Chapter 0698: Life and Death is Up to Fate

Now that it had happened, they naturally believed that everyone had to be mistaken. Prince Le and the others must have had some miraculous fortune after entering the golden coffin.

This news made Yan Qing overjoyed, while the others were unaffected by the news. After questioning You Xue, there was nothing else to discuss.

As for Yan Qing, he did not want to stay here. The outcome had been revealed, and questioning Wu Yu had yielded no answers. He prepared to head back and to ask about news of Prince Le back at the Yan Huang Ancient Country. There would definitely be more information there.

He took a final look at Wu Yu. "Remember. You are not allowed to go to the Yan Huang Ancient Country from now on."

He turned to You Shang. "Don't bother seeing me off. I'm leaving."

"Then we will not keep you any longer as well. We will take our leave." Jian Dongjing and the others also turned to leave after giving their farewells. All four disappeared before long.

They were all people of eminent status, so there was no worry that they would cause trouble in the Dark North Kingdom.

After they left, Wu Yu was still deep in gloomy thought.

Ming Long said, "You couldn't think your way through this anyway. So forget about it. Many people didn't see his corpse, and there's no way to confirm if they're really dead. If you say anything different at this point, then Prince Le will definitely watch you. Don't you think it's creepy being watched by that kind of guy? So it's best not to come under suspicion for anything regarding Prince Le."

"Understood." Wu Yu calmed down. He was getting used to this fact that was, to him, impossible.

Now that the others had left, You Shang walked back into the Dark North Hall and said, "Come in, both of you."

Now that the guests had left, he was going to settle the matter of Wu Yu and Princess You Xue.

Wu Yu recovered his wits regarding the matter of Prince Le. Prince Le was too far from him now, so it was useless to think about it. He had best watch out for himself right now.

You Shang returned to his black throne and looked down at Princess You Xue and Wu Yu from above. His face was emotionless and difficult to read. He asked, "Let me first ask you something. Did you see Prince Le die with your own eyes?"

Princess You Xue said what she had said before. "I thought he had died, but it seems like a miracle has happened."

Wu Yu concurred. "Perhaps that is so. The Taigu Immortal Path is a mysterious place after all."

"Alright. That's others' business. Let's leave it aside. If anyone else asks, you can just reply that way," You Shang said without much emotion, but there was a feeling that he was treating Wu Yu as one of their own.

He looked at the two and said, "Wu Yu, since you already said before Yan Qing that you would work on behalf of the Dark North Kingdom, and the Yan Huang Ancient Country has also barred your entry, then are you willing to work in good faith on behalf of the Dark North Kingdom from now on?"

After all, Wu Yu was a young genius who had astounding potential. He was probably as talented as Princess You Xue.

He did not expect Wu Yu to shake his head. He said, "Actually.... I don't want to work on behalf of the Dark North Kingdom. I only want to work for Princess You Xue. She helped me, and I will serve her. As long as she does not chase me away, I will not leave here."

Princess You Xue also said, "Uncle, don't make things difficult for him. It's very simple. He's a friend with nowhere to go. So we will help him with what we can. With his help, there will be a response for whatever I do. Don't bully him."

Her tone was coy and wheedling, and difficult to go against. This was her unique weapon.

However, You Shang was not buying it this time. He said, "Leave us first. I need a private word with him."

"No." Princess You Xue was worried that he would do something to Wu Yu, and hurriedly objected.

"Be good, You Xue, or I will have to tell your father," You Shang said sternly.

There were some things that You Shang had to personally warn him about, and Wu Yu knew it. He was not afraid that You Shang would do anything to him, and so he had You Xue leave first. At most, he would leave on the Somersault Cloud.

If he wanted to stand in the Dark North Capital, he had to first overcome this trial of standing up against You Shang!

"You had better not bully him! Or I won't talk to you again!" You Xue flounced out after glaring at You Shang.

After she left, You Shang turned to face Wu Yu with a stern and cold gaze that truly chilled one from head to toe. Wu Yu could feel himself being enveloped by a wave of cold air, and he started to shiver from the cold.

"There are not many youngsters who can stand before me and not collapse. Not bad," You Shang said as he circled him.

Wu Yu said nothing.

"I'm not one who likes to beat around the bush. Since You Xue is willing to befriend you, and protect you, I cannot disrespect her wishes. After all, she has already grown up. But there are a few points which I must let you know clearly. If you still flout them after I have told you, then I will show you no mercy. Here in the Dark North Kingdom, I can see you dead 10,000 times over."

