Chapter 0685: Yin Xuan

Wu Yu found it surprising as well that someone like that had suddenly barged in.

Right now, everyone was squeezed here, and there was a sense of general awkwardness. Princess You Xue was not willing to escalate the issue. "Why are you here?" she asked.

As she spoke, she was silently communicating with Wu Yu, saying, "This is the eldest grandson of Minister Yin's first wife, and his name is Yin Xuan. Minister Yin is an important official in the Dark North Capital, and his influence is formidable. His family is powerful in the Dark North Kingdom, ranking in the top ten. I have known him since young, and he admires and intends to woo me."

Princess You Xue clarified this person's identity.

She was a little pissed because this Yin Xuan should have been at the Dark North Capital. His appearance here was clearly to find her, although Princess You Xue had not approved of it.

Perhaps she had not held any negative impression of Yin Xuan before this, but now the situation had changed. She had to rely on Wu Yu, and matters of dao companionship could be laid to rest. Besides, Yin Xuan had simply been an admirer - one of many.

Right now, she wanted to create a good impression for Wu Yu, and also to express her reliance on him. But Yin Xuan's appearance at this time would make her plans go awry.

All of her thoughts and emotions were equally clear to Wu Yu.

Yin Xuan was slightly older, and had been cultivating for about 70 or 80 years. That was why he had not entered the Taigu Immortal Path. His gaze was endearing as he said, "I heard that you came to the Immortal City of Northern Frost alone. I was worried about your safety. That’s why I came after you. Although I was not able to escort you here, I can escort you back...."

At this time, he shot a warning look at Wu Yu. Evidently, he had heard of Princess You Xue's reason for this trip.

Princess You Xue replied irritably, "You're not even stronger than I am. Why should I need your escort? Besides, this is the Dark North Kingdom. I've even come out alive from the Taigu Immortal Path. What could happen to me on my own territory? As an important pillar of our society, you shoulder heavy responsibilities. Shouldn't you hurry back to your station to uphold that duty?"

Right now, she did not want to be pestered by this person anymore.

But this was a huge blow to Yin Xuan. Princess You Xue had never been so curt with him before. He stood rooted to the ground, in disbelief at the chastisement. The others were feeling embarrassed as well. Only You Xiao Die was able to mollify her. "Sister Princess, he only had good intentions. He came all this way, don't fault him for it...."

"Quiet," Princess You Xue said coldly. She again gave Yin Xuan a cold look and then turned to Wu Yu, saying, "Let us go."

"Wait." Yin Xuan had been dealt a huge blow, and there was hurt in his eyes. He looked at Wu Yu again and suddenly said harshly, "Princess, you've never been this cold to me before. I am very curious, and also disheartened. This Wu Yu. What is he? A visitor from the barren lands - why does the Princess treat him so well? And expressly came here to receive him?"

Actually, he too had heard news of Wu Yu, and had hurried here, his heart aflutter.

Yin Xuan's words raised a collective gasp. They had not expected him to speak so brazenly to the Princess. But then again, Minister Yin's family was also a family that held great power. Such petty squabbles between the youngsters would not cause the elders to bat an eye. He was the only person present who would dare to go up against the Princess.

From the way things looked, every single youngster present was 100% certain that Princess You Xue fancied Wu Yu. Otherwise, why would she personally come to the Immortal City of Northern Frost and also take care of him personally?

But after all, they felt that this person was not on their level. He did not even know how to conduct himself at an alcohol tasting and dao discussion, and was only a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. On what basis was he...?

This was an issue that Yin Xuan could not understand. Before You Xue had entered the Taigu Immortal Path, she had even occasionally called him “Big Brother Yin,” and now she was being so cold towards him. It had to be because of Wu Yu!

Therefore, all his resentment naturally turned towards Wu Yu, and his gaze was malevolent now as well. He directed this to Wu Yu. "Listen, kid. This is the Dark North Kingdom! Your position here is only as a wretched slave! Don't you be thinking of anything untoward about the Princess. You should be all too clear about how dire the consequences will be otherwise."

He too was flustered, to say such a thing on the spot. If he had been a bit more rational, a private warning to Wu Yu might have been more effective.

"Yin Xuan, how rude! Get out of my sight!" Princess You Xue raged. She already knew the way that she might continue to live, and did not dare to hate Wu Yu at all. She had long realized what she had to do.

However, Yin Xuan was a bold one. His eyes were wild as he gave Princess You Xue serious look. "Princess, today I will make it clear. I like you. I want to walk the dao with you, to be with you in life and death. I know that there are no  plans to give your hand in marriage to me. Regardless of whether the Princess likes me or not, I will work hard until I win your approval. But this Wu Yu is a person of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. A foreigner, and a lowborn. He is not fit for the Princess in the slightest. I ask the Princess to reconsider!"

