Chapter 0702: Wang Miao

The Yuan Dark Squad, old and new, faced each other.

Although Wu Yu was not very interested, he looked over as well. It seemed like the numbers were roughly even on both sides, although the average age was higher on the other side. They had probably been cultivating for at least 100 years.

Besides, they had clearly been training in the Dark Sea Army for a few years, and some perhaps a few decades. Therefore, they had that killer instinct about them. Even though their abilities were evenly matched, it still felt like a tiger facing a goat.

These old men were naturally the savage ones, while the fresh youths were decent, righteous people. They looked around at everything humbly, like a bunch of herbivores.

When they arrived, the other group began to talk and laugh. As they conversed, they occasionally revealed predatory looks, much like hungry wolves. It was unmistakable.

Yuan Xunyu did not stop them either. He brought both sides to stand in the center and said, "New ones, listen up. These are your future brothers and sisters. They will teach you how to become respectable dark north soldiers. There are 10 decarchs here, and you will be assigned into these 10 sections under them. 100 people to a squad, and 10 people to a section. And then the decarchs will take you to choose your own places. Within your quarters, there are the military rules, the facilities of the Dark Sea Army, and everything you need to know, all laid out for you to get familiar with. I'll give you three days' time. In three days, each one of you must know the rules like the back of your hand! In three days, each one of you must become a respectable dark north soldier! Of course, before that, as tradition decrees, the new and old will interact here and forge your camaraderie!"

"Camaraderie?" Hearing this word, the newcomers were pretty interested. Although these old guys were all smiling brightly and looked harmless enough, why did they give off this uneasy feeling?

Yuan Xunyu dodged away the side, where a lounge chair lay. He comfortably settled in and closed his eyes, clearly indicating that he was not going to care about the rest.

The show was on.

Against the newcomers, the old guys were experienced. A representative stood out. "Each time newcomers join us, we forge camaraderie. It's the rules. This time, it's especially important since there are so many new brothers and sisters. This is the best opportunity for everyone to get to know yourselves, as well as us. In the end, it is familiarization. I trust there is no objection from our new brothers and sisters?"

The newcomers looked around at each other. They hesitated, but replied quickly enough. "Of course...."

"Since that's the case, I'll take it that everyone is agreeable. Everyone must be curious as to how this camaraderie exercise is conducted. It's very simple, actually. First you introduce yourself and then you exhibit your abilities and skills so that everyone gets a feel of what our comrades are capable of. Battle is the best way to show off skills, so we've decided that all the newcomers will face off against a veteran, all for understanding each other better. No problems?"

Although they had just arrived, and deferred to everyone by default, they longed to prove themselves, and also longed for their comrades to acknowledge themselves. After all, they had all qualified to become dark north soldiers. How could they not feel a bit of pride?

That was why virtually none of the newcomers objected to a face-off against the veterans. In truth, they were not convinced, and they wanted to see how far they were from the experienced bunch. After all, they still chafed a little at the smug and controlling attitude that these seniors had.

"Are we agreed or not? If we are, then no backing out later. Opinions? Remember, this is the Dark Sea Army. Everyone, show some backbone. If you agree now, then don't shrink in cowardice later. Otherwise, everyone will look down on you! After all, even if you don't have ability, you at least must be brave."

The speaker was probably a decarch. He spoke with encouraging passion that drew them into his trap.

"Those brave enough to show your skills, take a step forward and show us!" He finished. The veterans had basically all taken a step forward, looking determined. As for the newcomers, the naive kid Liu Qing stepped out with wild enthusiasm. "A face-off, eh? A chance to show my abilities? What is there to be afraid of? I'll go first!"

With someone leading the way, the other youngsters caught on to his infectious enthusiasm. They had been pressed hard on this journey, and now there was finally a time for them to show off. They all began to step forward. Even those who had hesitated followed suit as well.

The other guy laughed, saying, "Commendable, everyone! Such courage! Everyone is willing to accept the testing. Especially this youth. You're young, but you have already qualified as a dark north soldier. This speaks of your talent and your bright future! Who do you wish to challenge? I forgot to mention that you can pick anyone amongst all of us to challenge. Of course, each person can only be challenged once, so everyone should try to go first."

