Chapter 0689: Onward to Dark North Capital

All that City Lord You Yuan had told You Xue was within Wu Yu's expectations.

Their bloodlines were not the same. He did not care if the Dark North Tribe ostracized him.

After all, this was only the starting ground for his rise.

Courage and guts were a huge part of cultivation. Only with risk was there reward. If he was afraid, then he would have stayed at the Dong Sheng Divine Continent and not roamed out.

To him, the Dark North Kingdom was but a starting point towards the Yan Huang Ancient Region and the Jambu Realm.

However, he indeed had to maintain platonic distance with Princess You Xue. If they got too close, it would invite hostility from the Dark North Tribe. That was why Wu Yu decided that after they went to Dark North Capital, there would be no need for him to constantly remain by You Xue's side. Everything would be fine as long as she helped him out when he needed support and a backer.

The next day, the two completed their preparations and then bade their farewells to City Lord You Yuan. You Xiao Die and Gu Ming came to see them off.

"Sister Princess, you're leaving so quickly this time. Next time, you must stay longer when you come to play." You Xiao Die pouted as she clung on to her arm.

"Xiao Die can come to the Dark North Capital to play as well," Princess You Xue said.

"I want to, but my mother doesn't allow me to. And she gives me many difficult cultivation missions. It's such a bother. I don't even know when we will meet next," You Xiao Die said glumly.

Gu Ming could only walk behind with Wu Yu. He eyed him surreptitiously and then said, "I saw your battle yesterday, and you were magnificent. You had some astonishing moves indeed. I am curious, and don't understand how you managed to reach such fighting power even before reaching the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. Do you have some hidden arts?"

"No comment," Wu Yu replied.

"You-" Gu Ming was angry. He was the young master of the North Pole Province, and Wu Yu would have to pass through his territory on the way to the Dark North Capital.

"Just wait and see." Gu Ming felt like Wu Yu would run into trouble within their lands sooner or later.

As they spoke, they had just left the City Lord Residence and its crystal palaces. They quickly moved through the dazzling streets of the Immortal City of Northern Frost, heading for the city gates. Going out was naturally much simpler than coming in.

However, they had just left the City Lord Residence when a huge group of people barred their way. Their clothing was marked with lilac-colored patterns, and they were all well-built and of powerful competence. All of them were middle-aged, and the well-dressed one in their midst was clearly their leader. He had a neat look and a small goatee. His handsome features were marred by a fierce expression, and he homed in on Wu Yu the moment they appeared.

"This is the subordinate of Minister Yin. He works in the Immortal City of Northern Frost, and his name is Su Qingshan. Not an easy person to deal with," Princess You Xue quickly told Wu Yu.

This person was naturally a minion of Minister Yin. They were obviously here for Wu Yu.

As expected, even before they could speak, the group first bowed to Princess You Xue and greeted her. And then they declared in a ringing voice, "Foreigner Wu Yu, you had the audacity to hurt the eldest grandson of Minister Yin outside the Imperial Enchanting Palace! The evidence is clear, and you cannot deny it! Today, we soldiers have been ordered by General Yin to capture Wu Yu and bring him back to the Dark North Capital for sentencing! Princess, please step aside."

The General Yin that he was speaking of was probably Yin Xuan's father.

This person was definitely of high-status. In the Dark North Kingdom, all of Princess You Xue's glory came from her background. These heavy-duty ministers had no need to mollify her either. After all, she was only a young princess without significant power or influence. Anything that she did now would be considered the antics of a youth.

And therefore, General Yin dared to order people to arrest Wu Yu before Princess You Xue's very eyes.

After Su Qingshan finished speaking, he gestured, and those behind him swarmed towards Wu Yu.

You Xue was angry now. For so many years, everyone had treated her with courtesy, and such rudeness was a rare sight indeed. She stood in front of Wu Yu and said, "Is this treason? To act with impunity in my presence? Get out, all of you! If this is about yesterday, everybody saw that it was a simple contest of strength. Yin Xuan came off worse. Not only does he lack the backbone to stomach the loss, he's even sending you to capture people today? Shameless and cowardly. I guess I thought too much of him. Su Qingshan, are you going against my will in public?"

Princess You Xue's staunch protective attitude towards Wu Yu was made very clear now. Perhaps Su Qingshan had not believed it at the outset, but now the two were practically glued together, and You Xue had flown into a rage. He knew that it was not very likely that he would bring Wu Yu in today.

Actually, he understood that he was only borrowing the reputation of General Yin here. He had been forced to come by Yin Xuan. Right now, the little master was still waiting for news from him.

"Princess, this is, after all, a foreigner...."

"I repeat: get out," Princess You Xue said with a chilly tone, brooking no explanations from Su Qingshan.