"Mighty one, please speak. I am listening." Even before he spoke, Wu Yu roughly knew what it was going to be. And it did not concern him.

You Shang quite liked his candor, and said, "Firstly, the princess of the Dark North Tribe does not accept dao companions from outside of the tribe. What I mean is that even if You Xue fancies you, still you have to maintain your distance from her. You can only be friends, if not a princess and her subject. Once you flout this, the entire Dark North Tribe will turn on you, and not even You Xue will be able to protect you then. Can you do that?"

Wu Yu smiled slightly. "Please do not worry. There is only a pure friendship between the Princess and myself. I am only here to seek protection, so I am all too clear as to how to preserve this boon."

You Shang had not expected their exchange to go so smoothly. The way he looked at Wu Yu changed slightly, and he said, "You're a lad with your wits about you. It was a smart decision not to go to the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Since you know which way the wind is blowing, I won't belabor the point. Secondly, as I mentioned just now, the Dark North Kingdom has done you a service. Therefore, you can never betray the Dark North Kingdom, or I will not let you off."

Wu Yu nodded. "If but a droplet of grace comes my way, I will repay it with a fountain. Betrayal is out of the question."

This short exchange had indeed greatly improved the way that You Shang looked at Wu Yu. He sized him up and said, "In truth, I'm pretty curious. What on earth do you have that allows you such accomplishments? If I'm guessing right, you definitely have a very good legacy. A pity that Xue Er favors you so greatly, and I cannot take what you have away. But as for how long Xue Er will protect you, I do not know. After all, many in the Dark North Kingdom are curious about you, especially in the Dark Sea Army. Perhaps one day you will be slain. Are you afraid?"

Wu Yu said, "I can only seek out the safest options. But life and death are up to fate. So I am not afraid."

"Truly a man with his wits about him. Good. However, I still have one more doubt. You're clearly from Yan Huang Tribe stock. Here at the Dark Sea Army, basically all of our dao techniques are customized for the Dark North Tribe. They will not suit you. If you were at the Yan Huang Ancient Country, you could find many that suit you. Therefore, are you sure you wish to join the Dark Sea Army?"

Princess You Xue had already recommended him.

On this point, Wu Yu naturally understood. However, what Wu Yu needed more than dao techniques was to reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm and training. Therefore, he did not care for now. Therefore, he said, "It's no problem. I will cross that bridge when I come to it. There are millions of dao techniques, and I only need one or two. There must be something suitable. Even if it's a little more difficult, it does not matter."

"An admirable attitude. I do feel excited. Just how far can you go in the Dark Sea Army?" At the end, You Shang himself laughed. He beckoned to allow Princess You Xue back in and then pulled out a talisman, placing it into Wu Yu's hands. He said, "Take my personal item, and go report to the Dark Sea Army."

You Xue had just entered to see this. She had been a little worried before but was now delighted. She rushed up to hug You Shang, and planted a big kiss on his face, exclaiming, "I knew Uncle would treat me well!"

"Alright, enough." You Shang patted her head and said, "You're not young anymore. Don't be stubborn next time. Right now, you're not even Wu Yu's match."

"I'll surpass him sooner or later. We'll be leaving first!" You Xue gave Wu Yu a look. She did not want to stay here. She brought Wu Yu over to the Dark Sea Army.

"Great one, I will take my leave first," Wu Yu said.

You Shang waved him off and then watched as both Wu Yu and You Xue left. As they departed, he frowned. "What is up with You Xue? Could she really have intentions for this Wu Yu? Seems like there's some idolization going on, but not much. She does watch over him very carefully. I haven't seen her care so much about somebody in all these years. Could she have been hiding her feelings from me....

"But that Wu Yu seems like one who understands. That sort of person must have some huge treasure. no matter what, keeping him in the Dark North Kingdom cannot be a bad thing. Perhaps there might be other benefits. As for whether he can survive here, that will depend on his own transformations...."

He had no reason to chase Wu Yu away. But he felt that even if Wu Yu had not much value, he was still a walking treasure house. He would let Wu Yu stay in the Dark Sea Army, where he could easily monitor him. Nothing would escape his notice there.

He had thought that You Xue would have Wu Yu stay by her side.

"This kid. He used You Xue's protection and now entered the Dark Sea Army. This allows him to maintain a distance from You Xue, and yet still benefit from protection. A clever one. If he can navigate the situation so skilfully, his future is worth watching.

"However, there is a limit to everything. Like he said, life and death is up to fate.... Being born to a barren land is also a crime."

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