Chapter 0696: Yan Qing

The last one was from the Eternal Sword Dao. 

"His name is Jian Dongjing and he seems to be the master of Feng Jianqing. The Eternal Sword Dao is a little different from the martial cultivation kingdoms. They have more emphasis on the relationship between master and disciple." 

This was a rather interesting fact as it was similar to sects on the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. 

What Princess You Xue told Wu Yu was basically that these people had exceptionally elite strength and he had to deal with them cautiously. 

For Wu Yu, it was indeed a tough issue for him to be surrounded by these influential figures when he just arrived at the Yan Huang Ancient Region. At this moment, he was just like a rabbit entering a forest filled with lions. He couldn't help but feel anxious. 

Luckily, he had the little cub, Princess You Xue, around him. Moreover, this little cub was completely under his control. Otherwise, with his background and status, and considering the resources and secrets he had on him, he would definitely be eaten alive by this group of lions.

Even with Princess You Xue around, Wu Yu would probably find it hard to forget the feeling that this group of Dao Querying experts were giving him for a very long time - the feeling that his life could be taken away at any moment! 

Indeed, the subject they wanted to question wasn't You Xue. They probably hadn't even left the Dark North Kingdom when they heard that Wu Yu had arrived. Therefore, they came back immediately. 

Yan Qing was the first to raise the question. "So you are Wu Yu of Yan Huang Imperial City from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent?" 

He mentioned Yan Huang Imperial City on purpose and probably had the intention to close up their distance. Wu Yu nodded his head. As he didn't know what to address him, he simply answered, "Yes." 

He didn't waste any time and went straight to the question. "I believe you know about the circumstances. The Taigu Immortal Path will be closing soon and there's a few important youths that have yet to return. Princess You Xue and you were the last to leave. Just what happened on the mountain of lightning and where did they go? Did they encounter anything that you are aware of?" 

Qing Xueyin from the Devilsky Court interrupted. "It doesn't have to be so complicated. Just tell us everything you saw and heard from the moment you entered the mountain of lightning all the way till you left. Did you see Prince Feng, Qingwu Yunsi, the Little Duke, and Feng Jianqing?" 

Wu Yu nodded and said, "Since the time is almost up, I shall make it simple. After I entered the mountain of lightning, I was on the run all along because of my advanced dao treasure. Similar to others, I encountered lightning serpents. The lightning serpents were frightening. Many people left then. After hesitating, I chose not to leave but to continue.

"In the end, I reach the peak of the mountain. That was where most of the lightning serpents had gathered. I met Princess You Xue at that place. As there were too many lightning serpents, we fought together to push them back despite having some conflicts previously. Through helping each other, we forged a deep friendship. However, there were too many lightning serpents and we were trapped in a corner and couldn't get out. In the end, we were limited to a small space. Although there was half a year remaining, I thought about my home and how the matter of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord hadn't been settled. Therefore, I left the Taigu Immortal Path eventually. When I left, it was probably three months ago. After I got out, I was told that the matter with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had been settled. Seeing that the Dong Sheng Divine Continent could no longer allow me to grow stronger and considering that Princess You Xue invited me over previously, I came over." 

He thought about it and felt it would be better if he said he had come from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Otherwise, he would have to fabricate a story about a Taigu Immortal Talisman. After all, they knew he had come from the Immortal City of Northern Frost, and he would’ve had to snatch a talisman from a sea region demon to do so. He was worried they would ask questions about the type of demon. 

What he said was similar to what Princess You Xue had told them. They were trapped in a small area by the lightning serpents. 

It was just that he left the place a little later. 

"In other words, you have no idea where our Little Duke is?" Yan Qing asked impatiently. 

Wu Yu nodded his head and said, "I really have no idea. If I did, I would have informed everyone. I thought everyone on the mountain of lightning had returned. After all, those numerous lightning serpents had completely sealed our ability to move around. Perhaps they had their own chance encounters. We still have some time and perhaps they will return on the dot." 

The anxious four looked a little disappointed at this point. The truth was, they understood that even if Wu Yu knew where they had gone, it wouldn't matter. If they couldn't get out, there was nothing they could do even if they knew. 

Qing Xueyin asked, "Wu Yu, can you guarantee that whatever you said is the truth? Do you know how dire the consequences are if you dare to beguile us with false tales?" 

Wu Yu nodded in a hurry and said, "Everyone, the little me knows how severe this matter is. I definitely wouldn't dare to lie about it." 

Seeing his sincere attitude, there was nothing much the four of them could say. From the start to the end, they would never have expected Wu Yu to have killed all the people they were waiting for. 

After some time, Jian Dongjing from the Eternal Sword Dao frowned suddenly and asked, "I have certains doubts which I hope you can clarify. When the both of you were together, did Princess You Xue hold absolutely no thoughts of snatching your advanced dao treasure?" 

This was indeed a questionable point. Both of them exchanged glances. With the Soul Manipulation Blood Design, their minds were linked. In an instant, they had agreed with a uniform response. Princess You Xue answered, "Truth be told, I tried forcing him to hand the advanced dao treasure to me as well initially. However, there were simply too many lightning serpents around us at that point, so it was hard for me to take him down. In the end, we fought together to survive. He saved my life and therefore things settled as such.... Regardless, I'll have my own advanced dao treasure in the future as well." 

