Chapter 0693: Satellite Cities of the Dark North Capital

Duan Yi's killer strike finished the sinister dragon off decisively. 

That sinister dragon probably didn't expect to encounter such a hard-to-deal-with character that would disregard his threats completely. 

Or rather, it was Duan Yi who was too confident in himself. 

Naturally, he had the capital to be confident. His cultivation level, strength, advanced dao treasure, and other aspects were at a level that even Wu Yu felt fearful of. 

It was especially so for his advanced dao treasure that delivered the killer blow. The sinister dragon was killed at that very moment. 

The only downside was that over 50 people ended up dying. These were all lives. 

After settling the matter, the Li Heavenly Province Guards swarmed ahead rapidly. For those devoured by the sinister dragon, regardless if they were dead or alive, they were brought to Violet Hill City immediately. 

As no one saw who died or survived, it was chaotic in the end. 

Duan Yi put his advanced dao treasure away and roared, "Silence!" silencing the entire mess instantly. His gaze was solemn as he said in a clear voice, "Everyone, the sinister dragon wreaked havoc upon this place and his sins could never be pardoned. If I allowed him to leave the Dark North Kingdom, other demons would also imitate his actions. Furthermore, my Li Heavenly Province, and even the Dark North Kingdom, would be utterly disgraced. Therefore, we definitely could not accept his demands. I hope everyone can understand the rationale for my actions." 

"This matter could not be delayed, so I killed it on the spot. Although over 50 people were killed by the last-ditch attempt of the sinister dragon, this is where my personal limits are. However, I can guarantee that any other generals in the Li Heavenly Province wouldn't be able to achieve what I just did. If anyone has any opinions of me, please report them to the provincial lord." 

His explanation was easy to understand and it clearly stated the situation at hand. Everyone was a cultivator and could understand his rationale. They also knew how frightening the sinister dragon was. Although some people had still died in the process, those who lost their kin had to admit that Duan Yi had settled the entire event cleanly and decisively. 

For example, Princess You Xue had no solution to this at all previously. 

They were all from the Dark North Tribe and knew how many people the sinister dragon had killed. They would never allow it to leave this place alive. Otherwise, it would be the greatest shame they ever had. 

Moreover, who didn't know about Duan Yi's standing in the Li Heavenly Province? If everything went well, he would be the successor to the provincial lord of the Li Heavenly Province in the future. It was just that Duan Yi had a different working style. Therefore, while executing his duties, he had never relied on his status of being the successor-in-line for the provincial lord. Nonetheless, the people couldn't forget the fact that he was the successor-in-line. 

Duan Yi was part of the pride of the Li Heavenly Province. Envious gazes went around and the crowd couldn't wait to shower him with respect rather than pinning the blame on him. Even if someone were to do so, it would be amongst the friends and family of those 50 casualties. This was just a small minority. 

The majority wanted to incapacitate the sinister dragon! After all, he had killed even more people before. 

Seeing that the cultivators of Violet Hill City hadn't raised any opinions and some even went on their knees to thank him, Duan Yi knew that this matter was settled. The truth was, he knew he had made the best bet. 

While the other provincial guards were placating and cleaning up Violet Hill City, Duan Yi walked before Princess You Xue. With a solemn and reverential expression, he said, "Princess, Duan Yi failed to solve the problem and over 50 people ended up dying. I hope the Princess will pardon my sins." 

Princess You Xue shook her head and said, "You have not done wrong. Rather, you have managed this well." 

This wasn't the first time they met. 

With Princess You Xue's words, Duan Yi knew this incident wouldn't have any more issues. With the provincial guards taking care of things, he had more free time. He definitely knew he was one of the candidates to become Dark Sea Emperor's son-in-law. Therefore, when he saw the Princess, he didn't hold back and spoke directly. "I believe the Princess is heading back to the Dark North Capital. If the Princess could wait a few days for me to hand over my duties, I might be able to return to the Dark North Capital with you." 

Since young, he was raised in the Li Heavenly Province. Therefore, Princess You Xue asked, "Why do you want to go to the Dark North Capital when you have nothing to do there?" 

Duan Yi smiled and said, "My father has applied to the Army General of the Dark Sea Army for me to join the Dark Sea Army. From here onwards, I won't be a general for the Li Heavenly Province." 

The Dark Sea Army was located in the Dark North Capital. If he sought development in the Dark North Capital, he might have a better future. His ending point might not just be a provincial lord! For this decision, the provincial lord of the Li Heavenly Province had likely put in much work. 

"In that case, congratulations. However, I have something urgent and have to rush back to the Dark North Capital. I shall not be waiting for you," answered Princess You Xue. 

She was still thinking of arranging for Wu Yu to be sent to the Dark Sea Army. To her surprise, Duan Yi had also applied to transfer to the Dark Sea Army. 

Naturally, when both of them got in, their roles and standings would be different. 

Duan Yi seemed to have foreseen Princess You Xue's rejection. He smiled faintly and said, "In that case, there's nothing I can do about it. All I can blame is my bad luck for not being able to escort the Princess back. However, if there's anything the Princess requires, feel free to look for me whenever I arrive at the capital." 

Princess You Xue smiled and said, "You are the son of the provincial lord and I can order you as I wish if I need to. I still have matters to attend to and shall not speak with you further. I'll be leaving first." 

