Chapter 0690: Dark Sea Army

Princess You Xue sat at the back and her hair flew in the approaching wind. She looked at the majestic mountains and rivers below zooming past her and couldn't help but exclaim in shock, "Is this a mystique? With such speed, not many people could catch up to you. Moreover, the path of this cloud is fleeting and uncertain, almost as though it is moving through space. Even if a person is faster than you, he might not be able to catch up to you...."  

The truth was, she would only be more devoted to Wu Yu after witnessing what he had. She didn't seem to have ever regretted the Soul Manipulation Blood Design. If she didn't have the Soul Manipulation Blood Design then, she would have been a dead person. 

Wu Yu didn't say a word and focused on travelling ahead. 

Behind him, Princess You Xue had conflicted feelings for him. She was respectful but also fearful. At the same time, she had some affection from being conquered by this man. Wu Yu was clear about all this. 

Amid the strong winds, she asked, "When you get to Dark North Capital, what are your plans?" 

Wu Yu had long thought about it as he replied, "My main objective will be to get even stronger. The Dark North Capital will definitely provide me with more opportunities. Staying beside you will ensure my safety. However, my opportunities and conflicts might be fewer if I do that. Moreover, this could lead to people suspecting our relationship and increasing unnecessary trouble exponentially. Help me keep a look out for a place you can recommend me into. Somewhere that isn't too far from you and would be suitable for me to grow and strengthen myself." 

Princess You Xue could understand as well. If the two of them were to remain inseparable, others would definitely doubt their relationship. Moreover, some might even speculate that they had done the thing. Considering the strict requirements on bloodline for the royal family, Wu Yu would be in lots of trouble. Such a predicament would be hard to untangle and wasn't something that she or Wu Yu would hope they have to face. 

"That would be great as well." Princess You Xue nodded her head. After pondering deeper about it, she said, "There's a place that is suitable for you. It is just that this place is rather strict and you might face some trouble and resentment. However, it wouldn't be too far from me, and for you, you will indeed get lots of opportunities for trials." 

"Tell me about that." 

Princess You Xue said, "Within our Dark North Kingdom, each city has a city army and each state has their state army. The state armies are rather huge in scale. However, the largest have to be the main armies stationed in important areas of the nation and the borders. There is a total of eight main armies. I heard the Yan Dragon Army went to Dong Sheng Divine Continent before. The eight main armies of our Dark North Kingdom are almost comparable in strength to the Yan Dragon Army." 

"And then?" 

"The eight main armies are stationed in the eight most important areas of our Dark North Kingdom. They are distributed throughout the entire Kingdom to execute different missions. All the army generals are influential figures of our Dark North Kingdom. Among them, Minister Yin is one of the army generals in charge of one of the eight main armies. Within the eight main armies, one is relatively more unique. This army is known as the Dark Sea Army. The Dark Sea Army is stationed in Dark North Capital. They are also the city army of the Dark North Capital and responsible for guarding it. The army general is an uncle of mine that is my father's most trusted aide. His name is You Shang and he has an exceptional cultivation level, much higher than my aunt.

"The Dark Sea Army has the competitive environment and resources that would be the most suitable for you. Moreover, it is also very open with a huge scope of responsibilities. There are countless experts in it, and thanks to the protection of the Dark Sea Army, everything in the Dark North Capital has been in good order with few and rare cases of chaos. Moreover, I'll be in the Dark North Capital as well. Therefore, we would be close. If you have trouble you can't solve, I'll be able to help." 

The truth was, Wu Yu had received even more information through the Soul Manipulation Blood Design than from Princess You Xue. This was because whatever she thought of speaking, she would organize the information in her mind. At that moment, Wu Yu learned about the Dark Sea Army. 

Different from the other seven main armies, the main responsibility of the Dark Sea Army was to protect the Dark North Capital. The majority of the main force would remain in the Dark North Capital. Therefore, there were many experts who were willing to send their offspring to train in this place. The number of influential figures and geniuses was the highest in the Dark Sea Army. This was because the cultivation resources were the most ample in the Dark North Capital. The standings of the soldiers in the Dark Sea Army were also very high in the entire Dark North Kingdom. 

Moreover, Princess You Xue was on relatively good terms with her uncle You Shang. She was the princess that all the elders doted on and were fond of since she was young. 

This meant that even though Wu Yu was an outsider, he would still have a backing if he entered the Dark Sea Army. 

Wu Yu's bottomline was that as long as he wouldn't die, everything was acceptable. With a backer like Princess You Xue, the effects would be great in the most critical moments. 

"Alright. In that case, I shall go to the Dark Sea Army. I'll wait for your recommendation when we get to the Dark North Capital," said Wu Yu. 

Princess You Xue nodded and said, "Alright. If you have any questions, you can look for me through Message Talismans. I'll appear whenever you need me."  

When she finished speaking, she added a few more lines. "Our Dark North Tribe is still very wary of the Yan Huang Tribe. After all, the Yan Huang Tribe has been the overlord of the Yan Huang Ancient Region since a long time ago. In fact, they even occupied the entire Yan Huang Ancient Region at one point. It shouldn't affect me getting you into the Dark Sea Army. However, the Dark North Tribe has a huge emphasis on bloodline, especially so for the Dark Sea Army. Therefore, you might encounter some resentment. Compared to other tribes within the Dark North Kingdom, the resentment will be a little stronger. This is because since the establishment of the Dark Sea Army, not a single person from the Yan Huang Tribe has managed to join." 

