Chapter 0699: Dark Sky General

Although they had already left the Dark North Royal Palace, the reincarnation of Prince Le and the others still weighed uneasily on Wu Yu's mind.

Perhaps only he, who had re-entered the tomb, knew how unbelievable such a thing was.

He and Princess You Xue sped along the streets of the Dark North Capital.

The Dark North Capital was too huge. Even though this was where the super experts and countless geniuses of the Dark North Kingdom congregated, Wu Yu had only seen a few hundred people in their entire journey so far.

The majority of people were either cultivating in seclusion or browsing in the shops along the streets. The shops here sold only the finest marvels, and the best dao techniques and mystiques. As for dao treasures, they were everywhere.

It almost seemed like if people spotted a Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pill on the ground, they would ignore it.

"Actually, the majority of people here are cultivating in seclusion. If there is a major festival or event, the Dark North Capital is actually pretty crowded. Those outside can even gain the opportunity to enter the Dark North Capital," You Xue said.

To Wu Yu, this vast majesty took his breath away, and the reincarnation of Prince Le was pushed from his mind. He was interested in admiring one of the most core places in the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

The Dark North Capital hid many secrets - palaces where the spiritual qi was bounteous, or secret locations warded with spirit designs. These places probably hid many experts.

The marvelous and complex spirit designs were everywhere.

"The Dark Sea Encampment takes up one-third of the entire territory of the Dark North Capital. Even though the Dark North Capital seems rather desolate, the Dark Sea Encampment is a lively place."

You Xue told Wu Yu as they headed for their destination.

"Are you sure you won't stay at the Dark North Royal Palace for a while more? You'll go directly to the Dark Sea Army?" You Xue asked in surprise. She had thought that Wu Yu would stay at Dark North Royal Palace for a while.

Wu Yu shook his head. "There are too many experts at the Dark North Royal Palace. There's no sense of security there."

After entering the Dark North Royal Palace, he could clearly feel that there were too many experts just lurking around. Although they had not revealed themselves, he could feel many eyes on him. It was not only You Shang who was terrifying.

As for the Dark Sea Army, You Shang was the army general, and therefore there would not be anyone stronger or more fearsome than he.

"Alright then. If you need any help while you are in the Dark Sea Army, let me know with the core-tail talisman immediately," You Xue said.

Before she knew it, she had come to genuinely care for Wu Yu's safety. Of course, if Wu Yu truly lost his life, she would die too....

"Sure thing. But I think I can handle myself. All I need is your status. That will free you up as well. Once I go to the Dark Sea Army, you can focus and return to your previous cultivation rhythm as well." Princess You Xue's conduct in this time had pleased Wu Yu well. In truth, she had really helped Wu Yu out a lot.

You Xue nodded obediently.

After a while, she said, "The Dark Sea Army has an extremely fair punishment and reward system, and there are also cultivation resources that everyone can trade for. Those who perform well will gain favored nurturing. For you, it is truly a place for challenge."

Wu Yu understood this. The Dark Sea Army was similar to the Yan Huang Immortal Army, although it was even more strict and military-like than the Yan Huang Immortal Army.

"Since you’ve just arrived, you cannot reach a commander rank, even with the army general's recommendation. You can only begin from the lowest dark north soldier rank. However, given your ability, you can definitely rise quickly. Because there are two things needed to rise in the Dark Sea Army. Firstly, ability. Secondly, merits. The combination of ability and accomplishments will help you rise. Right now, you lack merits, although your ability is actually way above that of the average dark north soldier. Therefore, even if you are lagging behind in merits, you can quickly rise to a high status. Given your current strength, none of the centurions in the Dark Sea Army are your match."

The Dark Sea Army had an illustrious history. Through all the years, the system had been refined, and fighting ability and merits were both calculated very strictly. Ordinarily, one needed both conditions to rise. However, if one was truly godlike in one aspect, rising was not a problem.

"Ordinary dark north soldiers must be at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm at least. They are often nurtured from young and then rise from the reserves. When they reach the third tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm or so, they can become a decarch, as long as their merits are outstanding. They will lead a small squad of 10 people."

This meant that the Imperial General could only be a decarch here....

As for the decarches of the Dark Sea Army, there were just too many.

You Xue continued, "At the fifth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, one can rise to be a centurion, leading 100 people, as long as one's merits keep up. A centurion is already considered a very high level.

"And then, at the seventh tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, with exemplary merits and reputation, having accomplished significant things before, and having a pure character, one can become a chiliarch and lead 1,000 people. One would have an even more elevated status. In the Dark North Kingdom, a chiliarch of the Dark Sea Army is much higher ranked than a chiliarch of the provincial guard."