"Get out." In the face of his fevered rambling, Princess You Xue could do nothing. And the Dark North Emperor had indeed solicited suitable dao companions for her in the past, and Yin Xuan had been a candidate.

She did not simply respond with words. With a gesture, a chill wind swept up in accord with her hands' movement, and it sped towards Yin Xuan. Everyone was shocked to see Princess You Xue raise a hand against him.

And Yin Xuan's expression turned uglier than ever. He knew that he had been a little rash today, but he had not expected Princess You Xue to actually treat him thus, despite their years of interactions. His face was pained and aggrieved as he bitterly resisted Princess You Xue's dao technique without countering it. He stood there as his entire body was frozen over into an ice sculpture.

Everyone gasped. Even You Xiao Die and Gu Ming could not do anything at this point.

"We go." Only now did Princess You Xue take Wu Yu and leave the Imperial Enchanting Palace.

Wu Yu was thinking about the best way he could achieve his goal of getting stronger at the Dark North Kingdom.

"Battle, dao enlightenment, a bigger playing field, stronger opponents, and fate. All are necessary elements. Here, with You Xue as the princess and my backer, I can totally be relaxed and face all the challenges!"

Using one's backer appropriately could make one stronger.

This Yin Xuan was already gunning for him. Sooner or later, trouble would come knocking at his door. Although he was in a block of ice, his look toward Wu Yu could kill.

He was unsatisfied.

"If you're not satisfied, I'll make you satisfied."

Princess You Xue had begun to walk away. As Wu Yu passed Yin Xuan, their eyes locked in an electric moment. One could almost see the sparks flying.

Wu Yu suddenly halted. Unexpectedly, he said clearly, "This friend seems to be in contempt of my humble abilities. I wonder if you have the courage to have a fair and open contest against this humble creature? The loser will admit defeat and scoot off, and not taunt others and skulk around in the shadows."

Right now, he had the Somersault Cloud and therefore could escape most forms of death. Therefore, there was no need for him to fear, because it was difficult for him to die. As long as one could not die, then he could gain much from any challenge.

To gain dao enlightenment through battle. That was what Wu Yu was thinking of.

The Somersault Cloud was truly too important.

Of course, as he said such a thing, the other youngsters could not believe it. Gu Ming, You Xiao Die, and the others all looked at Wu Yu in disbelief with wide eyes. How were they expected to accept that this lowborn foreigner would have the guts to challenge the eldest grandson of Minister Yin?

He was slated to be the future Minister Yin, heading the family which served as a core pillar of the Dark North Kingdom.

And now it was Wu Yu proactively issuing the challenge. Yin Xuan dearly wished to kill him, but Princess You Xue had not permitted it. He had not expected such an opportunity to present itself.

Yin Xuan thawed off the ice block. His eyes wide, he did not know whether to laugh or cry. "You, were you really talking to me?"

He looked at Princess You Xue.

Princess You Xue looked at Wu Yu seriously. Naturally, she did not dare to stop Wu Yu, because she knew just how terrifying he could be from their time at the Immortals’ Viewing Platform. At this time, she also could guess Wu Yu's thoughts about the future. And from Wu Yu's expression, she knew that he would be a wave that would sweep through the Dark North Kingdom in the days to come.

"The winner is king. Words are but empty air. A true clash of strength is the simplest and most direct method," Princess You Xue said in reply to Yin Xuan's question. This meant that she had allowed Wu Yu to challenge Yin Xuan.

The shock for all those present was too great.

"This Imperial Enchanting Palace is so beautiful, it is not suited for a fight. I will wait for you outside." Wu Yu did not wait for Yin Xuan's reply either, but walked out with Princess You Xue, leaving a bunch of people looking around at each other.

One of the youths who was at the Taigu Immortal Path said, "Brother Yin Xuan, be careful. This Wu Yu raised havoc in the Taigu Immortal Path. There must be a reason that he dares to raise this challenge. Be careful not to trip up." 

"Keke." Yin Xuan rubbed his mouth and snickered coldly. He fixed Wu Yu with a grim stare and strode out.

Seeing the situation, everyone naturally followed as well. And at this time, the news had gotten out as well. Many of the people at the Imperial Enchanting Palace were highborn, and the news concerned both Princess You Xue and Yin Xuan. As a result, the majority of the people at the Imperial Enchanting Palace came streaming out. In a short while, there were thousands of elites gathered outside. There were even Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivators in the mix.

And the Message Talismans flew like mad. Such a clash was enough to shock the entire Immortal City of Northern Frost from its slumber.

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