Chapter 0700: Black Skeleton

There were many dark north soldiers training near the entrance of the camp. After hearing that the Princess had arrived, even the strictly disciplined dark north soldiers could not resist a look.

Princess You Xue was seldom seen here.

She was the woman with one of the most noble births in the entire Dark North Tribe. Of course, she was the center of attention. When they saw You Xue, many had admiring and reverent expressions.

The news was that the Dark Sea Emperor was looking for a dao companion for Princess You Xue, and every average youth dreamed about it. A pity that there were more excellent choices than themselves.

That was why they could only dream.

And Wu Yu, behind her, was very quickly noticed as well. After all, Wu Yu was too different from them. His bloodline and body were too fiery, a heat unsuited for the Dark North Tribe.

Some had heard of  Wu Yu's name before.

His name and identity soon spread amongst them.

"Dong Sheng Divine Continent? The Demon Sealing Continent? People actually live there?"

"I heard that it became a barren land after the sealing, completely sparse. And the experts who resided there all came to the Yan Huang Ancient Region. Right now, only the progeny of the untalented remain there."

"I've heard of this Wu Yu before. He entered the Taigu Immortal Path recently, and Princess You Xue went to the Immortal City of Northern Frost personally to receive him. He even defeated the eldest grandson of Minister Yin, Yin Xuan."

"Impossible! That person clearly doesn't even have a Primordial Spirit! His Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy can't be strong enough!"

The appearance of the two stirred a huge debate amongst the dark north soldiers. If not for a few higher ranking soldiers glaring at the noisiest ones, the murmurs would have only grown louder.

"Quit staring, back to work!"

In a flash, Wu Yu and Princess You Xue had disappeared before their eyes.

The Hidden Dragon Palace was near to the entrance, and the two arrived before long. The Hidden Dragon Palace was huge, and could hold tens of thousands of people. But there would rarely be so many people. From above, one could see that many structures were strictly warded off with spirit designs, as well as different terrains. These places were harsh testing grounds.

"I heard that there are more than 1,000 testing grounds in the Hidden Dragon Palace, ranging from all sorts of difficulties. These testing grounds are the nightmare of all dark north soldiers. All who wish to enter the Dark Sea Army begin here. However, you have the personal item of my royal uncle, so you can directly enlist as a dark north soldier without these tests."

But the testing for a dark north soldier posed no threat to Wu Yu, and he did not really mind either way.

"To make 1,000 testing grounds... It shows that the Dark Sea Army is very strict indeed."

Within the Hidden Dragon Palace, there was a large, black courtyard. Suddenly, voices rang out, as though a good number of people were shouting something. Princess You Xue brought Wu Yu in. A few dark north soldiers at the entrance dared not stop them, seeing that it was the famous Princess You Xue.

"Princess? May I ask the Princess' reason for coming to the Hidden Dragon Palace? They are currently conducting a swearing-in...."

Before the person finished speaking, You Xue brought Wu Yu through long corridors and a few palaces. The huge, black courtyard was paved with black bricks with spiritual marks. They shone in the dark light.

Looking out, there were a few hundred people standing in the open space. They were all trending young and were not wearing the Dark Sea Army's armor. Everyone looked tired but happy, some even looked hyped. Without question, this was the most glorious time of their lives so far.

Clearly, they had all just passed through many difficulties and trials, and had finally been awarded the status of dark north soldier. That was why many of them were excited, and the whoops they had heard from outside had come from these initiates as well.

Before them, there were a few people wearing the Dark Sea Army armor. They were presumably the invigilators, and they were young to middle-aged.

"Princess You Xue?"

When they entered, the oath ceremony naturally faltered as everyone turned around. The hundreds of people turned to see who it was. When they spotted the legendary Princess You Xue, their blood was fired. Blushing, widening eyes, disbelief. They could not believe that they would get the chance to meet someone as legendary as Princess You Xue the moment they became dark north soldiers.

She was of noble status, and everyone naturally paid their respects. Here in the Dark North Kingdom, Wu Yu would rarely be the first one to be noticed.

And these new dark north soldiers were mostly first tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

"Luckily, there's a new batch of dark north soldiers. You can just join them directly." You Xue conferred with Wu Yu.

"No problem." Wu Yu nodded.

Those in front had also spotted the two. One of them caught Wu Yu's attention. His black armor was stained with blood, and his face and hands were extremely gaunt. He looked like a shriveled corpse, and his skin was darker as well, even emitting black gas at times. His eyes were an oily shade of green that was rather unnerving.

