Chapter 0683: Imperial Enchanting Palace

Nonetheless, Wu Yu wasn't particularly worried. After all, as long as Princess You Xue protected him and didn't seek death, nothing would happen to him. 

If Princess You Xue had thought of luring him into the Dark North Kingdom to finish him off or use other means to break the Soul Manipulation Blood Design, Wu Yu would have learned about it. 

He could tell that Princess You Xue had an extremely high standing in the Dark North Kingdom. Along the way, numerous people looked in their direction. However, they would turn away quickly, and their eyes were filled with respect and fear. 

They didn't dare to look her in the eyes. 

Clearly, this wasn't the first time she had appeared in the Immortal City of Northern Frost. 

Most of the people recognized her and would take the initiative to make way for her. 

Wu Yu naturally drew numerous curious looks. This was because he was virtually unknown and no one could possibly recognize him. 

"Who is that? The one that is following the Princess?" 

"I don't know. His cultivation level isn't high, but he's really young. He probably has outstanding talent. Perhaps he's a descendant of some noble characters." 

"Noble origin? I'm so envious of him...." 

They only dared to whisper softly, but Wu Yu could still vaguely hear them. 

"Why does it look like it’s his first time here? He keeps glancing around." 

Some people were raising such doubts. 

Wu Yu was indeed behaving like this. After all, this was a brand new world for him. When the Yan Huang City Lord described the place to him previously, he was already filled with anticipation. 

Moreover, this was also the hometown of Ming Long. 

After visiting several streets over a few days and having some sense of this world where cultivators were everywhere, Princess You Xue asked him, "What are your plans? No matter what you wish to do, I'll just follow you. However, at this point, I can't leave the Dark North Kingdom as I wish. I know you want to become stronger, but the Dark North Kingdom has sufficient resources as well. It is especially so in our kingdom's capital. That's the largest and most central place in Dark North Kingdom, and it is way more majestic and vast than this place. It's literally riddled with experts." 

"Can we go to Dark North Capital right now?" Wu Yu had thought about it. If he was going, he wanted to go to the broadest land where most experts would congregate. Only by being in a place like that could his eyes be truly opened and could he have more opponents! 

With more opponents, he would have more sparring opportunities. 

Princess You Xue hesitated before answering, "Can we wait a few more days? After all, I have just arrived in this place recently. If I were to leave in a hurry, I would look rude. I'm afraid even my aunt would be suspicious. If we wait for another 10 days to half a month, it shouldn't be a problem." 

Wu Yu thought about it and said, "Alright. Let's stay for a few more days. I'm new to this place, so please bring me around to gain a better understanding of your Dark North Kingdom. To me, this Immortal City of Northern Frost is sufficiently awe-inspiring." 

Wu Yu was astounded. He had never expected the difference between the Yan Huang Ancient Region and the Dong Sheng Divine Continent to be so huge despite both being in the Jambu Realm. 

An old lady by the side was probably in charge of cleaning. She was using dao techniques and was a 10th tier Qi Condensation cultivator. 

Yet she was probably amongst the lowest level of people in the Immortal City of Northern Frost. 

A random group of children below 10 years old were also using various dao techniques as they ran around and played. When they fought, they could summon strong winds and huge flames. Luckily, the Immortal City of Northern Frost, including the ground below their feet, was completely covered in spirit designs. They were extremely tough and therefore the surroundings weren't damaged at all. 

If this was Capital Wu, a small kid would have destroyed the entire city in seconds. 

Seeing that Wu Yu seemed rather interested, Princess You Xue said, "A few friends of mine happened to invite me to the Imperial Enchanting Palace for alcohol tasting and dao preaching. All of them are young geniuses within the Dark North Kingdom, and two of them have just returned from the Taigu Immortal Path. They are likely to be still around. Would you like to go take a look?" 

The friends of Princess You Xue were clearly wealthy or noble people in the Dark North Kingdom. Their families were likely all elite cultivating descendants. Even people like the region lords would be considered ordinary to them. If it wasn't for Princess You Xue, Wu Yu wouldn't have the opportunity to sit with them. 

"What do you mean by alcohol tasting and dao preaching?" 

He asked. 

Princess You Xue chuckled and said, "It is a gathering that all the cultivators of the Yan Huang Ancient Region would love to be in. When one isn’t busy cultivating, two to three friends could get together to taste some great alcohol brewed by elite vintners using immortal essences and other precious materials. They could just sit gaily, discuss their dao, and share their cultivation experiences. Through sharing and answering, everyone in the group can get their queries resolved and improve together. Typically speaking, only really close friends gather together." 

It sounded rather simplistic. It was similar to having a group of people together to discuss their knowledge. In the mortal kingdoms, that's exactly what the educated loved to do. 

However, to put it bluntly, this was forming circles. Boiling it down, this was a gathering of those in the same circle. For example, an ordinary person would never be able to join the gathering between the friends of Princess You Xue. And these people with noble backgrounds could help one another improve by sharing. This made it even harder for the rest to keep up with the paces of these geniuses. 

Moreover, there might be other requirements for a gathering like this. 

