Chapter 0070: Great Way of Immortality Art

Immortality was the point of cultivating dao!

Wu Yu's heart continued to sing.

Ming Long stared at his trance-like state with some alarm. She thought to herself, "Although this kid is quite vapid, it’s exactly because he is dumb that his thoughts are clear and pure. He has just condensed his qi, but he has already shrugged off the glamor. With such strength of will, he can be guided to immortality. Such a character is a perfect fit for the chosen one of the Ruyi Jingu Bang, which had been a huge clash with myself!"

"Senior Ming Long, please impart the Great Way of Immortality Art to me."

Wu Yu's eyes were filled with resolve, and he turned to look steadily at Ming Long.

He was very grateful to Ming Long. This night, he had found the true purpose of life!

To achieve dao and become an Immortal!

To have the lifespan of heaven itself!

To surpass the five affinities of heaven and earth and be unkillable!

To be a god who existed forever.

He was afraid of death. He did not want to die.

"It is not easy to become immortal. This road has a million setbacks. I myself was counted close to success, but I made a misstep and was plunged into this eternal torture. An existence not worth living, but unable to ask for death. Prepare yourself today, that you might end up consigned to eternal damnation like myself."

The little girl, Ming Long, suddenly sobered up. Her solemn words shook Wu Yu as well.

"Senior, I promise you. If I am fortunate enough to become an immortal, then I will find a way for you to be reincarnated."

"Good. As long as you remember it. Also, don't call me ‘Senior.’ It's a damned pain on my ears."

"Then how should I address you?"

Wu Yu was now very respectful towards her. After all, she was the previous owner of the Ruyi Jingu Bang, and might be the one to show him the way in the future.

Ming Long racked her brains for a long time, then she muttered, "How to address me? Granny? That's alright for calling myself, but it's downright disgusting for others to call me that. This girl hasn't even gotten married yet. Old Mother? But I don't want such a cheap son. Then......"

After a long time, she was stomping around in indecision. Finally, she hit on something. "Since back in the day Granny ruled the world and had no equal, you can address me as 'Almighty Dainty Beauty!’"


Wu Yu's vision darkened. Although it was ridiculously painful to utter, he would do it for the Great Way of Immortality Art.

"Then, er, Almighty Dainty Beauty...."

"What is it, ugly human?" Ming Long angled her head loftily.

"Impart the Great Way of Immortality Art to me."

"Praise me first."

"You're devastatingly beautiful. That lithe figure, that...."

He could not continue. Wu You was still tied up, and his worry was getting the better of him. Otherwise, conversing with this Ming Long would have been rather entertaining.

"Alright that's enough. No more teasing."

The Great Way of Immortality Art.

The first step was for Wu Yu to transform his first spiritual source, to create the Immortal Power of the Great Way. To fashion an even more complete spiritual source.

In the future, developing new spiritual sources would directly utilize the Great Way of Immortality Art.

As Ming Long mouthed the passages of incantation, Wu Yu realized that it was very distinct from Invincible Vajra Body.

Broadly speaking, the Invincible Vajra Body was more dominating and destructive and even had a chaotic will to it.

But the Great Way of Immortality Art was more orthodox and proper. It resonated with the heavens. It was one of the cleanest dao ways in the world.

"A dao created by one yin and one yang."

"The Great Way is perfection."

Following Ming Long's recitation, Wu Yu was very quickly immersed in the world of the Great Way of Immortality Art.

Although cultivating it did not equate to an increase in spiritual power, it was a seed that set up a more beautiful beginning.

Just like how Wu Yu had used the Invincible Vajra Body to complete the Body Refining Realm elegantly.

The Great Way of Immortality Art was even richer, with a myriad of variations.

Spiritual power swirled within the Chest Meridian. Under the direction of the incantations, it underwent a mystical transformation.

"You have already successfully condensed your qi, so it will be a little easier."

What Wu Yu was currently doing was only the initiation into the art. It was not even that of a novice's level.

"This opens a path to the most pure Immortal Dao.

"The true dao!"

In the vortex of spiritual power, one type of spiritual power continued to change under the influence of the Great Way of Immortality Art. As it continued to be directed, he actually felt it dividing into two, and then the two types fused and became something new.

"The rate of spiritual power regeneration is indeed terrific."

As the saying went, the clash between yin and yang was the origin of all things.

Within his spiritual power, there was the hard quality of yang, and also the soft quality of yin.

The hard power of yang was violent and intense, just like A Staff to Ascension. The soft power of yin was enigmatic, with a hundred variations, and marvellous dao techniques.

Of course, to the layman, spiritual power was spiritual power. It was a whole, with no distinction between yin and yang.

But Wu Yu was different. Perhaps he was unique in the world.

His spiritual source churned with spiritual power. But under the shaping of the Great Way of Immortality Art, he had both a yang flow and a yin flow!

