Chapter 0678: Somersault Cloud

A mystique that was so highly valued by Ming Long wouldn't just have such effect. 

However, the speed at the first tier would exceed the Swift Art stacked with the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. Furthermore, the crux was that it could be maintained over a longer period and wouldn't exhaust much energy. This was because it wasn't just about covering the distance, but moving in and out of the fabric of space. Although he wasn't moving in a straight line, he would be faster. 

"What about the second tier?" 

Ming Long pursed her lips and said, "You haven't even mastered the first tier and you are asking for the second?" 

"Don't keep me in the lurch! Just give me a simple summary!" 

"Since you have asked with such sincerity, let me be charitable and tell you. The second tier is incredible! The Somersault Cloud will fuse with you. All you need is a somersault and you can jump out of the majority of spirit designs, restrictions, or spatial limitations. Or rather, you would be moving through them. Giving you an example, the Immortals’ Viewing Platform definitely wouldn't be able to trap you. If not for the fact that you didn't have the time then to reach the second tier back then, you could’ve used it to escape. To keep it simple, with your current cultivation level, as long as you don't encounter some insane area, you can jump out of it. You can also move through most of the barriers formed from spirit designs. At the very least, when I mastered it, no one could imprison me and no place could hold me back." 

Although this sounded simple, it was actually even more incredible. 

No spirit designs or areas could restrict him, and there would be no place he couldn’t invade. 

When met with a strong enemy, all he would need would be a somersault and he could leave with his Somersault Cloud. No matter how strong the other party was, he would have no means to kill Wu Yu. 

It was not surprising that Ming Long had claimed his survival chances would increase by more than 10 times after he mastered the second tier. In many places where death seemed inevitable, he would still survive. 

When he was in the Taigu Immortal Path previously, there were several areas with priceless treasures right before him. But Wu Yu couldn't get through them. Taking the bronze gate in the tomb as an example, he would be able to move through it. 

Although this lacked any offensive capability, a method to preserve his life would be more important than any attacking means in certain occasions. Considering Wu Yu's circumstances, as long as he wasn't dead, there was pretty much nothing that he should be afraid of as he had inherited the legacy of an immortal. 

After learning the effects of the first two tiers and being shocked by them, Wu Yu couldn't help but be interested in the third tier, which Ming Long knew. 

"The third tier? I didn't have a full grasp either. However, based on my conjecture, it is about using the Somersault Cloud in battle. At that time, the Somersault Cloud can expand substantially and form a region to trap your enemy. This is similar to having an insanely resistant cotton candy hampering your enemy. His actions would be restricted, while you would be able to move within it freely. Moreover, it doesn't stop here." 

A mystique like this might not be as explosive as he wanted. However, it would be even more effective for Wu Yu.

The most important thing would be to calm himself down right now. Only by successfully mastering the mystique would it truly belong to him. 

Ming Long started reciting the spiritual art for the Somersault Cloud. 

The truth was, Wu Yu could vaguely feel the existence of the Ruyi Jingu Bang whilst she was reciting it. Each word Ming Long recited would also be reflected on the Ruyi Jingu Bang. 

It wasn't just those ancient and mysterious texts. There were also some images and symbols. As Ming Long recited, these images and symbols were changing. At the same time, they were deeply etched into Wu Yu's mind. 

However, Wu Yu was still able to see some black spots on the golden areas of the Ruyi Jingu Bang. Those black dots were struggling, shivering, and vaguely formed the image of a huge beast. 


The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had not vanished but had remained there. Moreover, she was constantly attempting to escape. Perhaps there would really be a day when she would escape. When that happened, Wu Yu wouldn't be as lucky. 

Nonetheless, this wasn't something he could affect. 

He reminded himself that the only solution was to have the strength to subdue her when she appeared once again. 

Now that he was pondering about the Somersault Cloud and the Ruyi Jingu Bang appearing before him, Wu Yu suddenly felt like he was locking eyes with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. 

She couldn't speak, but she could see Wu Yu. 

Unconsciously, Wu Yu felt that frightening gaze. 

Wu Yu chose to focus fully on the Somersault Cloud mystique and memorized the spiritual art and changes to the images, text, and symbols. 

After a day, Ming Long completed her recital of the three tiers of the Somersault Cloud. As for Wu Yu, he was consolidating and etching them into his mind. From this moment onwards, the Ruyi Jingu Bang vanished and Wu Yu could no longer sense the gaze from the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. 

Five days later, although he had not started practicing, he had basically memorized the spiritual art deeply and could even recite it in reverse. 

Wu Yu placed aside the second and third tiers for the time being. To him, the first tier was the foundation and the most important step. This was because he was required to form the Somersault Cloud before it could follow him around. 

In the world outside the Floating Dreams Pagoda, only three days had passed. 

Two months in it would be the equivalent of one month outside the Floating Dreams Pagoda. 

