Chapter 0691: Li Heavenly Province

Looking down, this peaceful city had truly been devastated.

There was devastation and rubble everywhere, as well as many injured and dead.

To the martial cultivators of the city, this sinister dragon was just too strong and had come too suddenly. They had been caught unawares, and even the city's defensive spirit design had not activated before it was smashed from within by the demon.

Wu Yu guessed that this demon had probably been lying in ambush for a long time and had sprung suddenly in order to cause trouble on this scale. Otherwise, the city's major wards should have been able to activate and hold out for a while.

The sinister dragon was a savage one. Even after laying waste to the city and taking many lives, he did not back down upon seeing Princess You Xue. His ambitions flared as it turned to accost Princess You Xue.

What was his purpose? What had made him so bold?

Princess You Xue had an astounding reputation within the Dark North Kingdom, so virtually everyone recognized her at first look. That was why the madly fleeing people calmed down considerably after seeing the Princess.

"Princess, slay this demon quickly! It committed blasphemous wrongs. It not only killed and harmed, but also swallowed many people alive. Its crimes are heinous!"

"This demon has been lurking in the Glacial Violet Marshes for who knows how many years, and has actually gone undetected. We occasionally heard of people disappearing - he must have waited for this day for ages!"

Within the city, the fortunate survivors were angry, looking at the demon hatefully. They had lost many friends and family to the demon.

"What are you all groaning about? You're too noisy. After I subdue your charming Princess here, I will show you what despair truly means!"

The sinister dragon was very arrogant, and his massive body twisted in the air towards Princess You Xue and Wu Yu.

Although the true master between the two was Wu Yu, there was no need for him to delegate fighting to Princess You Xue. After being cooped up and cultivating for a period of time, battle was the best way to refine one's approach.

The sinister dragon was not bad, roughly as powerful as a sixth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator. Therefore, he was unafraid of Princess You Xue. If they actually fought, they would probably be evenly matched.

A gust of frigid, purple air blasted forth from his mouth. Perhaps this was a Natural Mystique, because it was incredibly powerful. It covered the skies, which seemed on the verge of freezing over.

But Wu Yu was faster!

Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth!

In a trice, his body grew to a colossal size, and his physical strength with it!

And in his hand was the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff, thickening accordingly. Wu Yu did not wield it in one hand, but two. The 10,000 Dragons Staff was a few dozen zhang long by now, a golden pillar that could hold up the skies!

Wu Yu exuded one word very clearly: violence.

His staff soared upwards and then came down abruptly. Wu Yu was charging towards the purple gust of icy wind, and the huge 10,000 Dragons Staff swept across it! Passed through!

Before the icy wind could envelop Wu Yu, his staff had already passed through, crashing into the sinister dragon's head!


The sinister dragon's cockiness had been smacked out of him by the staggering power that Wu Yu had put behind the staff. His head was smashed and bleeding. He was stunned by the blow.

In truth, his target had been Princess You Xue. How had this unremarkable person whom he had ignored dealt him such a ringing blow?

Besides, he had not expected how violent it would be. He was sent flying, tumbling many rounds through the air.

Seeing the huge 10,000 Dragons Staff and the sinister dragon sent flying, many people cheered.

But this was just the beginning.

To Wu Yu, whose forte was close combat, a single oversight, a single chance was all he needed to close. He would not show mercy subsequently.

As the sinister dragon was still flying backwards, Wu Yu had already shrunk himself with the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and increased his speed. With the Swift Art, he circumvented the icy wind and now appeared before the sinister dragon!

Since Wu Yu was only one chi tall, the sinister dragon did not know where he was. It seemed like Wu Yu had materialized before his eyes, and the 10,000 Dragons Staff again grew into a column dozens of zhang long. With the roused dragons and dragon scales covering the advanced dao treasure, it was naturally intimidating!

The unspeakable power again connected with the sinister dragon, causing him to howl and writhe on the floor. He was buried by a hill, and the surrounding mountains shook.

"Advanced dao treasure!" After taking two hits, the sinister dragon finally recognized it. But it was too late.

Wu Yu had seized the initiative in this fight. If he could not withstand Wu Yu's first wave of attacks, then he would soon be beaten to a pulp. As Wu Yu rained down barrage after barrage of attacks, he would be pickled.

Two successive hits already had the sinister dragon's head reeling. He felt the world spinning, and was on the verge of passing out.

