Chapter 0681: City Lord of Northern Frost

The perimeter around the Dark North Kingdom, like all country borders, had a spirit design border.

This spirit design border had been passed down from ancient times. It was like the protection spirit design of sects - it could defend, attack, and prevent intruders from entering the borders of the Dark North Kingdom.

Each martial cultivation kingdom had its own national borders. The nation's spirit design was huge, and spanned all its edges, the sky, and even the ground, it had a long legacy of generations and was impenetrable. Even Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivators might not be able to force their way into a foreign nation, let alone Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators.

One not only needed overwhelming strength, but also the way to break the spirit design, or some other method to force entry. But basically, such a technique would cause a huge commotion and attract the attention of the experts in the Dark North Kingdom.

However, the second tier of Wu Yu's Somersault Cloud could possibly do it - leap into the nation without raising the alarm. But that required full mastery because the spirit design could be very thick, and the border could span for hundreds of li. If he leaped straight into the spirit design, that would be a tragedy.

It was not something to be lightly tested.

Of course, martial cultivation kingdoms could not seal themselves off completely. That was why there were many border fortresses through which one could enter.

Each border fortress was the gate to the martial cultivation kingdom.

The Immortal City of Northern Frost was one such fortress. It was one of the entrances into the Dark North Kingdom towards the north sea. The north side was important - many demons came from the north sea, and it was clear that many experts of the Dark North Kingdom were gathered here.

In this day and age, it was difficult to rouse the experts into a major fight, unless there was some extremely valuable treasure that the elites wanted to fight over.

The existence of the Immortal City of Northern Frost also played a very important role in strengthening the kingdom's spirit design border.

Wu Yu was in this black and chilly sea region, looking out at an endless land. He could not see how much larger than the Dong Sheng Divine Continent it was, but from his first impression, he was much more awed than when he looked upon the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

It was like a huge beast sprawled on top of the sea, and Wu Yu was but a speck of dust in the eye of the beast.

The Yan Huang Ancient Region. Expansive, magnificent, endless! Wu Yu could not find the words to describe the feeling that the Yan Huang Ancient Region gave him. Regardless, he was fired up. This was a land that was enough for him, for now.

It was too big, too grand.

Of course, all that he could see was but a very minute part of the Yan Huang Ancient Region. And in this portion, the Immortal City of Northern Frost shone like a jewel in the night, taking up a large part of his field of view.

Gazing upon the Dark North Kingdom caged in darkness, he saw the rainbow-colored lights of the Immortal City of Northern Frost winking into the frigid night. It was like a huge, rainbow-colored jewel. Only when looking at it through the Eyes of Fire and Gold could he see that it was not a jewel, but a castle.

But it was much larger than Yan Huang Imperial City. Much more grand. Within the city, he could sense tens of thousands of spirit designs, fashioned into the very boulders of the city. The rainbow-colored city walls winked prettily, but they actually packed deadly power.

This city showed Wu Yu the splendor of the Dark North Kingdom. The Yan Huang Ancient Country was probably even more splendid.

Of course, the Yan Huang Ancient Country was Wu Yu's eventual destination, but he was not ready to go there yet.

He headed for the Immortal City of Northern Frost. It looked as though it was just ahead of him, but it was actually still very far. You could run a horse to the ground trying to get there, but, luckily, the Somersault Cloud was very fast.

Wu Yu already could not wait to start climbing the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

He had always felt that the Dong Sheng Divine Continent was not a place that could support his journey to immortalhood. And the Yan Huang Ancient Region was where immortals came from. It was the land of his dreams!

And only here could he obtain a status similar to Luo Pin’s and become her dao companion.

Although a part of him had come for Luo Pin, right now the one waiting to receive Wu Yu on top of the walls of the Immortal City of Northern Frost was not her, but another charming girl - Princess You Xue.

The walls of the Immortal City of Northern Frost were not the traditional walls of mortal kingdoms, but instead a circular platform embedded within the kingdom’s spirit design. This platform seemed to swirl within the clouds. It stood before Wu Yu, and one could only enter the Dark North Kingdom through it. The sides of the rainbow-colored platform looked transparent, but it was the kingdom border spirit design, and not even your bones would remain if you tested it.

Princess You Xue was just behind the rainbow-colored platform on the wall. As Wu Yu neared the swirl of the rainbow, a colorful bridge of clouds opened. It was only a few zhang wide, allowing only Wu Yu to enter.

If not for Princess You Xue, Wu Yu could not have possibly entered.

