Chapter 0675: Mindsweeper Dao Technique

For the moment, that black wolf demon did not rush out.

In fact, if it did not see Wu Yu exiting, based on its intelligence, it might not even know where the exit was.

After all, it was dark in the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. The exit was no different from other positions.

However, there were exceptions to everything. That black wolf demon was still a big problem for the time being. Wu Yu dared not ignore it. The threat of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had miraculously disappeared, and he could not let the black wolf demon become a disaster.

He started thinking as he stood on the dais.

"Qu Haoyang was not successful in defeating the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. Something happened, and all of them disappeared and died. Therefore, the Yan Huang Ancient Country or even the Yan Huang Ancient Region will take action. After all, it's not a small thing.

"They only sent Qu Haoyang to handle such a big thing. They are really a bit careless. If not for the Ruyi Jingu Bang, we'd all be in dire trouble."

However, Wu Yu knew that he had stumbled into an even greater mess now as it was the Ruyi Jingu Bang that had solved the problem of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

"Qu Haoyang and the rest are all dead, but I am still alive. This itself is not easy to explain, and I can't tell others that it was because of the Ruyi Jingu Bang, so no one must know that I was present. But so many people saw me coming back from the Taigu Immortal Path...."

This was a huge problem.

Next, if they did not get the confirmation from Qu Haoyang, someone from the Yan Huang Ancient Country would definitely come here to check.

Wu Yu could not explain what happened to those people at all. Especially when it involved the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

Moreover, he was the one who had killed the geniuses on the Immortals’ Viewing Platform. If those people checked his memories, it would be even more troublesome. He would only end up dead.

"I absolutely cannot let people know that I've been here, but the Taixu Sage Master and a lot of soldiers saw me. What should I do?"

Wu Yu was still at a loss trying to solve these problems. He was still in trouble even though he survived, because he had an important treasure with him.

The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had disappeared, but he could not tell anyone how she was suppressed.

"I can't leave just like that. If I do, I think the whole Yan Huang Ancient Country will come looking for me. Find out what happened, Ming Long. Can you think of any ideas?"

Wu Yu said with a headache.

"You finally think of me. What's the matter? Now you know that you have to listen to me? Just now, I asked you to escape. Why didn't you obey me?" Ming Long rolled her eyes.

"You are generous and will not fault me. I'm a little stubborn sometimes. You know that." Wu Yu listened to her arrogant words. He knew in his heart immediately that she clearly had some ideas to solve the problem!

She often had many ideas. 

After being praised by Wu Yu, she was elated and said, "I have an idea. Since you don't want to let others know that you are back, the only way is to erase their memories. Just erase the memory related to you. This is actually a kind of hypnosis. Hypnotise them so that they think you haven't come back from the Taigu Immortal Path."

"Erase memories? Hypnosis? It is not that easy! There is no such way." Wu Yu only knew that Prince Le had a way of peeping into his memory.

"It's really hard to talk to someone with such little understanding of the world. I'll just say it directly. Actually, to see it from the big picture, the Taixu Sage Master and the others don't even know that you were involved. They didn't come in, so to them, whether or not you were present, the result will not change. If you use a hypnotic dao technique to tell them that you are still in the Taigu Immortal Path, they will forget that you have returned."

In fact, if Wu Yu wanted everyone to keep the secret, everyone could do it. Wu Yu was just afraid that those people would be too lazy to listen to the explanation and use the method that the Prince Le wanted to use against him directly. In that case, they would still expose Wu Yu's whereabouts.

"You have a point, but where can I get this hypnotic dao technique?"

Ming Long chuckled and said, "All you need to do is a hypnosis with low difficulty. Compared to Prince Le's scrying, it's a lot easier. However, there will be traces left behind in an ordinary hypnosis. But you were lucky to escape from death this time. In my time, I had a method called the ‘Mindsweeper Dao Technique.’ This method of hypnosis is extremely fast, and it can also be used for groups. Those Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers are all small fries. Even if you use it casually, it will be successful. The most important thing is that it will not leave behind many traces. Basically, no one can detect anything odd."

Mindsweeper Dao Technique?

"Do I have enough time to study it now?"

Wu Yu was really surprised. Ming Long could really be helpful sometimes.

After he listened to her, Wu Yu also thought that what he needed to do was a very easy hypnosis. He just had to make people forget about his existence. He did not need to peep into their memory at all. This had nothing to do with memory.

The point was that it left no trace.

But Wu Yu was still worried that the speed of his cultivation of this new technique would not be as fast as those who were coming.

"It won’t be you. Your cultivation level is too low. This Mindsweeper Dao Technique needs to be based on the cultivation level. I think we should let the Taixu Sage Master execute it instead. He can master the Mindsweeper Dao Technique in one day. It's just an unorthodox trick.

