Chapter 0068: Almighty Demon

While Jiang Junlin was laying down the five day limit, Wu Yu was standing on the roof of a building in Capital Wu.

This was a three-story inn. From here, Wu Yu could clearly see Wu You trussed up on the castle walls. She stood there, face resolute. A world of difference from Yuan Xi and Yuan Hao.


The fire of his hatred had just been laid to rest, but Jiang Junlin had rekindled it immediately.

Just one step behind.

If he had been quicker, he would have been able to reach Princess Wu You and leave this place temporarily.

But things had already developed out of Wu Yu's control. Although he had taken his revenge, fate had conspired to put Wu You in danger once more.

It was no use berating himself for carelessness back then. After all, things had been tense back then, and it was difficult to thoroughly consider all aspects. Back then, Wu You had been worried about Wu Yu, and let her guard slip, creating the dangerous, tense situation they were now in.

"Luckily, she consumed some immortal essences and trained in some martial arts recently. She even managed to reach the first tier of the Body Refining Realm. The internal strengthening means that staying up there for a few days will not leave lasting wounds.”

He was only afraid that Yuan Chen's need for revenge would be vented on her.

Wu You was in the enemy's hands. The opponent had set this trap to await Wu Yu, but he would not lose his rationality.

At this time, the sound of hooves came from below. It was Wu Yuanshuai, the one who had personally delivered Wu You to Yuan Feng and the others.

"If you court death, I cannot help you."

Wu Yu picked up two tiles and took aim at the pair. One was Wu Yuanshuai. The other, in the guise of a soldier, should be Yuan Feng. These two insignificant creatures had ruined Wu Yu's plans and caused a lot of trouble for him.


The two tiles pierced through their temples. Both thugs fell from their horses' backs, dead instantly.

Wu Yu changed positions. He could not clearly see Wu You and Jiang Junlin from here.

Jiang Junlin was sitting on the castle wall, resting with his eyes closed. Yuan Chen had a complex expression. He sat beside him, afraid to fidget too much. He was like a little maidservant.

"Jiang Junlin is at least at the fourth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, about the same as Senior Sister Su. He is also the son of the Zhongyuan Dao Sect’s leader, and has an abundance of dao cultivation resources and safeguards on his life. I can only defeat Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian. If I clash with him, I don't even have a prayer of winning.”

After all, he only had one spiritual source.

He knew the disparity well.

Besides, it was even possible that Jiang Junlin was at the fifth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm.

"If I go, I die.

"If I don't go, then in five days, Sister dies."

Wu Yu was faced with a terrible dilemma.

"What other choice is there?

"Given the disparity between Jiang Junlin and I, even if I save Sister, I cannot possibly throw off his pursuit.

"Without a Heavenly Cloud Roc, I cannot return to the Bipo Mountain Range to ask for help either."

An insurmountable challenge loomed before Wu Yu's eyes.

"Jiang Junlin must have been cultivating from young, and under the personal tutelage of the sect leader. He has seen much of the world and has at least decades of experience. The difference between him and I must be like heaven and earth. I only started cultivating halfway, how can I hope to compete....”

In truth, against Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian, Wu Yu had been full of anger. He was supremely confident in destroying him. But against Jiang Junlin, he felt nothing but a sense of helplessness.

This helplessness was akin to a commoner facing a noble. After all, the enemy had tremendous natural advantages, born with a silver spoon.


But if he did not find a way, he would have no choice but to heft the Demon Subduing Staff and face an impossible battle!

"What if I kidnap Yuan Chen? Will that be enough to threaten him?"

After pondering this for a couple of hours, he felt like it was his only hope.

But then when he reconsidered it. Yuan Chen was no fool. Would he allow himself to be kidnapped by Wu Yu under such circumstances?

"Besides, I might not even be able to get close to them."

Last time, Jiang Junlin had simply used Bone-Adhering Fire from a distance, and it had penetrated his bones.

What a headache!

The more he ruminated here, the more he was unable to decide, and the more restless he became!

This had to be the will of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, playing tricks on him!

"This will seems to show me no respect at all. Then why must I show Jiang Junlin any respect? Just because he is of a high status….

"Even if I die, I must still fight. As a man, how can I let my own sister perish?"

The fire in his heart flared, his bloodthirst raring.

Wu Yu's eyes burned as he turned to face the city. He declared in a low growl, "Looks like the only choice is to fight against him with my life on the line."