"Wu Yu, this sinister dragon has killed too many people. According to the laws of the Dark North Kingdom, he cannot be allowed to live." Princess You Xue hurriedly spoke up after seeing Wu Yu defeat him easily.

Neither she nor Wu Yu felt that it would be much trouble to clean up this sinister dragon, despite his arrogant bluster.

Of course, the citizens had thought that Princess You Xue would take a hand, but had not expected Wu Yu to subdue the demon with such a violent approach.

"Truly deserving of death." Wu Yu could see that this sinister dragon had been cruel. Many innocents had died today, and no mercy had been shown. Anyone who was responsible for such a scene would reap justice. He raised the 10,000 Dragons Staff, which bore down like a falling star. A single strike could send this beast to the next world.

Seeing the situation, the demon looked up and roared with all his strength, "You can't kill me! I have a few hundred people alive in my belly. If you kill me, I will kill them all!" 

Wu Yu started, and Princess You Xue also asked him to pause.

Before, the citizens had also reported that the sinister dragon had not only eaten martial cultivators, but had also swallowed some. Could they still be alive?

If they were, they could be rescued. That would be ideal.

From the response of the citizens, many of their friends and family members had been swallowed by the sinister dragon. Hearing his words, they fell to their knees readily, beseeching Wu Yu not to strike first.

There were a few hundred people with tearful faces, begging for Wu Yu to save their loved ones.

Of course, they were also appealing to Princess You Xue. They probably thought that Wu Yu was Princess You Xue's bodyguard.

Actually, Wu Yu did not know if he was speaking the truth. After all, who could tell if anyone was still alive after being swallowed?

Seeing Wu Yu stay his hand, but still posture threateningly, the sinister dragon hurriedly added, "You must want to know why I came out of hiding and came out to cause trouble. I will tell you! I want to leave this ghastly place! Leave the Dark North Kingdom! I want to go to the sea region and enjoy freedom! I don't want this fearful state of cultivation! Right now, these few hundred lives are in my grasp. As long as you agree to send me out of the Dark North Kingdom safely, I will let them go!"

So that was the case.

Actually, the Yan Huang Ancient Region was the territory of martial cultivators. It was difficult for demons to live here. For example, this sinister dragon had been hiding in the Glacial Violet Marshes since young, and only survived because of his prudence.

Scaled dragons liked the water, and he would be as comfortable as a fish in the sea.

Therefore, leaving the Dark North Kingdom was a dream. In truth, there were many demons in the Yan Huang Ancient Region that harbored similar dreams.

This was understandable.

Wu Yu used the Eyes of Fire and Gold, but the separating flesh of the sinister dragon blocked his view, so Wu Yu could not determine if the people in his belly were dead or alive.

"I wanted them as hostages! Of course they are alive! I can kill them at any time! Don't do anything rash! I've already said it! If you escort me out of the Dark North Kingdom, I will set them free!" The sinister dragon was very nervous, and his voice had turned whiny.

However, he opened his maw and spat a person out. This person was covered in saliva. It was disgusting, but the person was alive.

He hurled the person over towards Wu Yu.

Wu Yu delivered him to Princess You Xue's side. A mother broke into tears upon seeing her son alive. A fresh wave of pleas broke out for Princess You Xue to think of a way to save their kin.

But to Princess You Xue, this was a difficult ask. Because the law of the Dark North Kingdom was not to cut such deals. It was not that they dearly loved the demons, but that they were worried that all demons would employ such tactics. And not all demons wanted to go to the unfamiliar sea either, especially those unsuited for watery terrains.

The land demons were not at all suited.

Besides, Princess You Xue was headed for the Dark North Capital. If she acquiesced to the sinister dragon's wishes, she would have to turn back to the Immortal City of Northern Frost.

This was a difficult spot, and Princess You Xue did not know what to do either.

Seeing Wu Yu and the others not acting, the sinister dragon grew bold again. He knew that he had scored with this blackmail and chuckled. "In any case, their lives are in my hands. Decide carefully! As a princess, you wouldn't be unable to solve such a small problem, right?"

Princess You Xue was caught. Wu Yu felt that since these people were not dead yet, then they could indeed be saved. The sinister dragon could not be allowed to kill them all.

And at this time, a group of people came charging over boldly. They were probably a military squad! They were wearing navy-colored armor and cut an impressive sight when they showed up.

The sinister dragon looked at them with fearless anticipation. "The Li Heavenly Province's provincial guards sure took their sweet time!"

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