“And the most powerful part of this dao technique is that the person using it can self-hypnotize. We will let him learn it, hypnotize everyone, and hypnotize himself. Then the problem is solved."

Although Ming Long had said that this was an unorthodox trick, it sounded like he could hypnotize himself and force himself to forget some things. In fact, this was also a way to forget sadness!

Wu Yu stayed here for a while, and the black wolf demon did not come out. It probably could not find the exit.

He went out to the City Lord Residence and sent a Message Talisman asking the Taixu Sage Master and the Imperial General to come in.

The people outside were so nervous at this time. Just as they were waiting, Wu Yu suddenly sent a core-tail talisman. He did not explain anything but asked everyone to come in.

One had to know that the Yan Dragon Army had said that they were forbidden from entering the city.

But they chose to believe in Wu Yu, so they went to Yan Huang Imperial City, entered the City Lord Residence, and came to the Yan Huang Ancient Well, where Wu Yu was waiting for them.

Wu Yu was the only one standing in the yellow sandstorm. The walls that were used to imprison Duomingshan Shengxue had been smashed. Everything was a mess.

"Wu Yu, what happened?! What happened to them?!"

Everyone looked nervous and surrounded Wu Yu.

Wu Yu had written down Ming Long's dictation of the "Mindsweeper Dao Technique." He did not know where she had obtained it. It was really wonderful. Without this "Mindsweeper Dao Technique," Wu Yu would have been placed in a situation where his future was bleak.

He said, "I can't tell you what happened, but please believe that the problem of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord has been completely solved. But don't ask more."

Wu Yu was very serious. Of course, they knew that there was a reason for this. Fortunately, the problem of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had been solved.

However, they obviously knew that there were complicated things that happened in there, and they could not let others know.

It was better if they themselves did not know as well.

"Everyone, because things have changed a lot, you guys are better off not knowing the details. I have a dao technique here that can make you forget that I have been back to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. This will be mastered by the Taixu Sage Master and used on everyone who has seen me. Please believe me, I will leave immediately. You don't need to worry about me. Maybe if everything is solved smoothly, I will go to the Yan Huang Ancient Region."

They still trusted Wu Yu very much. Looking at Wu Yu, they knew that this matter now was urgent.

"Wu Yu, don't worry. We will all do what you say. I know that you suffered a lot in the Taigu Immortal Path. No matter how you arrange it, there is no problem. We believe in you," the Imperial General said solemnly.

With his words, no one else had much to say.

Although these elders were very puzzled and had a lot of questions, this kind of trust made Wu Yu feel very emotional. Wu Yu really could not let them know too much. The more they knew, the more difficult it would be to forget.

He spoke to the Taixu Sage Master alone and told him the details of how to use the Mindsweeper Dao Technique.

"Wu Yu, from now on, you will not return to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent for a while, and the Dong Sheng Divine Continent need not worry about the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord anymore. As long as we don't say that you have come back, you will be safe and sound, and others won't be too suspicious, right?" the Taixu Sage Master asked.

"That's right." Wu Yu nodded.

"That will do."

This was what Wu Yu needed. They could not know anything about what happened. When other people came, they would only know that Qu Haoyang had occupied Yan Huang Imperial City. Then, one day, they began to solve the problem. And when they finally came up, this was what happened.

Naturally, they would not know where Qu Haoyang went, which was the best.

The Taixu Sage Master looked at the Mindsweeper Dao Technique and said emotionally, "This dao technique is not difficult, but it's very mysterious. The person who created this method probably wanted to forget something. Thus, he made sure that no traces will be left behind. Very good!"

Even the Taixu Sage Master had praised it, so there should not be a problem. Wu Yu asked him to hurry up.

They went down first, while Wu Yu stayed in Yan Huang Imperial City. He was worried that the black wolf demon would rush out, so he had prepared some defenses. At the bottom, after more than a day of trying, the Taixu Sage Master succeeded easily when he used it on the Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers.

He had a large number of people to experiment with. He made everyone forget that Wu Yu had returned.

At the end, the Taixu Sage Master would also go to the Heavenly Sword Sect and Capital Wu.

After forgetting, they would only think that Wu Yu was still in the Taigu Immortal Path.

The Imperial General asked the successfully hypnotized Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers to disperse throughout the whole Dong Sheng Divine Continent so that even if someone came, they would not find them. Hence, the most important thing was whether the Imperial General, the Seven Immortals of Shushan, and the others had really forgotten that Wu Yu had come back.

A few days later, the Yan Huang Immortal Army dispersed.

After that, the Taixu Sage Master used it on the others. Wu Yu could see from a distance that it succeeded.

In this case, Wu Yu was relieved.

"Thank you very much, Ming Long." It was because of her dao technique that Wu Yu was safe.

"Haha, next time I ask you to escape, just be obedient." Ming Long crossed her arms and looked proud of herself.

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