Just as Wu Yu was out of ideas and preparing for a straight challenge, a voice came to him from beside his ear.

"With your life? Your life is so freaking puny, it would be gone as soon as you risked it. You should just give it to me to eat."


The person seemed to be right beside him. Wu Yu was given a scare, and immediately turned back. But he saw nobody. Nothing at all.

"Who is it that is up to no good here?"

Wu Yu lowered his voice. He did not want Jiang Junlin to discover his position.

"You silly monkey, you dare to talk to Granny like that?"

Wu Yu heard it clearly now. It was the voice of a girl about 10 years old. It was young, and yet had an imperious quality to it that came with age. Calling herself “granny?”

"And who exactly are you? If you dare to speak, then don't hide."

In truth, only martial cultivators had such skills.

Wu Yu had just entered the world of dao, and he knew that there were many different dao practitioners in the world. The mighty were everywhere. And especially at such a crucial time, he did not dare to be careless.

"You think Granny doesn't want to show herself? If I could, I would need to give you two slaps first, to let you know Granny's power." That little girl's superior tone was very compelling.

Wu Yu had figured it out. The voice was not issuing from any external source, but seemed to be within him. He was afraid that it was the kind that only he could hear.

That was scary. Could it be that the vengeful spirit from last time had not completely disappeared?

After all, he had grown up in the mortal world, so he still had an innate fear and repulsion towards ghosts.

"Calm down...."

Wu Yu took a deep breath. There was indeed no one around him. He said, "You seem to be within my body. Will you please stop joking with me? Who are you?"

"Alright, since you asked with such sincerity. Let Granny be charitable and tell you. Back in the day, Granny ruled the world. I caused so many catastrophes. Countless righteous warriors were rolled by Granny into a flour ball and made into noodles. I added some braised meat, garnished it with spring onions, and ate them. Let me tell you, that taste was really...."

"Who are you?" Wu Yu cut off her babbling.

"You dare to disturb me when I'm eating noodles? Are you tired of living?"

Wu Yu's interruption had caused the girlish voice to become much shriller. It was as though Wu Yu had interrupted her in the middle of a feast.

"If you are a senior in the world of dao, then please do not play with me anymore. Who are you, and where are you? I am Wu Yu, disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect. My master is Feng Xueya," Wu Yu said seriously.

"Fine. Granny is tired of games. You wait there. I'll let you see me."

Wu Yu was still doubtful when a phantom appeared a foot away from him, giving him a fright. He almost fell off the roof. As he retreated, the phantom followed him, remaining at a foot's distance.

That phantom was like the vengeful spirit that the Spectral Concubine had summoned.

However, it did not have the same overwhelming ghastliness. It seemed like a shadow with some color, floating before Wu Yu's eyes. It was translucent but did not affect Wu Yu's vision.

He calmed himself and took a closer look. The pale phantom was indeed in the guise of a little girl. She looked very pleasant. Her eyes were huge and bright, and she was the picture of cuteness. Bright eyes and white teeth, and her hair was done up in a pair of pigtails that swung freely. She had two deep dimples, and she was clad in a pale yellow coat. She had two little bells that hung from her wrists. On the whole, she looked like a very lovable little girl at first sight.

However, what rendered Wu Yu speechless was that the girl had her hands on her hips, and inclined her head at Wu Yu, saying mysteriously: "Don't worry. Others can't see me, because I don't exist. I simply worked some trick on your eyes to allow you to see Granny."

Indeed, Wu Yu reached out and his palm passed through her body without even a bit of feeling. She truly did not exist.

"How is this possible?"

Wu Yu was shaken.

When had this strange presence entered his body?

"Don't kick up a fuss, you silly, naive monkey. I heard that monkey brain is a real delicacy. But you don't have one. Pity, pity...."

The girl put her hands on her hips again. The conversation had not developed very far before it reverted to food again. When she spoke, she seemed to be recalling with relish. Her little red tongue licked her lips in a full circle.

"Senior, please ease my doubts."

Although this girl seemed very small - she looked even smaller than when he had first met Qing Mang - she felt like an ancient being....

Wu Yu pondered this for a while. The way things looked, she was definitely not the vengeful spirit. In that case, there was the possibility of a relationship to the Ruyi Jingu Bang....

As expected, the girl suddenly chortled mirthlessly, saying, "I am called Ming Long. 129,600 years ago, I was an almighty demon that made millions of martial cultivators quake in their boots!"

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