Chapter 0677: The Fourth Mystique

Although he was worried, Wu Yu knew that it was impossible to find her.

When the day came and when he was far stronger than now, he would truly possess the might to find any person in the whole Jambu Realm.

If he wanted to have more outstanding achievements, he would have to go to a bigger world to explore. Wu Yu had long been determined to go to the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

Only there could he gain the status and strength worthy of Luo Pin, and only there could he become an immortal.

It was there that Ming Long had a wonderful time thousands of years ago.

Wu Yu knew that he could not stay here even though he cared about the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. His spirit and physical body were eager to pursue a more bustling world and gain experience.

This was his great desire to become an immortal.

The vast road ahead now appeared in front of Wu Yu. He had two choices.

"The Yan Huang Ancient Region is dominated by immortal kingdoms. The Yan Huang Ancient Country, the Dark North Kingdom, the Devilsky Court, the Muxu Kingdom, the Cloud Immortal Kingdom, and other countries, as well as small places, such as the Snow Expanse and the Azure Wings Hurricane Valley. But without exception, every power has divided the land of the Yan Huang Ancient Region. If I enter any country recklessly without any corresponding identity, I will be driven out as an outsider. I might even be robbed and murdered."

This was a different place from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. The Dong Sheng Divine Continent's Shushan Immortal Sect, the Shangyuan Dao Sect, and other places only occupied the bountiful grounds. Yan Huang Imperial City was a city, not a country, and was heavily guarded at the border areas. But it was very difficult for people to enter immortal kingdoms.

This was similar to mortal kingdoms.

"That is to say, I have only two choices now.

“One is the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

“The Yan Huang Ancient Country is in the middle of Yan Huang Ancient Region, but from the map, it has some coastlines. After all, their territory is very huge. I can enter the Yan Huang Ancient Country from the coast. But...."

Wu Yu hesitated.

The Yan Huang Ancient Country, from the beginning, was his future goal, because it was the place that the Yan Huang City Lord yearned for.

However, from Prince Le to the Little Duke, then Qu Haoyang and so on, all the people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country Wu Yu had met made him feel uncomfortable.

When he was in the Taigu Immortal Path, the weakest people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country could also look down on him.

Qu Haoyang also had no respect for Wu Yu. If he wanted to snatch the 10,000 Dragons Staff, he could snatch it at any time.

This made Wu Yu have second thoughts. If he went to the Yan Huang Ancient Country and others knew his identity, what would happen to him? People from the Yan Huang Ancient Country might think that he was from the rural Dong Sheng Divine Continent. He would not be able to protect the 10,000 Dragons Staff.

And no one could protect him. In a country where power was everything and there was no way to hide his identity, it would be possible for someone to search Wu Yu's memory directly and get his biggest secret.

The Yan Dragon Army made Wu Yu realize that perhaps going to the Yan Huang Ancient Country without anyone to back him up was a more dangerous thing to do.

"The Yan Huang City Lord did not know that I have such a big secret, so he asked me to join the Yan Huang Ancient Country. I know many people will be curious about me and will not be patient towards me as I have no one to back me up."

In fact, at Wu Yu's age and strength, he could be considered the topmost super genius in the whole Jambu Realm. After all, Prince Le and the others were not his opponents.

However, a genius with no protection would have a more difficult life than people like Prince Le!

Due to so many reasons, Wu Yu had to consider another more unfamiliar place.

That was the Dark North Kingdom, which was located in the northernmost continent of the Yan Huang Ancient Region. It occupied the majority of the Dark North Emperor Continent.

It was a cold, even quiet, frozen place.

Wu Yu would face even more dangerous opponents there than at the Yan Huang Ancient Country. If Princess You Xue was not at the Dark North Kingdom, Wu Yu would not consider this at all.

"Princess You Xue is being controlled by the Soul Manipulation Blood Design. She's like my servant, although I don't treat her as a servant. I need her help to gradually integrate into the vast Yan Huang Ancient Region."

After Wu Yu analyzed the current situation, he believed that this was the most apt decision.

Therefore, his goal was the Dark North Kingdom!

In this endless and violent sea, he changed his direction from southwest to northwest.

When he made his decision, his mind became clear.

"Wait for me." Wu Yu gave the order to Princess You Xue. He knew clearly what Princess You Xue was thinking about. She was a little afraid when she heard the news, but there was a little excitement and anticipation as well.

However, Wu Yu did not rush to start his journey. He felt that in addition to the 10,000 Dragons Staff, he needed some more resources. After all, the 10,000 Dragons Staff was too outstanding.

As a matter of fact, Wu Yu could cultivate the last mystique since he had entered and even passed the eighth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea.

It was just that he had no time before.

