Chapter 0674: Unbelievable Changes

Although no one knew what she was capable of and how much damage she had taken over the past five yuan, this terrifying existence that once stood against the immortals of the sky palaces wasn't someone the current Wu Yu could possibly match. 

Before her, Wu Yu was just like a mortal, while she was the Heavenly Immortal of the past. It was especially so after she easily devoured Qu Haoyang and the rest. 

Right before his eyes were her red lips, blood-red eyes, and that bone-chilling smirk. From roughly where his chest was, he felt a stinging pain. Clearly, her hand had ripped apart Wu Yu's body to search for the Ruyi Jingu Bang. 

Even Wu Yu didn't know where the Ruyi Jingu Bang was. 

"This physical body is unprecedented. I'm afraid this is the work of an immortal! There's an immortal treasure of the gods within your body. A mortal receiving something from an immortal is a chance encounter that never occurs to billions upon billions of lives. Who would have expected that on the day I was reborn, the first person I'd met would be the one graced by Lady Luck! My guess is that this is a type of weapon.”

While she was speaking softly, she didn't stop moving her hands. All Wu Yu could feel was excruciating pain. 

Death had never been so close to him like it was now. 

She clearly had the ability to find the Ruyi Jingu Bang. Perhaps she even knew its exact location. 

"Not only did you bring me a new physical body, but you also sent me a weapon. How should I put it? I'll spare your life. However, I'll make you my pet just like this one!" 

As she spoke, she looked at the black wolf behind her. That was a Spirit of the Universe.

"What do you want to look like? A wolf? A dog? Nope, you should be a monkey. That would be pretty adorable!" She maintained a smile, but the excruciating pain was cruising throughout Wu Yu's body. It felt just like she was reaching out, exploring, and searching his insides with her razor-sharp nails that ripped his flesh and bones apart. 

Wu Yu couldn't possibly resist in any aspect. This worse-than-death feeling was truly unforgettable. 

Suddenly, her smile deepened. "I've found it." 

"It's over, she found it!" Ming Long screamed out in fear. 

She had truly been petrified by the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. 

At this instant, even Wu Yu could feel the existence of the Ruyi Jingu Bang. That black and gold staff was in a mysterious place. Perhaps it was within the flesh, but it didn't feel like so. It seemed to be a separate space within his body, a place where Wu Yu couldn't feel most of the time. 

However, her hands had penetrated through everything and appeared right before the Ruyi Jingu Bang. 

"This might very well be the most precious treasure of the immortal world. It falling into your hands is truly unprecedented, and the number one miracle of this world! Heaven has not forsaken me. It's given me the opportunity to seek vengeance...." 

Her smile got brighter. At this moment, she didn't waste a moment. She extended her hand over to grab and hold the Ruyi Jingu Bang. After which, she pulled back with force and intended to pull the Ruyi Jingu Bang out of Wu Yu. 

Although Wu Yu was feeling indignant, he couldn't even resist or speak. Everything else was futile. 

However, he had only entered this place in consideration of the safety of the divine continent. Therefore, he had no regrets. 

Getting this Ruyi Jingu Bang was the beginning of all things for Wu Yu. Perhaps this moment was the end of all things for him. Wu Yu could only smile bitterly at this outcome. Who would have expected to encounter a monster that had created chaos throughout the world and even killed immortals in the past? 

Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas, or rather, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, had a firm grip on the Ruyi Jingu Bang. She exerted strength abruptly and wanted to pull it out. 

"What a top-class treasure! Top-class!" At this moment, she lost her cool. 

In her mind, this treasure was certain to be hers. From this point onwards, no one could possibly stop her rebirth! 

However, Wu Yu had never expected things in this world to be so mysterious from time to time. 

A moment ago, this female-shaped Spirit of the Universe was still laughing hysterically. The next moment, her expression changed drastically, she screamed sharply, and she couldn't wait to get rid of the Ruyi Jingu Bang. 

As for what had happened, Wu Yu had zero idea. He could only vaguely feel that the Ruyi Jingu Bang had an unbelievable awakening. At that instant, what Wu Yu felt was a power that even the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord feared. Soon after he first felt the power, it exploded. This power was from the Ruyi Jingu Bang. 

Wu Yu saw the body and head of the girl with white hair and red eyes start twisting. It was as though she was being forcefully twisted like a long rope. 

"No! No!" Wu Yu only heard two blood-curdling screams before she was twisted into fried dough twists. She became smaller and smaller and eventually absorbed into Wu Yu through his chest. Undoubtedly, she was probably absorbed by the Ruyi Jingu Bang. 

At that moment, even Wu Yu was dumbfounded. 

Vaguely, he could still see the Ruyi Jingu Bang. It was stationery in the past, but now it was shaking a little, as though there was someone trapped within it. On the golden portion of the staff, there were a few more black dots. Those dots formed the image of a huge beast. At this point, it was struggling frantically on the Ruyi Jingu Bang. However, it was futile. She was being suppressed by the Ruyi Jingu Bang. 

At this point, Wu Yu regained his mobility. 

