Chapter 0686: Fight at Imperial Enchanting Palace

As Wu Yu faced off against Yin Xuan, the spacious courtyard of the Imperial Enchanting Palace was already crowded with thousands of people.

Many were elites from the Imperial Enchanting Palace, and many elders were here too. They stood in the shadows, chatting as they curiously looked at Wu Yu, Yin Xuan, and the expressionless Princess You Xue.

This sudden clash was both unusual and interesting. No one really knew what was going on, but anything that involved Princess You Xue would draw attention.

Many continued to gather to watch the action. No matter where you were from, everyone enjoyed drama and action.

Even before the battle commenced, the entire Immortal City of Northern Frost was buzzing with action.

The elders who had come from the Imperial Enchanting Palace were currently sitting at the window seats of a luxurious inn, discussing about the things that had transpired.

One elder laughed. "I've figured it out. This Yin Xuan must fancy Princess You Xue. He followed her here from Dark North Capital. But he found out that Princess You Xue had come to receive this Wu Yu, and she seems intimate with him. Therefore, he lost his reason in his rage. That child is truly impulsive. As are all youngsters."

Another shook his head. "It's not so simple. I heard You Xiao Die say that it was Wu Yu who challenged Yin Xuan. Although Yin Xuan is angry, he would not dare to do such a thing. He's not a proactive one."

"Such a thing can happen? It's going to be good then. Looks like this Wu Yu is not as easily squashed as I imagined."

"That's why he's the special key to this whole puzzle. I've heard stories of him in the Taigu Immortal Path. Although I don't know what he did with Princess You Xue inside, this person is very special, make no mistake about that. Very curious. I wonder what kinds of secrets he has. But it seems like Princess You Xue is on great terms with him, to make Yin Xuan lose his cool. Perhaps they have already had relations. Youngsters can truly build flaring passion in the midst of danger!"

"He actually dared to issue a challenge. Either there's something wrong with his brain, or he has something up his sleeve. Let's reserve the comments and just watch."

At this point, they lapsed into silence, until someone suddenly recalled something. "Everyone, the gates to the Taigu Immortal Path will close in a few days. I heard that a number of important children have not returned yet. Leaving the demons aside, there's the Little Duke from the Yan Huang Ancient Country, as well as Prince Feng, Qingwu Yunsi, the Eternal Sword Dao's Feng Jianqing, and some others. None of them have returned yet. Of those at their level, the only one to return safely is Princess You Xue. Right now, the Devilsky Court, the Rising Cloud Nation, and the Eternal Sword Dao are all waiting anxiously. If they do not return in a few days, then things are going to get interesting."

"That won't be the case. They're probably holding out until the very last moment. That way, they can increase their gains."

"We'll see. In any case, the Taigu Immortal Path gives me an odd feeling this year. This Wu Yu came out after You Xue. Who knows what he did inside."

Just as they were discussing this, many people had already gathered. They could hear Yin Xuan speak tersely. "Wu Yu, you're a brave one. If you lose, will you leave the Dark North Kingdom immediately?"

Wu Yu casually replied, "And if you lose, will you never pester the Princess again?"

Yin Xuan snorted. "If I lose to you, I am unfit for the family of Yin."

"I don't really care which family you are unfit for. Just don't follow her around like a lost puppy." Wu Yu's words raised a huge clamor. This was very discourteous, and had come from the mouth of a Dong Sheng Divine Continent outsider to boot. Many were unhappy about it.

They were all Dark North Kingdom people, so they naturally sided with Yin Xuan. Someone called out, "Don't show mercy! This brat is showing off now, leave him scrambling for his teeth on the ground!"

"Send him crying and scuttling from the Dark North Kingdom!"

"Who is this person who dares to act like this in the Dark North Kingdom!?"

The clamor heightened the conflict. With so many supporters, Yin Xuan's confidence naturally grew. But when he saw Princess You Xue actually standing on Wu Yu's side, he was even angrier and dissatisfied. Right now, Wu Yu was served up on a silver platter. Only beating Wu Yu to death would appease his anger now.

The two did not speak further. Yin Xuan did not hold back either, pulling out his dao treasure. His dao treasure was not one, but two. One was a chopper, the other a sword. He held one in each hand.

The chopper was golden, its hilt shaped like a snarling tiger head. It had a roaring savagery to it. The golden chopper swirled with powerful light from its spirit designs. Evidently, this weapon was close to an advanced dao treasure, though it was not one.

The other sword was pure white, and encrusted with ice crystals. It was keen and cold, its deadliness lurking in the shadows. It responded powerfully to the huge chopper. Neither was anything ordinary.