When he started deciphering the Somersault Cloud, which encompassed the great dao of space, Wu Yu finally realized how difficult it was. The difficulty level far exceeded that of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. Among the four mystiques, the Eyes of Fire and Gold were the easiest. The Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth had the least variation and was the easiest to reach a higher realm with. 

Within a short period, it was hard to make a breakthrough. 

Wu Yu believed that his comprehension ability was exceptional. Therefore, he had ample patience and time to put aside all other matters and be entirely engrossed in this mystique. 

Occasionally, he would leave to take a look at the changes to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, or he would pay Wu You a visit. 

On other occasions, he would find out more about the situation of the Yan Huang Ancient Region from Princess You Xue. After all, the day when the Taigu Immortal Path would close was approaching, and several of those prominent characters had not returned. 

Various major forces were all waiting for the return of these young geniuses. 

One month... Two months passed. 

Within the Floating Dreams Pagoda, four months had passed, while it was just two months in the outside world. 

Throughout these four months of focused cultivation, Wu Yu realized that the Somersault Cloud was a little like raising a child. The hardest stage was the process of creating something from nothing. After which, he would just have to let it grow till it could fully function as expected. 

The key word was "raising." 

In this aspect, Ming Long had given Wu Yu some clues and allowed him to avoid taking the roundabout path. 

This was a mystique, and he wouldn't need to become well-versed in the great dao of space. All he needed was to engrave this mystique on the last wall of his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea. 

Gradually, Wu Yu started feeling like he had a grasp over this mystique. Why could it reach the destination quicker when it moved in an arced manner? 

He conjectured that the world we know might not be just what the visible eye could see. Perhaps it was intertwined and full of twists and turns. 

The straight line between two points might appear to be the shortest path. However, that might be the real detour. This so-called curve taken by the cloud might actually be the straightest path. It was just that for ordinary humans, they couldn't see the twists and turns of the world and thus would take the path they believed was the shortest. 

If that was the case, the Dong Sheng Divine Continent might not possess the shape Wu Yu could see from the sky. 

"For example, there's a pillar and an ant. As it crawls from the left to the right, a typical ant would move in a circle around it. For the ant, this is indeed the shortest path. However, if there's an ant that could enter the round pillar and move within it to the other end, the path would undoubtedly be a lot shorter. The Somersault Cloud is the ability to bite through the pillar. This is what it means to move through space." 

Ming Long gave a metaphor. 

It was also because of this metaphor that Wu Yu understood what the Somersault Cloud was clearly. 

Everyone in this world was the ordinary ant, while the one on the Somersault Cloud would be able to move through space. 

Therefore, the Somersault Cloud had nothing much to do with speed. 

One metaphor was what led to the sudden understanding. 

Getting a clear understanding and knowing the true principles were the equivalent of a breakthrough of a huge barrier. After the sudden enlightenment, the process was smoother. Soon after, a small piece of white cloud appeared between Wu Yu's hands. It was just the size of a palm and was hovering between his palms. 

The strange thing was that Wu Yu seemed to feel life from this small white cloud. It felt just like a newly-born beast. As it circled joyously around Wu Yu, it would stick to Wu Yu's face from time to time and be intimate with him. 

This was beyond Wu Yu's expectations. He felt just like he had given birth to a small baby. However, this was a mystique. 

"Isn't it cute? In the past, I had a cute baby as well. I named her Cloudy and I was her mom. Cloudy was close to me, but I lost her eventually. Waaa... Waaa!" Ming Long was triggered and bawled pitifully. 

Mastering a mystique and becoming her mother.... 

This was indeed unbelievable. Ming Long did have her own personality.... 

However, that was also adorable. She was just like an overaged kid who hadn't grown up. Sometimes, she also displayed the heart of a young girl. 

Naturally, as the little cloud moved around him, Wu Yu could tell how fast it was despite it moving silently. This was indeed interesting. Moreover, Wu Yu realized that this cloud could jump. 

Jumping as in disappearing from a location suddenly and reappearing in another location. 

For example, when it moved from the left of Wu Yu to his right. First, it would be on the left. It would disappear suddenly, appear right ahead of him soon after, disappear once again, and reappear on the left. 

This was where the Somersault Cloud was so mysterious! 

The four mystiques were indeed more mysterious as they developed! 

Ming Long wiped away her tears and said, "Quick, give it a name! If you aren't going to do that, I'll be choosing one for it. As its dad, the name you give it can't be bad. At the very least, it has to be similar to my Cloudy!"  

"In that case, you can have the honor," replied Wu Yu. 

"This wouldn't do. I'm not its mother." Ming Long pouted. 

Having no other options, Wu Yu had to wrack his brain to come up with a name for this mystique. He had no one to blame as he required Ming Long's help to master it. 

Wu Yu thought for a long time before replying, "Let's call it Flippy then."  

"Tsk! That's indeed not as great as mine," Ming Long commented cockily. 

"Flippy!" However, Wu Yu was busy playing with the Somersault Cloud. He was in a rather good mood, and what he wanted most currently was to raise the Somersault Cloud as quickly as he could. 

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