Chapter 0682: Stalker

A person with common sense would know at first glance that Princess You Xue was very protective of Wu Yu.

After all, the gate to the northern sea area was the gate to their country and could only be opened to let Wu Yu in with the consent of the City Lord.

If not for Princess You Xue, who had pestered her aunt, the City Lord of the Immortal City of Northern Frost, who would have the time and energy to come here personally to let Wu Yu into the Dark North Kingdom?

Wu Yu was getting famous. It was rumored that he had gained a lot in the Taigu Immortal Path. And what had happened recently at the Dong Sheng Divine Continent was related to his effort to spread the message in the Taigu Immortal Path. Hence, all these seniors in the martial cultivation world and these high ranking ministers of the Dark North Kingdom’s Immortal City of Northern Frost had heard of Wu Yu and were interested. 

After all, based on their years of experience, they could tell with one look that Wu Yu was only a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. They could not imagine how a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator could have an ability that surpassed many Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm geniuses.

In reality, the You Yuan City Lord was secretly speaking to Princess You Xue after sizing Wu Yu up. She was expressionless as she said, "Xue Er, I'm usually supportive of you and let you be. However, I have to ask, is your relationship with Wu Yu really that good?"

Princess You Xue said, "Aunt, don't worry. He helped me many times in the Taigu Immortal Path. We do have a good relationship.  He was born in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. That is a rural area. It is already exceptional of him to have such achievements. The reason why he is here is because he is familiar with me. He also wants to seek his path to immortality in the Yan Huang Ancient Region."

"The Yan Huang Ancient Country is so big, can't they take him in?" You Yuan said. 

"I've explained to you that he cannot get along with a few people in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Besides, he had some part in Prince Le's death. He wouldn't dare go to the Yan Huang Ancient Country."

Princess You Xue was getting anxious. 

You Yuan remained unconvinced. Actually, she was still observing Wu Yu. At this moment, she said, "Hearing your words, this Wu Yu seems to be extraordinarily strong physically. He even snatched an advanced dao treasure. He has battle power that surpasses many tiers. This is unprecedented. Let me tell you, such people usually possess rare treasures that can be useful even to me. He must have some super secret. From what I see, if you find out his secret, you can have what he has. At that point, those of your age group will be far below you. It might even be possible to achieve immortality some day!"

She made sure to keep observing. She wanted to see through Wu Yu but had failed to do so. 

But based on her experience, this young man was not simple.

She hooked up her curiosity for his Sumeru Pouch and his young strong physical body. 

"Aunt! I've already said that he is a good friend and I've promised him safety. I'm the princess of the Dark North Kingdom, how can I go back on my word? More so, how can I harm my friends? Besides, he also treats me as his friend. If he becomes strong in the future, he can help me too." Princess You Xue's face was red as she argued. 

Actually, Wu Yu knew about their exchange. What Princess You Xue was thinking about could not escape Wu Yu’s senses.

This was the first time he saw that she was indeed fighting for him. Wu Yu's lingering suspicions of the Soul Manipulation Blood Design had basically disappeared. Princess You Xue had indeed made up her mind, and she wanted to live.

When You Xue panicked, You Yuan seemed to understand better. Her gaze became a little more serious, and she said, "Don't panic, I'm not asking you to be unjust. In fact, I can understand how you are feeling now. After all, I've also experienced it before. How can I not know what you are thinking? But this is too sudden. You are young and don't know what is really suitable for you. Aunt just wants to remind you that no matter how much you love him now, you must think more and consider if he is really suitable for you. Is he willing to serve the Dark North Kingdom?

“Is he worthy of being with you?"

She had obviously thought of the wrong thing.

However, it was reasonable for You Yuan to think this way because just friendship alone would not be enough to make Princess You Xue so anxious. She had never been like this, and she never had friends, even when she was a child.

A young woman going on an adventure for the first time, meeting someone, and fighting by his side. Eventually developing feelings for the other party. This was very normal. In fact, You Yuan had the same experience when she was young.

She did not know that the real reason was the cruel Soul Manipulation Blood Design.

This also proved that she did not know about the Soul Manipulation Blood Design.

After reminding You Xue, the Immortal City of Northern Frost City Lord nodded to Wu Yu and said, "If you are a guest from afar, let You Xue show you around. Tour around our city and see the scenery of the Dark North Kingdom. I have something else to do, so I will take my leave."

Of course, they were not here specially to wait for Wu Yu. They had just come by to open the gates for him. After all, Princess You Xue had been pestering them for a long time.

After finishing her sentence, the City Lord led a huge group of important ministers and left quickly, disappearing in front of Wu Yu.