Lowering his head, he saw a huge, open wound on his chest. Blood was streaming out, and anyone would faint from the sight. Wu Yu also felt exhausted. Perhaps his body was truly weakened, or he might have been scared out of his wits. 

The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was too frightening. 

However, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had never expected the Ruyi Jingu Bang that came from the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal to be a little more scary herself. Not only was it scary, but also cold. When the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord encroached upon it, she got suppressed instantly. 

Soon after, Wu Yu couldn't sense the existence of the Ruyi Jingu Bang further, nor could he sense the presence of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. Based on his conjecture, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord that had just escaped wouldn't be able to do so again in the near future. 

"Unbelievable! This is completely unbelievable!" Ming Long jumped out in agitation. Exhilaration was written all over her face as she chimed like a lunatic. "The Jingu Bang is too incredible! The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord finally escaped but was then suppressed by it! Moreover, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord couldn't put up any resistance at all! Oh gosh! What kind of character was this Great Sage, Heaven's Equal or Victorious Fighting Buddha amongst all the other immortals? A weapon like this is enough to finish off the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord?" 

She was within the Ruyi Jingu Bang and therefore knew the process even clearer. 

"Is there a chance the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord will escape?" asked Wu Yu instantly. 

"The chances aren't high. She's completely suppressed. Obviously, this has something to do with her being resurrected recently after being sealed for five yuan, or over 600,000 years. Also, she hasn't gotten a new physical body. Her body was rotting previously, and all her powers had come from those Yan Dragon Army soldiers she just devoured. She was at her weakest stage and yet dared to mess with the Ruyi Jingu Bang. How insolent! Now that she's finished, hahaha!" 

They felt as though they were on cloud nine after escaping from death! 

Wu Yu had also survived the ordeal, but he couldn't react to it for a long time. After a long time had passed, his back was still drenched with cold sweat. He had never expected an outcome like this. Initially, he had accepted his fate of dying. 

Escaping from the brink of death had made him feel like living was such an incredible feeling. 

Lifting his head and looking around him, Qu Haoyang and the rest were dead. The place was vast and empty, with only a black wolf looking at Wu Yu in confusion. This Spirit of the Universe didn't have high intelligence and seemed to be unable to understand where the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had gone to. 

However, when it saw that Wu Yu was alive, a savage aura started building around it. At this point, Wu Yu took Qu Haoyang's Sumeru Pouch away first. After opening it, the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff returned to his hands once again. 

"I had never expected you to leave me for only such a short period...." If he knew this would be the case, Wu Yu would have been more decisive in handing his advanced dao treasure to Qu Haoyang. 

It was beyond his wildest imagination that his greatest worry, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, would perish like this. Although he couldn't be sure if she would be back, at the very least, it was safe for now.... 

As for Qu Haoyang and the rest, considering their attitude towards Wu Yu previously, Wu Yu didn't feel a tinge of sympathy for them. 

Their Sumeru Pouches were still around. The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had only devoured their flesh. Moreover, Qu Haoyang's Sumeru Pouch was in Wu Yu's hands. Taking a look, he saw a large amount of treasures in it, even more than the Little Duke and the rest had. 

However, these could all draw huge problems down the road. He put it down and only took his 10,000 Dragons Staff along. Although the trouble of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord seemed to be gone, he was clear that the subsequent events, like tying up loose ends, would be very difficult! 

This was because Qu Haoyang and the rest were dead and the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was gone. 

At the thought of this, the black wolf demon charged towards Wu Yu. Without saying a word, Wu Yu manipulated the 10,000 Dragons Staff and gave it a violent beating. 

To his astonishment, the black wolf demon was way stronger than before and had even gained the devouring ability! In a direct confrontation, Wu Yu was forced back instantly. Seeing that the other party was about to catch up to him, Wu Yu executed the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and the Swift Art instantly to dodge. 

If this dragged on, he might very well be devoured by the black wolf demon. 

This showed that the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had apportioned part of her food to this wolf demon before. 

At the thought of this, Wu Yu dodged and left rapidly. 

An auto-restoration spirit design was embedded on the tunnel between the Yan Huang Ancient Well to the dais of the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. A long time had passed, so the majority of the sealing spirit designs had lost their effectiveness. Nonetheless, this restoration spirit design was still intact. Therefore, the place was closing once again. 

When Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas entered, the stone key fell just like before. She didn't have the time to pick it up, nor the need to. With his Eyes of Fire and Gold, Wu Yu located the key rapidly. He charged over and took the key away. 

"If I were to leave directly, it would definitely follow and destroy the entrance. I have to do it more subtly." Wu Yu's objective was to trap the black wolf demon in this place. 

He released three doppelgangers and ran in three different directions. At that moment, the black wolf demon was confused and chased after one of the doppelgangers. 

As for Wu Yu, he hid in a dark corner, used the stone key, and flew out in an instant. Within this time, the black wolf demon that lacked intelligence was still pursuing Wu Yu's doppelgangers. 

Wu Yu chose to give up on these doppelgangers. 

He emerged from the Yan Huang Ancient Well and was standing on the dais. At this point, he was guarding against the black wolf demon charging out abruptly and was also thinking of his next step. 

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