Both merged and separated. Through this process, more spiritual power was created. Wu Yu's spiritual source teemed with spiritual power, moving at thrice its previous pace.

"In terms of spiritual power quality, it seems even more refined and sophisticated. It even has a marvellous quality that I myself cannot fully comprehend. This Immortal Power of the Great Way is so much better than normal spiritual power."

Of course, this did not count the fact that others also used Qi Condensation Spiritual Arts, and their power could surpass the Immortal Power of the Great Way.

But the unique quality of Immortal Power of the Great Way was not just in raw strength, but in its foundation. The division into yin and yang generated terrifying regenerative abilities. The sophistication and purity was at a sublime level. It also laid down splendid foundations for Wu Yu's future efforts to become an immortal!

Wu Yu was completely immersed in that mystical world for the entire day.

He seemed to have come to an endless sky of stars. Each was a nebula of spiritual power. The vortexes of spiritual power divided into yin and yang, spewing out prodigious quantities of spiritual power. Each drop was like a sun....


Wu Yu wrenched his eyes open.

A day had passed. He quickly looked towards the direction of the city.

Wu You was still tied there. She had not eaten or drank for the whole day. This was taking a huge toll on her body. Her face was already pale, and her mouth parched. She was like a fresh flower wilting under the heat of the day.


Wu Yu stood up. He gave himself a once-over. That was truly wonderful. It had raised Wu Yu's potential infinitely.

The Immortal Power of the Great Way was ceaseless. Paired with Invincible Vajra Body, Wu Yu had become even more resilient. Although his fighting power was not much stronger than it was a day before, in terms of mental will, Wu Yu had been given a considerable shot of courage.

Previously, he felt that he had been born to a modest position, and unable to compare with the privileged, such as Jiang Junlin.

But now, he felt in his bones that he was of a higher position.

"Why are you going?"

Ming Long appeared before him. She stretched lazily and gave a big yawn, as though she had just woken up.

"I have to save my sister."

Seeing Wu You's suffering, he could not endure it any longer. Even without any confidence, he had to go.


Ming Long sniggered. "Although the enemy is also a small fry, you still can't hope to compare, can you? Have your brains taken leave of your skull? You want to die so badly? Granny went through all that trouble to snag a greenhorn like you. You think I'll let you go and die so easily after we just met?"

Although her words were painful to hear, they were true. The way she said them, it seemed like she had a plan to help him. Wu Yu hurriedly asked, "Do you have a way to help me save my sister?"

Ming Long angled her head and said proudly, "This matter? Of course I do."

"Tell me."

"Very simple. Strike a deal with me."

Another deal....

This Ming Long had been trapped inside the Ruyi Jingu Bang all this time. She would probably be with Wu Yu for a long time. Wu Yu had already acknowledged her presence, and also prepared himself for a long relationship.

But she was not so easy to deal with....

"What do you want?"

Ming Long heaved a laugh. "The deal this time is regarding my life after reincarnation. You know what the God's Way Pill is?

"No idea."

"That's for the best. I have a way to help you consolidate your second spiritual source in a short amount of time, but you'll owe me a God's Way Pill. The day I come back to life, you must hand a God's Way Pill over to me.

"How will I know if I will have this God's Way Pill?"

"Relax. If you can help me come back to life, then you will definitely have a God's Way Pill," Ming Long said reasonably.

Actually, she was celebrating inside. "I'm almost too clever to make bargains this way. Just for a small bit of help, I can actually get a God's Way Pill! What a steal! I'll be rich!"

Wu Yu was seized by his doubts.

Making such deals with her was disadvantageous to him because he had no idea what a God's Way Pill was. He had no idea how important it might be, and if he would eventually regret handing it over to her.

"Forget it. Besides, she's a pitiful person. And she has imparted so much to me. If not for her, who knows when I could achieve . Moreover, Sister's life is paramount now."

This was the breakthrough that Wu Yu needed most now.

He nodded. "Alright. The deal is struck. I owe you a God's Way Pill. Speak. How do I do it?"

Ming Long was so excited, she leapt into the air. She was about to whoop, but hastily turned it into a cough upon seeing Wu Yu's serious expression. She adopted a serious face and said, "That... you have to leave this place for a day."


In that day's time, he could not watch over Wu You.

This was a wager.

"And then?"

"I was actually already beginning to awaken when you just started to condense your qi. I followed you to Raw Sun Mountain Range, where the two of them retrieved the Lifegiving Fruit. But the roots of that thing is no common object either. Although it is poisonous, it is very effective. You have to go and take it. That thing can help you attain the second spiritual source of qi condensation."

No time to lose.

Wu Yu agonized over this for a while. Even if it was a day, he still had to go. After all, this was already a gamble.

"I'll go."

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