Chapter 0697: The Resurrected

At this point, Wu Yu was only thinking of reaching the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm as soon as possible. As for what was going to happen in the future, there was no need to think too deeply about it. 

The truth was, the closure of the Taigu Immortal Path would officially mark the end of his journey in the Taigu Immortal Path. 

Since they were going to wait here, he shall do as such. Both of them moved to one end and stood at the corner of the Dark North Hall. 

As for those five influential figures, they didn't have any interactions between themselves. They were all counting down the time left. 

Sometimes, speaking too much would let the rabbit out of the hole. Therefore, Wu Yu and Princess You Xue weren't conversing. They stood by the side silently. All of a sudden, the Dark North Hall was frighteningly silent. 

The truth was, the five of them would steal glances at Wu Yu from time to time. Perhaps they had discovered Wu Yu's exceptional physical body and were curious about how Wu Yu would stumble upon such a legacy and secret. 

After all, in a place like Dong Sheng Divine Continent, a person like this would never appear. 

The news of him defeating Yin Xuan had caused a small storm within the Yan Huang Ancient Region. It was especially so in the Dark North Kingdom, where it was widely circulated. 

Defeating a sixth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator when he was just a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator - this was unprecedented. Therefore, many people were curious to unravel the secrets he was holding. At this point, if Princess You Xue didn't have a determined attitude to protect Wu Yu, his circumstances would’ve indeed been perilous. 

To him, the Yan Huang Ancient Region was an opportunity for him. However, dangers were more likely to find him. 

Nonetheless, they were still more worried about the matter of the Taigu Immortal Path. Therefore, their attention was soon diverted from Wu Yu. They were waiting anxiously, and as time passed, they got more flustered and uneasy. 

With probably just 15 minutes left, You Shang shook his head helplessly and said, "Everyone, there might not be any hope left." 

"Let's not say that. It hasn't closed yet." Yan Qing was a little annoyed and wasn't showing You Shang any face. 

After all, when facing those from other martial cultivation kingdoms, everyone in the Yan Huang Ancient Country had this superiority complex. They had always been the rulers of the Yan Huang Ancient Region. 

Even though he might not be as strong as You Shang, You Shang had to be really respectful towards him. 

You Shang was too lazy to respond as well. 

After all, 15 minutes would be up really soon. 

During the last 15 minutes, they were like ants on a hot plate. They had stood up and started walking back and forth while looking extremely gloomy. 

Towards the end, their expressions paled significantly. 

In the end, the time was up and there wasn't any news. 

Obviously, Wu Yu knew the outcome long ago. For him, there was no uncertainty in this. 

When time was up, Yan Qing still said, "Perhaps they got out at the last moment. A Message Talisman from Yan Huang Ancient Country to this place takes 15 minutes to arrive. Let's wait for 15 minutes and the news will reach us." 

He had instructed previously that regardless of whether anyone got out, they would send a message over. Now that he had not received a core-tail talisman, he was still holding on to the last glimmer of hope. 

However, if they came out 15 minutes before the closure, a core-tail talisman would have reached the place. Could the four of them have left at the very last moment? This was unlikely. 

Therefore, although that was what he had said, Yan Qing's expression was still melancholic. It was proof that he had long given up. 

Wu Yu and Princess You Xue exchanged glances. Princess You Xue was glad. If she had not taken out the Soul Manipulation Blood Design decisively at the very last moment, You Shang would probably have waited with such anxiety as well. Perhaps he would even alarm the Dark Sea Emperor. 

She was his youngest daughter, and the Dark Sea Emperor had always doted on her dearly. 

Moreover, Wu Yu wasn't bad to her at all and had never trampled on her dignity. All he asked was for her to help him out. 

Yan Qing refused to admit to fate, and another 15 minutes passed. At this point, the Message Talismans arrived on time. The four of them received Message Talismans at almost the same time. Opening up and reading them, the expression on the four of them worsened. Their last glimmer of hope was dashed. 

They put down the Message Talismans and exchanged glances. Looking at one another's expressions, they knew that none of the four had made it out. 

In fact, there were rumors that the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern, the Eight-Feather Golden Roc, and the Emperor Tree were probably gone as well since they weren't back yet. 

Historically speaking, those who had not appeared after the Taigu Immortal Path closed could basically be declared dead. At the very least, they would never appear in the Jambu Realm again. 

For the humongous forces behind them, this was a heavy blow. The Yan Huang Ancient Country, the Devilsky Court, the Rising Cloud Nation, and the Eternal Sword Dao. 

Frustration and helplessness were written over their faces. 

"Our Little Duke is smart and talented and would have definitely succeeded the Eastern Region Duke in the future, bringing us to greater heights...." 

"My Prince Feng would’ve definitely become a generational devil lord in the future as well! What a shame!" 

"No one expected the Taigu Immortal Path to cause such huge losses! Who will ever be willing to enter when the Taigu Immortal Path opens again in the future?" 

"This time, too many elite talents have died. It is especially so for the Yan Huang Ancient Country, who also lost Prince Le, Qu Haoyan, and others..." 

Indeed, the Yan Huang Ancient Country's losses were the greatest. 