"Regarding this, I'm not worried. Let them hate me as much as they want. After all, in a place like this, the fist always does the talking." 

The Somersault Cloud was fast. Sitting at the top of the cloud, Wu Yu would see the cities of the Dark North Kingdom from time to time. The cities here were way more packed than those in Dong Sheng Divine Continent, so he could see one frequently. Although he just caught a mere glimpse, Wu Yu was certain each city was filled with cultivators. 

In fact, within these majestic rivers and mountains, there was also a large number of villages shrouded in spiritual qi. The kids in these villages would all start cultivating at a young age. Cultivation was part of every citizen's life without any exception. 

As for the 3,000 immortal kingdoms on the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, someone pathetic like the Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian was already considered to be an immortal. If that was the case, this would truly be a world of immortals. 

"Do you have plans of becoming an immortal in the future?" You Xue suddenly asked. 

Wu Yu chuckled and said, "There is no one who isn't thinking of that. The greatest objective of my life is to become an immortal." 

"When you become an immortal, what will happen to me?" Princess You Xue asked in a melancholic tone. 

Wu Yu answered, "If I can become an immortal, I will try to find a way to return you your freedom at the very least." 

This was something that Princess You Xue had hoped to hear. She didn't speak but cried tears of joy. 

The truth was, as long she and her Dark North Kingdom could no longer threaten him, he would find a way to return her freedom to her. Everything he had done was for self-preservation. 

Naturally, for the current Wu Yu, it would not be easy to reach that point, despite having multiple precious treasures with him. In many occasions, life and death were separated by a thin line. If he were to lose his life, his immortal's legacy would mean nothing. 

Ming Long was similar to him in the past. Yet it ended in misery. 

The Immortal City of Northern Frost was quite a distance from the Dark North Capital. Therefore, it would still take some time to get there. At this point, no one was following them. Wu Yu could choose to lower themselves to catch a better glimpse of the rivers and mountains in the Dark North Kingdom. 

Below them, there were perilously tall mountains, long rivers and huge lakes, dense and tall forests, prosperous cities, and warming villages. 

Spirit designs and immortal medicines had penetrated every corner of this world. There were numerous villages with top class medicinal furnaces at the entrances. 

For Wu Yu, this was really a different world. 

He flew past them along the way. 

After enjoying the beautiful scenery for half a day, the city before him was relatively chaotic and noisy. There were even sounds of fighting, and the stench of blood reached the sky. Wu Yu was attracted by it and looked down at the city, which was rather big in scale. He was surprised by what he saw. 

The city he saw was roughly half the size of Yan Huang Imperial City and wasn’t any inferior to it. A city of this level was considered below average in the Dark North Kingdom. There were limited Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm experts in it. And now, there was a huge, purple demon beast ravaging the city and on a killing spree. It destroyed everything along the way, leaving the streets in a wretched state and the walls of the cities fallen. Numerous spirit designs were destroyed and the pitiful cries of cultivators could be heard resonating in the city. That demon was rather powerful and therefore the situation was gruesome! 

"There are also demons within the Dark North Kingdom?" Wu Yu was surprised. He thought this place was completely occupied. 

"Definitely. The powerful demons are largely in sea regions where the humans can't reach. However, in the history of the Yan Huang Ancient Region, there were also kingdoms established by demons. It is just that none have survived till now. Nonetheless, regardless of the place, wild beasts can gain sentience. They lie low for ages and have legacies passed down. In fact, there are quite a number of powerful demons. It is just that most of them have hidden themselves as they can't hope to compete with us. As for demons harming humans, it is common even in the Yan Huang Ancient Country." 

At this point, seeing the cultivators within that city being slaughtered by that demon, Princess You Xue appeared flustered. After all, these were her fellow companions of the Dark North Tribe. It didn't matter if Wu Yu was around. Since she happened to chance upon this, she naturally wanted to go down to help. 

Wu Yu knew her intentions and therefore said, "Let's get down!" 

He put away his Somersault Cloud. When the two of them were passing by that city, they jumped down from the sky. 

Wu Yu managed to get a good look at that demon at this point. That demon was purple in color and had tough scales resembling metal pieces distributed over its body. It had a long body, four limbs, and a single horn on its head. Overall, it looked a little like a mystical dragon. However, it had none of the majestic and holy vibes of a mystical dragon. Instead, it looked ferocious and intimidating. This should be a scaled dragon demon. 

A scaled dragon was also referred to as a sinister dragon and had the bloodline of a mystical dragon. However, in terms of bloodline, it isn't as pure as the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern or the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. 

However, this sinister dragon was still several times stronger than the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. After all, this was the Yan Huang Ancient Region. With a better environment for growth, it could still become very powerful despite having an ordinary bloodline! 

"Sinister dragon! How dare you harm our human race. You better stop now and be prepared to die!" Princess You Xue landed near the sinister, purple dragon and so did Wu Yu. The sudden arrival of the two had barely stopped the sinister dragon from advancing further. 

To Wu Yu's surprise, that sinister dragon recognized Princess You Xue and scoffed. "I did not expect to be so lucky. With the Princess here, I won't need these pieces of trash!" 

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