Chapter 0701: Blood Soul Barracks

Although Princess You Xue was gone, Wu Yu was still the center of attention.

Their joy of becoming dark north soldiers had been diluted by half thanks to Wu Yu. Especially those who did not know Wu Yu's status and ability - they felt humiliation and resentment.

To think that they had spent so many years working hard, while this Yan Huang tribesman had not even passed a test.

This huge difference was hard to bear for them.

Above, a few centurions stood. Black Skeleton casually assigned them. Of these 300, there were good and bad ones, but the military was just like that. If one was competent, then they might eventually rise above the centurion, and some would not be useful to the centurion. Therefore, they hoped for obedient, law-abiding ones.

For example, some of them knew of Wu Yu's ability. If Wu Yu entered their detail, how could they possibly control him?

Therefore, the centurions were all praying that Wu Yu would not come to their command, or there would be endless trouble for them.

Black Skeleton acted decisively.

"Liu Qing, with centurion Yuan Xunyu."

This was how their names were called, and a big part of these new dark north soldiers' futures were decided.

One's future depended on which centurion you followed. There was definitely a difference. Some centurions were at the fifth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, while some were at the sixth, so there was also variation in their abilities.

For example, this centurion called Yuan Xunyu. He was the one who had doubted Wu Yu and then gotten slapped for it. He was probably one of those who was less informed about the news, or had been secluded for some time. That was why he had not heard of Wu Yu's status or his exploits at the Immortal City of Northern Frost.

This Yuan Xunyu was a burly, black fatty. He had an unlikable, pudgy face, and also lowered his head at this point sullenly. He was probably still simmering from the slap. After all, he felt like he had spoken the truth.

"This kid, I don't know where he popped out from to curry such a relationship with Princess You Xue. If he lands in my hands, I'll kill him!" As Yuan Xunyu thought darkly, the few hundred people had been assigned. Finally, only Wu Yu remained. Black Skeleton looked back and sought out Yuan Xunyu. "Wu Yu, with centurion Yuan Xunyu."

"Yuan Xunyu, didn't you say the wrong thing just now? Now's your chance to make amends. Acquit yourself well," Black Skeleton said quietly. Yuan Xunyu did not understand. What was he supposed to do?

"That's right, this chiliarch must be unhappy with this Yan Huang tribesman. But because of Princess You Xue, he could not express it. But the Dark Sea Army has Dark Sea Army rules. Right now, he's in the Dark Sea Army, and I am his commanding centurion. In that case, he is no different in status from an ordinary dark north soldier. I have total control over him! As long as I follow the rules, I am protected by the Dark Sea Army, and there will be no problems, right?"

He would not forget that slap. It had been too humiliating, especially before all these new recruits.

"Alright. From now on, all of you are officially part of the Dark Sea Army. You have become respectable dark north soldiers, do your ancestors proud! And now, follow your centurions back to your own camps! Remember that all of us are under the same dark north general's flag. We are all people of the Blood Soul Barracks. Of course, our dark north general has already been promoted. Soon, we will have a new dark north general to lead us. Everyone, wait for that!"

In the Dark Sea Army, only 10,000 people led by a dark north general could be called a barracks. Black Skeleton currently belonged to the Blood Soul Barracks. The Blood Soul Barracks also had other chiliarchs.

After Black Skeleton finished speaking, the centurions moved off, heading towards the Blood Soul Barracks. The Blood Soul Barracks was a small part of the Dark Sea Encampment. There were 10,000 people stationed there. Although it was a small portion, it was still huge. They had complete facilities for cultivation and battles, and had a strict reward and punishment system. There were many rules that decreed how one should be rewarded, and how harsh the punishments should be for each violation.

Along the way, Wu Yu saw that the dark north soldiers wearing suits of Dark Sea Battle Armor had the looks of hardened killers. When dozens of them gathered together, it was a chilling sight. The Yan Dragon Army that had appeared at the Dong Sheng Divine Continent had given him the same feeling.

"If there are 10,000 such Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators charging on the battlefield, it is indeed an awesome sight." Wu Yu had come from a military background, and such a fighting force had been his wish. Of course, his 1,000 clones were already very strong as well. Now that they had been raised to the strongest level, he could master 10,000 clones if he reached the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

The Dark Sea Army was a very gloomy and cold place. The bone-biting wind howled, bringing spiritual qi with it. The newcomers to the Dark Sea Encampment had already put the matter of Wu Yu aside. They looked about in awe.