"No problem! Let's begin! I choose to challenge you!" Liu Qing knew that their representative had to be very strong, but he chose to challenge the expert to bring out the best in himself. He was that type of person.

"Very good!" The person laughed easily, giving Liu Qing a thumbs up. And then he turned to Yuan Xunyu, saying, "Centurion, I like this kid. Can he join my section?"

"No problem," Yuan Xunyu replied lazily, eyes lidded.

"Awesome!" Liu Qing thought.

"Since everyone has agreed, then no one is allowed to change their mind after we begin. Otherwise, you will be looked down on by everyone. I believe that everyone is a genius who can enter the Dark Sea Army, and will at least have this bit of courage, right?"

"Don't worry! All of us will fight! No problem!"

The newcomers were fired up now, and pushed against each other, eager to battle.

The decarch smiled slightly, saying, "Very well then, we begin now. However, just a simple face-off is not exciting enough, and we're afraid that everyone will hold back. According to the traditions of our Dark Sea Army, this clash must be more exciting. Since everyone has just joined the Dark Sea Army, and you might not have much with you, we will set the stake at 100 Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. The loser has to pay the winner, no matter what. This is an ancient tradition, and I trust no one will mind this."

This stunned the newcomers. After all, it was no small sum for them. But... they accepted. It seemed almost disgraceful to object now. Besides, they felt like they would not lose to a bunch of old people.

"If there's no objection, let's begin then. I'll say again - everyone must participate."

Wu Yu obviously knew their trap, but it was an effective one. The enthusiastic newcomers clearly did not think they would lose. And although 100 Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills was a sizable sum, in the end, it was for the camaraderie....

Liu Qing was completely sanguine with it, instantly taking out 100 Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills and laying them on the ground. "Watch me, everyone. My name is Liu Qing, and I'm from the North Pole Province. I have been cultivating for 37 years, and am a first tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator."

He did like to show off, rushing up like that.

The person he had challenged hooted with laughter. "An emerging genius from the North Pole Province, and also a youthful hero. As for me, I am one of the decarches of the Yuan Dark Squad, and my name is Wang Miao. I am a fourth... third tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator. Today, we put friendship first and battle second. I hope everyone enjoys themselves!"

Although this battle was nothing special, and Liu Qing fought well, he still lost to Wang Miao. Wang Miao only used the ability of a third tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator, although Wu Yu knew that he was actually at the fourth tier.

Liu Qing lost his Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills but was still very happy. He bowed to Wang Miao, saying, "Many thanks to Big Brother Wang Miao for the pointers!"

And then he ran happily back to his side.

With him opening the fighting, the rest squabbled over who would go next. Because those who fought earlier had more choices in who they would fight. Although 100 Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills was no small sum, it was also a good chance to display their skills. And they all wanted to take the money away from the old guys....

The subsequent result did not escape Wu Yu's prediction. These people were simply greedy for Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. Although they had poured honey liberally, the trap was still a trap.

Actually, they were basically all stronger than these newcomers. Especially in terms of fighting, there were only a handful amongst the few dozen newcomers who stood a real chance of winning.

They purposely hid their true fighting strength and fought as though they were hard-pressed, before finally defeating their opponents. And when the newcomers were on a losing streak, they would even rig a loss to encourage the newcomers, so that they would continue to hand the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills over....

After all, they would divide them up equally later.

This way, there was continuity, and it would also stimulate the ambition of the newcomers. Even though they knew towards the end that they had lost a huge sum of Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills, there was no way that they could stop them. After all, a majority had already fought, and if they shied away, they would be shamed. How could they remain here afterwards?

This wagering continued for an entire day, and the newcomers fought until their faces turned sullen. But the momentum was unstoppable now. They had finally caught on that the so-called camaraderie was nothing more than a school fee they had to pay. Towards the end, the veterans showed no mercy, slaughtering them.

"These people are despicable, to play us like that!" Liu Qing, who had gone first, had caught on now as well. He had led them into it and was now berating himself to the verge of tears.

This kid was quite a bawler. He had cried a few times today already.

However, it was time for Wu Yu to fight now. Because besides him, everyone else had fought and lost.

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