Chapter 0680: World of the Golden Eye

The thousand or so sea region demons were moving from north to south, tearing a swath through the sea as they swarmed forth.

These demons were causing a huge ruckus, as though it was a disaster.

This was the Jambu Realm, not the Taigu Immortal Path. There were many demons here who had been cultivating for a long time, perhaps even hundreds or thousands of years, and so they were all very strong.

An average bloodline here was already high above the demons of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. That was because spiritual qi sprung forth from many of the deep recesses in the sea and was abundant.

The underwater caves were lands even more bountiful than the Yan Huang Ancient Region. They were so potent that many huge beasts gained sentience and became demons there.

"Perennial! Perennial!"

Wu Yu stared at the pack of demons, aghast. He could hear each demon mouthing that word over and over.

"Perennial? Perennial Demon?"

Wu Yu took out his map and saw that they were heading for a place called the Perennial Sea, where the Perennial Demons lived. 

Perennial Shark had been one of them.

"These demons grouped up together. Perhaps they ware going to meet the Perennial Demon race. In this sea, might triumphs."

He guessed.

"It’s likely that no one knows that the Perennial Shark died by my hand. And now that the rumors of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord escaping have spread, no one dares to go to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent to take the risk. Especially demons. The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord is said to enjoy meaty demons the most."

Wu Yu waited for them to charge past and then quickly continued on his way.

From below, some unusually talented old demons were very sensitive. Even if Wu Yu had not moved, they still would’ve detected his presence.

"What manner of swine!? Who dares to follow us?!"

From within the sea, an outraged cry came. The sea churned, and a majestic great white shark demon leapt from the water, headed straight for Wu Yu's direction.

His jaw was wide open. He was about to swallow Wu Yu and the surrounding clouds all in one bite!

As he opened his mouth, he was actually employing dao techniques and mystiques. Wu Yu felt the threat! This was undoubtedly an expert that Wu Yu could not deal with. Probably an elder of some tribe, and he might have ability close to the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm.

Wu Yu could only run for his life.

He had not expected to meet this cohort of sea region demons, and that they would be so terrifying. That only went to show just how many experts there were in the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

All striving towards immortalhood!

Luckily, Wu Yu had just cultivated the second tier of the Somersault Cloud.

At this moment, Wu Yu merged with the Somersault Cloud. Just as the jaw came snapping over, Wu Yu tumbled outwards and felt the bindings pressing him vanish. He easily entered a different world and then passed through the empty world back into his original one. But he was already very far away from his original location.

Here, he could only see that there seemed to be some stir far away in the distance.

"That was terrifying. But Flippy is really awesome." Wu Yu could not help but marvel in awe at how useful the Somersault Cloud was. It was even more excited now, running rings around Wu Yu before bopping him up into the air and resuming their original journey.

To the shark demons, Wu Yu had basically vanished into thin air.

After this encounter, Wu Yu had become even more confident in the Somersault Cloud's abilities. A pity that right now he had to continue strengthening the second tier. As for the third tier, even Ming Long did not understand it well. He had taken a brief look and was completely confused. For his current level, the third tier was just impossible.

Looking at the map, he was only about halfway to the Dark North Kingdom. More than two months had passed.

It looked like there was still a month or two until the Taigu Immortal Path was sealed.

There were still a few people who had not made it back yet. For example, the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern, Prince Feng, Qingwu Yunsi, and the others.

At the start, their factions were very confident in them. But now that the final day was nearing, and they were still not back, this made many of their elders very worried.

They knew that a majority of the people left the Taigu Immortal Path at the lightning mountain.

That was why they were searching for news everywhere, seeing if anyone knew what had happened to the elite geniuses. They were the future of the Jambu Realm.

However, a majority of the information stopped at the lightning mountain. The news came that at that level, Prince Le had already died, and only Princess You Xue had been back.

That was why a lot of people had gone to the Dark North Kingdom to ask Princess You Xue about the fate of the others.

Princess You Xue already knew that others would ask her, and she had already prepared her script. In truth, seeing that no one had made it out of the Immortals’ Viewing Platform alive, she could simply say that she had not seen them.

As for her, she had been accosted by a group of ravaging lightning serpents and had to escape.

No one would think that Princess You Xue was lying, and no one knew what had transpired inside. Therefore, their attention was not on Princess You Xue, but instead they continued waiting.

As they waited, Wu Yu neared the Dark North Kingdom.

As for Princess You Xue, it was about time for her to move to the Immortal City of Northern Frost.