Princess You Xue helped Wu Yu, secretly telling him, "That chopper is called the Kingly Sky Cleaver, passed down in their family through the ages. It has seen generations on the battlefield. Although it is not an advanced dao treasure, because of all the slaughter it has been used for, its power is fearsome, and it has a will of battle within it that strongly affects one's Primordial Spirit. The sword is called the East God Immortal Sword. He obtained it from some ancient ruins, and it is uncommonly powerful and deadly as well. Besides that, he should also have a Violet Immortal Battle Armor. Right now it's disguised as the clothes that he is wearing. It's a resistant battle armor that makes him hard to wound."

"Got it."

Wu Yu was very satisfied with her attitude. As long as Princess You Xue was looking out for him, he would definitely not skimp on any good things that might come their way.

"Yin Xuan grew up on the battlefield, and has been cultivating for 73 years. He has fought in tens of thousands of battles, and has grown up a killer. I am not his match. Be careful."

Princess You Xue warned him.

Wu Yu could see the powerful battle aura radiating from his body, one that had been honed on 10,000 battlefields. He was even harder to deal with than those geniuses. He also acted decisively. Wu Yu had no time to analyze him further. With a clutter, he burst into action immediately, employing his mystique from the get-go!

"Ancient War God Possession!"

His mystique was special as well. His entire body was bathed in golden light, and the faces of many armor-clad warriors flashed before his face. He seemed to become many different people at once. Each time he changed, his body grew a little, growing a level stronger. Both in terms of physical strength and Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, he continued to grow. Until finally, when he was himself once more, he seemed to be possessed by dozens of ancestors. His fighting ability had increased astronomically, and his eyes blazed with golden light as he opened them again. He charged towards Wu Yu, the killing intent cloying.


He gave a hearty cry that shook the earth around him.

He shot forth like an arrow leaving the bow!

Wu Yu had not fought in a long time as well. Right now, this opponent fired his blood up. He was completely overshadowed right now, faced with the gigantic Yin Xuan. But Wu Yu was not worried. He pulled out his own dao treasure, which was a huge sensation with the crowd!

"Advanced dao treasure!"

Rumor had it that Wu Yu had an advanced dao treasure. Who knew that it was true.

The Somersault Cloud and the backing of Princess You Xue gave Wu Yu the courage to use his advanced dao treasure in the Dark North Kingdom.

To him, this was a milestone breakthrough. From today, he did not need to cringe and cower. He would use this 10,000 Dragons Staff to face all his challenges and struggles on the immortal path!

The advanced dao treasure's appearance caused the threat of Yin Xuan's own dao treasures to pale!

Even as he charged, his expression changed upon seeing the 10,000 Dragons Staff's roaring dragons. A glimmer of greed crossed his face. For him as well, this advanced dao treasure held an attraction.

But this was a battle!

Wu Yu would never give his opponent chances during a fight.

"Eyes of Fire and Gold, World of the Golden Eye!"

Just as the 10,000 Dragons Staff appeared in his hand, a mystique was used immediately. He had trained it for a long time above the sea. After concealing it for so long, the World of the Golden Eye was finally brought to bear!

At this instant, everyone watched Wu Yu hold his ground, ramrod straight and wielding the 10,000 Dragons Staff.

Suddenly, his eyes burst forth with brilliant and intense heat and light. The overwhelming energy seemed as though the sun's own radiance was before them. Many closed their eyes involuntarily!

Those that could see clearly were even more aghast because they saw that Wu Yu's eyes had seemingly exploded, and the destructive explosion was bursting forth. Many could not withstand this flood of heat and were forced back, creating a panic.

This was the sun in the sky, a fireball of heat and light descending from the skies. Even the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm experts were shocked to see this!

Besides, there seemed to be a connection between the sun in the sky and the one on the earth. They could see that the light rays were gathering, forming a column of fire that funneled energy into this sun.

The two suns were joined through this raging column of fire. As Wu Yu had the support of the sun itself, he grew even stronger and more powerful. The spectators continued to retreat, everyone completely taken aback. Because they could not only feel the power of this mystique, but knew that Yin Xuan was trapped within it.

Hu, hu, hu!

Tongues of flame continued to lick the fireball.

Wu Yu was also within the World of the Golden Eye. From the outside, it was difficult for spectators to see what was happening inside. They could only hear the sounds of fighting. It seemed like someone was trying to escape it.

"What's happening!?"

"What mystique is that!? It's too scary!"

After about 10 breaths, a figure suddenly emerged from the melee. It slumped down from above, landing on the ground with a thump. The body was completely charred black, and his identity was unknown....

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