Chapter 0703: Intimidating the Cowards

The new recruits had all taken the field at this point, and only a small number had won. However, they were all rigged wins.

The Dark Sea Army was very obvious about its composition. These older guys were mostly second tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators, and also well-versed in all kinds of battle tactics.

They also had many more dao treasures and talismans on them.

And as for the recruits, they had just come from the reserves, and had also just been through an exhausting test. In their fatigued condition, it was an uphill fight against these old hands.

The only thing that was useful was that they were now familiar with many people.

However, the cost of 100 Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills was indeed on the steep side.

Right now, everyone who should have fought had fought. And all eyes were on Wu Yu.

"There's actually a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator!" Over at the old hands, they were shocked. They had slightly more people, and therefore Wu Yu still had a few choices.

However, the remaining ones were all at the decarch level. They were those that the others had been afraid to choose, which was why they were left.

"And it seems like he's not one of our Dark North Tribe, but a Yan Huang tribesman?"

Some of the newcomers knew about Wu Yu but were not inclined to reveal it at this time. They knew that Wu Yu was strong, and the perfect tool to teach these old guys a lesson.

However, there were many who did not know him either. For example, this bunch of veterans. They had not seen Wu Yu with Princess You Xue, and naturally did not know Wu Yu. Besides, Yuan Xunyu had not said his name either.

"Last guy, hurry up and choose your opponent. Don't waste time. It's just you left." Wang Miao had concluded his own battle but was still marshaling them. They had won many Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. Having done the lion's share of the work, he would definitely get the most.

Therefore, he was in a good mood.

They had not had such a large cohort of newcomers in a while now.

Seeing this bunch of newcomers hurting and discouraged, they secretly felt smug.

Yuan Xunyu lifted his head slightly, looking casually over.

Beside Wu Yu was Liu Qing. This guy had never faced much hardship before, and now he had been dealt two devastating blows in a single day. His eyes were red with tears. He looked at Wu Yu and said, "You had better not go. Just take the shame. Although you might be looked down on, you can't just give them 100 Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills for nothing...."

Wu Yu started. He had not expected this thoughtfulness.

He had originally intended to just pay up and not waste his time. But now, looking around at the crushed and slumped postures of the newcomers, he felt a little stirred up on their behalf.

Liu Qing did not expect that Wu Yu would smile at him and then head towards the center.

"Oh? Not even at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, and you still dare to come forth?" They were surprised.

"We don't care. Show us your Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. Do you even have that many?"

Wu Yu's every action was being watched closely. He was already on the battlefield. He took out his Sumeru Pouch. Unlike the others, who placed their 100 Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills on the ground, he simply began to pour.

He still had many Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills left over from before.

Pouring released the pills at great speed. There were 100 in the blink of an eye.

They had not expected that he could produce 100, and now smiled.

However, they were boggled in the next instant. Because Wu Yu's Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills continued to pour forth. Another 100, then another 100!

The speed only continued to pick up, until there was a small mountain at Wu Yu's feet. Everyone's jaws dropped, including Yuan Xunyu’s. Because this small mountain of Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills had to contain at least 5,000....

To the dark north soldiers, this was a huge fortune! Today, the old guys had not even won this amount in total!

Who knew that this Wu Yu would have so many!

"You, you- What are you doing...."

Wang Miao was completely astonished as he stammered at Wu Yu.

This number of Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills truly made them lose their minds.

"Wu Yu, what do you mean by this!?" Yuan Xunyu stood up as well, his greed shining through his eyes.

"Where did he get so many...." Liu Qing almost bit his own tongue.

At this time, more than 100 people were staring at Wu Yu with burning, hungry looks, waiting for his answer. "Of course, it's the stake. A gift for all of you," Wu Yu answered casually.


No one understood. But according to their approach, ignore what you didn't understand. Evidently, they felt that Wu Yu's intention was for this to be the wager. Therefore, Wang Miao hurriedly said, "Choose your opponent then. There are still a few. Who do you choose? If you lose, all of this will belong to him!"

They had already said that they would split their gains equally. Therefore, he was not worried that someone would hoard most of it.

At this time, they were waiting for Wu Yu to make a very important decision. The air itself seemed to freeze.

Suddenly, they saw Wu Yu move. He was holding something in his hand. With a puff, a miracle happened. 1,000 identical Wu Yus appeared by his side!

1,000 people!

When they appeared, Wu Yu said a single word. "Go." Instantly, the 1,000 clones charged forth, swarming them 20 to 1!