It was probably for convenience that Princess You Xue did not bring any retinue. When You Yuan left, only You Xue and the guards guarding the border remained there.

Those guards were expressionless like ice, standing still in the wind and snow. Looking around, there were tens of thousands of martial cultivators within the few layers of gates.

Those few layers of gates were open for the time being. Princess You Xue signalled to Wu Yu to follow her and smiled attractively. Wu Yu followed her. They did not walk side by side, but him behind her. They passed through the gates and finally entered the bustling, vast, icy, and snowy Immortal City of Northern Frost full of gems and crystals.

The huge city, broad streets, crystal-like spirit designs, and martial cultivators flying all around - they all looked kind of exotic.

For the first time, Wu Yu entered a city in the Yan Huang Ancient Region. He looked at all kinds of wonders along the road. It was an eye-opener.

As Princess You Xue walked on the road, she put her lips to Wu Yu's ear and whispered, her voice trembling a little, "When we are outside, we need to stay this way. Otherwise, it will cause suspicions. But when there is no one around, I am your slave. You can do anything." 

When she spoke, the idea had already formed in her head, so before she had finished speaking, Wu Yu knew what she meant.

Wu Yu stared at her and said, "Were you afraid that I would come to the Dark North Kingdom? If I hadn't come, you’d still have your freedom."

After asking, Wu Yu knew the answer immediately from what the other party was thinking. She was ready when they used the Soul Manipulation Blood Design, so what was happening now was within her expectations.

Seeing that she was a little timid, Wu Yu said, "You don't have to be nervous. I'm not a lunatic. As long as you don't want to take revenge on me, I will see you as a friend and a helper. I will also never give you any unusual orders. We can help each other and live in peace."

Hearing this, Princess You Xue was very happy, but she still seemed to resigned to her fate and said, "Thank you very much for respecting me, but the Soul Manipulation Blood Design is in place. I have accepted my fate. In fact, from another perspective, this is not too bad. You're not a bad person. Moreover, I witnessed your power in the Taigu Immortal Path, and I know that you will not be an ordinary person in the future. My life depends on you. We are on the same boat now. If you die, I will die. In fact, I'd better try my best to hope that you can be better and stronger, so that I can also benefit. Maybe it will be better in the future? Anyway, it's better than being killed by you in the Taigu Immortal Path, right?"

He did not think that she had thought this through.

It was also true that compared to dying, she would have a better future by putting her hopes on Wu Yu's kindness and infinite potential, especially his character. At least for the moment, Wu Yu had no thoughts to torture her at all.

So, she thought that no matter what, she must not test Wu Yu's limits. Otherwise, all would be over. And Wu Yu's limit was obviously revenge on him.

And Wu Yu knew clearly what she was thinking. The Soul Manipulation Blood Design was that scary.

With this clearly communicated, Wu Yu could finally relax. He was sure that henceforth, Princess You Xue would become his strongest backup.

If so, he did not mind treating her better. After all, the Soul Manipulation Blood Design itself was cruel.

Wu Yu also admired her courage and determination to survive.

Now she had brought Wu Yu into the Dark North Kingdom, a developed and thriving country!

Wu Yu walked on the broad streets. There were shops owned by martial cultivators everywhere. As expected, this was a kingdom of martial cultivators. Even the waiters in the restaurants and tea houses had the strength of Jindan Dao!

This was just a border city!

Wu Yu's eyes were shining, just like a person from the countryside coming to the city. He looked around. The shops for martial cultivators were selling a lot of things, including dao techniques, immortal treasures, dao treasures, immortal medicines, immortal essences, and precious treasures. They had all the things that one desired.

Even the stalls at the side of the road with goods spread out on the ground had goods of the dao treasure level and immortal essences with a few spiritual marks.

In such a country, if you were in the Qi Condensation Realm, you would not dare to look up at all.

Wu Yu looked a bit funny, but soon he got serious and said, "Someone is following us."

"It might be Yue Li," Princess You Xue said.

"Who is that?"

"One of my aunt's underlings who is very good at tailing people. You can actually sense her?" Princess You Xue was surprised.

"Your aunt? She sent someone to watch me? " Wu Yu was a little upset, but he also knew that You Yuan was not friendly towards him, and she was also worried that Princess You Xue had fallen in love with him.

In fact, he knew that if they continued on like this, a lot of people might think that they were dao companions.

They might not even be able to clear their names.

However, it was fine as long as they knew they would never end up together. For the time being, Wu Yu still needed Princess You Xue's identity. Of course, as long as the other party was willing to cooperate, he would not treat her badly.

But, this person called Yue Li, what if she discovered any clues?

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