Chapter 0688: Shuili Palace

Some life had been injected into the chilly Immortal City of Northern Frost thanks to Wu Yu's arrival.

It seemed like on every street and alley, people were gathered to discuss Wu Yu, and the tussle between Princess You Xue, Yin Xuan, and Wu Yu.

As they spoke, many were vilifying Wu Yu indignantly.

But it could not be helped. The loss was reality, and they could only acknowledge that Wu Yu was very strong, and Yin Xuan's reputation had fallen. 

No matter how resentful the spectators felt, there was one fact that they had to acknowledge, which was that Wu Yu had indeed beaten Yin Xuan fair and square.

As for Yin Xuan, he looked impressive, but he had not been able to put up any resistance once the fight started.

Before long, Wu Yu and Princess You Xue had returned to the City Lord Residence, arriving ahead of You Xiao Die and the others.

The City Lord Residence was the most developed section of the city. It was fortified by thick walls and powerful Heaven and Earth Spirit Designs. A closer look revealed that even the bricks of the walls held precious treasures with many spiritual marks.

It was his first time in the City Lord Residence, and Wu Yu was in awe at the grandeur of the architecture and spirit designs. Casting his gaze out, there were snow-white crystal palaces everywhere within the confines, and snow-white mist shrouded these crystal palaces. The City Lord Residence looked like an immortal palace.

The City Lord Residence was not especially big, but each piece of land had complex spirit designs. Princess You Xue said that Wu Yu had to follow her after entering the City Lord Residence, or risk losing his life in another place.

This was the central residence for martial cultivators, and also a castle. There was no need to worry about it being invaded, no matter who it was. It was very safe inside.

There would not be any petty thieves who would dare to go up against the threat of the City Lord.

Others who wished to enter the City Lord Residence naturally had to undergo rigorous examination, but Princess You Xue was exempted as an honored guest. After she returned, the City Lord Residence guards fell to a half kneel, welcoming her back. They had probably heard the news of Wu Yu as well, but did not have the courage to bar him from entering.

"Has my aunt returned?" Princess You Xue asked as she entered.

"The City Lord has returned, and she also left orders to inform the Princess to go to Shuili Palace upon her return. The City Lord awaits you there," the guard said.

Although he was a guard, he was also at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, qualifying him to remain here. In the Yan Huang Ancient Region, there were truly many Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators, and Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators were only considered average.

"Did she allow Wu Yu to go as well?" Princess You Xue asked.

The guard nodded. "The City Lord said that that would be best."

Princess You Xue understood. She looked at Wu Yu, who waved it off, saying, "Let's go."

Evidently, she had heard the news faster than anyone, with the Immortal City of Northern Frost being under her rule. Besides, she had also sent out Yue Li to monitor Wu Yu and the others. Wu Yu knew that Yue Li had been tailing them up until they had entered the City Lord Residence.

Princess You Xue led the way, weaving through the crystal palaces of the City Lord Residence. They passed through many palaces and corridors that were works of art, and also an immortal medicine garden saturated with fragrance. There were many precious immortal essences within, and it was a match for those that Wu Yu had seen on the mountain of lightning.

"Tell me, what does she want to say?" Wu Yu said as they traveled.

"She must want to warn us to keep our distance," Princess You Xue said.

Wu Yu knew all that she was thinking, so he knew the answer the moment he asked. City Lord Yuan was probably worried that romance was developing between Princess You Xue and Wu Yu, and that she was favoring Wu Yu too heavily. After all, Wu Yu was not part of the tribe and therefore was unreliable. Even if he was just a friend, there was a chance in the future that he would desire Princess You Xue.

"She has truly over-thought this." Princess You Xue was clear. She and Wu Yu could at best be friends. It was already a blessing that they were not master and slave. Dao companionship was impossible. She was clear in her heart that if Wu Yu had not even had any desire for her at the Immortals Viewing Platform, he would not have any now either.

Although there was a tinge of bitterness in her mind that did not escape Wu Yu's notice, Wu Yu still admired how well she had adjusted for the sake of survival. She did not have any intention of dying with him.

It was impossible for her to harbor any thoughts of revenge, because the Soul Manipulation Blood Design would reveal all to Wu Yu.

In a flash, they arrived at Shuili Palace, which was not very busy. Probably only City Lord Yuan was inside. It looked like a study, and the great doors swung open automatically when they arrived. It was dim inside, with only faint, purple candlelight that glimmered softly off the ink-green walls of jade.

As they walked in, they saw many dao technique scrolls arrayed all over, and there was an elegant and alluring beauty lounging on the long couch, clad in long robes of purple. She was currently reading a propped up scroll over the purple candlelight. The skin outside of her long robes glowed and sparkled enchantingly.

Although You Yuan was not young, she was exceptionally attractive, and now her eyelashes fluttered up as she looked at them. Gently laying the scroll down, she stood to regard Princess You Xue and then Wu Yu. "You're back."


As Princess You Xue spoke, Wu Yu lowered his head slightly, murmuring a greeting to the City Lord and paying his respects to a senior.