With the matters of the scaled dragon settled, she wouldn't want to remain in this place. Truth be told, Duan Yi was really quite impressive. At the very least, he seemed to be a little better than Yin Xuan. However, for Princess You Xue, she no longer had any thoughts in this aspect. 

In the Taigu Immortal Path, Wu Yu had changed her. 

Princess You Xue called for Wu Yu and the two left with Duan Yi seeing them off. Although Wu Yu didn't look back, he knew that Duan Yi was staring at them for a very long time. 

"It looks like he cares a lot about you. He was even glancing at the traces of your silhouette after we left!" Wu Yu teased before continuing, "If I was not around, I think you would find him a pretty good person." 

Princess You Xue shook her head and said, "That's not the truth. I don't like him. He's too eager to do well in everything and his personality is hard to fathom. Moreover, he is really scheming. For example, he definitely knows that you are Wu Yu and that you defeated Yin Xuan in the Immortal City of Northern Frost. He probably heard our relationship isn't ordinary as well and that you have an advanced dao treasure. Yet, from the very beginning till the end, he never looked at you directly or spoke of you. This also shows that he is arrogant and overly prideful. He completely disregarded you." 

Regarding this, Wu Yu knew it clearer than Princess You Xue. At least for the moment, the other party seemed to have the capital to act so. 

"Do you think he will make things difficult for you when you are in the Dark Sea Army?" asked Princess You Xue. 

At this point, Wu Yu summoned his Somersault Cloud once again and pushed towards the Dark North Capital rapidly. The closer he got to the Dark North Capital, the denser the spiritual qi in the atmosphere swelling from deep within the earth. There were even numerous spouts of spiritual qi that erupted from the ground like geysers. 

Wu Yu answered, "The Dark Sea Army is massive, so it will probably be hard for us to meet. Furthermore, I'm not afraid of him making things difficult for me. I still have you!" 

With Princess You Xue in his hands, even though Duan Yi was strong, it didn't mean much to Wu Yu. What he wanted was to plunder and battle. It didn't matter how frequently it would be. As long as he wasn't dead, he would have the opportunities to progress. 

Princess You Xue had completely surrendered to Wu Yu and wouldn't be an issue. 

Each time she saw what Wu Yu was capable of, the respect and fear she had for Wu Yu would be even more evident from her eyes. 

Subsequently, it would be difficult to encounter similar situations like that with the demon. After all, it was rather hard to even meet such a mighty one. They flew towards the Dark North Capital. Along the way, Wu Yu also saw cities that were several dozen times the size of Yan Huang Imperial City. These cities were huge and even crossed mountains and rivers. They were heavily protected by thousands upon thousands of spirit designs. It was lively in these cities and experts were plentiful. 

It was said that the spirit designs of these cities even had the effect of gathering spiritual qi. Regardless of whether it was spiritual qi from the heavens and earth or from deep in the veins of the earth, it would be collected and gathered in the cities. 

Looking from afar, these cities were flushed with spiritual qi from the sky and from the ground. Those palaces and buildings appeared to be in an immortal region. 

On the entire Yan Huang Ancient Region, every elite martial cultivation kingdom had relied on spirit designs to gather spiritual qi. Therefore, the more important a city was, the closer it would be to those bountiful lands. 

The largest city that Wu Yu had seen was 100 times the scale of Yan Huang Imperial City and could accommodate millions of cultivators. He didn't approach but simply took a look from afar. That city was just like a giant turtle between the heavens and earth. It was exceptionally huge and prosperous, with a few hundred spiritual qi columns falling from the sky. At the same time, there were several hundred dullish-yellow spiritual qi columns shooting out from the ground like volcanoes. 

These cities were generally built at the intersection points of two columns of spiritual qi. Areas where the two types of spiritual qi collided were the best areas for cultivation. Wu Yu deeply understood that it was because of spirit designs and lands like these that the cultivators of the Yan Huang Ancient Region still had the possibility of becoming immortals and the reason behind the numerous experts in this place. 

It was also because of this that no one would be willing to head to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. 

The truth was, not everyone could enter the Dark North Capital. One had to have elite standing, wealth, and strength to enter. Sometimes, talent alone wasn't enough. One would have to possess a bloodline from certain huge families. Many people in the Dark North Kingdom worked their whole lives just for sending their descendants into the Dark North Capital. 

Everyone in Dark North Capital was either wealthy or influential. 

For experts outside the Dark North Capital, such as the provincial lords or city lords, to enter, they would have to be summoned or pay a certain level of wealth to remain in it. 

It wasn't easy to get into the Dark North Capital. Entering the Dark Sea Army would be even harder. 

The reason it was so difficult was because the Dark North Capital had the best cultivation environment in the Dark North Kingdom. The effects of cultivating in this place were way better than other areas. 

Princess You Xue was raised in the Dark North Capital. 

Obviously, as Wu Yu had her, it wouldn't be much of an issue for him to enter the Dark North Capital or the Dark Sea Army. This was because everything in this kingdom was under the control of her father. 

"Is that the Dark North Capital ahead of us?" Wu Yu looked ahead to the horizon and saw an incomparably huge, black city. The scale of this city was shocking to him. 

To his surprise, Princess You Xue shook her head and said, "It isn't. That's the Sky Mark City. It is one of the 99 cities circling the Dark North Capital. We call it a satellite city." 

One could now imagine how vast the Dark North Capital in the middle was. 

Far away, Wu Yu could hear the whistles of spiritual qi and see dense and raging spiritual qi gushing out from the heavens and earth! 

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