Su Qingshan considered this. If he acted, then Princess You Xue would definitely respond in kind. And at that time, even City Lord Yuan would intercede. That would be a big hoo-hah, and he could not take responsibility for that.

That was why he could only give up.

Of course, this exchange had attracted many onlookers as well. One spread to 10, and 10 to 100. Princess You Xue had just returned from the Taigu Immortal Path, and news of her always traveled far and wide, even to other kingdoms.

"Out of the way." You Xiao Die stood with the Princess at this time.

The four of them stalked past the fuming and embarrassed Su Qingshan and his group. As they left, many martial cultivators from the Immortal City of Northern Frost were whispering and talking about it. Finally, they reached the city gates.

As they passed through, Princess You Xue and You Xiao Die were loath to part, and Wu Yu could see an endless expanse of mountains and rivers beyond the gate.

As they looked out, they saw a hint of mountains and rivers far away, shrouded in mist. But that hint alone revealed to Wu Yu the difference between this place and the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

This place was like an immortal realm, where the spiritual qi was so dense it had become mist. It pressed heavily against the land, and many things grew under its bountiful grace.

After leaving the Immortal City of Northern Frost, they were finally in the ancient lands of the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

"Let's go." Princess You Xue turned to leave under a fond farewell from many. Here at the Dark North Kingdom, she did not need to worry about her own safety.

Wu Yu and her took off in the direction of the Dark North Capital.

They soon vanished from the sight of the others.

Inside the Immortal City of Northern Frost. Time of departure.

Yin Xuan was in a private room, awaiting Su Qingshan's good news. But at this time, they returned empty-handed and spurned.

"Where is he!?" Yin Xuan snapped.

"Young Master, we could not help it. Princess You Xue was too protective of him. Even using the name of General Yin, she brushed it aside. If we acted, she would respond. If we inadvertently injured her, that would be catastrophic. Not just us, but you would be severely punished as well."

Su Qingshan hurriedly explained.

"She dares to treat me this way!?" After Yin Xuan heard his account, his eyes flashed with fury. If not for the fact that movement was difficult for him right now, he would have flown into a rage.

Even so, he ranted and raved for a good long time.

"You bunch of trash, get out!"

In the face of his ravings, Su Qingshan and the others shook their heads and took their leave.

From within the private chamber, Yin Xuan's shouts continued to boom out.

"I don't believe it! You Xue can protect you now, but can she protect you for a lifetime? As long as you fall from her grace, as long as she is not by your side, I will see you dead 1,000 times over! 10,000 times over!

"This is the Dark North Kingdom. How can I, Yin Xuan, be bullied by an outsider?

"Just wait until I get back to the Dark North Capital! That is my territory. 100 assassins are all too willing to take the money from my hands! If I can't kill you, does that mean I can't have you killed?"

In the end, wicked laughter echoed forth from the chamber.

Of course, Wu Yu and the others did not know that he would be this sore after losing.

Yin Xuan had been defeated fair and square. Ordinary people would suck it up and move on.

After departing from the Immortal City of Northern Frost, Wu Yu felt like someone was following him, and not just one person at that.

A few waves of people.

City Lord Yuan's Yue Li was also amongst them.

There were probably Minister Yin's people in the mix as well.

They were probably not crazy over Wu Yu, and wanted to see what the two were up to.

Of course, after becoming aware of their presence, Wu Yu immediately used the Somersault Cloud after leaving the Immortal City of Northern Frost.


The Somersault Cloud bounced happy circles around Wu Yu like a puppy. It was fluffy to the touch, like cotton candy.

This poofy, white thing attracted even Princess You Xue's attention. Eyes wide, she asked, "This, what is this?"

"Come on up and you'll know." Wu Yu hopped up onto the Somersault Cloud and sat down in the lotus position. Although it was soft and fluffy, it did not sag under Wu Yu's weight.

Princess You Xue copied him, sitting on the Somersault Cloud. The wind blew her long hair wildly, and her eyes were wide with curiosity and delight. She was indeed a beauty of the city, and completed the scenery.

Ming Long whooped. "This is perfect. On the Somersault Cloud, you can do all kinds of naughty things with her in broad daylight. After all, she's your slave, and won't go against anything you say. She would even actively welcome it."

"Go away. Do it yourself." Wu Yu was starting to become less tolerant of her teasing tone. She was indeed a brazen one, and showed not the slightest bit of modesty even as a woman....

Wu Yu roode the Somersault Cloud, flying it in the direction of the Dark North Capital. Because they were being followed, he directly cranked up to the fastest speed!


As the Somersault Cloud flew, it continued to flicker, and Princess You Xue was stunned by the extreme speed.

The others were dismayed. They were already chasing at their fastest speeds, but before long, they were only faced with empty skies.

"What is that...." Everyone revealed themselves at this time. They looked around at each other, nonplussed.

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