And Wu Yu's true form was also in the mix.


The entire arena exploded with action.

The veterans were confused, but evidently Wu Yu planned to take them all on. They had no time to consider why Wu Yu had such a skill. They could only fight. If they were but a step slower, they would all be brought to their knees immediately.

A chaotic battle ensued.

Not just the veterans, but the newcomers were equally stunned. They huddled together in confusion.

"I heard a few days ago, Wu Yu was by Princess You Xue's side, and he defeated Yin Xuan. Could that be true.... If that's true, then he must be close to a chiliarch's level...." A few amongst the newcomers had heard of Wu Yu, and now they revealed the news.

And the one who was most speechless was naturally Yuan Xunyu. He was so scared that he almost rolled off his lounge chair as he scrambled to his feet. Before him was a Wu Yu, holding a staff with 10,000 dragons carved into it. He looked like a golden god. He appeared before Yuan Xunyu with a smile. "Centurion, since this is for camaraderie, then you should participate as well. Prepare yourself."


Before he had finished speaking, Wu Yu's staff swept out. Yuan Xunyu cried out as he tried to dodge and send dao techniques and mystiques to subdue Wu Yu. But Wu Yu's speed was terrifying, and he could not even react. A single hit landed on his head, smashing him to the ground. His world reeled as his head bled. He wobbled around, tumbling on the floor like a dead pig, panting.

In the skirmish, he heard Wu Yu say beside his ear, "Centurion, losers must pay. I'll take 100 Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills first." And then his Sumeru Pouch was taken and then returned.

Yuan Xunyu gasped heavily, forcing his eyes open. It was a mad scene before him. He could see a few dozen veterans keeling over on the floor, howling and gasping. They were begging for mercy, and had taken quite a beating as well. Finally, they handed over their 100 Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills, and the one who received them was naturally Wu Yu, who had dismayed them all.

The strutting veterans were now all quaking on the floor. Wang Miao was no exception. Actually, many of them had heard of Wu Yu's name before, but they had not known that he was here. And now that the news was out, they were all trembling on the ground.

At this time, they all directed their looks towards Yuan Xunyu, and silently accused him. Why did he not say so earlier? But seeing Yuan Xunyu completely done in as well, they understood that he too was ignorant of how terrifying Wu Yu was....

Wu Yu had taken a huge number of Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills from the dark north soldiers. He smiled and said, "Thank you for your stakes. Wu Yu will accept them graciously. Today is an exceptionally beautiful day."

And then he divided up the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills into a few dozen portions, handing them out to the newcomers. Wu Yu did not say anything else, he simply passed the pills over to them.

He had acted to shock them. It wasn't like these people would cause him too much trouble. After all, his goal was not to be a dark north soldier, and even a centurion was too average. He was aiming higher, to be a chiliarch, a dark north general. Only then could he enjoy the resources of the Dark Sea Army.

Fighting resources and cultivation resources.

He believed that with this, Yuan Xunyu and all these guys would realize that they could not bully him, nor these new recruits.

Wu Yu had shocked them all, and the ones most astounded were the newcomers. For example, Liu Qing, who had been the first to doubt Wu Yu, was staring at him now, thunderstruck, his jaw on the floor. He was unable to speak for a long time, then his eyes welled with hot tears again. Of course, these were tears of gratitude.

"Aren't we supposed to be assigned quarters and get on with memorizing the military rules? Centurion?" Wu Yu did not want to waste time, so he looked at Yuan Xunyu. Yuan Xunyu had suffered his first concussion in a long time, and now crawled to his feet with difficulty. The lot of them were looking both wretched and embarrassed.

He still managed to contain this, and assigned the newcomers. Wu Yu belonged to the section of Wang Miao. There had been five people in this section, including Wang Miao, and now formed a full 10 with five newcomers. He was the strongest decarch, the one who was most likely to become a centurion.

And then Wang Miao led them to their own quarters. Liu Qing remained by Wu Yu's side. He seemed to want to say something to Wu Yu a few times but then anxiously held himself back.

And Wang Miao, the most talkative previously, led the way with his head hung, afraid to say a single word.

Finally, he assigned Wu Yu to his quarters. It was a huge palace, well furnished. He took out a talisman, saying, "This is the key to activate these quarters. There are only two - the other is in the centurion's hands. Don't lose it."

"Alright." Wu Yu took the key and headed in directly. He wanted to quickly get to know the Dark Sea Army.

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