Given Wu Yu's current strength, he was already unbeatable amongst the centurions. As for the chiliarchs, they were still capable in their own ways. Ordinarily, the chiliarchs of the Dark Sea Army had been cultivating for 250 years or so, and were already saturated and could not break through any further.

Although they were all called centurions in name, the centurions of the Dark Sea Army were a different caliber from the centurions of the Yan Huang Immortal Army.

Heaven and earth.

After all, the dark north soldiers were gate guards, and already at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, on par with the Seven Immortals of Shushan. It was a completely different conversation.

One could only imagine just how terrifying the might of the Dark Sea Army was....

Princess You Xue continued, "Above the chiliarchs, those at the ninth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm and above, with superb accomplishments and a personal testing from the army general, can become dark north generals and lead an army of 10,000. From what I know, Duan Yi can probably become a dark north general immediately when he comes to the Dark Sea Army. After all, he is already the Li Heavenly General of the provincial guard. That, too, can be considered an accomplishment."

Duan Yi?

If You Xue had not mentioned him, Wu Yu would have forgotten him. He now recalled that Duan Yi was going to come to the Dark Sea Army as well.

Actually, there was a position above dark north general called dark sea general. Dark sea generals rose from the ranks of the dark north generals. They had to be at the Dao Querying Realm, and they would control a 100,000-strong army. They would have 10 dark north generals under them.

But dark sea generals were still not the highest rank. There was the dark sky general. Dark sky generals needed prodigious power, and it was said that one had to go through one dao crisis at least. There were not many in the entire Dark Sea Army, and they reported directly to You Shang. It was the highest rank under the army general. Every dark sky general was a famous person within the Dark North Kingdom.

Right now, Wu Yu only wanted to quickly get to the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. This Dark North, Sea, Sky general business was too far for him, and unreachable.

After agonizing for a long time, he finally put the Prince Le affair to the back of his mind.

He felt a lot better after doing so. After thinking of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, and the considerable transformation that would accompany it, he felt the thrill of anticipation.

"I hope that the Dark Sea Army can help me undergo a life-changing metamorphosis!"

As he thought this, You Xue said, "Actually, because the Eight Main Armies and the Dark Sea Army mainly guard the Dark North Capital, there are few missions and basically no wars. However, an army needs battle training, which is why Royal Uncle has designed many challenges used to hone the troops. You will be clearer after you enter. I'm not too sure myself. But there seems to be a Taigu Immortal Path-like space, although it is not as huge. There are some creatures inside that you can fight with and earn merits."

"Space?" This was something that Wu Yu had not thought of. However, an army indeed required constant honing in order to preserve its fighting strength. This was why he had come to the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

As they spoke, they arrived at the Dark Sea Encampment.

The Dark North Tribe's ancestors had demarcated one-third of the Dark North Capital's land just to nurture the Dark Sea Army. Standing at the entrance of this base, Wu Yu's reaction was strong surprise. He looked out on a sprawl of palaces under the shadow of dark, gloomy clouds. The air was thick with killing intent that made one's hair stand on end. At the doors to the base, there were two huge, black dragon statues, carved in life-like manner. There were many flags planted around them, which displayed the black dragon that was the mark of the Dark Sea Army.

The camp before them was like a huge slaughter ground.

As expected of the haven of the Dark North Tribe - frosty air filled the place. Regardless of gender, they all had a cool air to them. Their figures were all slender, their eyes hard. Perhaps this was connected to the soil in the Dark North Emperor Continent. Even the soil here was black and hard, and the temperature was low. If not for the fact that they were all cultivators, they would die. Ordinary mortals could not possibly survive here.

In the dimly lit cold, the camp appeared even more morose. Wu Yu's burning body glowed like a blaze, and he was extremely ostentatious here.

"Princess!" When Princess You Xue appeared, the dark north soldiers at the gates knelt in deference. After You Xue allowed them to rise, they did. These Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm guards had cold eyes as well. They looked tough, much tougher than the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators at the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

"May I inquire as to what the Princess' business at Dark Sea Encampment is? Is there anything that we may do for you?" an elder very quickly asked.

"No need. I will go to the Hidden Dragon Palace. I know the way and require no escort." You Xue passed them, bringing Wu Yu in with her.

The Hidden Dragon Palace was where every new dark north soldier was born. Because it was the testing ground and reserve soldiers from all over the kingdom came here for testing. Some were eliminated, and only the good ones were allowed to remain.

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