Now, the time had come. Wu Yu had a lot of time and the Floating Dreams Pagoda now.

The Dong Sheng Divine Continent saga was not completely over, so he decided to stay here for a while.

He went into the Floating Dreams Pagoda, which sank deeper and deeper into the sea. Finally, it sank to the bottom of the sea, where he could not see anything. It sank and buried into the rolling black sand at the bottom of the sea.

And Wu Yu was in the bright Floating Dreams Pagoda, ready for Ming long to teach him with all her might.

In fact, what was left for Ming Long to teach Wu Yu was the last mystique.

What Ming Long knew about the Invincible Vajra Body and the other three mystiques, Wu Yu probably already knew. As for the rest, Wu Yu would need to communicate with the Ruyi Jingu Bang, explore, and learn by himself.

"The amazing thing about the fourth mystique is that after you master it, even if it's the first tier, your chance of survival will increase by more than three times. If it's the second tier, at least 10 times. If it's the third tier, it will definitely be more. Unfortunately, I only reached the second tier that time. Otherwise, I wouldn't have died at all."

What mystique was this that could increase one’s chance of survival?

More than three times was not a small number.

As for that time, it seemed like Ming Long was tricked and attacked by many people who were close to or even stronger than herself.

"You don't have to leave me hanging."

Now Wu Yu was not stressed at all. He was relaxed and comfortable, and his mentality was most stable. It was the right time for him to study and ponder.

"This mystique is called the Somersault Cloud."

Wu Yu thought that it would have a domineering name. It turned out to be some kind of cloud? Somersault?

Did this mean a cloud doing somersaults?

Seeing his appearance, Ming Long immediately burst out laughing and said, "Don't look down on the Somersault Cloud. Although the name sounds simple, its real effect will greatly increase your chances of becoming an immortal. In many cases that you are dying, it can help you survive. This alone has a greater impact on your chances than the other three kinds of mystiques. In fact, what I regretted most is that at that time, I ignored the role of the Somersault Cloud and did not master it. Otherwise, Old Mother here would be having a good time in the sky palace now. You would have had no chance otherwise."

"I see." Wu Yu naturally knew that she was not joking. Her death was her biggest regret after all.

"There are four mystiques, and they will forever be with you. The Somersault Cloud is the most difficult, so it makes sense for you to only think about it now," Ming Long said.

Wu Yu was curious and asked, "What's so special about this Somersault Cloud? What kind of mystique is it?"

The other three could be well understood from their names. Unshackled Doppelganger meant to clone the body.

Eyes of Fire and Gold was even easier to understand.

Although the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth was a bit hard to define, it was not difficult to understand. It meant that one could finally stand up and fight like a man.

But this Somersault Cloud sounded like a child's toy.

At times like this, Ming Long would be very proud. She lengthened her voice and slowly said, "Well, in short, you forge a kind of peculiar 'cloud' through this mystique. This cloud will follow you around and has various magical effects. I don't know how many tiers there are in total, but I know the first three and I've reached the second."

A peculiar cloud? 

This was still a little difficult for Wu Yu to understand.

Ming Long explained in detail directly, "The effects of each tier seem to be quite different. For example, at the first tier, you will first forge the Somersault Cloud. Then you can sit on the Somersault Cloud and explore the world. The Somersault Cloud has the ability to travel through space. Its sheer speed is not very fast. However, it can travel through space, the Qian Kun void specifically. For example, between two points, you can use the Swift Art to travel in a straight line, as it is very fast. But if you control the Somersault Cloud, although it might not be as fast when it comes to absolute speed, you will fly through curved space instead, as if you have travelled in an arc. However, you will find that you have saved more than half of the time after you have moved! "

Wu Yu was puzzled upon hearing this.

"The Somersault Cloud involves the dao of space. It's a very complex dao. It's said that immortals can understand it. But this mystique allows us to maximize its power while not knowing much.”

Wu Yu began to understand.

"That is to say, the swiftness of the Somersault Cloud is not speed per se, but jumping through space itself! This dao is difficult, so naturally the Somersault Cloud is difficult to master as well. But in fact, the real great dao of space is more difficult. If you compare it with the Great Dao, this mystique is very simple."

Ming Long was quite serious as she explained it clearly.

"In terms of conversion into absolute distance, when you control the Somersault Cloud, the real speed is about more than 10 times your usual fastest speed. No matter how strong your opponent is, the moment you sit on the Somersault Cloud, who can catch up to you? And the Somersault Cloud will be by your side at all times. When you fight, it can cover you, gather around to defend against attacks, and so on...."

This kind of speed, jumping through space was really interesting.

But the Somersault Cloud, was that all it was capable of?

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