Chapter 0684: Alcohol Tasting and Dao Discussion

After hearing Wu Yu's name, the gathered youths finally realized the identity of the person that Princess You Xue had brought.

A few days ago, they had heard news of the Taigu Immortal Path, where a person called Wu Yu had spread news of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord being reincarnated. It had caused a huge scare, and rumor had it that something had indeed happened over at the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

However, the story said that it did not seem to be anything major.

And therefore, the Yan Dragon Army had returned as well.

Wu Yu was from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, and they had an impression of this name. Especially the two that had gone to the Taigu Immortal Path.

However, they were not in an important position in this situation.

In response to the query, Princess You Xue replied, "After you all left, Wu Yu and I had dealings, and he helped me. In order to repay him, he will accompany me as a companion from now on."

These words raised a collective gasp. They were all friends of Princess You Xue, but of a lower status. Ordinarily, they would not be able to interact much with Princess You Xue.

Instead, it was Wu Yu who could stay by her side?

"Don't be shocked. We are all friends here, and there will be plenty of opportunities to meet." Here, Princess You Xue did not put on airs, but was easygoing. She said, "Today's purpose is to taste alcohol and discuss dao. Everyone, be at ease. Xiao Die, introduce everyone to Wu Yu."

The girl she had called was sitting nearby. She was a petite and cute girl, in long robes of pink. She was wearing a pink butterfly ornament and was a moving picture. She was a strange sight and the center of attention before Princess You Xue had arrived.

Being so ordered by Princess You Xue, she started and regarded Wu Yu covertly. She was curious, but held her questions as she began to make the introductions. She first began with herself, saying, "I am called You Xiao Die."

Princess You Xue added, "She's my aunt's daughter, and sort of my sister."

So she was the daughter of City Lord Yuan. No wonder they looked alike.

And then You Xiao Die began to introduce the others. As expected, they all came from noble lineages. They were the sons and daughters of excerpts. Some held important stations and positions within the Dark North Kingdom, or commanded great armies. Some were city lords of central cities, and even state lords.

Although they could not compare to Princess You Xue, the power that backed them was definitely not something that Wu Yu could deal with.

Wu Yu committed all of them to memory. These were the people that he would interact with in the future... and even clash with.

The one with the deepest impression was the youth whom Princess You Xue had commanded to relinquish his seat to Wu Yu. He was originally with You Xiao Die, and was the son of the North Pole Provincial Lord. His name was Gu Ming.

The North Pole Province was vast, encompassing the Immortal City of Northern Frost. The Immortal City of Northern Frost had once been a fortress of the North Pole Province, but later had been deemed too important and therefore pulled out of the North Pole Province. It was personally governed by royal kin, which was why You Yuan was now here.

The North Pole Province and the Immortal City of Northern Frost were very close, so Gu Ming and You Xiao Die had had a good relationship since young. Their affectionate ways spoke of dao companionship down the road.

However, perhaps because Princess You Xue had made Gu Ming give up his seat, Gu Ming had a look of resentment in his eyes. To him, giving up his seat like that was very embarrassing.

After all, he knew that Wu Yu was from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

Perhaps he did not understand why Princess You Xue favored Wu Yu so highly.

After You Xiao Die had completed the introductions, Princess You Xue said, "Everyone, carry on. Don't shy away. This contemplation of dao is for everyone to be bold. Don't be reticent just because I am here."

"That's true. Let's continue." You Xiao Die could not stand this stiff atmosphere either, and cracked a pretty smile.

"Yes, yes."

Everyone began to get back into it. Wu Yu did not know what it was like, so he simply watched.

"Discussing dao is good. But dao discussion in the Yan Huang Ancient Region has recently evolved to become snobbish and meaningless. These people are gathered together to network," Ming Long said, full of contempt.

She had a candid personality, and naturally found these people pretentious.

However, Wu Yu could understand that. On a national level, the world of cultivation was similar to the mortal kingdoms. For example, these sons of princes and aristocrats acted the same way.

They began to discuss. For dao discussion, they would begin with a toast. One person would begin, toasting everyone before saying their piece. They would speak on their latest revelations about dao. Wu Yu very seldom heard others speak about dao, and it was all about their own hardships. As he heard their sharings, it did spark some interesting thoughts for him.

The main point was that his contemplation of dao was much lower compared to the others. That was why the discussion of dao amongst this geniuses could provide some pointers to Wu Yu.

"I have finished speaking. Thank you, everyone."

After each person finished speaking, everyone would return the toast. Because dao discussion was private, not even ladies-in-waiting could enter, so everyone poured their own cups and then toasted each other to show respect.