After all, this was the place of their dreams, and today was the day that their dreams had come true.

Here, the greatest difference from mortal kingdoms was that an army of martial cultivators had both men and women. It was not like in mortal armies, where only men could fight. Therefore, both genders walked equally in this camp, and the women in military outfit were tall and slender, with beautiful complexions and a heroic air about them. It was a unique and memorable attraction.

Anytime a beauty walked past, she would turn many heads.

The Dark Sea Encampment did not restrict dao companionship, which was why there were many dao companions between dark north soldiers. The dao companions within the Dark Sea Army were especially envied.

The newcomers were naturally outgoing, and some could not resist chatting up the beauties. This was a contest that was at once overt and covert.

Wu Yu was in a group with a few dozen people. They were all within Yuan Xunyu's squad, which did not have many people originally. It was said that they had met with a major incident recently, which was why there were many newcomers.

A centurion in the Dark Sea Army was a high position. Now that Black Skeleton was not around, Yuan Xunyu was the absolute leader of this group. He walked in front, bellowing at the top of his lungs, "From today onwards, you are all Dark Sea Army soldiers. This is a great honor, a privilege to defend the Dark North Capital. The dream of every Dark North Kingdom citizen! You have succeeded in what is the dream of too many. You are to be envied! But at this time, I have to give you all a good knock on the head! Listen up!'

Seeing everyone rapt with attention, he continued, satisfied, "Let me tell you! An army is an army! It's different from wherever you came from. Here, you will absolutely obey orders and submit to military law! Matters forbidden by the Dark Sea Army cannot be done, no matter what! As for the army rules, I will have you repeat them until you have them memorized once we get to the Blood Soul Barracks! Especially the penalties for breaking the rules. You will be crystal clear on them. Hear me now. There are no exceptions in the Dark Sea Army, no matter your position. Do your own duty well. Accomplishments will be rewarded. Infractions, no matter who they are from, will face swift justice. Even for those brought in by Princess You Xue!"

As he spoke, no one dared to say anything. Some sneaked looks over at Wu Yu during the final comments directed especially at him. Wu Yu also looked back at Yuan Xunyu. This man was a fool, to still hold that grudge against Wu Yu. He could definitely enforce the rules, but there was no need for a special warning.

"Perhaps he does not recognize me, and thinks that I am a normal Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator." Wu Yu could only rationalize it this way.

Actually, he had no intention of remaining at the bottom level of the Dark Sea Army for long. He wanted to rise to higher positions, to welcome the highest of challenges! That was what would be helpful for him.

They passed too many different barracks to count. Each barracks housed 10,000, and they were all at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. Wu Yu understood why the people here would look down on the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

This was just like how he had also looked down on the farmers from small villages back when he was at Capital Wu.

The entire Dark Sea Encampment had a baleful look to it. Dark clouds rolled through the sky as though black dragons were swimming above. 

They finally reached the Blood Soul Barracks. It was called a barracks, but it was not like those of the mortal kingdoms. Instead, it was closer to Yan Huang Imperial City. Inside was an uncountable number of palaces, all of which were furnished so that each person could have their own palace. They were all equipped with spirit designs so that no one besides the assigned owner could force entry. Of course, this excluded the top-level superiors.

Within the Blood Soul Barracks, there were many crimson palaces that lent to the baleful ambience. Many of the dark north soldiers were either out on missions or cultivating. Those with nothing to do did not want to be seen loitering around either, which was why there were not many people around. Yuan Xunyu had a respected position here as well, which was why ordinary dark north soldiers they came across would salute him.

"Newcomers again."

"They came with centurion Yuan Xunyu."

"The old men by his side are unreasonable to the extreme. All newcomers will be ragged. It seems like these guys are all young and tender lambs. It's going to be a good show."

"Besides, centurion Yuan Xunyu never cares about it. Rather, he feels that a harsh lesson will inspire them to work harder, make them more docile, and enjoy the Dark Sea Army. Haha...."

As they walked through the dark Blood Soul Barracks, they finally reached the territory of Yuan Xunyu. A centurion's men were known as a squad, so Wu Yu was now part of the Yuan Dark Squad. 

Of course, he did not think that he would spend much time here in the Yuan Dark Squad.

When the group walked into the Yuan Dark Squad palace, there was a wide open plaza a few hundred li wide. They had just walked in when they heard a ghostly howl. There were already a few dozen dark north soldiers waiting for the newcomers....

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