Chapter 0694: Dark North Royal Palace Summons

When they arrived at the 99 satellite cities, the Dark North Capital was pretty much right around the corner. 

The region occupied by the hundred cities of the Dark North Capital and the 99 satellite cities was known as the Dark North Royal Region.

The Dark North Royal Region covered an area similar to a province. However, this was the Dark North Kingdom and the absolute core of the Dark North Emperor Continent. There were densely packed cities and numerous martial cultivators. 

For many martial cultivators, they would still want to enter the neighboring satellite cities if they couldn't enter the Dark North Capital. After all, these areas were also wonderful locations for cultivation. These satellite cities weren't that easy to get into as a result.

When Wu Yu entered the Dark North Royal Region, he could also clearly feel that this place wasn't at the same level as other areas of the Dark North Kingdom. It was especially high-class. 

Sky Mark City was just one of the satellite cities at the very edge of the region. Yet Wu Yu mistook it to be the Dark North Capital. Wu Yu found it hard to imagine what the real Dark North Capital would look like. 

They arrived at the place at night. Although night had fallen, each city was well lit. 

The entire Dark North Royal Region had cultivator armies patrolling each area. 

However, Princess You Xue possessed exceptional status. Wherever she went, anyone who saw her would get on their knees and let her through directly. 

Therefore, while Wu Yu was still reeling in astonishment, they made their way through satellite city after satellite city. 

"When we are met with huge trouble, the spirit designs of these satellite cities could merge with the spirit designs of the Dark North Capital. Gathering the strength from all cultivators in the Dark North Royal Region, we can form an extremely awe-inspiring spirit design to seal off the entire Dark North Royal Region.

"However, ever since our ancestors designed it, we haven’t had to use it." 

The circumstances of the Yan Huang Ancient Region could still be considered as rather stable. The Yan Huang Ancient Country was the sole superpower and the rest of the martial cultivation kingdoms had to ally together to possibly put up a resistance. Naturally, there were also small conflicts between each kingdom. 

Travelling through huge satellite city after satellite city, they finally got closer to the Dark North Capital. 

The truth was, each satellite city was similar in scale to the capital of each province. This showed that the majority of the cultivators in the Dark North Kingdom were in the Dark North Royal Region. This was the absolute core of the kingdom. 

After passing through several satellite cities, Wu Yu finally caught a glimpse of the Dark North Capital. 

When he saw the Dark North Capital, he realized that satellite cities weren't that huge after all. The Dark North Capital was the largest city that Wu Yu had ever seen. Or rather, it could no longer be called a city and he had no other means of describing it. The humongous size of the Dark North Capital was like having a huge island placed on the continental plate. 

In the skies of the Dark North Capital, several thousand spiritual qi columns could be seen. They were in the shapes of black mystical dragons and were flushing spiritual qi into the Dark North Capital. From the ground, several thousand black mystical dragon spiritual qi columns erupted upwards. Where two columns of spiritual qi collided and intertwined, explosions could frequently be seen. 

Amid the clashing of the spiritual qi, the entire Dark North Capital resembled immortal palaces that were shrouded in mist. 

Each breath was refreshing and invigorating. 

The Dark North Capital was like a translucent black gem, shimmering under the night sky. It was like a huge meteorite that had fallen from space. 

In the past, Yan Huang Imperial City was definitely considered huge to Wu Yu. If the Dark North Capital was expressed as an imperial crown, then Yan Huang Imperial City would just be the dimmest one among the thousands and thousands of gems embedded on it. 

That's right. The Dark North Capital was like a crown made from black and translucent crystal and placed on this world to become the capital of the Dark North Tribe. 

Countless cultivators were pursuing their dreams to become immortals in this place. 

In the end, there might just be one or two of them that might become an immortal eventually.

The Dark Sea Army was within the nexus of the Dark North Capital, facilitating movement within.

The Dark North Capital was huge. However, from what You Xue had told him, there were few people in the Dark North Capital. Most of the people were in the surrounding satellite cities. Because of this, there were fewer people splitting large amounts of resources, so each one would possess more. 

With Princess You Xue leading the way, they generally didn't face any hurdles. Along the way, no one asked who Wu Yu was either. 

The truth was that news spread extremely rapidly in this place. News relating to Princess You Xue in the Immortal City of Northern Frost had already reached the Dark North Capital. After all, this was related directly to Yin Xuan, who was also living in the Dark North Capital. 

Princess You Xue led Wu Yu along the way till they reached the gate of the Dark North Capital. 

When they arrived at this place, they could see the most renowned Dark Sea Army. 

All the armies stationed on the city wall were part of it. 

The number of Dark Sea Army soldiers in the Dark North Capital exceeded those with other identities. 

Looking across, the soldiers on the city wall were all wearing black armor dao treasures, showing that they were from the Dark Sea Army. Their black armor dao treasures were decorated with numerous blood-red ornaments. The black coloration symbolized the cold and gloom of the Dark North Kingdom, whereas the red ornaments symbolized the presence of fiends. This combination was what the Dark North Kingdom was most fond of. Adding them to the armor of the Dark Sea Army would also make them look more domineering. 

Taking a closer look, the majority of the ordinary soldiers were all extremely young. Looking across, there were several thousand of them on the city gate alone, and none of them was below the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. At this place, Wu Yu's cultivation level was the lowest among all. 

Indeed, those from the Eight Main Armies were a level higher than the Li Heavenly Province Guard in terms of disposition. Compared to the Yan Dragon Army that Wu Yu saw previously, they weren't that different, and they were the highest level army in the entire Yan Huang Ancient Region. 