Wu Yu watched as everyone drank. After hearing their sharings, he felt that what they said had been meaningful. Since he too had listened to them, then he should also make the toast of respect. He followed their lead, pouring, raising, and then drinking.

However, he drank very quickly, finishing it in one gulp. After he put his cup down, he noticed that everyone else was still sipping and savoring it. He then recalled that when the person had made their toast, they had drunk slowly.

Now that he thought about it, the taste of the alcohol was indeed exquisite. A mellow fragrance from the first taste, and a lingering sweetness in the mouth. As it entered the belly, a wave of warmth spread out, and his entire body felt stronger, and his eyes became even more keen. It was truly a top-grade alcohol, equivalent to immortal medicine.


Wu Yu had just finished drinking when someone across the room remarked, "The quality vintage of immortality peaches - you actually finished it in one gulp? Quality vintages should be savored. Those from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent are truly ignorant...." Everyone turned to look at Wu Yu upon hearing this comment, and many began to snicker and shake their heads. Evidently, they looked upon Wu Yu's uncivilized drinking manner with scorn.

Wu Yu had not expected Gu Ming to pick on such a petty thing. It was truly as snobbish as Ming Long had described.

Of course, he was born in a royal palace himself, and understood the sense of superiority and arrogance that these people felt.

"Shut up." Without thinking much, Princess You Xue retorted immediately upon hearing this, her expression changing.

Immediate silence.

Gu Ming flushed and felt very crushed. He had not expected Princess You Xue to take the side of this outsider. He only spoke the truth, and his shame turned to anger. However, he understood now that, for whatever reason, Princess You Xue favored Wu Yu greatly. From the looks that You Xiao Die was shooting him now, he understood that taunting Wu Yu at this time was just setting himself against Princess You Xue.

That was why he hurried to apologize. "Brother Wu Yu, I spoke in haste. I am deeply sorry."

Wu Yu smiled and replied, "No matter. You spoke rightly. A quality vintage should indeed be savored."

The conflict was smoothed over, but everyone naturally still held their own opinions. And this son of the North Pole Province Lord was still glum.

Everyone had seen the way that Princess You Xue treated Wu Yu, and everyone knew how to read the mood. Instantly, their attitudes towards Wu Yu improved significantly. During the dao discussion, they even drew Wu Yu in.

"It is your first time here. Just listen. There is no need for you to speak." When it came to Wu Yu's turn, he was conflicted, and unsure of what to say. Princess You Xue saved him.

Of course, the others could not be bothered to listen to him either.

However, in truth, Wu Yu was out of place here listening to their treatises. He was truly getting a steal. Some of the troubles he was previously facing had been resolved here - an unexpected gain.

In addition to the medical potency of the immortality peach brew, his belly was on fire after a kettle of it. The powerful alcohol stimulated his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea, increasing Wu Yu's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy.

Evidently, the alcohol that the Imperial Enchanting Palace provided was not cheap. Only such people could afford it. It was a symbol of status.

"It seems like this alcohol tasting and dao discussion is indeed effective. Although in such a setting and manner, it is indeed a little snobbish."

Fundamentally, it was useful. Only, there were too many frills, such as the toasts and the occasional poetry breaks....

After the better part of a day, the event finally ended. Basically everyone had spoken about their recent revelations, besides Wu Yu.

Princess You Xue made ready to leave, and Wu Yu followed suit.

Everyone stood up to see them off.

When they discussed dao, they were friends. After they sent her off, she was a princess again, high above them.

Wu Yu felt that he would gain much from such a life.

Although he fought fiercely, he knew in his heart that martial cultivation was about dao comprehension. It was one's cultivation level that decided whether you made it to immortalhood.

Otherwise, no matter how strong you were, you were still mortal.

Unexpectedly, someone pushed open the door and burst in as they were leaving. Wu Yu saw that it was a warrior-like youth, clad in purple armor. He held a very high grade dao treasure, and this person was an impressive figure, his aura intimidating even before he was angry. He exuded the coldness and resilience of one honed in battle, something that not even Gu Ming could match.

"Princess!" This person barged in, clearly looking for Princess You Xue.

Princess You Xue looked at him, slightly displeased. "Yin Xuan, why are you here? And such barbaric manners!"

Although Wu Yu did not know this person, he knew You Xue's thoughts. At this moment, she was a little flustered and anxious. Clearly, she was unhappy with this person, but the fact that this person dared to conduct himself in this way spoke of his own high status within the Dark North Kingdom.

The person called Yin Xuan hurriedly shook his head. "I am sorry. I was too hasty. I apologize to the Princess." He hurriedly bowed, and his gaze slid to Wu Yu. Wu Yu guessed that he might be Yin Xuan's true target.

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