"Since I have decided to stay in the Dark North Kingdom, I should get to know more people. It doesn't matter if we become friends or enemies. Since I'm here, I want to broaden my horizons. If I wanted to cultivate diligently silently, I would’ve just remained in the Floating Dreams Pagoda." 

Wu Yu had clear objectives. 

He had huge and small objectives. His greatest objective was to become an immortal. 

His most pressing and actually rather important small objective was to reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. 

"Most importantly, by forming my Primordial Spirit, I can develop a second spirit. I will then possess a second body, the body of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord! After which, my Unshackled Doppelganger could also advance further. Furthermore, I need to reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm for me to fully subdue my advanced dao treasure." 

These three aspects were enough to sustain Wu Yu's hunger. 

It was especially so for his Primordial Spirit, which Wu Yu had been longing for a long time. 

Moreover, he would be able to pick up a new transformation from the 72 Transformations. 

After receiving Wu Yu's agreement, Princess You Xue accelerated, moved through the streets rapidly, and arrived at the Imperial Enchanting Palace. Wu Yu caught up to her easily. 

The Imperial Enchanting Palace was an extremely high-class place. Only those with noble backgrounds or those who were famous could hold their alcohol tasting and dao preaching gatherings in this esteemed location. One could tell from the various spirit design ornaments decorating the outside that this was a place of sophistry and opulence. 

Looking across, the Imperial Enchanting Palace was the highlight of the Immortal City of Northern Frost. The music in it was alluring and the lights were enchanting. The entrances were guarded by experts. The several dozen guards were all Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators. Those who entered and left the place were either young geniuses or well-respected cultivators. Every single one of them had exceptional demeanor and could not be compared to the people of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

Obviously, although Wu Yu had a lower cultivation level than these guards, he was definitely way stronger than them. He was just feeling emotional that a person who could become a sect leader in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent could only be a guard in this place. 

If not for the fact that the route to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent was ravaged by sea region demons and the place wasn't suitable for them to get stronger, they would likely have gone to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent to abuse their power. 

However, regardless of how strong one was or the background one had, he had to lower his head to pay respects and make way for Princess You Xue when she passed by. The guard also hurried over and gestured for her to enter. "Princess, this way, please. May I know if the Princess is going to the Pear Blossom Hall?" 

Princess You Xue nodded and the guard understood instantly. Keeping his lowered stance, he led Princess You Xue ahead while maintaining a solemn expression. Naturally, the guards had also seen Wu Yu. Although they were curious about who he was, they definitely wouldn't dare to ask. After all, he was someone that Princess You Xue had brought along. 

Anyone who wished to enter the Imperial Enchanting Palace had to go through identity assessment and barriers. If Wu Yu were to enter alone, he could only possibly get through by fighting his way in. 

Princess You Xue had probably been to this place several times. She was familiar with the road as she moved through the golden and majestic palaces. That guard couldn't keep up with her at all. In the end, she was leading the group towards the Pear Blossom Hall. 

"Everyone in this place is a friend of mine. With me around, they won't dare to be rude." In the Dark North Kingdom, Princess You Xue had absolute confidence in herself. Her confidence, pride, and cold attitude returned to her face once again. After informing Wu Yu, she pushed opened the door to the Pear Blossom Hall and entered confidently. 

"Greetings, Princess." Those in the place were already alarmed by the footsteps. When they saw Princess You Xue entering, they were pleasantly surprised. They stood up and greeted Princess You Xue. 

"We did not expect the Princess to come. We are really honored." Instantly, one could hear compliments. 

Wu Yu took a glance and saw over a dozen people within this exquisite Pear Blossom Hall. He also saw over 10 jade tables with spiritual marks engraved upon them. These jade tables emitted a faint glow and aroma, making the Pear Blossom Hall appear extremely elegant. 

Wu Yu could tell from a single glance that the dozen-odd young guys and girls were elite characters. If Wu Yu hadn't seen so many supreme talents in the Taigu Immortal Path, he would likely be feeling inferior at this point. 

They were sitting with their legs crossed and great wine was placed on each table. The aroma was dense, and everyone was wearing exquisite clothes that were dao treasures. Each action and speech was full of rules. 

When Princess You Xue entered, the one with the best seat instantly gave up his seat. At this point, they also saw Wu Yu. Wu Yu had seen two of them in Taigu Immortal Path previously. When the other party saw him, they were astounded.

For them, Wu Yu shouldn't be here. Yet he was, and Princess You Xue had brought him in. This had overly exceeded their expectations.... 

Princess You Xue took the main seat without consideration, but no one was willing to give up their seat for Wu Yu. The only remaining spot was a good distance away from Princess You Xue and at the very end. After Princess You Xue settled down, she said to a young genius a short distance away, "I have a distinguished guest today. You can move to the back." 

That young genius was stunned and turned to Wu Yu. He couldn't understand, but this was an order from Princess You Xue after all. Although he was indignant, he got up and moved to the end. 

The beautiful waitresses outside the Imperial Enchanting Palace also hurried over to serve Princess You Xue and Wu Yu the great wine. 

At this point, everyone was staring at Wu Yu and Princess You Xue. Among them, those two had naturally recognized Wu Yu. They asked, "Princess, why... is Wu Yu here...?" 

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