Wu Yu started looking forward to joining the Dark Sea Army and working hard to rise through the ranks. 

Standing at this spot, he could only see a small corner of the Dark North Capital. However, this was an accurate representation of the Dark North Capital. Cold, brutal, stringent security and where strength and status were of utmost importance. 

Anyone who wished to enter the Dark North Capital would have to undergo stringent assessment. Obviously, Princess You Xue was excluded. When she returned, someone from the Dark Sea Army recognized her instantly. The next moment, people were sent to lead her to a unique tunnel. 

"Greetings, Princess. I'm the Dark Clouds General on duty today, Gao Zhunxing! We welcome Princess back to the Dark North Capital!" 

A middle-aged man appeared before them. His cultivation level was probably similar to Su Qingshan and Duan Yi’s. All of them were existences that were close to the Dao Querying Realm. 

“Rise." Princess You Xue answered casually before leading Wu Yu towards the unique tunnel. 

"Princess, this man...." Gao Zhunxing stood up and stammered. At this point, Princess You Xue had entered, but Wu Yu was still behind. Gao Zhunxing looked at Wu Yu and stammered, "Based on the rules of the Dark North Kingdom, he can't enter the Dark North Capital...." 

Princess You Xue scoffed and said, "Are you joking with me?" 

Gao Zhunxing backed off instantly. He knew he couldn't possibly stop him and thus said, "No... But... Hmm... Nothing." 

He hesitated for some time but still gritted his teeth and accepted it. The truth was, letting Wu Yu in would be his failure in duty. However, there was no other way. The one who was bringing him in was Princess You Xue. 

No one could possibly stop him here. 

He was unlucky to be the one on duty. However, the truth was that the chances of the blame falling onto him were rather slim. 

"Oh, Princess. The higher-ups have informed us to tell the Princess to head to the Dark North Royal Palace once we see you," said Gao Zhunxing. 

Princess You Xue stopped in her tracks. She was baffled and asked, "Who is looking for me?" 

Gao Zhunxing shook his head and said, "I don't know. However, I know that the order was from the Army General to ask the Princess to return to the Dark North Royal Palace as soon as you can." 

"Uncle? If there's any news, he could have just used a core-tail talisman. He probably didn't expect me to return so quickly and therefore passed the order down like this. Nonetheless, since I'm back in the Dark North Capital, I should go. It's probably nothing urgent." At the thought of this, Princess You Xue wasn't in a hurry. 

After they entered the Dark North Capital, it was indeed more spacious. Exquisite buildings could be seen everywhere, but few people were on the streets. Undoubtedly, this was an attractive place. At the very least, in the aspect of spiritual qi in the atmosphere, it was so dense that it felt like immortal qi. The spiritual qi had coalesced into different shapes resembling huge beasts. As they ran on the streets, they collided with Wu Yu from time to time. Taking a deep breath, Wu Yu felt as though he was in heaven. 

"Let me bring you around the Dark North Capital to familiarize yourself. After which, we will return to the royal palace. Once I meet my uncle, I'll recommend you to join the army," Princess You Xue said with a smile. She was in a good mood after returning to her home. 


This was indeed a vast place. Looking across, he could see numerous buildings made of black, mirror-like materials. Under the illumination of the stars in the night sky, the Dark North Capital was shimmering like a gem. Every corner was like a beautiful painting. Within the Dark North Capital, perhaps most of the people were cultivating. Therefore, there were few pedestrians on the street. Even if there were, they would likely be searching for various shops selling immortal essences and dao treasures. 

On the streets, the Dark Sea Army soldiers could be seen everywhere. They were likely patrolling but generally looked relaxed. 

Soon after, Princess You Xue received a core-tail talisman. After opening and reading it, Wu Yu gained a rough understanding of the situation. However, Princess You Xue still explained in detail. "We aren't unlucky and it seems I have to return in advance. This is because the time is almost up." 

"What time?" 

Princess You Xue said, "The time of the closure of the Taigu Immortal Path. Today's the last day and we are down to the last two hours." 

"What has this got to do with us?" 

"The forces behind those on the Immortals’ Viewing Platform don't know the truth. They have waited all this time and have yet to see their progenies return. Basically, other than the demons, each force has sent their envoys and are waiting for my return to the Dark North Royal Palace. My uncle finds this troublesome and is therefore dealing with this casually by entertaining them. However, with not much time remaining, these people are getting flustered and have come to our place. They are looking for me to find out what I know. Moreover, they heard that you are here as well. Looking at the timeline, you were the last to leave Taigu Immortal Path. Therefore, the truth is that they heard of you and wish to see you." 

The incident had lingered till now! 

Obviously, Wu Yu wasn't worried about them knowing that he was behind everything. 

As for how to handle it, Wu Yu had a plan in mind. 

This wasn't too difficult. All he had to say was that he hadn't seen anything. 

After all, the Taigu Immortal Path was like this. No one would know what had really happened in it if the information was sealed. 

Even if they questioned him, they wouldn't get anything. After all, those on the Immortals’ Viewing Platform weren't likely going to return. 

However, what worried Wu Yu was another incident. He asked, "Among them, is there an envoy from the Yan Huang Ancient Country?" 

Princess You Xue answered, "There should be." 

"Is he thinking of taking me away?" 

"I don't know about that." 

After all, with so many envoys summoning him, he had no option but to go. 

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