Chapter 0687: Dark North Tribe

Who was the wretched figure slumped on the ground?

Many of those gathered before the Imperial Enchanting Palace were first-class experts, and naturally could distinguish it.

Besides, the Kingly Sky Cleaver and the East God Immortal Sword had fallen out as well, clattering to the ground loudly.

And the Violet Immortal Battle Armor was distinct on the charred figure. The top-grade dao treasure was sundered and had lost his shine. Much of it looked like it had been battered apart by raw strength.

On a closer look, it was not only Yin Xuan's skin that was charred. The majority of his flesh and bones were also completely scorched.

He was still conscious, but his expression was contorted, and his eyes completely black. He could only struggle, and even standing up was a task.

This was a far cry from the usual image of Minister Yin's first grandson.

It was as though he had fallen from heaven straight into hell.

And this ending was one that no one had dared to consider....

They felt that Wu Yu might have had some tricks up his sleeve, but they had not imagined that Yin Xuan would be reduced to such a wretched state....

And now, they could feel the burn from the sun gradually recede. The excruciating heat in the environment disappeared. Of course, Wu Yu also appeared after the huge and intense sun vanished.

He was hovering in the air, without a scratch on him. Even his face still held the indifferent poise of before. Truly a beast. From this expression, he communicated that he had not expected anything else besides this outcome.

He was supremely confident in both the World of the Golden Eye and the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff.

And the outcome had lived up to his expectations. The mystique and advanced dao treasure combined had repelled all the numerous dao techniques and mystiques that Yin Xuan had thrown his way. He had been smashed fair and square, without offering the slightest resistance.

The only thing more awesome than Wu Yu himself now was the advanced dao treasure that he was holding horizontally in mid-air, the 10,000 dragons coiling around it.

Without question, the battle was over.

From this, it was clear that Wu Yu could have very easily killed Yin Xuan.

Although the battle had ended abruptly, there was silence. Almost everyone was riveted by the scene. It was the first time that Wu Yu had raised such a commotion after reaching the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

From the looks that these Dark North Kingdom people had, he could see their shock, dismay, and even panic.

Partly because the outcome had been completely unexpected.

Partly because someone they approved of had been defeated on home ground by an outsider. It was humiliating.

Actually, the races of the Yan Huang Ancient Region had been through the twists and turns of history, forming different ethnicities. For example, the Dark North Kingdom people were mostly from the Dark North Tribe, while those from the Yan Huang Ancient Country were from the Yan Huang Tribe.

Although they were all of the same human race, and cultivated the same Immortal Dao, there were differences in the bloodlines and characteristics of the Yan Huang Tribe, the Dark North Tribe, the Devilsky Tribe, etc. For example, those of the Dark North Tribe had an affinity for cultivating dao techniques and mystiques that were affiliated with frost and darkness.

As for the Yan Huang Tribe, they were mostly affiliated with more righteous elements, such as fire and metal.

For countless years, the various major tribes of the human race had been fighting in the Yan Huang Ancient Region. Amongst them, the Yan Huang Tribe was without doubt the first and foremost. They had basically wiped out a majority of the other tribes from the once diverse Yan Huang Ancient Region.

Each tribe had an ancestor or tribal group in ancient history.

The current Yan Huang Ancient Region was led by the strongest power, the Yan Huang Ancient Country, built by the Yan Huang Tribe. There were also the Dark North Tribe, the Devilsky Tribe, the Rising Cloud Tribe, and other superpowers who fought for dominance.

And sometimes, the tribal hatred and struggle would be even more bitter than the one between nations. For example, Wu Yu's display had immediately identified him as a progeny of the Yan Huang Tribe. That was why nobody would support him as he stood on Dark North Tribe territory.

Besides, there was enmity between the major tribes of the Yan Huang Ancient Region. In order to ensure the purity of the bloodline, all immortal kingdoms frowned upon the marriage and dao companionship between tribes.

This was also the reason why City Lord Yuan had reminded Princess You Xue of her purest Dark North Tribe lineage after meeting Wu Yu. Basically, the entire Dark North Tribe would not allow her to marry outside of the tribe, especially to the tyrant that was the Yan Huang Tribe.

On this point, Wu Yu could see where they were coming from.

If two people came from different nations, they could co-exist peaceably.

But if two people came from different tribes, then they represented long years of struggle over resources throughout history. Even though the difference was not as drastic as the one between humans and demons, it would be difficult for them to get along. Because tribes meant bloodlines. It was one's corpus and soul. A person could change their national affiliation, but not who they were innately.

Before Wu Yu came to the Dark North Kingdom, he had not felt this so intensely. But in this instant, he could feel the shock and then hatred that radiated from everyone after he defeated Yin Xuan. This made him realize that his bloodline would not possibly allow him to integrate into the Dark North Kingdom

Of course, since he had come so far, he had no intention of backing off.