They were all envious of You Shang. This was because Princess You Xue was the only survivor among those at their level. 

"You Shang, your Dark North Kingdom was really lucky this time. I shall not speak further and take my leave now." From the tone of Yan Qing, one could tell that he was envious and jealous. 

The rest also lost interest. Since the outcome was decided, they had decided to leave. 

"In that case, let me see you guys out." You Shang was probably feeling great about this in his heart. After all, these were all his competitors. 

The outcome had been decided. 

Wu Yu and Princess You Xue were also prepared to see them off before speaking to You Shang officially about the matters of the Dark Sea Army. 

Just as the gloomy and cold Yan Qing was about to step out of the Dark North Hall, a core-tail talisman reached in and landed in his hand to the surprise of the group. 

"Why would there be news from the Central Region Divine Continent?" 

Yan Qing had a strange expression and stopped in his tracks, while the rest continued walking out. When he saw the contents of that core-tail talisman, he suddenly exclaimed, "How can this be possible?!" 

Wu Yu was caught by surprise by his scream. After all, Yan Qing's reaction was too over the top. 

"What's the matter?" The remaining few gave him strange looks. Disbelief was written all over Yan Qing's face at this point. After staying silent for some time, he turned to the group. 

Wu Yu was also feeling anxious. What news would there be? 

Yan Qing turned to Wu Yu and Princess You Xue in the end before stabilizing his emotions. He emphasized each word while saying, "Speaking of which, you guys might not believe this." 

"Stop beating around the bush and say it!" Jian Dongjing from Eternal Sword Dao said. 

Yan Qing heaved a sigh, and the people waiting for him were at the tipping point of their patience. Eventually, he said, "I just got news from the Central Region Divine Continent. Moments before the Taigu Immortal Path closed, four people made it out. They are Prince Le, Qu Haoyan, Qu Fengyu, and Baili Zhuihun...." 

When he said this, You Shang and the remaining four were overwhelmed with disbelief and couldn't speak. 

However, this struck Wu Yu and Princess You Xue like a bolt out of the blue. Both of them shivered and blurted, "This isn't possible!" Both Princess You Xue and Wu Yu were equally astounded. 

Recalling what happened, both Princess You Xue and Wu Yu were really close to the gold and silver coffins. They saw with their own eyes that they had been sucked in. 

Subsequently, Wu Yu went in alone. When he destroyed the huge, bronze door, he even saw the corpses of the four people!

Those were definitely their corpses. 

Princess You Xue became disoriented and remarked, "This cannot be possible. Many of us saw with our eyes that they were sucked into those coffins. They are definitely dead!" 

Wu Yu's mind went blank. He wouldn't doubt his own eyes. At the very least, he was certain that they had been grabbed by a monster. Subsequently, he even saw their corpses. These were the facts, and he couldn't be wrong about them. He also didn't feel that the news Yan Qing had received would be erroneous. He was certain that if the four of them had really returned, he could only say that the Taigu Immortal Path was truly mysterious. 

It was mysterious to the point that the dead could be resurrected and even return to the Jambu Realm! 

Luckily, the Little Duke, Prince Feng, and the rest hadn't resurrected and returned. Otherwise, he would be in grave trouble. 

Ming Long said, "Perhaps the four of them really got out. After all, the things that happened in Taigu Immortal Path are hard to explain. Nonetheless, I believe that although no one can see any changes to them, they definitely have experienced some. In fact, they might have brought back some secrets of the Taigu Immortal Path. At the very least, I believe the Taigu Immortal Path must have had some objective for letting them out again. Otherwise, why would they only appear at the very last moment? Regardless, before you get sufficiently strong, you definitely must take detours whenever you encounter the four of them. Don't ever get close to them, especially Prince Le!" 

What Ming Long meant was that the current Prince Le and the other three might not be the same people as before. Perhaps they had experienced some changes. To put it simply, they were different from before. 

"NEVER! Don't ever get close to them!" Ming Long thought about it and was frightened at the thought. This was because she had seen their corpses as well. 

Wu Yu was still reeling in shock from the news. He truly found this unbelievable. How could the dead be resurrected!? He had the Eyes of Fire and Gold and had clearly seen that these people were completely as dead as doornails. 

For a very long time, his mind was ringing. 

You Xue had not seen their corpses and therefore found it easier to accept. At that point, everyone was leaving. Standing before the two of them, Yan Qing asked, "Didn't you guys say you saw them die before your very own eyes? What's really happening? Think through this carefully. What really happened then?" 

Wu Yu couldn't speak and therefore Princess You Xue took the lead. "At that time, everyone saw them being grabbed by the monsters from the gold and silver coffins and get pulled into the coffins. At that time, everyone thought they were dead for sure. It seems the Taigu Immortal Path is really mysterious. Perhaps they survived that. The possibility is there...." 

"That should be the case." Yan Qing nodded. He wasn't excited that Prince Le had survived. After all, he was the subordinate of the Eastern Region Duke. He would rather the Little Duke be the one that survived. However, this was good news for the Yan Huang Ancient Country after all. Therefore, his mood had lightened up greatly. 

Wu Yu didn't speak. Although he knew more, he was aware that it would be best for him to not say anything now. 

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