She didn't have to explain too clearly for the four of them to naturally think and comprehend the matter in a certain way. After all, they were young man and woman - developing a relationship was easy. 

The closing time was approaching. Since Wu Yu and Princess You Xue had no idea where the rest had gone, the four of them didn't press further. However, they didn't leave immediately. Instead, they stayed together while waiting for the Taigu Immortal Path to close. 

They were still bearing some hope. 

The group was silent. Princess You Xue thought of taking her leave initially. However, Yan Qing looked at Wu Yu suddenly and said, "Since you are from Yan Huang Imperial City, you are from our Yan Huang Tribe. You will follow me back to the Yan Huang Ancient Country in a while then." 

This was said in a demanding tone and didn't leave Wu Yu with the room to reject. 

Naturally, it was within reason for him to do so. 

The rest didn't find anything strange about it. 

Wu Yu and Princess You Xue had long expected him to do so. At this point, they had the response for him. Wu Yu said, "Sir Yan, Wu Yu has decided to remain in the Dark North Kingdom to follow Princess You Xue. I won't be going to the Yan Huang Ancient Country." 

Princess You Xue added immediately, "That's right. We have forged a deep friendship while we were in the Taigu Immortal Path. Wu Yu is willing to remain here and I will naturally provide him with the best conditions. The reason why I came back is to recommend Wu Yu to join my uncle's Dark Sea Army." 

As she spoke, she gave You Shang a look. She was trying to signal to You Shang, and You Shang naturally got the hint. 

Yan Qing had never expected Wu Yu to reject him. He was taken aback before saying, "You could barely be considered as part of the Yan Huang Tribe. What are you thinking of achieving by remaining in the territory of the Dark North Tribe? This isn't a place for you. I can tell that you are a genius with various strange encounters. I'm trying to spare you from living under someone else's roof and you can choose to return to your ancestry. Yet you choose to reject my offer? Are you too dumb to see this clearly?" 

He was actually a little angry. Due to the matter of the Little Duke, he was anxious and nervous. He had even felt a little humiliated when Wu Yu rejected him. 

Wu Yu wasn't intimidated by him. Before an expert like him, Wu Yu was still able to keep his composure. At this moment, he said with a serious expression, "Sir Yan, let me just be frank and make things clear. You should know that I'm from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. In the Yan Huang Ancient Region, no matter where I go, I'll have no support. Everyone knows that I obtained an advanced dao treasure from the Taigu Immortal Path. A person like me would be a fat lamb in the eyes of everyone. Regardless where I am, there will be people who want to snatch it from me. The only person I can trust in this Yan Huang Ancient Region is Princess You Xue. In this place, I can protect my advanced dao treasure. However, if I were to go to Yan Huang Ancient Country... It isn't that I'm not confident in the might and deterrence of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. It is just that... no one will really care what happens to me, considering that I'm someone without any background. Don't you agree?" 

His explanation was indeed candid. 

The helplessness that Wu Yu had shown in his words were clear and evident to the four of them. They also knew clearly that for Wu Yu's circumstances, if he went to Yan Huang Ancient Country, everything on him, let alone the advanced dao treasure, would be lost before those deeply entrenched forces. 

Therefore, him choosing to remain behind was the only appropriate choice he could have made. 

At the very least, it would appear that he was on good terms with Princess You Xue. 

Yan Qing was clearly displeased upon hearing him. The truth was, he wanted to tell Wu Yu that even with the protection of Princess You Xue, he wouldn't be safe. However, he couldn't possibly defame Princess You Xue when she was present. 

"Are you sure you want to remain in the Dark North Kingdom and not return to the Yan Huang Ancient Country? Do you know the consequences of leaving?" Yan Qing asked solemnly. 

In his voice, he was clearly threatening Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu took a glance at Princess You Xue before answering, "Regardless of the consequences, I won't regret my choices." 

If he were to go to the Yan Huang Ancient Country right now without any capital, it would be no different from courting his own death. 

To him, the Yan Huang Ancient Country was indeed a perilous place. 

Upon hearing him, Yan Qing scoffed and said, "Alright. If you say so, I shall not force you. However, Wu Yu, since you have chosen to remain here, you have basically severed your faint connection with our Yan Huang Ancient Country. From today onwards, I forbid you from ever entering the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Since you can even desert your home country, I shall make sure never return. I believe I'm not being overbearing here, right?" 

He was ruthless as he stripped Wu Yu's rights of entering the Yan Huang Ancient Country ever. Even the people from the Dark North Kingdom could enter the Yan Huang Ancient Country. 

However, at this point, Wu Yu had no means to go against him. For now, it would be best for Wu Yu if they left. Therefore, when Yan Qing made a decision like this, he shut his mouth and didn't say a word. 

"Uncle, Wu Yu and I will take our leave for now," said Princess You Xue. 

"No hurry. Since you guys are here, let's just wait for the Taigu Immortal Path to close and see if there's any good news." You Shang smiled faintly. 

Speaking of which, the time was almost up. 

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