"Young Master!"

At this time, many people rushed out from the crowd to Yin Xuan's side. Their faces were hard and anxious as they hovered protectively over Yin Xuan. From the way they behaved, they were probably the counselors of Minister Yin.

Although the rest of the Dark North Tribe had not interfered, their faces were hostile as well. Many were still looking at Wu Yu in shock, although more were looking at him with unpleasant faces.

Wu Yu immediately returned to Princess You Xue's side upon seeing the situation and gave her a look. Princess You Xue took him away promptly.

Perhaps today's fight had strengthened her resolve to depend on Wu Yu.

Actually, it was not that there weren't other tribes in the Dark North Kingdom. There were hundreds of other tribes, some large and some small. Some had even had their heyday in the Yan Huang Ancient Region in the past. Yet now, in the Dark North Kingdom, they were basically brought low - not only were their abilities inferior, but they could only do service jobs and menial work.

Whether in appearance or strength, Wu Yu was very different from the Dark North Tribe.

The purest of the Dark North Tribe had ink-green eyes of the deepest shade, like Princess You Xue.

Princess You Xue made to leave with Wu Yu. The counselors of Minister Yin checked Yin Xuan's injuries, giving him immortal medicine and helping him recover. Seeing Wu Yu depart, they immediately rushed over, crying, "Foreigner, you dare to leave after injuring the eldest grandson of Minister Yin!?"

They postured as if to surround him.

"Don't let him get away!"

"This is our territory. How can we let this brat flout his way around here and do as he pleases?!"

"This wild child from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent - he tries to create havoc here! Piss off and take a look in the mirror, and see what breed you are. I hear that the Dong Sheng Divine Continent is a land of mixed bloods. Everyone is a mixed blood. No wonder they are so backward."

The outcry came relentlessly.

Seeing these people about to attack Wu Yu, Princess You Xue was in a fury. She whirled back and shouted, "Back off, all of you! Yin Xuan was willing to take the gamble, and he will be willing to take the loss! If you continue to harangue him, you are the ones who are truly shameful! Wu Yu is my good friend. If I hear you talking nonsense and not showing him respect again, I will have your tongues cut out!"

They had not expected such a vehement defense of Wu Yu from Princess You Xue. She was completely on his side, and they were taken aback. The counselors of Minister Yin did not dare to offend Princess You Xue, and stood rooted to the ground.

"I will say it again. Wu Yu saved me in the Taigu Immortal Path. Now he has come to me to seek protection, and is my friend. Who dares to touch my friend?"

In the Dark North Kingdom, she was still highly respected. Her words silenced them all. Glaring around, Princess You Xue left with Wu Yu. Those in her way looked hesitant, but quickly opened a path for Princess You Xue.

Wu Yu turned back to Yin Xuan. Although he was seriously injured, he was alert enough to know what was happening around him.

"Yin Xuan, remember our wager. Don't bother us again in the future. A gentleman honors his word. Unless he wishes to be made a mockery of himself." Wu Yu's own mocking words further fanned the flames of the youngsters. What was even more infuriating was that no one dared to do anything to him, because they had all seen the resolve of Princess You Xue to protect him.

Right now, they could only watch Princess You Xue leave.

This battle had caused a huge sensation. A Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator had defeated a sixth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator. This was a historical miracle, and many people must have taken an interest in Wu Yu.

This news very quickly spread through the Immortal City of Northern Frost, and even back to the Dark North Capital. The Dark North Capital was the largest capital city of the Dark North Kingdom. It was the height of magnificence, and the nucleus of the Dark North Tribe!

As they left, many looked on, and they began to gossip about the relationship between the two.

"Princess You Xue wouldn't be fancying Wu Yu, would she?"

"That would be a calamity. Our pure bloodline of the Dark North Tribe - how can we let it be sullied by the Yan Huang Tribe? And a lowborn wretch to boot!"

"Don't worry. City Lord Yuan and the rest will not let Wu Yu get away with it. I reckon that if Wu Yu dares to go to Dark North Capital, he won't live long, even with Princess You Xue's protection."

"Yan Huang Tribesman, just you wait. One day, the Dark North Tribe will be the true lords of the Yan Huang Ancient Region. We will change the Yan Huang Ancient Region into the Dark North Ancient Region."

Along the way, Princess You Xue asked Wu Yu what his plans were.

"The Immortal City of Northern Frost is too small. Now that this has happened, we can return directly to the Dark North Capital. Will you go?" Princess You Xue asked.

"When do we leave?"

"I have to pay respects to my aunt. We can leave early tomorrow."

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