"Mm." You Yuan was not wearing shoes, but walking barefoot over the glistening floor. She came to stand before them and said, "I hear you possess an advanced dao treasure. Show me."

This woman was indeed compelling, but Wu Yu did not begrudge it to her. She was not someone who lacked an advanced dao treasure either, and there was no point in hiding it now. He very readily took out the 10,000 Dragons Staff and handed it over to You Yuan, saying, "City Lord, it is a little heavy."

After You Yuan received it, she noted that it was indeed very dense. To her, this was no matter. She fiddled with his staff a little, caressing the dragons that ran down the length like veins. She remarked, "This is a respectable advanced dao treasure indeed. I just wonder if its owner is fit to use it."

As she said this, her gaze seemed to pierce Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu had the Eyes of Fire and Gold, and his eyes were strong enough. His gaze matched hers steadily and did not waver. "City Lord, perhaps not yet. But before long, the 10,000 Dragons Staff will know that it has made the right decision."

"You're a confident one." You Yuan smiled thinly. Her smile was cool and a little sarcastic. It did not make one feel very comfortable. She handed the 10,000 Dragons Staff back to Wu Yu. "Work hard for You Xue from now on. If I find that there is deceit about you, I will definitely see you dead without a grave in the Dark North Kingdom. You should know as well how difficult it will be to leave the Dark North Kingdom once you are in. Kingdom border spirit designs are everywhere, so don't do anything foolish on our lands. Leave us first."

Her voice was cool and held a tinge of threat, coupled with the suppressive power of a powerful Primordial Spirit. It indeed laid heavy pressure on Wu Yu. leaving him a little suffocated. However, he still stood his ground. She was clearly thinking about Princess You Xue's welfare, and could not be faulted for it. After making his greeting, he backed down, leaving Princess You Xue behind.

As the doors shut, You Yuan assumed that the spirit designs would prevent Wu Yu from hearing anything. However, Wu Yu had complete access to You Xue's thoughts, and knew everything that they were discussing.

In Shuili Palace, You Yuan returned to her long couch and asked, "Now that trouble has started, are you thinking of returning to the Dark North Capital?"

Princess You Xue perched by her side and clutched You Yuan's arm, saying warmly, "As expected, Auntie understands me. I plan to leave tomorrow. When emotions have been smoothed over, Xue Er will come to visit Auntie again."

You Yuan shook her head and said, "Since you are going to leave, I will speak plainly. Listen well."

"Please go on, Auntie."

You Yuan did not beat around the bush. "I know that the two of you may have saved each other's lives on the Taigu Immortal Path and developed good feelings for each other. But you also know that you are the future of the Dark North Tribe, and neither your father nor any of the other royalty will allow you to tie with the Yan Huang Tribe. That is why you cannot have feelings for Wu Yu, nor become dao companions. Are you clear?"

You Xue tittered. "Auntie, you have over-thought this. I will tell you the truth. We are truly friends, and do not have the slightest bit of romantic inclination. Besides, through the ordeals of the Taigu Immortal Path, Xue Er has changed as well. Right now, I don't really believe in dao companions. At least in the next few decades, Xue Er wants to focus on cultivation, and not bother with love and all that. Auntie has also said that dao companionship is good, and can help one improve, but if one's dao companion is lacking, it will drain you as well. It is too difficult to find a suitable dao companion, and Xue Er is willing to depend on herself and avoid the risk."

You Yuan found this hard to believe. "Are you sure that this is the truth?"

Princess You Xue nodded. "Xue Er is willing to swear to the heavens that I only treat Wu Yu as a friend. Of course, he is a dear friend, and is willing to help me as well. As for Yin Xuan, he was too boorish and loud today. Conversely, I have seen through him now. If I were to join with him in the future, he would be a burden on me. I thought it would be better to cut off his flights of fancy directly."

You Yuan thought this over and then gave You Xue another hard look and a nod. "I am pleased with your way of thinking. But Yin Xuan is the eldest grandson of Minister Yin, and his future is bright as well. Even if you do not favor him, don't make it too harsh. Understood?"

"Xue Er understands."

You Yuan continued, "It's still the same truism. Outsiders to the tribe cannot be trusted. Wu Yu is of the Yan Huang Tribe, and will eventually be a member of Yan Huang Ancient Country. No matter how good a friend he is, he will be ridiculed before our tribe. No matter how good your relationship is, Auntie advises you to remain vigilant against him. Best if you are privy to his secret of cultivation, and use it to strengthen yourself. I know this is difficult for you. After all, the young always speak of emotional honor. But Auntie's words are definitely the best choice for you. Someday, you will understand. As for this Wu Yu, if he follows you back to the Dark North Capital, I doubt he will live very long."

You Xue asked wonderingly, "Why?"

"That person likes attention and does not know how to keep a low profile. He's an outsider but does not keep his head down. Someday, he will reach the stage where the entire Dark North Tribe will want to get rid of him. Best advise him to be more prudent. Otherwise, not even you will be able to save him."

"Oh. I understand." Princess You Xue dipped her head in acknowledgment.

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