If he understood correctly, this person was a ghostly cultivator. Of course, the Dark North Kingdom condemned ghostly cultivation. But if someone insisted on ghostly cultivation, and was willing to serve, that was no big deal. That was why this person could rise to become a chiliarch in the Dark Sea Army.

From his ability and status, Wu Yu guessed that this person was an eighth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator or so.

He was the main organizer of the dark north soldier qualifiers this time around. You Xue was a little hesitant after seeing this person. She told Wu Yu, "This person's name is Black Skeleton. He uses ghostly cultivation and has an evil reputation. Even I have heard of his name. He is willing to do much of the dirty work that others are unwilling to take up. His reputation isn't too good. How about we find another chiliarch...."

A dark north soldier required a chiliarch to vouch for them to be chosen.

Wu Yu said, "No need. He will do." Just this person alone did not intimidate Wu Yu.

At this time, Black Skeleton and his centurions were kneeling before Princess You Xue. Black Skeleton's voice was hoarse, as though he had not drank any water for a few decades. In a contemplative and unhurried voice, he asked, "May I ask if Black Skeleton could do anything for the Princess?"

Princess You Xue was direct as well. She took out the talisman that You Shang had given her and tossed it to Black Skeleton, saying, "This is a personal object from my Royal Uncle which recommends this Wu Yu beside me into the Dark Sea Army. When we entered, you were in the midst of your own selection. Let him enter this squad as a dark north soldier. Black Skeleton, any objections?"

After hearing this, Black Skeleton looked up at Wu Yu, and his gaunt face creased into a smile. "Naturally, I have no objections to the personal object of the army general. It would be Black Skeleton's honor to accept this person."

He had no way to object. This was You Shang's recommendation.

It was called a recommendation, but it was actually an order.

But this exchange displeased many who were present. After all, Wu Yu was different from them. As expected, one centurion behind Black Skeleton asked doubtfully, "Princess, this Wu Yu is a Yan Huang tribesman. How can he be allowed to join the Dark Sea Army? That's forbidden, isn't it.... After all, the Dark Sea Army guards the Dark North Capital. This Yan Huang Ancient Country person...."

Before he finished speaking, Black Skeleton whirled to deliver a backhand slap to his face, knocking the person over and sending him tumbling a good few rounds. Black Skeleton said quietly, "You dare to doubt the army general's decision? Tired of life, are you?"

The person hurriedly apologized.

Only now did the attention turn to Wu Yu. They had heard of his name before, and curiosity grew.

However, there were also those who had never heard of Wu Yu's name before, and did not know who he was. Of the group, one brave youth who had reached the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm at a tender age burst into a rage. "On what basis!? Isn't the Dark Sea Army the fairest and most rigorous of them all!? We worked hard to pass many trials, and spent many years testing and risking our lives. All to become a dark north soldier. How can this person enter directly? I am not convinced...."

He did not speak loudly, but many people heard him.

"Liu Qing, shut up!" Someone beside him hurriedly stopped him. Only then did he realize that he had spoken out loud.

Wu Yu could also see that this youth was quite adorable. He had simply said what many were wondering themselves. Of course, these people did not know what Wu Yu was capable of.

They could only see that this person was a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, and not at all at the standard of a dark north soldier.

"50 slaps to your own mouth and then get out of the Dark Sea Army," Black Skeleton coldly ordered.

An immediate outpouring of unspoken sympathy followed. The Dark Sea Army had been his dream, and he had labored hard to get here. Who would have thought that a casual remark on the day his dream came through would see him kicked out.

To Liu Qing, the weather had suddenly turned stormy. His face drained of color, as he stared at Black Skeleton, horror-struck.

Princess You Xue stepped forward at this time, saying: "No. Don't make things difficult for him."

Black Skeleton abruptly changed his tone. "What are you waiting for? Thank the princess."

At urgings from those beside him, Liu Qing knelt on the ground, kowtowing to Princess You Xue. He was also very afraid. His dream had almost been shattered here. At this time, his eyes filled with tears, and he could only hold his shame and tears.

Wu Yu looked at him and dismissed him out of mind. He knew that many would not be convinced, but these dark north soldiers were not his rivals.

"Since that's the case, I leave Wu Yu to you. He will abide by the rules of the Dark Sea Army, but I do not wish anyone to treat him differently." Princess You Xue looked around, and finally took her leave after exchanging a final look with Wu Yu. They had core-tail talismans, so they could part. Although she was still a little unwilling, Wu Yu still bade her leave. It was not sustainable for him to always remain by her side.

After You Xue left, everyone stared agog at Wu Yu.

Black Skeleton coughed. "Alright, now I will divide you up under these centurions."  

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