He hastened forth, riding the Somersault Cloud. With a whoosh, he entered the center of the platform. After passing through a few li of road, he entered through the platform, arriving in the Immortal City of Northern Frost in the Dark North Kingdom.

Before him appeared a bridge of green light that passed over a platform. As the rainbow swirls closed anew behind him, Wu Yu looked up to see a few dozen people, Princess You Xue amongst them, waiting for him.

Finally, they met again.

In the crowd, Wu Yu saw Princess You Xue looking at him with delight and excitement.

Behind these people, there were still a few barriers. Only passing through them would one truly be within the Immortal City of Northern Frost.

These people were here to welcome Wu Yu, but he felt a little uneasy because they were simply too strong. None of them were young martial cultivators. They had hundreds of years of cultivation under their belts. Although there were only a few dozen people here, they were basically as strong as the later contingent of the Yan Dragon Army.

Evidently, these were the elite martial cultivators that guarded the Immortal City of Northern Frost of the Dark North Kingdom!

There was actually quite a number of old people. They would probably reach their limit in a few decades, but their experience and life history were extremely rich. They would be deadly, and Wu Yu even suspected that some of them were not at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. They had gone on to the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm, the realm from which one could reach immortalhood.

It looked like Princess You Xue's status within the Dark North Kingdom was high indeed. And those that Wu Yu had killed were similar. Seeing so many experts thronging around Princess You Xue, he knew what a shocking thing he had done on the Immortals’ Viewing Platform.

However, beside Princess You Xue, there was a woman who caught Wu Yu's attention. Because of this bunch of people behind the Princess, this person gave him the scariest feeling. She was not inferior to the blond one-armed elder of the Yan Dragon Army.

She was probably a middle-aged woman who had been cultivating for two to three hundred years. But no matter how you looked at her, she looked to be in her prime, and still young. She did not lack mature beauty, and she resembled Princess You Xue a little, albeit a more seductive, dominating, and sexy version.

She was extremely beautiful, although at that level of cultivation, looks seldom mattered. At the highest levels, one could bring forth femininity in many ways, and looks was but one of them. The quality of her status and power were the real seduction that drew attention. For example, this woman was even more appealing than Princess You Xue. She was one of the best that Wu Yu had ever seen.

It was hard to take his eyes off her curvy body and beautiful face.

Wu Yu very quickly learned who she was. At this proximity, he could know Princess You Xue's every thought with ease. Nothing within her mind could escape Wu Yu's knowledge.

This person was the City Lord of the Immortal City of Northern Frost, and everyone called her City Lord Yuan. Her name was You Yuan.

She had another identity, which was sister to the current Emperor, and one of the main princesses. She was Princess You Xue's aunt.

She doted on You Xue dearly and was close to her. Princess You Xue often came to her Immortal City of Northern Frost to play and to cultivate, and had also spent her childhood here.

This was why she had Wu Yu enter the Dark North Kingdom through here.

City Lord Yuan was given the nickname of Immortal of Northern Frost. She had been selected when young, and was one of the core pillars of the Dark North Kingdom's strength. She held this place down not by looks alone.

That such an important person would come to receive Wu Yu was all thanks to Princess You Xue.

"Wu Yu, come here." When Wu Yu appeared, Princess You Xue hurriedly beckoned him. Wu Yu had already agreed with her that he would come over as a friend. Princess You Xue had told the others that they had helped each other on the Taigu Immortal Path and had developed a deep friendship, which was why Wu Yu had come to find her.

However, Wu Yu still had to treat Princess You Xue as his savior, and could not flex his ownership, which would raise suspicion.

However, she probably also understood how she should protect Wu Yu. After all, the Soul Manipulation Blood design was still in effect.

Wu Yu calmed himself down and strode boldly before all these experts. First, he made a courteous gesture to Princess You Xue, and then turned to City Lord Yuan in the middle. "This humble creature Wu Yu greets City Lord Yuan."

He lowered his head slightly, but he knew that You Yuan's gaze was boring through him, as though reading all of Wu Yu's secrets.

"I've heard of your name before. Recently, this name has curiously been heard everywhere. Xue Er only told me two days ago that you were coming to the Dark North Kingdom. That was unexpected. Did you two already plan this beforehand?" City Lord Yuan's face was unreadable.

Before Wu Yu could respond, Princess You Xue pouted. "Auntie, don't scare him. Right now, he came to find me only because he has no place to go. Didn't we talk about this? You can't make life hard for him."

As expected, charm was a woman's weapon.

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