the mission to patrol the Dark North Capital and guard the city gates. This is a simple mission and there are rewards too. We gain some merits with every month of patrol!"

He dared to speak about gaining that small amount of merits. If they did this, they would need more than eight years to gain 100 merits. He would have to patrol for at least 80 years before he could gain enough merits to become a centurion.

Of course, it was the Dark Sea Army's mission to maintain stability in the Dark North Capital. Once there were emergencies, they would get the opportunity to gain great merits. However, there were not many who dared to make trouble in the Dark North Capital.

No one had any objections to this decision. This was also decided by the management of the Yuan Dark Squad.

"Let's dissolve first and we'll set out tomorrow!  I'll be leading the troop!" Yuan Xunyu was still quite forceful when facing other dark north soldiers. His eyes were filled with disdain. However, he quickly looked away when he looked at Wu Yu. 

After dismissal, everyone was ready to leave. Wu Yu was beside Yuan Xunyu in a flash. He asked in a lowered voice, "Centurion, may I have permission to enter the Alternate World?"

He was curt and to the point. 

Only people from the Dark Sea Army could enter the Alternate World.

Yuan Xunyu's expression changed. He shook his head and said, "According to the rules, there are too many new recruits. We cannot enter the Alternate World. The chiliarch will not agree to this. Most importantly, we have to consider the other recruits. Our troop has not worked together yet. The soldiers are all unfamiliar with each other. If we enter the Alternate World at this moment, once we meet Alternate Creatures, we will be in trouble and our death rate will be high. I have to be responsible for the lives of others!"

Wu Yu knew he would say that. He smiled lightly and said, "With me around, they are at least 10 times safer than the other troops. I want to go to the Alternate World, are you approving or not?"

Yuan Xunyu was unexpectedly stubborn. He clenched his jaw and stood his ground, saying, "Wu Yu, don't think you can scare me with your strong ability and your background!

“Once you enter the Dark Sea Army, you have to play by the rules. If you threaten me, I'll have to report you. The army will strip you of your identity and punish you! As a dark north soldier, you better not go against your superiors! Rules are rules. No matter how strong you are, the Dark Sea Army will not entertain your whims and fancies!"

He was using the army rules as his argument. Three days ago, Wu Yu still did not know the army rules. He was afraid that Wu Yu would be reckless. Now that Wu Yu had recited the rules and everyone heard his recitation, he felt that he could stand his ground against such a rude request.

If not, he would always be bullied badly by Wu Yu. That hit from three days ago was still hurting now.

Wu Yu did not expect him to be so stubborn. He said, "You have no need to go against me. I've said that I'll protect you all when I bring you into the Alternate World. Besides, everyone can earn merits faster, wouldn't that be good? You lose nothing. Why make things difficult for me? You see, I'm speaking to you calmly. I've no intention of threatening you."

He was not wrong, but this Yuan Xunyu seemed to have hated him for what he had done three days ago and was still thinking of using the army rules to refuse him. He was really making things difficult for Wu Yu. He said, "Rules are rules. The rule is that we have to work together for at least half a year before we can enter the Alternate World! 

“It's impossible for the whole Dark Sea Army to change the rules just for you alone. Give up. Be prepared to patrol the Dark North Capital tomorrow. See you!"

After saying this, he escaped. 

He was probably afraid that Wu Yu would seek trouble with him.

The other party had dared to go against him. Wu Yu thought that this was senseless, but he just endured. It was not good for him to threaten that guy. He could not rush things, so there was nothing he could do.

He could take some time now to think about spirit designs and refining immortal medicines. After all, he had put these aside for some time.

"You're looking to go to the Alternate World?" Liu Qing, who was beside them, was staring at Wu Yu the whole time. At this moment, he could not resist asking Wu Yu. His attitude towards Wu Yu had changed completely.


"That makes sense. With your ability, killing Alternate Creatures is the best way to rise through the ranks quickly. You will soon be a decarch, a centurion," Liu Qing said enviously. 

"Slaying demons in the Alternate World and maintaining peace in the Dark North Capital are both my dreams and aims!" Liu Qing said with gusto.

"Then work hard." Wu Yu was actually around the same age as him, but much more mature. He returned to his own palace and entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Nowadays, he always studied spirit designs and refined immortal medicines inside it. He had enough materials and time. Besides, much patience was needed to study these. He was in no rush now.

He could not rush if he wanted to reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

Early the next day, Yuan Xunyu was shouting outside and gathering all the members of the Yuan Dark Squad to carry out the patrol mission. This was the simplest mission in the Dark Sea Army. Basically, one group of people would follow a set route and walk around the Dark North Capital.

Wu Yu was not anxious. He would take this opportunity to explore the Dark North Capital and familiarize himself with the place. That was good too.

Yuan Xunyu heaved a sigh of relief when he saw him among the troop. To be honest, he was also afraid to go against Wu Yu, but he could not swallow his pride. He felt that as the centurion, why should he be bullied by a common soldier? And this person was an outsider!

Rumors said that Wu Yu was related to Princess You Xue.

An outsider setting his eyes on Princess You Xue. Probably all the men in the Dark North Tribe were displeased with him.

With the army rules in place, Yuan Xunyu was still quite confident.

"Let's go."

He led this troop of dark north soldiers and left the Dark Sea Encampment. They directly entered the streets of the Dark North Capital. 

Soldiers like Liu Qing were very excited as this was their first time wearing the Dark Sea Battle Armor to patrol.

"Everyone, there is no need to be nervous. The Dark North Capital is peaceful. There will not be any trouble that needs solving. Everyone, you just have to patrol for one month and you will easily receive one precious merit."

Yuan Xunyu announced at the front. 

Everyone was a Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm martial cultivator. Hence the troop was tidy and serious. They all had a degree of ice-cold aura. They were like a huge cold weapon walking on the streets of the Dark North Capital.

Shops lined the sides of the streets, selling all sorts of martial cultivation resources. There were also inns, restaurants, and places of entertainment. These places were usually the most lively.

Wu Yu observed the daily lives of the citizens of the Dark North Capital as he patrolled. Actually, no matter how high their ability, martial cultivators were ultimately mortals. Hence they also huddled in pairs or groups to gossip. Wu Yu heard some gossiping about Prince Le.

It was said that Prince Le's cultivation level had risen a lot since he returned from the Taigu Immortal Path. Those of the same age group in the Yan Huang Ancient Country were no match for him.

"Something's wrong." Recalling Prince Le, Wu Yu could only frown.

After a whole day of patrol, nothing happened indeed. It was simply a waste of time. The only reward was that he was now familiar with the Dark North Capital.

Patrolling continued into the night.

After one such day, even Liu Qing, who was very excited before, was feeling down. He asked an experienced person, "When can we enter the Alternate World?"

The experienced senior said, "In your dreams. There is a limit to the number of people, and you need the permission of the chiliarch. 

“Besides, we have too many new recruits like you. It is even more difficult to think of entering. Do you think that merits are easy to earn?"

It was obvious that everyone wanted to enter. 

Just as they were talking, sounds of things crashing, angry scolding, and fighting came from a grand store in front. It attracted crowds to watch. There must have been some disagreement. At this moment, the Dark Sea Army had to come out….

Yuan Xunyu opened his eyes lazily and strolled over.

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