There was not much time left. All he needed to do was make haste. Wu Yu lay on top of the Somersault Cloud, basking in the sun as it headed lazily for the Dark North Kingdom.

He was basically saturated with cultivation regarding the Somersault Cloud for now. It was difficult to proceed further at this juncture.

With his hands propping his head as a pillow, he felt the Somersault Cloud weave. The sun beat down on his face. After a while, this was so blinding that he could not even open his eyes. Suddenly, Wu Yu recalled something.

"That's right, my second mystique, the Eyes of Fire and Gold. I haven't furthered it for a long while now. But after all this time, there's a possibility that I can understand and gain revelations for the fourth tier, the World of the Golden Eye!"

Actually, Wu Yu had made good progress on this mystique before, but he had never been able to find a place where he had direct sunlight. Even if he did, it was not true sunlight.

It was the sun of the Taigu Immortal Path.

Right now, the sun of the Jambu Realm shone directly in his eyes. He lay on the cloud and locked his eyes on the sun.

The route to the Dark North Kingdom was very circuitous, so Wu Yu would need at least two months to reach it. In the remaining time, he had nothing to do. He decided to lie down flat on the Somersault Cloud and gaze into the sun to refine his World of the Golden Eye.

The World of the Golden Eye was rather different from the previous three tiers. Rather than cultivation, it required revelation.

"The third tier, Sun's Truefire, compresses the truefire of the sun in an instant within the eyes and directs it explosively towards the target. As for the World of the Golden Eye, it is even more advanced. It requires a long period of accumulation. It is a true transformation of the eyes, to create a World of the Golden Eye, which is a world within each eye! And during a fight, the World of the Golden Eye can be released. If the sun is shining on the day itself, then the power of the World of the Golden Eye can be continually replenished. Even if the sun is not shining, it is still the ultimate world that I can create!

“Within the World of the Golden Eye, one has to ceaselessly endure burning as intense as the Sun Vessel. I will also be able to see through dao techniques and mystiques readily. They will lose all secrecy before me. If the sun is shining brightly above in battle, then the World of the Golden Eye's power will be even stronger.

"But the difficulty is in creating a world in my eyes. At that time, if I can complete the two worlds, and also bring the Somersault Cloud to the third tier, then I will have two different domains that I have mastered."

Difficult was difficult. But Wu Yu was in no hurry.

Because he could simply lie on the Somersault Cloud and lazily use his eyes to interact with the sun.

Everything had its powers.

Sunlight shone on everything - it was an important thing for the entire world. Wu Yu also believed that it was a power of creation for all strength. It was like a god, matching his gaze as he tried to comprehend the dao of the sun.

He did not go and memorize the incantation or break down the chants first. Instead, he locked his eyes on the sun. As the days passed, he felt like the sun was looking back at him as well.

"Perhaps this exchange of gazes will let me truly experience and belong to this dao." This was a breakthrough in his perception. Sometimes, a flash of inspiration would illuminate the way forth, and it would be even easier to make a breakthrough.

As Ming Long watched him, she secretly exclaimed, "This kid is a real bright one. Why didn't I think of that back then?

"Sigh, so all these treasures belong to him now. What a bother. And all this was originally mine! Does the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal truly not like girls? All the luck has gone to Wu Yu! If Old Mother was a man, that would have been awesome!" Ming Long started to daydream again.

As she began to fantasize about a harem of 3,000, her drool began to sidle forth.

Time passed, and Wu Yu still lay prone on the Somersault Cloud. One could see that his eyes were starting to resemble the sun more and more. Within the sun, one could see an endless world where eternal fire burned. And in Wu Yu's eyes, the same began to appear.

One could even see some small, black spots that danced like waves. They were actually waves of fire.

He did not even finish reading the incantation of the World of the Golden Eye. The World of the Golden Eye appeared naturally in his mind's eye.

Huge quantities of sunlight began to accumulate in his eyes. In the remaining time, he was absorbing the sun's truefire every day. Curiously, such prolonged exposure to the sun's truefire and such tremendous absorption did not ruin his eyeballs.

And at night, his eyes continued to glow and swirl, as though two suns were residing within. He had to enter the Floating Dreams Pagoda’ otherwise, everything within a thousand li of him would be lit up as bright as day.

As the World of the Golden Eye slowly took shape, Princess You Xue was already waiting for him at the Immortal City of Northern Frost. He and the Somersault Cloud were also making their leisurely way towards the meeting point. As he neared, he could feel Princess You Xue more clearly. 

One day, he looked up, and the Yan Huang Ancient Region was right before him.

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